(Head Over Heels…)

THEME 1: Bad Guy’s Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


“Holy Christ!!!!” Everly screamed turning around immediately. Her eyes widened and she quickly shut her lids.

“Fůçƙ!” Wanted groaning pulling out of the girl immediately.

“I’m sorry for interrupting anything, continue I didn’t see anything.” She said and dashed out of the office in a flash.

“Wait!! Damnit!” He raked his hand into his hair frustratedly.

“C’mon baby, let’s-”

“Out!!!” He yelled, cutting her off and the girl hurriedly scurried off after wearing her dress.

“$h|t!” He cussed lowly, collapsing on his chair.



‘How can someone be so perverted?? And to think that he called me to watch such an eyesore, gross! My innocent eyes.’ She said inwardly, closing her eyes as the scene played on her head.

She was currently walking on the hallway but very slowly.

“Damnit! Damn him! Damn course rep! Gawd! Why’s he pestering my life??” She spoke loudly and the students around looked at her weirdly.

“Jeez!” She exhaled loudly, noticing the eyes perking on her and flashed a smile as she continued walking.

From being her neighbor, to her lecturer and to think he was such a sneaky person. She wondered who gave the rascal a job, does this school even know what they’re doing??

“I doubt, coz he’s obviously incompetent… Gross…”

She was still talking to herself when someone called her name…

“Ever??” She slowly raised her head to see Marcus standing before her, smiling sweetly and she felt her heart fluttered just by that smile.

“Marcus!” She called in a kinda surprised tone and he chuckled.

“You look surprised to see me, isn’t it?” He asked and she chuckled.

“Kind of.” She replied, slightly bowing her head.

“Right… You’re going to the class?”

“Yeah, actually.” She nodded.

“Me too, I guess we’ll go together.” He said and she shrugged and they began walking.

“I thought I saw you talking to yourself earlier. Is anything the problem?” He asked and she shook her head.

“It’s nothing… Just random stuffs going on on my head, I didn’t realize I was bluffing it out.” She replied with a shrug and he chuckled.



“I heard you guys have a new lecturer and he’s hot… I can’t wait to see him.” Twilight said on the laptop and Ɓụťťer chuckled, walking fully into the room with a dress on her hand.

Twilight is Ɓụťťer and Winter’s friend. They’re called the BTW girls. Three best friends from highschool who attended the same college but right now, Twilight is in Paris. She still wasn’t done with her summer holiday.

“I’m sure that blabbermouth told you already.” Ɓụťťer rolled her eyes, dropping the dress on her bed.

“That’s why I love her more.” Twilight winked and Ɓụťťer scoffed.

“But it’s true, he’s super hot… Like Fůçƙïṅg hot! His abs and chest is very crazy and his face… Babe!” Ɓụťťer uttered walking to her study table and she sat on the chair looking at Twilight’s face on the laptop.

“You can’t breathe right… Now, right now, I really wanna see this dude.” She chuckled.

“You should. Yeah he’s smoking hot and all that. But what I want from him is a one night stand… Just wanna have a one time with him, get a taste of his Ďïčk and move on. Marcus is the main deal.” She said like a bítch.

“Bad girl, you’re still not over Marcus, are you??” Twilight asked and she chuckled.

“Of course not. I love him so Fůçƙing much!” She said and Twilight chuckled.

“Come off your obsession, Marcus is never gonna look your way and we all know that.” She giggled.

“Fůçƙ you bítch! I hàte you!” Ɓụťťer spatted on the screen and Twilight laughed.

“It’s a mutual feeling bae boo… Anyways where is Winter, haven’t seen the bítch around.” She said squinting her eyes on the screen.

“I wonder the latest dude the bítch is hitting on… That girl can’t live without a Ďïčk.” Ɓụťťer said and Twilight chuckled.

“And the funniest thing is that she doesn’t stay with a Ďïčk for more than a week… I hope she doesn’t get infected soon…” She said.

“She’s a real bítch.” Ɓụťťer added and they both laughed.

“I can see some people are gossiping me, it’s fine. After all, I’m a celebrity.” Winter said walking into the room.

“Celebrity my foot!” They both scoffed.

“Jealousy is a normal attribute of human, got no problem with you two.” Winter winked.

“Fůçƙ you!”

“You too babes!” She retorted and they laughed.

“And you Twilight, when are you coming back, this is the third week and you still haven’t resumed… Oh my gawd, what am I saying?? I forgot you’re the human version of failure!” Winter quoted the last word and Ɓụťťer laughed.

“You can say that again.” Ɓụťťer said.

“Fůçƙ you two!!” Twilight screamed.

“Fůçƙ you three!” The two said simultaneously and they laughed.



Daphne and Rissa took the tray containing their food and went to settle on a seat near the window.

“Everly still haven’t arrived.” Rissa said as they began eating while Daphne shrugged.

“But do you notice something Daphne?” Rissa suddenly asked and Daphne raised a brow, looking at her.

“Something like?”

“Those two, I mean Everly and the psychology lecturer. They seem to know each other, don’t you think?” Rissa asked and Daphne nodded slowly.

“Yeah, they-”

🗣️ Oh my gawd!

🗣️ Who are those two demi gods?

🗣️ Hot!

🗣️ The girl for me!

🗣️ I heard they’re in the law major.

🗣️ Fůçƙ! I’m changing course ASAP!

Daphne rolled her eyes as she saw the cause of the screams. Reddy, Sienna and Lex just entered.

“These students keep acting like high schoolers.” Daphne said with an eye roll.

“But c’mon, they’re cute.” Rissa said and Daphne scoffed.

“But not as cute as my Marcus.” She said and Daphne choked on her drink, she began coughing seriously.

“What happened?” She asked but her cough only increased.

“Damn you!”

“Here.” Someone offered her a bottle of water and she hurriedly took it.

She uncapped it and made to gulp it down but paused as if remembering something.

She slowly turned to see who it was and it was Lex.

“Hi.” Lex said and she rolled her eyes keeping the water, still coughing lowly.

She took Rissa’s bottle of water and gulped it down.

“Why didn’t you drink it?” Lex asked and she scoffed.

“I don’t take something from strangers.” She replied with an eye roll.

“But we aren’t strangers.” Sienna said, walking to them with her tray and Reddy beside her.

Daphne looked at her.

“We’re coursemates.” She added.

“Whatever.” Daphne said.

“Jeez, you’re hard nut.” Sienna said.

“Can we seat?” She asked.


“Yess!!” Rissa cut Daphne off.

“You can seat, the table is large enough for everyone.” She added and Sienna smiled at her.

“Gosh, you’re so sweet.” Sienna said and Reddy scoffed.

“When did you become a bisexual?” He asked.

“Shut up fool!” She shouted.


“Don’t be harsh she-male, not like I was gonna leave if you had said no.” Sienna rolled her eyes and Rissa, Reddy and Lex chuckled.

“Who did you call she-male?” Daphne asked, looking at her with a not so friendly look.

“You of course, judging from your dressing, what do you expect me to call you?” Sienna asked with a shrugged.

“Hmm, dressing… Speaking of dressing, do you look anything like a female in that?” Daphne asked referring to the crop top and trouser she’s wearing.

“At least mine is berra than yours.” Sienna’s defended.

“Mirrors can’t talk. Lucky for you, they can’t laugh either.” Daphne said and that got Sienna infuriated but she quickly cover up with an evil smile while Reddy chuckled.

“I’m busy right now, can I ignore you another time?” Sienna asked smiling sweetly while Daphne smiled back.

“Oh, did my statement hurt you or you don’t like being treated the way you treat me? Awwwn, that must Ṣūçƙ.” Daphne pursed her lips and Sienna banged the table angrily.

“Fůçƙ you!” She screamed.

“Fking fk you too!” Daphne bashed back and the two began glaring at each other like they were in a glaring competition.

Instead of Reddy, Lex and Rissa settling, they sat down laughing their @ss out.

🗣️ OMG! Marcus!

🗣️ My crush!

The law students in there screamed as Marcus walked in with Everly beside him.

🗣️ Are these two… like a thing??

🗣️ I doubt.

“Hi guys… Hey.” Everly greeted Reddy and the rest lowly, as she sat beside Rissa who was already feeling sad, seeing Marcus with her.

“Hi Everly.” The three said sweetly and Everly feigned a smile, finding something off about them.

“Hi.” Marcus said, sitting with them.

“You’re alone today. Where’s that Ďïčkhead of a friend?” Reddy asked.

“Where else if not in the comfort of a Ɓîtçh.” He said and they chuckled while Daphne sighed and Sienna heard her.

“What’s with the sigh?” She asked.

“Mind your Fůçƙing business pig!”




The clattering sounds of swords and shooting of guns coupled with the sounds of arrows hitting the board filled the training ground.

Wanted walked into the training ground with Jimmy. He looked amazed at the size of the ground.

Very big making him wonder how much big the building was the whole clan.

He wondered how Don was able to change location at intervals… With his men still with him.

“Wow, this what I call talent.” He uttered holding his waist.

“You already know, Riley will be the one training you.” Jimmy said and he sighed.

“Why can’t you do it? Ion like that Riley guy.” He said and Jimmy scoffed.

“It’s Don’s instruction… He’s over there, go now.” Jimmy said and began walking away, to the arrow shooting section.

“Hmm!” He breathed out and began walking to the Riley who was training two other mobsters on how to shoot gun.

Wanted only wanted to learn how to shoot, he doesn’t really give a Fůçƙ on archery and sword fights.

“At the count of five, you pull the trigger, do not miss the target this time.” Riley warned and the guy nodded.

He exhaled, looking at his target. It was a bottle placed on a table but had a pole in front of it, making it difficult for him shoot straight at it.

He took a step forward, pointing his gun at his right, hoping that side will meet his target.

“Five… Shoot!” Riley instructed and the guy made to shoot when…

“You will never be able to meet your target with such closeness. It’s a complex position, she should be far from the target not close.” Wanted said with a smile and Riley furrowed his brows.

The guy arched his brows.

“And how do you know that??” Riley asked him and Wanted raised a brow, pursing his lips.

“Am I right? I only guessed it, common sense.” He said and Riley rolled his eyes returning his gaze to the guy.

The guy stepped few meters away from the pole before pointing his gun straight at the pole.

He pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight and curved around the pole going to the bottle. It hit it and the bottle broke into pieces.

“Yes!” Wanted screamed and the guy widened his eyes, completely amazed.

“I told you, didn’t I?” He said proudly and the guy smiled at him.

“Thank you.” The guy whose name is Curt said.

“My pleasure.” Wanted said and Riley scoffed.

“That’s not the purpose of you coming here… Let’s get to why we’re here.” He said and Wanted nodded immediately.

“Sure… The gun please.” He asked and Curt was about giving him when…

“Who said we’re starting with gun fight… You should learn never to be faster than your shadow… We’re starting with your fighting skill.” He said.

“I’m very good at fist fights, let’s learn something new.” He suggested but Riley scoffed.

“You don’t tell me what to do.” Riley said walking close to him. He placed his hand on his shoulder and Wanted looked at his hand.

“And also, ahh!” He screamed as Wanted grasped his hand on his shoulder and twisted it swiftly to his back then he flipped him and Riley came crashing to the ground in a loud shrill, turning the attention of other trainers to them.

🗣️ Whoa!

Wanted’s action happened so fast that he couldn’t even tell how it happened.

“Ahh!” Riley yelped still laying on the floor. His back was hurting as h£ll.

“Are we still gonna start with the fist fight lesson?” He smirked, before shaking his head.

“I guess not. The gun…” He said to the Curt and Curt nodded before throwing the gun for him and he caught it immediately, without stress.

He blew the top of the gun and turned to Riley who was still on the floor with a sly smile on his face.

“Shall we?” He asked and Riley glared.

Few moments later, Riley was already on his feet and he was teaching Wanted how to shoot without missing a target. He was shooting at a dashboard and it already had holes around it, but he hasn’t hit the center point… That was hit target.

“Fůçƙ!” He groaned as he missed his target again, for the umpteenth time.

“Just give up already! You’re so useless.” Riley said and Wanted shot at him, but he duck and the bullet hit the wall.

“Still trying to prove the damn fact… Fůçƙ you!” Riley laughed wickedly and Wanted turned his anger to the dashboard and he began shooting aggressively just to hit his target.

And just like that, a day passed, two three, four and then it was a week…

Wanted could be seen practicing on the training ground. Riley sat at a corner watching him.

Within the week, he had done different trainings, like sword fighting, archery and fist fight and he was perfect at it, it was only the damn gun that was giving him headache.

Right now, he was standing right in front of the board, pointing his gun at his target with a serious look on his face.

Riley chuckled seeing that seriousness. “You cannot do it remains you cannot do it. Quit trying young-” The sound of Wanted’s gunshot stopped him from speaking further.

“Yess!!!!” Wanted squealed happily and Riley rolled his eyes.

“What now, have you- what the Fůçƙ!” Riley screamed seeing a hole in the centre of the board.

“Finally! I got this! Whoa!” He screamed shooting again but this time the bullet didn’t hit the centre but he was happy…

At least he was able to hit the centre, that was a good step for him.

“Isn’t that good thing?” He asked Riley who scoffed before walking away.

“@sshole.” He muttered.

“Congratulations man.” Curt said from behind and he smiled, inserting the gun in his pocket.

“Thanks Curt.” He replied before walking away.

He was walking through the hallway when Nikky came and blocked his path.

“Hey handsome.” She said in a seductive voice and Wanted creased his brows.

He has never talked to her before. The fact she was Jimmy’s girlfriend, made the two of them enemies.

“What do you want Nikky?” He asked, in an unfriendly tone.

“Don’t act dumb now… Like what you see?” She bit her lower lips seductively and Wanted looked at her dressing and scoffed getting her intentions.

She was wearing a revealing crop top, which exposed her cleavages. Her mini skirt revealing her fresh laps and her makeup was…

“Yuck! You look like something I drew with my left hand.” He said with a boring expression and Nikky’s face scowled up.

“You pig, how dare you call me ugly?!”

“I didn’t say you’re ugly, you said it yourself. You’re cute. Like my dog. He also chases his tail for entertainment.”

“Fůçƙ you!” Nikky spatted on his face.

“What’s going on here?” Jimmy’s voice came on, he furrowed his brows seeing their position.

They were very close and their face just inches apart.

Nikky turned around looking at him, with an angry expression on.

“Thank God you’re here babe. This nitwit here has no shame, demanding for a S£x from me, do I look like his class??” Nikky shouted and Jimmy flared up.

“How dare you bàstard?!” He screamed charging at him, he made to send a blow to Wanted but Wanted held his fist, and slowly started bringing it down with a daring look on his face.

“You seemed to have forgotten where you stand. Don’t ever raise a fist on me ever again… I’m sparing you today because you’re foolish. The next time you try this shít again-” He paused looking fiercely at him.

“Will be the day you K!SS the world good bye.” He said slowly and Jimmy glared hatefully at him.

He pushed Jimmy sharply and he staggered back but didn’t fall.

“If I so much need a fk, I’ll fk my dog not this thing who can’t even bulge a Ďïčk talk more on bed.” He said before walking away.

“Babe!!” Nikky shouted angrily as he watched Wanted leave without doing anything.

“Fůçƙ you!” She screamed before walking away angrily.




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