โค๏ธ IN LOVE
{ Crazy Love }

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

By, Prechy Lee

Chapter 21&22

โ˜…~~DARING GIRL~~โ˜…

Immediately Alex and Isabella came out of the house, Alex let go of her waist and started walking fast he opened the door for Isabella and she entered before he closed it and entered and drove off immediately

“Am sorry about everything”Alex muttered

Isabella stared at him

“It’s okay am fine”Isabella asked

“How about your head??”Alex asked

“Feeling better”Isabella said

Immediately her phone started ringing she checked the callers id and it was her Grandfather. Her heart started beating in palpitation.

“It’s my Grandfather”Isabella said. Alex nod his head at her. She heaved a deep sigh before she answered the call

“Good Morning Grandfather”Isabella greeted

“How’re you??”Grandpa Theodore asked

“Am fine, Grandfather am sorry really really sorry please for….”

“It’s okay i was just angry at that time”Grandpa Theodore

“And you didn’t picked my calls nor reply my text messages”Isabella said

“i did it on purpose”Grandpa Theodore said

“Grandfather it’s not fair”Isabella whine

“It’s fair when you did it to me, at least i let you feel what i was feeling then”Grandpa Theodore said

“Umm.. Grandfather about that…”She trailed off

“About bringing a man home??”Grandpa Theodore asked

“Yes”Isabella said

“It still stands but it’s no longer urgent,you can go on a blind date if you want to”Grandpa Theodore said

“I shouldn’t bother about bringing a man to you today??”Isabella asked

“No take your time and find the rightful man”Grandpa Theodore said

“Oh Grandpa you’re the best i love you so so so much”Isabella said with a smile

Grandpa Theodore smiled when he heard Isabella address him as Grandpa and not Grandfather. She only calls him Grandpa when she’s really happy

“Yes i know”Grandpa Theodore said

“I will come visit you soon Grandfather”Isabella said

“Ok I’ll be waiting”Grandpa Theodore replied

“Bye Grandfather”Isabella said

“Bye little Hamira”Grandpa Theodore said before he ended the call

Isabella turned to Alex with a smile

“Let me guess he has taking back his word??”Alex asked

“Yes thank you for trying to help me at first”Isabella said

“Guess there’s no need for the fake relationship thing”Alex said

“No i mean umm i mean let’s continue with the fake stuff yeah let’s continue”Isabella said

“Why??”Alex asked confusedly

“Be.. because.. because i want to be seeing your family and be close to them”Isabella said

“This doesn’t make sense the same family who insulted you??”Isabella said

“They were just being honest to me that’s all”Isabella said

“Cut the crap and tell me why you want this relationship to continue??”Alex asked

“Ok because i just want to feel what’s like to be in a relationship”Isabella said almost as whisper but Alex heard her clearly

“Relationship never ends well,is either you break someone’s heart or yours gets broken”Alex asked

“Have you ever fallen in love before??”Isabella asked

Alex didn’t respond to her question and Isabella took his silence as a yes. She focus her eyes on the road without saying anything else


Allyson entered the arcade putting on her casual outfits. She intended on going with Isabella but she didn’t bother informing her because she’s aware she might be busy

The arcade was filled up with a lot of people. Everybody was busy with one thing or the other. She walked to the drinks center to get some juice

“Hey who’s that girl over there??”A guy sitting close to Charles asked

Charles turned his head to look at the girl only to see Allyson standing there with a can of juice. A smirk crept is way to his face he stood up before a girl pulled him back

“Where are you going to??”The girl asked

“I will be right back”Charles said before he walked to Allyson

“Hey Miss Jerk”Charles said

Allyson turned and she was shocked to see Charles standing behind her

“Y… You??”Allyson asked pointing at his face

“Yes it’s me any problem??”Charles asked

“Oh yeah now i remember what the problem is,you’re the same girl who kick in my vital part and ran away”Charles said

“At least you didn’t die”Allyson said

“Die??where you wishing me dead??”Charles asked

“I don’t wish people dead but if they want death i will give it to them”Allyson said

“Oh miss assassin nice to meet you”Charles said stretching his hand for an handshake

“Am not glad to see you but i will be glad if you patronize me by sending me on a mission”Allyson and without accepting his handshake

Charles withdraw is hand back with a smile

“Ok i will start by you”Charles said

“Me??”Allyson asked

“Yes kill yourself and I will pay you”Charles said

“That’s not how business works”Allyson scoff

“Charlie let’s go play game”A girl said tucking her hands on his clothes

“So she’s the girl you want me to murder??”Allyson asked

“Murder?? Who are you both murdering??”The girl asked

“You of course”Allyson replied

“Charlie what’s she saying??”The girl asked staring at Charles

Even Charles was surprised by the turns of table

“She’s just capping”Charles replied

“I might be capping right now but if you don’t move away from him i will surely kill you”Allyson said

The girl immediately let go off Charlie clothes before she ran away in fear. Allyson face was cold and scaring to her

“Wow wow wow”Charles said clapping his hands in amusement

“Can’t believe you just scared her with those silly words of yours”Charles said

“You call those words silly??”Allyson asked

“You little thing can’t scare me”Charles said before walking past her

“Oh really??”Allyson asked walking after him

“Yeah”Charles replied

“Wait a second did you just called me a little thing??”Allyson asked angrily

“That’s what you’re”Charles said

Allyson kept on ranting and shouting while still following Charles. They both walked to an empty place and Allyson didn’t realize it

“Never believed you could talk this much Allyson”Charles said facing her

“Never believed you would call me a little thing Charles”Allyson said angrily

She hates it when people call her little when she’s not

“You’re short and small are you sure you’re up to 20??”Charles asked staring down at her

Allyson opened her mouth in shock before she closed them angrily

“Am 25 you dumb @$$”Allyson retorted

“Really?? you look like a 19 year old girl”Charles teased

“Ahhhh that’s it have tolerated you already”Allyson said

“What are you going to do??”Charles asked

“Just wait and see”Allyson said before she raised her hand at him but Charles caught her fist and bend both her hands backward before he pushed her to the wall

“Let go of me you little b*stard”Allyson yelled

“Well watch what this bastard is going to do to you”Charles said before he lifted her hands above her head on the wall

“Don’t touch me”Allyson warned

“Help Help somebody help me”Allyson shouted

“No matter how hard you shout nobody is going to hear you,so i can Fลฏรงฦ™ you here and i will be only one to hear those Mรต@ษฒs of yours”Charles said seductively

Allyson heart started beating against her ribcage. Fear gripped her she was blinded by anger that she didn’t noticed where they’re quickly

The other side of her wanted it but she shook it off saying is abuse and violence

“For hitting me and running off i will punish you in the most memorable way ever”Charles said before he leaned really close to her and held both her hands with one hand while the other one held her waist

Their body was so close that they weren’t any inch apart. Charles smirk before he planted K!SSes on her neck and bite her making sure he leaves a hickey there

“Ahh…”Allyson shouted in pain


Tessa stood at the balcony staring at the city from up there. She didn’t feel like talking or meeting with her parents because she was angry at them

After some minutes she walked back to their room and sat on the bed staring at nothing

Trefor opened the bathroom door looking hot,a towel was tied around his waist while he was drying his hair with another one

Tessa eyes glued on his body. She couldn’t control her eyes so she let them explore his body

He was well built but he isn’t too muscular

“Don’t stare at me too much”Trefor said when she noticed her gaze on him

Tessa face became crimson red. She immediately looked away from him

“I wasn’t staring at you”Tessa said

“Then what were you doing??”Trefor asked

“Something came to my mind”Tessa said

“While staring at me”Trefor asked before he walked towards her

“Umm I will excuse you”Tessa said standing up

“You’re my wife so sit and watch me dress”Trefor said before he pushed her back to the bed

“I don’t want to”Tessa said

“Why??”Trefor asked

“I don’t know i just don’t want to watch you”Tessa said closing her eyes

Trefor chuckled before he started dressing in front of her though she wasn’t looking at him


Isabella entered the Masion lazily. They spent hours in the car because there was an heavy traffic. She met her so called family and Mila sited in the dining table full of smiles

She was really hungry because she didn’t had breakfast before she left with Alex only to meet an heavy traffic on the way

It was lunch time so she walked to the dining to have some food also. She sat down without staring at anyone immediately she sat down their smiles and laughters disappeared

“Where were you last night??”Mrs Theodore asked

“Since when did you start asking about my whereabouts??, because if i could remember you never cared about where I stay or go so now why are you showing concern??”Isabella asked

“Me asking you doesn’t mean am concerned”Mrs Theodore said

“Then why asking??”Isabella asked

“Your father only asked about you when he returned last night”Mrs Theodore said

“Oh bet you told him the most sweetest and baddest lie ever,like i no longer sleep at home,am now moving with bad gangs,am back to my drinking and smoking right??”Isabella asked

“Isabella”Maltida shouted

“Don’t you dare screamed my name so loudly ever again”Isabella said

“What happened to your head??”Annette asked

“She probably had a fight with someone and she was beating into a pulp”Maltida said

“Am not as weak as you fool”Isabella hissed

“Wow so you’re still like this after so many years”Mila said

“Oh Mila you’re here well let me advice you it will be good for you if you decide to shut your mouth up and stay out of my business”Isabella said

“Am sure you know who you’re talking to,so i won’t remind you that am not scared of you mad woman”Mila said

“What did you just called me??”Isabella asked

“Mad woman i called you a mad wo..”Mila swallowed the remaining words when she saw Isabella grabbed a knife from the fruits basket and placed it on her neck

“Isabella”Mrs Theodore, Maltida and Annette screamed loudly. Beads of sweats gathered at Mila’s head

“Guess someone didn’t tell her how crazy i might be”Isabella said pointing the knife at her throat

“Isabella”Maltida shouted

“You move an inch and i slit her throat”Isabella said

“You remembered what I did to you and i won’t think twice before hurting her more”Isabella said before he put the knife at her throat

“Please let her go please”Maltida begged

“So you could beg this much”Isabella smirked before she grabbed Mila hair and bend her neck

“Ahhhh…”Mila screamed




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