(Head Over Heels…)

THEME 1: Bad Guy’s Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



“You gat be kidding!” Sienna shouted looking at him, surprise clearly written on her face.

“So you’re saying you joined the mafia squad without letting anyone of us know? Really??” Reddy asked Wanted who sat on a chair in the cellar while the three were seated on a couch in the living room.

“And I thought we were friends, c’mon.” Lex said.

“C’mon guys, stop acting like it’s something big.” Wanted rolled his eyes, sipping from his glass.

“Of course it’s something big. You joining the mafia squad, not just any mafia squad, the one owned by Don Grey Stone. The notorious Don the cops are out there looking for… And you went ahead and joined hands with him?? Seriously??” Sienna questioned in disbelief.

“C’mon guys, Don Grey Stone is my role model. I really wanna be like him.” He said and the three looked at him with bulged eyes.

“I’ve always known you’re not alright and you just confirmed it.” Lex said.

“How can don be your role model? Does that even make sense. Yeah we’re gangsters not murders, we only steal, terrorize the town… But Don, he’s a bloody killer… Jeez!” Reddy said but Wanted didn’t seem to be listening.

He just kept gulped his beer while they spoke gibberish to him.

“You’re impossible.” Sienna said.

“What if the Everly girl finds out you’re a mafia?? Do you think she’ll ever wanna be with you? Or even have something to do with you?” Lex suddenly asked and that got Wanted thinking.

He was right. If Everly finds out that he was a mafia, that will only increase her hate for him.

Fůçƙ! That can’t happen! He was gonna make sure she never finds out. Never!

“Just quit already.”

“It’s too late to quit Reddy! And I already told you, I’m happy with it… And you all, never, don’t ever mention this to Everly. She knows me as a gangster. That’s enough… Don’t worsen the situation than it already is.” He said and they shook their head.

“It’s impossible to underestimate you, seriously.” Lex said and Wanted glared.

“Agreed??” He asked and they all exchanged looks and sighed.

“Not like we can do anything.” Reddy uttered.

“Fine… But don’t you dare rat on us.” Sienna warned and he chuckled.

“Trust me on that.” He winked while she rolled her eyes.

He suddenly stood up as if remembering something.

“What happened?”

“A minute.” He said and rushed out like Usain bolt into his room.

“Wh-what?? Wanted!” They screamed and followed him.

“Ahh!” They gasped when they saw him climbing his window.

“What’re you doing?? Where you going Wanted??” Lex asked.

“You see the room over here? That’s Ever’s room.” He said and they furrowed their brows.

“So??” They gasped at the same time, getting what he was about to do.

“No, no… Wanted!” They shouted but he already jumped out of the window, going to Everly’s window.

It was opened as usual and he jumped in.

“Tsk! This guy is a nutcase!” Sienna said, looking at the window.

“I’m tired of talking to him.” Reddy said before going to his bed.

“I hope her dad doesn’t see him, otherwise his name will be a history.” Lex said, sitting on the bed as well.

“Right??” Sienna said and walked to the bed, sitting in their middle.

“Hahh!” The three sighed and fell on the bed at the same time, staring at the ceiling.


Wanted got into the room but couldn’t find her in there. The room was arranged properly but no sign of her in it.

“Where-” He stopped when he began hearing the sound of a rushing water coming from the bathroom.

“Maybe she’s in there.” He said and went to sit on her bed. He smiled at the softness of it.

“Hmmm.” He muttered imagining himself Fůçƙing her on the bed.

How will her Mõ@ɲ sound in his ears. Music of course, he giggled at his foolish thought.

His eyes caught her lens case on her bedstand and he took it and opened it.

He brought out her lens and smiled, before putting it on. He smiled, adjusting it on his nose.

He turned to her mirror beside her bedstand and looked at himself in it.

“Gosh. So handsome.” He admired himself. He left the mirror and went to bedstand, them he picked the book on it and come back to the mirror.

He placed the book on his chest and smiled.

“Now I look more of a lecturer… Professor Wanted.” He giggled looking at himself in the mirror.

He was lost posing in front of the mirror that he didn’t hear when the shower stopped rushing.

“Maybe I should asked her to lend me her lens, coz why not.” He smirked adjusting the lens on his face whilst looking at the mirror.

The door suddenly opened and Everly came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around her chest. It was obvious that it wasn’t tied tightly as she was using a hand to hold the towel to her chest while the other held the towel on her head.

Wanted turned around and his eyes dilated in shock when he saw her.

“Ahhh!” Everly suddenly screamed, letting go of the towel tied around her chest and it fell freely to the ground and Wanted’s eyes almost bulged out of it’s socket as she was standing stark Ɲ@kēɗ in front of him.

“What are you doing here? How do you get here?? Get out!! Out!! Thiéf! R@pist!! Out!” She screamed loudly.

“I… I- I’m…” Wanted stuttered before turning around immediately, his back on her.

Everly held her chest, breathing heavily, the fact that he just saw her nudity was driving her cràzy. She quickly picked up the towel and tied it around her chest.

“I’m… I’m- I’m sorry…” Wanted said as if the word was too heavy for his mouth and truly it was heavy for him.

He’s Wanted. He is never sorry for his action and hated apologizing. He is always right, so he says, so why apologize?

“Really sorry. I didn’t know you were there.” He said and Everly gritted her teeth, glaring at his back figure.

“How do you get into my room??” She asked and he made to turn…

“Don’t! Answer with your back on me.” She said and he nodded slowly.


“Everly!” They heard her dad’s voice and the two’s eyes widened.

Everly turned to the door.

“That’s your dad.” He said alarmed.

“Of course it is! Get out right now!” She yelled and Wanted turned to face her.

“But- but how-”

“Out! Leave as you came!” She shouted, touching her head.


“If my dad sees you here, trust me. Your name will be a sad story.” She said seriously and Wanted gulped down nervously.

If there’s anyone he was scared of, that is Mr Wilson. He doesn’t know why but after that day he had grown to fear Mr Wilson greatly.

“But I came through the window-”

“What!” Everly shouted completely surprised.


“Get out right now!” She rushed to him and started pushing him to the window.

“Careful… You might get me injured.” Wanted said as he climbed the window.

“Getting injured is way better than my dad seeing you.” She said and pushed him out and at that moment, her room door opened and she slammed the window harshly.

“Everly??” Her dad called and she quickly turned to him with a smile on her face.

“Dad.” She called sweetly.

“Are you okay? I thought I heard you screaming?” He asked with an arched brow.

“Me?? Screaming?? No no. Guess you must have heard wrong. Or it’s probably from the next door.” She lied and her dad shrugged.

“Okay. I can see you just had your bath. Change up and come down for dinner.” He said and she smiled.

“Sure dad.” She said and her dad turned to leave but stopped immediately. He faced her with a furrow.

“Why are you standing there??” He asked and she raised a brow.


“You heard me.” He said and she chuckled.

“Actually… I was getting fresh air.” She said and her dad arched his brow.

“Fresh air??”

“Oh c’mon dad. I was just standing there. Go now, let me get dressed.” She said, walking to him and began walking him out.

She closed the door immediately he was out and sighed resting her back on the door.

“That was close…” She exhaled with eyes closed.

She quickly fluttered her lashes open and ran to the window. She peeped out but couldn’t find him there anymore.

“Thank goodness he left.” She breathed out.

“But why did I save him??” That was the question that came into her head next.

He was a thiéf. She hated him for that, why then did she save him??


The class was noisy when Wanted walked in and the noise died down and another murmurs followed it.

🗣️ Look, it’s my crush.

🗣️ The sèxy lecturer.

🗣️ Hot!

🗣️ How can someone be this handsome??

🗣️ My world.

Everly frowned immediately she saw him. Flashes of what happened last came to her head and she sighed.

The fact that he saw her nudity was making her go cràzy. Marcus noticed the disturbed look on her face and held her hand and she jolted.

“What is it?” He asked with a smile.

“You seem lost. Anything the problem?” He asked and she shook her head.

“You know you can always confine in me.” He added with that smile that always make her heart flutter and brings smile to her face.

“I promise. Nothing is wrong.” She assured and he nodded.

“If you say so.” He shrugged and the two’s eyes locked and they started gazing lovingly at each other in Wanted’s class.

“Good morning everyone.” He greeted at the same time eyes searching her.

“Good morning sexy Prof.” The girls winked.

“Thank-” He paused when his eyes caught the two and he felt extremely angry for no justified reason.

He clenched his fist, waiting for them to break the eye lock but it seemed they were already lost. She has never looked at him like that and now??

“Hey you two!” He screamed but they didn’t hear him.

“I’m talking to my course rep and that boy.” He barked but they looked as if they weren’t the one been talked and that got him more furious.

He left where he was standing and began walking to them. Ɓụťťer frowned observing it as well.

How dare Marcus stare at that girl when he has never even glanced at her??

Wanted got to their seat and banged his hands on the table loudly and that jolted them.

“Is this what you two are here for?? Or does this place look like a theater class to you?? Huh??” He asked and Marcus furrowed his brows confusingly.

How’s that supposed to concern him??

Everly frowned as well.

“I don’t see how that’s supposed to affect you sir. You’re here to teach, do that and Fůçƙing leave. It shouldn’t matter if we pay attention or not.” Marcus said and Wanted clenched his fist.

“You now talk to your lecturer however you like? No respect.” He said and Marcus sighed as if regaining his senses.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you upset.” He said.

“Nonsense! Now you two, disengage.” He ordered and the two raised there head to look at him.


“You heard me well… Disengage… Infact, come with me.” Wanted said and grabbed Everly’s hand and started taking her to the front seat.

The students stared at him surprisingly.

The whole thing doesn’t look right. Their lecturer seems to be poke nosing.

“Get up! You seat here!” He instructed and the girl who was formerly sitting on the chair stood up and he forced Everly to sit there and he walked to the front.

She was now sitting on the first seat on the front, facing him directly. He smiled satisfactorily.

“Wanted is something else.” Sienna said.

“Exactly.” Reddy affirmed.

“Now I feel there’s something more to this which Everly is not telling us.” Daphne said staring from Wanted to Everly and from Everly back to Wanted.

“You think so as well.” Rissa said and she nodded slowly, observing them closely.

“Hi.” They heard someone said and the two raised their head to see Lex.

“Lex right??” Rissa asked and he smiled.

“Yes.” He nodded while Daphne rolled her eyes.

“Can I seat?” He asked and Rissa nodded.


“Yes please!” Rissa said and shifted for him.

“Rissa, just because I let you be my friend doesn’t mean you do something ion like.” Daphne said.

“C’mon Daphie.” Rissa nudged her and she rolled her eyes.

“I hate her guts.” Sienna said, she was seating at their back.

“Ion like you either. I prefer seeing a poop every morning rather than seeing your face.” Daphne said loudly without turning her back, it was obvious she heard her.

“Fůçƙ you she-male!”

“You too Ɓîtçh!” Daphne yelled back.

“So today we’re be talking about…” The class kicked on.


Reddy could be seen walking on the hallway with Winter. The two seemed to be pretty close now, but it was obvious that the two was just together for their own personal interest.

“Uhmm… Do you have a girlfriend?” Winter asked and he smirked still walking with his hands inserted in his pocket.

“No… I don’t do girlfriend, just Fůçƙmates.” He shrugged his shoulders and Winter mouthed an ‘O’.

“I guess we’re on the same page. I don’t do boyfriend.” She said and Reddy looked at her.

“So will you be my Fůçƙmate??” She asked and Reddy’s eyes widened in surprise.

Never had he seen or heard of a girl asking to be her Fůçƙmate.

He looked at Winter who bit her lips seductively and he smirked. It won’t be bad having fun here before they leave.

He grabbed her waist and began K!SSing her fiercely and Winter giggled raking his hand into his hair, K!SSing him back like a pro.

He trailed his hands down to her @ss and squeezed it harshly making Winter Mõ@ɲ in the K!SS.



As Everly walked to their LH with Daphne and Rissa, they could clearly hear the screams coming from the LH, making them wonder what was going on in there.

🗣️ OMG!

🗣️ I missed you Twilight!

🗣️ Am I the only who noticed she grew more beautiful over the weeks.

🗣️ Now the BTW girls are complete.

🗣️ Her gold hair for me!

🗣️ I’m fortunate to be in the same class as her.

🗣️ I love you Twilight Bills!

Both boys and girls screamed as Twilight stood in front of the class, striking different poses as they complimented her.

She was truly beautiful. She was wearing a white furry coat and a black gown which stopped on her thighs, revealing her fresh laps. Her legs where covered in a white trainers which stopped on her knee.

Her gold hair was outstanding. And her make up, beautiful.

Winter and Ɓụťťer were with her.

“Twilight loves you guys as well. And I’m back for you guys! Who’s ready for Twilight Bills? We’ll rock Three D!!” She screamed, raising a hand and the class went wild.

🗣️ Yesssss!!!!

🗣️ I love you!

Some students were already videoing the whole scene.

You must be wondering why they love her so much. Twilight is not just a student but also a famous TikTok influencer with over five million followers and fans across the world.

She was loved by alot because of her lovely contents and beauty… Beauty with brains.

Everly and the rest made through the crowd to see who it was and she didn’t know Twilight was the cause of the scream so she kinda pushed her out of the way to see what was going on.

“Ahh!” Twilight screamed as she was about falling but Ɓụťťer and Winter caught her.

They raised her up and Ɓụťťer glared at her.

“I’m sorry.” Everly quickly apologized as Ɓụťťer began walking to her.

🗣️ How dare she push Twilight like that??

🗣️ She’s done for.

“How dare you push her?!” Ɓụťťer yelled and made to slap her but someone caught her hand in mid air.

Ɓụťťer frowned raising turning her head to see who it was. Everly slowly raised her head when she didn’t feel the slap.

She gasped seeing the person… It was…




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