(Head Over Heels…)

THEME 1: Bad Guy’s Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



“Here.” Lex offered her a bottle of wine, which she requested for.

“So in one short sentence, your dad disowned you isn’t it?” Lex asked, sitting on the couch.

“I disowned him, not the other way round. I hate what I don’t like.” She said with a serious face and Lex chuckled.

“And where will you stay now? Since you’re no longer leaving with your parents.” He said and Sienna frowned.

“Here of course.” She said and Reddy who has been pressing his phone all this while raised his head to look at her.

“You say what?” He said and Sienna looked at him.

“There’s no way I’m letting you stay with us!” He added, looking very serious and Sienna scoffed.

“Do I look like I need your permission??” She rolled her eyes.

“Of course this is my room.” He bickered.

“Like I care.” She scoffed.

“Goodnight Lex.” She said and turned to Reddy.

“Rather than being bitter, you should try to get better.” She winked and went into a room.

“Wait, what were are you going? Not my room!” He shouted, running to the door but before he got there she already locked the door.

“Fůçƙ! Open up Sienna!” He shouted, banging on the door.

“I hear no one speak!” Sienna shouted and he gritted his teeth.

Lex chuckled from behind.

“What’s funny?” He turned to him.

“Everything is funny. You two…” He laughed again and Reddy rolled his eyes and went back to his couch.

“I just hate her guts.” He muttered.

“That’s how it begins.” Lex said and he furrowed his brows.

“What begins?” He asked.

“What else… Just know I’ll always be there to remind you of this day.” He winked and Reddy shook his head.



And slowly Mr Wilson’s hand went to the closet and he was about opening it when someone held his hand.

He slowly turned to see Everly standing right there.

“Ever?” He called and Everly chuckled, letting go his hands.

“Dad… What’re you doing here?” She asked and her dad arched his brows…

“You were sleeping just now.” He said and she wriggled her brows, battling her lashes cutely.

“Yes… I was sleeping when I heard you… Anww!” She feigned a tired yawn.

“I’m still feeling sleepy as you can see dad. I need to sleep, you should also sleep now okay.” She said and started pushing her dad out.


“No but dad. You need to rest. Goodnight! Love you!” She said and pecked him before closing the door.

She closed her eyes and rested her back on the door, then she exhaled lightly.

Wanted released a sigh of relief in the closet, resting his back on it.

Everly quickly opened her eyes and rushed to the closet. She opened it and dragged Wanted out of it.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Wanted asked as she pushed him towards the window.

“Leave already!” She said and Wanted smirked.

“What if I don’t?” He asked.

“What will you do?” He probed further, sitting on her bed. Everly closed her eyes and opened it.

“Why are you pestering me?” She asked calmly and Wanted smiled widely. He stood up immediately.

“Because I like you… you got me smitten.” He said, walking closer but Everly didn’t move back this time.

“You stole my attention the very first day I saw you… My body, my soul my mind… Everything wanted you… My heart only skips beats because of you… You’re the missing rib I’ve been looking…” He said and Everly bursted into laughter before he could finish talking.

“It’s funny isn’t it… But I’m dead serious.” He said Everly bursted into another round of laughter.

“Geez! You’re one hell of a character.” She said and Wanted chuckled.

“I know, you made me so.” He said and silence ensued between them, which each staring directly at the other’s eyes.

Everly shook her head, breaking the long eye contact.

“Just leave already.” She said.

“Why are you eager on me leaving?” He asked.

“This isn’t your room, is it?” She asked and Wanted smiled sweetly, staring at her.

She looked at herself and back to me.

“And why are you looking at me and smiling? What’s funny?” She asked with a frown.

“Your desperation.” He said.


“Did you know that whenever you push me, it only increase my drive of getting you.” He said and Everly quickly pushed him to the window.

He climbed on it and jumped out. Everly was about closing the window when Wanted held her hand.

He dragged her closer and leaned to her, whispering in her ears.

“Dream about me.” He said in a husky voice that left Everly dazzle.

He winked at her before going to his own room’s window. He climbed it and got in.

He looked back at Everly who was staring at him and blew her K!SS before giving her that charming smile then he left his window.

Everly blinked her eyes, staring at his window. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest.

“Wh-what was that??” She asked no one in particular.

She chuckled and shook her heads.

“Ever, you’re so stressed out today, you need to get some rest… Yes, I need to get some rest.” She said and locked the window, then she quickly rushed to her bed.

She put away her lenses and laid on the bed, drawing the quilt on her body.

“I need to sleep.” She said and closed her eyes.



“That’s the plan I have for Las Vegas, after which we’ll leave.” Don said and smirked.

They were in a large hall, all his mobsters were gathered there.

“May 25th, will be the day I carry out my mission. A month from now…” He said and they all nodded attentively.

“We’ll move all shipments all the 24th of May and we’ll carry out the plan on the 25th of May.” He said and they nodded.

“Don.” Nikky called.

“Who will be heading the team this time?” She asked and Wanted smiled.

“Wanted and Riley.” He said and both Riley and Jimmy looked at each other, completely surprised.

The two has always been the ones going on this type of mission.

“Don, I thought I…”

“I know Jimmy, but this time you’ll stay back and watch the sales of the new slaves. Wanted and Riley will go on this mission.” He said and stood up.

He began walking out of the hall but stopped by Wanted and touched his shoulder.

“I’m entrusting you this because I trust you… Show your worth to me.” He said and patted his shoulder whilst Wanted smiled.

“Sure Don.” He nodded and Don left.

Riley and Jimmy glared at him before leaving.

Nikky walked to him.

“I wonder why Don picks so much interest in you. He’s not the type that fancies people.” She said

“It’s not my fault that some people have an zero IQ.” He shrugged when Nikky glared at him before walking away.

Wanted smirked.



“Don’t push me, I can walk on my own.”

“Shut up rascal… Get in there.” Clasping of the metal bars of the prison could be heard.

“Sign the undertaking form.” A police officer said and the guy did just that after a constable took off his handcuff.

“You can leave now.” The officer said and the constable pushed him out, to his family members who were waiting for him.

“Scallywags.” She mumbled and left the counter she was standing and walked into an office, she a girl typing engrossingly.

“C’mon Sofeya, take a break already.” She said and the Sofeya girl sighed without taking her gaze off the laptop.

“Being a detective isn’t an easy job Rina.” She said and Rina chuckled.

“I know… And right now you have another case to look into… Minister Sanchez has been murder.” She said.

“I know… By the same anonymous killer.” She said.

“I see…”


“Another assassin attack. This is making it the fifth attack this month.” A well built man probably in his early fifties said. He was seated on his swivel chair and on his table was a small board which had his name and status.

‘Noah Williams .R.
Deputy Chief of Police.’

An young manly guy, smartly dressed in a police uniform stood in front of him with his hands crossed behind his back.

On the Břě@šť pocket of the uniform, was a batch with his name, Inspector Ryan Smith.

“Yee sir. We still haven’t gotten any interesting fact on this but we’re walking towards it, trust me.” Ryan said.

“Time is something we don’t have this rate of this murder is alarming. We need to bring the culprit to book as soon as possible.” He said and Ryan nodded.

“Sure sir. I made it my top priority. First which we already know is, accosting Don.” He said and the DCP nodded.

“What’s the progress in Don’s case?” He asked and Ryan smirked.



“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Let’s seat over there.” Rissa suggested and they walked towards the window side, with their trays of food.

They settled on it and began eating.

“Did you guys hear the news?” Rissa started a conversation.

“Which news?” Everly asked.

“Minister Sanchez was murdered on Saturday by the same anonymous assassin.” She said.

“What, Minister Sanchez?” Everly asked.


“I wonder what the police are doing about this anonymous assassin case.” Daphne muttered.

“They’re trying their best, so they say.” Rissa said.

“It’s a painful demise.” Everly muttered sadly.

“I know right?” Rissa said and just then Sienna walked up to them with her food.

“Hey guys!” She squealed.

“Sienna.” Rissa called.

“Yo baby! Wassup?” She asked sitting beside her.

“I’m good, you?” She asked.

“Good as new.” She giggled.

“Wassup Ever.” She nudged at Everly who smiled.

“I’m okay.” She said and Sienna smiled.

She turned to Daphne who wasn’t even looking at her, she was just picking on her food.

“Wassup with she-male?” She asked and Rissa shrugged.

“You should know Daphne by now, grumpy.” She muttered the last word.

“I heard that.” Daphne said while rolled her eyes.

“So was your weekends… Mine was super fun. I did away with an accident in my life… I’m so happy honestly.” She squealed and Daphne just looked at her.

“Accident?” Rissa and Everly asked.

“Yes… I feel so refresh.” She winked before flipping her hair backwards.

“Geez.” Rissa laughed.

Daphne cleared her throat before standing up.

“Where are you off to Daphne? You ain’t done with your food.” Rissa said.

“I lost my appetite.” She said and left.

“Is she sick?” Rissa asked while Everly shrugged, cluelessly.

“So Sienna, you had a gist which you wanted to tell me.” Rissa said and they turned to look at her.

Sienna feigned a smile. “Uhmm… Er.. I’ll he right back guys.” She said and hurriedly left.

Everly and Rissa exchanged looks.




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