{ Crazy Love }

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

By, Prechy Lee

Chapter 13&14


Axel stopped Ṣūçƙing on Maltida b*ob. He glanced at Maltida and her eyes were tightly shut. He leaned and K!SSed her

Maltida responded to the K!SS rapping her hands around his neck. She started moving under him. Axel felt him getting hot by herself movements

“Stop”Axel muttered before he broke the K!SS

He stared at her eyes and could see fear in it

“Am sorry”He said before he stood up from her

Maltida was confused about the sudden change

“Am not supposed to be doing this to you,you only came here to check on me and now am doing this to you..”Axel trailed off

“You’re literally my sister friend and… and am… am not supposed to be taking advantage of you”Axel said

Maltida felt a tinge pain in her chest. She wanted to tell him how much she wanted him but she was ashamed and shy to say it

“Sorry about your clothes”Axel said

“It’s okay”Maltida said before she put on her clothes though it was torn a bit

She stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything else

Axel stared at her till she was out. He ruffed his hair before he fell on the bed. He couldn’t deny the fact that he enjoyed every bit of her

He closed his eyes and soon he fell asleep


“Where are you coming from??”Mila asked immediately Maltida entered the room

Maltida was shocked to hear her voice

“God,you startled me”Maltida said holding her chest

“Really??”Mila asked with a grin. She has always wanted to be fearful

“I need to change,my dress got torned”Maltida said

“What happened to you??”Mila asked with a concern frown

“I was down stairs trying to watch some movies,on my way coming here my gown got stuck to that sharp tiny thing on your wall”Maltida lied

“Oh my God!!!,are you okay??”Mila asked before he ran to her to observe her

“Yes am fine”Maltida said

Mila eyes were on her neck she could see some K!SS bite on it

“Did you just lied to me??”Mila asked

“No why would i li…”

“Then what’s that on your neck??”Mila asked pointing at the hickeys

Maltida hit her head with her hand

“Okay calm down,sit down and I’ll tell you what happened”Maltida said

“You better do”Mila said before she sat on the bed

“You brother did this to me”Maltida said

“What!!!”Mila exclaimed loudly

“Shhhh bring it down you’re too loud”Maltida said

“What do you mean by am too loud”Mila said as a whisper

“Did you both had S£X??”Mila asked with a grin

“No we di…”

“I want you to tell me everything from the starting”Mila said before she sat down waiting to hear the entire information

“Silly it’s not a movie”Maltida chuckled

“An £řøťic one to me”Mila said



Trefor room was pushed open and a very good looking lady walked in with an angry face

“Trefor”She called before she hit him with her back

“Hey cutie”Trefor said with a smile before he pulled her to himself

“Let go of me”She said trying to break free from him

“Stop being stubborn and let me hug you”Trefor said

“You left me yesterday”She girl said

“Am sorry i have somewhere to attend to and perhaps i tried reaching you but it wasn’t connecting so am supposed to be mad at you and not the other way round”Trefor said

“Am sorry the train didn’t arrive quickly as expected”She said with a pout

“You know i can never be mad at you”Trefor said before he K!SSed her nose

“Have missed you so much Bianca”Trefor said

“I missed you more than you miss me”Bianca said before she wrapped her hand around his neck and she leaned closer to him

“Naughty girl”Trefor smiled before he K!SSed her

“You made me like this”Bianca murmured before she responded to the K!SS

“So when exactly would you leave the country??”Bianca broke the K!SS before she asked him sitting on his lap

“This week or so”Trefor said

“You’re going to leave me”Bianca said with a sad look

“Like you didn’t leave me”Trefor said

“It was work”Bianca said

“Same with me”Trefor said

“If you don’t mind i have to use the bathroom”Trefor said trying to stand up but Bianca clinged to him

“Lets bath together”Bianca said

“You have taken your bath dummy”Trefor said before he flicked her head

“I don’t mind bathing again”Bianca said seductively

“Bee”Trefor called

“Say it again I like the sound of it”Bianca said before she K!SSed his neck

“Lemme guess you want to try it in the bathroom??”Trefor asked

“Yes sweetheart”Bianca muttered

Trefor stood with the clinging Bianca and walked to the bathroom. After some minutes Mõ@ɲ could be heard from in there


Isabella walked out of the hotel putting on casual clothes. She has been giving @$$ Bai a lot of work lately

She was startled when she sighted someone. Her eyes immediately burged out,she ran to a tree and hid behind it

Almost immediately her phone rang. It was an unknown number. She hesitated on picking the call before she picked it

“Hello”She said as a whisper

“Stop whispering and come out of your hidding place”Lincoln said

Isabella gasped when she heard his voice. She dropped the phone before she walked out slowly. She saw Lincoln standing there staring at her with a smile

“Never expected Isabella the daring girl to run from me”Lincoln said before he laughed

“That isn’t funny”Isabella said

“Oh yes it’s funny really really funny”Lincoln before he started walking towards her

“Don’t worry am no longer a bully okay so relax Isa”Lincoln said before he wrapped his hand around her shoulder

“Get those filthy hands of yours away from me”Isabella said trying to pull his hand down

“By the way what are you doing here??”Lincoln asked

“Am on a business trip”Isabella replied

“You don’t look like one”Lincoln said staring at her

“Was it supposed to be written on my face??”Isabella asked

“Yeah like mine, can’t you see am a business man here??”Lincoln asked pointing his hand at his forehead

“Yes it’s boldly written on it. Am glad you’re finally serious with your life”Isabella said

“And am glad you’re no longer a PSYCHO”Lincoln said before he grabbed her phone and ran away

“Psycho??thief give me back my phone”Isabella said before she started chasing after him

Lincoln ran to his car,he opened the driver sit and entered, Isabella did the same thing

“And you’re here”Lincoln said

“Yeah your new way of tricking me on going out with you by taking my phone and not the other way of telling me you will get me ice cream,chocolates and candy if i go it with you”Isabella said

“And i know you have locked the car so i won’t be able to open the door and come down”Isabella said

Lincoln smiled before he ruffed her hair

“You’re going out with me to meet a very good friend of mine”Lincoln said before he ignite the engine

“Those dumb @$$ friends of yours”Isabella said

“Bet you will like this particular one”Lincoln said with a smile while Isabella scoff


Trefor and Bianca were outside. Bianca was leaning close to Trefor trying to help him with his tie after doing so she walked inside to grab her bag

Some seconds later,Tessa walked in. Trefor showed her his house when he was taking her to her’s

“Tref”Tessa called with a smile

“Hey Tess”Trefor called back

“Good morning”Tessa greeted

“What are you doing here??”Trefor asked

“Umm i was passing by and decided to say thank you for yesterday’s ride”Tessa said

“Oh don’t worry about that it’s nothing”Trefor said

“You’re Isabella brother right??”Tessa asked

Trefor stared at her wondering why he was asking

“Yes,why asking??”Trefor asked

“Your sister saved my Mom from an accident some days back and she’s fine now,she gave me her business card to call her when my Mom was fine and I misplaced it so i was..”

“Hoping if i could give you her number”Trefor finished it for her

“Yes”Tessa replied with a smile

“Sure though she’s out of the country and won’t be returning after some months”Trefor said

“Really??”Tessa asked unbelievably

“Yes she’s a business woman remember”Trefor said

“Oh yeah I totally forgot about that”Tessa said before she hit her head playfully

“Trefor”Bianca called from behind angrily before she walked to Trefor and held her hand

“Good morning”Tessa greeted her with a smile

Bianca stared at her before she hissed loudly

“Who’s she??”Bianca asked

“My friend”Trefor replied

“A girl as a friend??”Bianca asked

“What’s wrong with that??”Trefor asked

“Everything is wrong with that”Bianca said

“Isn’t your manager a man like me??his older than me with just two years, aren’t you an actress?? haven’t you K!SSed a whole lot of guys in movie??”Trefor asked

“Trefor”Bianca called staring at him

“I said she was my friend then believe me”Trefor said

“Umm i will take my leave now”Tessa said

“You stay here”Trefor said with a commanding voice

Tessa immediately stayed rooted to the floor Ṣūçƙing on her lower lip

“Am sorry”Bianca muttered

“You better be”Trefor said

“You came with you car??”Trefor asked

Bianca thought Trefor was talking to her she was about to reply when she heard him called someone else’s name

“Tessa”Trefor called

Tessa looked up and he saw him staring at her

“No my car got broke down some days ago,i haven’t gotten it fixed”Tessa replied

“Okay hop on I will drop you off your destination and give you her number on the way”Trefor said

“Baby i want to go with you”Bianca said

“You came with your car so go with it”Trefor said

Tessa stood there staring at him

“I said hop on”Trefor said snapping Tessa out of her thoughts

She glanced at Bianca and she saw her glaring daggers at her she looked away from her quickly before she entered the car and they drove off leaving Bianca behind

Bianca gritted her teeth angrily before she entered her car and started hitting the steering wheel pouring out her angers on it

After some minutes she calmed herself before she drove out of the estate


Lincoln and Isabella entered the restaurant it was huge and massive

“Good Afternoon sir”A man bowed

“Please follow me”The man said

Lincoln and Isabella followed him quietly. They entered the elevator,the elevator opened and they entered a room that was big

Few people were inside the room. The room was quiet. The man led them to their table before he left

“My man”Lincoln called

Alex raised his head up and he saw Lincoln with a smile,his eyes moved from Lincoln and it landed on Isabella shocked face

Yeah he was also suprise to see her same her

“You never told me you were coming with someone”Alex said

“Yeah she’s my friend”Lincoln said

“Sit down Isa or you can keep standing”Lincoln before he say down

Isabella rolled her eyes at him before she sat down too

“So is he a dumb @$$??”Lincoln asked

“Maybe”Isabella replied

“Dumb @$$??”Alex asked

“Yeah she said i have dumb @$$ friends”Lincoln replied

“Oh”Alex mouthed

“Ok Alex this is Isabella, Isabella this is Alex”Lincoln said

“Nice to meet you”Isabella said stretching her hand for an handshake

Alex stared at her hand before he smirked

“Nice to meet you too”Alex said before he shook her hand with force

Isabella stared at him wondering why he was pressing her hand hard. Alex let go of her hand after he saw pain in her eyes

Isabella put her hand under the table rubbing it slightly

“So Alex will treat us lunch”Lincoln said

A waitress immediately walked to them with a smiling face

“What would you like to order Sir??”The waitress asked

“Give us three pots of tea”Lincoln said

“Ok sir”The waitress bowed before she walked away

Isabella stared at him in bewilderment,a pot of tea of was 1,500 thousand dollars which caused more than a million in other currency and now he wants three of it

“Don’t worry he can pay for it”Lincoln said after he saw the way she was staring at him

Isabella glanced at Alex and she saw him staring at his phone. She sighed before she looked away

The waitress later came back with the hot boiling tea

“Here you go sir”The waitress said before she dropped the tea on the table and left

“So how’s your soon to be bride??”Lincoln asked

“Who??”Alex asked

“Elsie of course”Lincoln said

“Oh she’s doing great”Alex replied

‘ He has a soon to be bride??oh my God ‘ Isabella said inwardly

“Are you seriously going to get married to her??”Lincoln asked

“She’s like a little sister to me”Alex said

“So i will take that as a no then”Lincoln said

“He has a supposed bride??”Isabella asked

“Yes someone his family wants him to get married to”Lincoln replied

Alex was confused when he heard Isabella asking things concerning him

“Then he should get married to her”Isabella said

Alex stared at her with a frown

“Do you know who she’s?”Lincoln asked

“Who’s she??”Isabella asked

“She’s obviously like Annette,the same age and the same body stature”Lincoln said

“C’mon age is just a number”Isabella said before she brought the tea to her mouth

“Then why don’t you get married to my Grandfather”Alex said

Isabella immediately choked,she wanted to tease Alex a little bit but guess he got her

“Your..Your Grand Father??no way he’s far other than me”Isabella said

“Thought you said age is just a number??”Alex asked

“Not this type of age gap”Isabella said

“He’s single and I guess once he sees a pretty girl like you he won’t resist to have you”Alex said

“No am not interested let your supposed bride get married to him”Isabella said

“Thought you liked him??”Alex asked

“When did i say that??”Isabella asked

“Just now”Alex replied

“No i never said i liked him”Isabella frowned

“See you just said it”Alex said

Lincoln couldn’t help but laugh

“The both of you just met for the very first time and now you’re fighting”he laughed

“Who’s fighting with him,he’s obviously so full of energy to talk with me”Isabella said

“At least you noticed”Alex said

Isabella eyed him before they both looked away from each other

“Silly girl”Lincoln said laughing

“Am not Silly”Isabella said

“Oh but you told me to call you silly girl years go”Lincoln said

“No i didn’t”Isabella said

“Remember when you said my name is silly girl cmaddress me as silly girl and not Isabella”Lincoln said

Isabella face immediately became red with embarrassment

“I was angry at the time”Isabella said

“Oh i never knew”Lincoln said

Isabella glanced at Alex and he could see him staring at her with a smirk. Lincoln phone rang

“I will be right back”He said before he walked out

A thought came to Isabella mind she smiled. She was putting on a low designer scandals. She pulled it and she used her leg to trail Alex own under the table

Alex was shocked when he felt some thing soft touched him he looked up only to see Isabella smiling at him. He immediately guess that Isabella was the one behind it

He intentionally decided to ignore her pretending it didn’t affect him though it was igniting something in him

Isabella frown when she saw no reaction from him. She started rubbing her legs on his slowly

Before she knew it Alex gripped her leg from under the table. Her entire body froze by his touch

She started struggling with him to let go of her leg but his firm was tight

“Let go of me”Isabella said

Alex ignored her instead he used his other hand and touch foot palm. Isabella immediately started laughing it was tickling

“Ah stop it’s ticklish”She said laughing

“Say please”Alex commanded

Isabella didn’t say it and Alex placed more pressure on her

“Please please please stop i can’t take it anymore”Isabella said laughing,tears were already flowing out of her eyes

“Ah stop”Isabella said

“Stop what??”Lincoln asked from behind. Alex immediately let go of her leg

“Is that tears on your eyes??”Lincoln asked

“Is tears of happiness he’s funny”Isabella lied

“Thought you guys were fighting some minutes ago??”Lincoln asked

“Not anymore, he’s really a funny guy”Isabella said

“Hmm funny??never knew Alex could crack jokes”Lincoln said before he sat down

“Excuse me”Alex said before he walked out

Isabella phone rang

“Excuse me”She said before she also walked out

On getting outside she met Alex walking towards another direction. She followed quietly behind him and he entered a room

Isabella stared at the room before she entered the room. The room was pitched black

Someone gripped her hand before the lights were turned on

“Why are you following me??”Alex asked

“Am not following you”Isabella said

“Then what are you doing here??”Alex asked

“I was just passing and decided to check what was in here”Isabella said without battling an eye

“Oh really??”Alex said

“Yes and why were you tickling me??”Isabella asked staring at him

“And why you seducing me under the table??”Alex asked

“I wasn’t seducing you”Isabella said

“Then what were you doing??”Alex asked

“I was…was.. doing nothing ok doing nothing”Isabella said poking her chest

“You know,no girl has ever touch my chest so freely and am letting you do so”Alex said before he pinned her to the wall

“What…What…What do you mean??”Isabella stuttered

“Am going to return the favour back,i will touch your chest also”Alex smirked before he stretched his hands towards her

Isabella immediately became frozen to the floor. She closed her eyes when she felt his hands were getting closer

Alex then placed his hands on the wall and leaned closer to her ear

“Why did you close your eyes??”Alex asked

Isabella immediately shut her eyes opened before she pushed him off

“Nothing”She replied before she rushed out of the room

Alex couldn’t help but laugh at her attitude




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