{ Crazy Love}

Theme: His Daring Girlfriend

By, Prechy Lee



Alexander and Isabella remained in that same position for some seconds. The paparazzi that was close to the door snapped the both of them

Alex later stood up before he helped Isabella up and he walked out of the room without glancing at anyone

Isabella stared at him till he was out of sight. She wanted to apologize and thanked him for saving her but she restrained herself

She remembered when she told him the word thank you wasn’t in her dictionary talkless of sorry. She sighed before she walked out

She met @$$ Bai on the way

“Did i stayed long??”@$$ Bai asked

“Long enough to not witness the huge commotion that just happened”Isabella said before she walked past her heading to her room

@$$ Bai was confused by her words and actions. Isabella wasn’t angry,sad nor smiling her face was expressionless as ever

She followed Isabella wondering what happened

Alex entered his room and he walked to the bathroom to change his clothes. He was angry at himself

“That’s all for getting nothing”Alex scoff but when he remembered how soft her body was when he held her he smiled but it immediately turned to a frown

He changed his clothes before he walked out of the bathroom and he took his phone

“Boss”His @$$ greeted

“Come over first thing tomorrow morning”Alex commanded

“Ok boss”She replied before Alex ended the call

Alex laid on the bed staring at the ceiling his mind then drifted to his first lover Martino Tiana. He sighed deeply before he closed his eyes


Isabella sat on her bed wondering what she would do with her time. She’s going to stay in London a while longer because she has an unfinished business here

Her mind immediately drifted to Alex,yes she hasn’t given him the contract on their new project. She picked it up before she walked out

She started tracing the place she walked through yesterday to get to his room. On getting there,this time his room door was locked

She wondered if he has left. She lift her hand and knocked on the door but got no response

After knocking for some seconds the door opened and her hand stopped when she almost hit someone head. She stared at the person and it turns out to be a girl

“Who are you??”Isabella couldn’t help but ask

“Am supposed to be asking you that”The lady said

Isabella immediately composed herself when she glanced at the lady dress

“Is your boss in??”Isabella asked

“Yes”The lady replied

“Then step aside”Isabella said before she pushed the lady out of the way

“Alexanger”Isabella called

Alex looked up only to see Isabella staring at him

“What are you doing here??”Alex asked ignoring what she called him

“I will take my leave now”@$$ Mina said before she left

“Here the contract on our new project”Isabella said pointing the contract paper towards him

“Am no longer partnering with you”Alex said

Isabella brows creased

“What do you mean??”Isabella asked

“Did i just speak in spanish??”Alex asked

“You can’t go back on your word”Isabella said

“Leave”Alex commanded

“Am not going anywhere”Isabella said stubbornly

“Really??you’re not leaving right??”Alex asked taking slow steps towards her

“Yes”Isabella said without moving

“You’re lucky am not a coward,only on one condition will i partner with you”Alex said standing in front of her

“Which is??”Isabella asked

“You’ll stop calling me that whatsoever name you call me”Alex said

“What name are you talking about??”Isabella asked playing dumb

“You know what am talking about”Alex said

“I know nothing”Isabella said

Alex stared at her. “Oh God what have I gotten myself into look” was on his face

“Alexanger stop calling me Alexanger”Alex said

“Oh Alexanger but there’s nothing wrong with that name”Isabella said

Alex gazed immediately became cold. Isabella throat became dried she couldn’t help but accept the fact that was scared

“Okay okay okay I will stop addressing you as Alexanger”Isabella said

Alex kept muted he has been talking lately than himself

He took the contract from her and started reading it. The words were tiny so he didn’t bother reading it instead he went to shares and it was a 60/40 shares

He smirked before he signed on it and handed the files back to her

“I will get you your photocopies”Isabella said

Alex walked past her and sat on his bed. He took his laptop and continued with was he was doing

Isabella stood there staring at him

“Anything else??”Alex asked without staring at her

“You didn’t ask me when will we be starting the project”Isabella said

“Oh when??”He asked

“Next month”Isabella replied

“Ok my secretary will be working with you till am chanced”Alex said

“Ok”Isabella said

She somehow felt a pain but she doesn’t know why. She brushed the thought off before she walked out forgetting the file

Alex eyes fell on the file on the bed and he creased his brows

“She left the files here? Silly girl”He muttered before he fixed his eyes on the laptop


“So you mean your sister went on a business trip??”Mila asked

“Yes”Maltida replied

“And Trefor too??”Mila asked

“Yes he went back to his house”Maltida replied

“So you’re all alone??”Mila asked

“Yes why are you asking me all this question??”Maltida asked

“We are going to get wasted today”Mila said with a smile

“What do you mean??”Maltida asked

“Your Mom and Annette travelled too??”Mila asked

“Yes”Maltida replied with a confused frown

“Babe let’s go clubbing”Mila said

“Not interested”Maltida said

“Stop being a party poopers”Mila said before she hit Maltida on her head

“Ouch”Maltida said rubbing her head

“I will be traveling too”Maltida said

“Where to??”Mila asked

“I have a movie to act and am the lead role so i will be going for a movie shoot”Maltida said

“Oh”Mila mouthed

“Fool weren’t you amongst the cast??”Maltida asked

“I was??”Mila asked

“Yes idiot don’t tell me you forgot, aren’t you Peter Mila??”Maltida asked

“Let me check my email”Mila said before she picked her phone

Her eyes widened when she saw the countless emails she has received from her manager

“Oh God”Mila exclaimed loudly

“Have been busy this days so i didn’t have time for my phone”Mila said

Maltida shook her head slightly

“No need to go partying am going home right away”Mila said

“You’re leaving me here??”Maltida asked

“You can’t stay alone??”Mila asked

“I wanna go with you”Maltida said

“Let me guess because of Axel??”Mila asked with a smirk

“Hmm maybe i guess”Maltida said with a blush

“Okay let’s pack your things so we can leave together”Mila said


“Charles laid on the bed lazily. He still felt some pain on his member. He picked up his phone and decided to call Alex

“Hey man”Charles said

“Are you okay??”Alex asked

“You noticed??”Charles asked

“Noticed what??”Alex asked

“That am not not okay”Charles said

“Oh yeah it’s evident in your voice”Alex said

“What happened to you??”Alex asked

“A girl did this to me”Charles said

“She bite your groin??”Alex asked mockly

“Heyy stop harbouring such thoughts”Charles whined

Alex couldn’t help but laugh at his attitude

“So what are you doing??”Charles asked

“Nothing just getting myself busy”Alex said

“Busy with what??”Charles asked

“Busy with work”Alex replied

“Boring stuffs”Charles scoff

“You better stop being lazy and work hard”Alex said

“Ok boss”Charles replied

“Well i will be going to Belgium to work with my dad”Charles said

“Hmm that’s nice”Alex said

“So any woman by your side??”Charles asked

“Woman?? nah”He replied

“No one at all?”Charles asked

“Only Isabella,she’s really a nuisance and a head ache”Alex replied

“Isabella who??”Charles asked

“Theo….i will talk to you later i have to return something”Alex said before he ended the call

“Theo?? Theodore daughter like psycho girl??”Charles asked

Alex walked out of his room wandering about. He obviously doesn’t know what number is Isabella room

He walked to the receptionist to ask her

“Good afternoon sir”The receptionist greeted with a blush

“What number is Isabella Theodore room??”He asked

The receptionist stared at him wondering why he was asking about a maniac room number

“Sorry we don’t give personal information out to strangers”The receptionist said

“Am no stranger she’s a good friend of mine”Alex lied

The receptionist wanted to refused him but when she stared at him she immediately became afraid.

The fact that his face looked calm while his eyes were saying otherwise

“Room…Room 390,floor 6″The receptionist said

Alex nod his head before he walked away. He was two floors higher than her. He entered the elevator and met a pretty girl inside

The girl smiled at him but he didn’t returned it instead he went to the girl’s back and stood there relaxing himself on the body of the elevator


Isabella sat in the couch staring at the movie displaying on the tv. She was supposed to be enjoy but she isn’t

She isn’t aware that she left the contract in Alex room. She switched the tv off before she closed her eyes and relax on the couch

Immediately she heard someone knocking on the door. She stood up without bothering to change her outfit

She opened the door without checking who it is from the peep hole

“You didn’t bother asking nor checking who it was first before opening the door”Alex said

“I think that’s my business”Isabella said

“What are you doing here??”Isabella asked

Alex eyes glanced through her body and he could see that she was putting on a Ι“Θ•Ο» short with a short singlet

She wasn’t putting on ΡŒΡ“Γ€ and her ƝīpplΓ«s were pointing at him. Isabella snapped her fingers on his face

“What are you staring at??”She asked

“Take,you left it earlier in my room”Alex said

“Oh”Isabella muttered before she took the files from him

“I will send you your photocopies later”Isabella said

Alex stared at her one last time before he turned and started walking without saying anything else

“Wait”Isabella called before she ran to him

“What is it??”Alex asked

“Are you going for a walk??”Isabella asked

“Why asking??”Alex asked

“Cause am looking for someone who will take a walk with me”Isabella said

“Am busy look for someone else”Alex said before he walked away

Isabella stared at his back she has never felt so dejected like this. She frowned before she walked back inside

β˜… SUB WAY***

Trefor stood in front of his car waiting for somebody. He was growing impatient,he picked up his phone and dailed the person number but it wasn’t connecting

Tessa walked out of the sub way looking as attractive as ever. She was trying to take her phone from her bag when she bumped into someone

She was almost falling down because of the force but the person grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him

“Are you okay??”Trefor asked but Tessa was lost staring at his face

“Are you okay??”He asked again

“Yes yes thank you”Tessa immediately pulled away from his grip

“Anything for a pretty lady like you”Trefor said

Tessa stared at him for some while before she burst into a hearty laugh

“You think am pretty??”Tessa asked

“Yes you’re”Trefor said

“Hmm stop flattering me,when you see a pretty girl bet you would recognize her”Tessa said

“That’s why i immediately recognized you”Trefor said

“Well am Tessa but you can call me Tess”Tessa said stretching her hand for an handshake

“Trefor”Trefor said accepting the handshake

“So where are you heading to??”Trefor asked

“Umm i stay in classic estate”Tessa replied

“Guess we’re going to the same direction”Trefor said

“Really you live there too??”Tessa asked

“Yes”Trefor replied

“That’s cool am glad i have someone who’s close to me”Tessa said

“Friends??”Tessa asked stretching her hand for an handshake again

“Friends”Trefor replied before he shook her

“Mind dropping you off??”Trefor asked

“Thought you were waiting for someone??”Tessa asked

“Not really”Trefor lied

“Okay thanks but..”

“Don’t reject a gentle man offer”Trefor said

Tessa smiled before she walked closer to his car

“Okay let’s go”Tessa said

Trefor glance at the sub way again before he entered his car with Tessa


Maltida and Mila was sitting at the dinning table alone. They were laughing and gisting. Axel walked in looking drunk and sad

“Brother”Mila called

Axel walked past her without staring at her


“Let him be for some time”Maltida said

Mila nod her head

“I hope he’s alright because he has never being like this before”Mila said

“Trust me he will be alright”Maltida said

Mila kept quiet and she ate her food in silence. After eating they went to Mila’s room

It was past midnight Maltida sneaked out of the room and headed to Axel room. He was sitting on the couch staring at nothing

“Here drink some hot water”Maltida said

Axel stared at her before he stared at the glass of water on her hands. He took it and drank from it before dropping the cup

“What are you doing here??”Axel asked

“I came to check on you”Maltida said before she sat down close to him

“Are you okay??”Maltida asked staring at him

Axel didn’t respond to her

“Look at me, i care about you and i don’t like the way you’re looking right now”Maltida said before she cupped his cheeks with both hands

Axel gaze was fixed on her face. He wasn’t thinking straight because Maltida was way too close to him

He grabbed her hair and he K!SS her on her lips. Maltida body immediately fluttered in joy and excitement. After some seconds she responded to the K!SS

The K!SS was rough and hard. Axel hands trailed down her body, massaging every corners of her body

He lifted her up and he dropped her on the bed before he tore her clothes

Maltida adrenaline hit her. In as much as she wanted Axel she couldn’t give him her virginity when he wasn’t in his right sense

‘no i shouldn’t be doing this’ She panic inwardly

She tried pushing him away but she couldn’t

Alex captured her b*ob with his mouth while his other hand was in the other one

The pleasure began to flow in Maltida stomach. She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling





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