(Head Over Heels…)

THEME 1: Bad Guy’s Obsession 😋

GENRE: Romance/ £řøťica.

TAGS: College, Mafia, Obsession, Humor, Suspense & Secrets, Rivals, Action, Betrayal, Love&Desires, Jealousy Bullies, Weakness, Unrequited love, Plot twist…

Settings: Las Vegas, America.

By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾


Waking up one morning to one strange human overly obsessed with you and claiming you to be his possession…

Strange right??

Well that’s the case of Everly Wilson.

A twenty year old college student, quiet and timid. Everly is an introvert who finds comfort/ peace in being on her own, alone. She isn’t good at attaching herself to people that easily but she is a sweet soul, kind hearted.

Due to some unexplainable setback, Everly had to relocate to Las Vegas with her dad to start up a new living.

It wasn’t easy coz she has lived in California her whole life and had grown attached to the place and people there… But still, she was happy, she only wished for a better experience here in Las Vegas but that didn’t seem to be happening as she got caught up in the lion’s den.

She became trapped in his sinful obsession, corrupting her innocence and endangering her already endangered life.

The line between good and bad they say is very tiny… Don’t miss this steamy romance I’m bringing to you 😋

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(Head Over Heels…)

THEME 1: Bad Guy’s Obsession 😋


By: Diamond Zayne ✍🏾



In an abandoned warehouse somewhere in Las Vegas. Big empty cartoons were littered around the warehouse.

Only one light lamp hanging in the middle of the warehouse shedded light in there.

Under that light was a guy been tied aggressively to a chair, his hand behind his back.

“I’ll advice you quit being a Ďïčkhead coz it won’t get you anywhere just do as we’ve instructed.” The blonde guy said and the guy scoffed.

“Tie me up for as long as you want but I’m never gonna succumb, got it!” The guy yelled at them and immediately someone hit his head from behind with a hockey stick and he passed out.

“What the heck Sienna!” Reddy shouted as the person’s face came into view.

It was a girl, their friend as well. Her name alone will tell you she is not a girl who takes shít… She treats guys to their Fůçƙ up without giving a damn.

Badass bítch, that’s who she is.

“Why did you hit him?” Lex, the blonde guy asked her.

“He was talking too much so I had to put him in his place. You know how much I hate noise makers.” Sienna simply said with an eye roll and Reddy scoffed.

“Pot calling kettle black.” He mumbled but Sienna heard him clearly.

“Don’t even start with me.” She warned, glaring at him and he only glared back.

Lex shook his head at their little drama. “Now where the Fůçƙ is that Cöçkead?” He asked no one in particular.

“Where else, if not Fůçƙing a bítch?” Sienna said, sticking a lollipop in her mouth.

“I know right…”

Just then the door opened roughly and they they turned their heads to it, ready to bark at the nincompoop but immediately they saw him, they swallowed whatever they had in my mind to say.

Standing at the door was him.


That was his name.

Bizarre right??

Well that’s his name…

He was on a blue polo shirt and black denim jacket on it. He had a stud on his left ear and a left brow piercing.

He was wearing a trendy cràzy jeans trouser and a white sneaker on it.

His red hair fell on his face making him look like a risen lucifer, he was smoking hot!

He was wearing a deceptive smile as he walked in with his hands inserted in his pockets.

“Finally, you came.” Lex exhaled.

“Did you Fůçƙ the sl*t to death this time coz you’re kinda early, don’t you think?” Sienna smirked.

“I would have, if you guys didn’t have to blast me up with messages.” He rolled his eyes sitting on his already reserved seat.

“So what’s popping n!gg@$? Any new fish to catch?” He asked with a mischievous smile splaying on his lips.

“Don’t tell me me you didn’t notice him?” Reddy said, pointing at the unconscious guy and Wanted trailed his gaze to the direction he was pointing.

“Warren?? You finally found the rascal!”

“Exactly, but this vixen of a human did this to him.” He said.

“She did a great job, that’s why I love you Sienna… This rascal here deserves more than that… He Fůçƙing played me!” He said as he got to the unconscious guy.

“Wake up scoundrel!” He grunted but Sienna pushed him aside.

“Lemme help you with that.” She said and slàpped the sleeping guy and he cried out of his dream world.

“Badass bítch.” Wanted mumbled.

“You can say that again.” She flaunted her hair.

“How dare…” The guy paused immediately he saw Wanted.


“Yes me… I’m glad you have a good memory, so let’s go straight to why you’re here.” He said.

“I will never do what you want, don’t even try talking me to it.” Warren said.

“Do I look like I’m ready to talk to you? Jeez, Sienna show him his place.” He instructed and Sienna nodded.

She left and came back with an electrocuting wire.

“Wha.. what are you doing?” He stuttered seeing but Sienna only smirked as she walked to him.

“Ahhh!!” The guy shrilled as she electrocuted him with it.



“No please! Please Don! Don’t kíll me! I’m sorry! I promise to be on your side henceforth! I’ll be very loyal to you!” The culprit begged, fearfully.

“You should have thought of that before betraying me.” The cold voice capable of making the mobsters shuddered said.

“Please… Ahh.” He cried as Don shot the gun at him. The bullet pierced into his chest and he began bleeding profusely, falling to his knees.

“Pathetic fool.” He grunted out, shooting him again and he died immediately.

“Clean up this mess and send his body to Viper.” He instructed and his left-hand man nodded.

“Sure Don.” He replied and Don began walking out of the place with Jimmy, his right hand man.

The other mobsters released the breaths they didn’t know they were holding all this while.

“I always knew there was something fishy about him.”

“Me too… With that smug smile he’s always putting on… Tsk… I just had my doubt.”

“Of all people, he chose to spy on Don… Some people just love death.”

Few mobsters muttered amongst themselves as they walked away from the scene.


“Have the goods arrived yet Jimmy?” Don Grey asked as he got into the room.

“Everything has been set boss, it will arrive tonight, hopefully.” Jimmy replied and Grey raised his head to look at him.


“Hopefully?” He repeated and Jimmy pursed his lips.

“Actually, what I meant is that we’ll be receiving the shipment today.” He replied honestly.

“It better be, I wonder why the shipment is taking this long.” He muttered.

“You shouldn’t worry about that don, if you don’t mind… I’ll take my leave now, I’ve got something things to set right.” He said and Grey nodded, indicating he was giving out his permission and Jimmy left the room.

He dropped his pistol on the table and made to turn but his eyes caught with his reflection on the mirror beside the table.

He smirked touching his new face… Yes, his new face.

As he was a dangerous Don, he was declared wanted by the police and as a result he keeps changing his face and location to avoid being caught… He calls it smartness.



“Oh my! So heavy!” Everly complained as she dragged the the big box inside the small apartment.

“I told you not to stress yourself, didn’t I? Carry only your loads to your room, I’ll take the rest.” Her dad said from behind and she turned to him.

“But I wanna help.” She pouted cutely, gleaming her big eyes.

“Help with the things you can handle, Ever.” Her dad told her before going in with the things he was carrying.

They’re currently parking into their new apartment here in Las Vegas, due to some unfavorable situations, they had to relocate here.

Everly roamed her big eyes round the living room. It looked small, the living room in her former house was bigger than this, not like she was complaining or anything, it’s just her observation.

She also noticed the room was dusty.

Should she…

“Ever, don’t try cleaning even a tiny surface in there! I’ll do it myself!” Her dad’s voice blared as if reading her thoughts.

She chuckled.

“I wasn’t planning on doing it anyways.” She muttered lowly before picking her bag which was on the floor and began walking to her room which doesn’t know where it was.

She was an astigmatic and asthmatic patient so her dad has always been taking overly extra care of her, he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

Her mom was late, she inherited the asthma from her and it was what kílled her mom.

A while later…

Everly and her dad sat in the dinning room, having their dinner.

“I hope our stay here would be cool.” Her dad broke the silence.

“Me too.” Everly replied, chewing a lettuce.

“Rumors have it that this city is a very dangerous one.” He said and she looked at him.


“Don’t worry, we’ll scale through I just need to clear off all my debts then we’ll leave this city.” He said.

“Isn’t that gonna affect my school, will I keep transferring from a school to another.” She asked.

“No my child, I’ll wait for you to round up college, after all it’s just two years left for you.” He said and she smiled.

“And you’ll be resuming school tomorrow, which is Monday, right?” He asked and she nodded slowly.

“What happened? Aren’t you excited?” He asked when he noticed her blank face.

“I’m very anxious, to be honest.” She said and he chuckled.

“C’mon, it will be fun trust me.” Her dad said.

“I hope so.”



The loud pop music erupting from the club filled the entire street and could even be heard in streets away, talk more of the inside.

The sound inside was deafening but it didn’t seem to affect the clubbers, they were already used to it.

Party lights were turned on inside the club and two strippers could be seen on the stage, Ɲ@kēɗly dressed as they rode on the poles.

Lū$t could clearly be seen in the eyes of the perverted souls in there.

Amongst the wide crowd, Wanted could be spotted with his crews. They were obviously enjoying the party.

“Whoa! I love this DJ!” Sienna squealed dancing cràzily to the music, not giving a Fůçƙ.

“She’s drunk.” Lex said, they were actually shouting but as a result of the loud music, their voice died down to a whisper.

“No, she’s crazy.” Reddy replied him as he watched Sienna who was now twerking to the beat of the music.

“People who don’t have backside be blurring our view!” He shouted to her hearing and Sienna turned to him immediately.

“Rascal!” She kneed him before he could even react.

“Argh!” He groaned painfully and she smirked.

“Body shame me again and get something worst than this.” She spatted and Lex laughed.


“My servant.”

Amidst all this, Wanted was busy with a slt, K!SSing her hungrily. He trailed his hands on her bare thigh, going underneath her miniskirt, she wasn’t even wearing a P@ŋt on so he easily slithered two fingers into her clt.

The $lüt Mõ@ɲed in the K!SS as his fingers went in and out.

He added a finger, making it three as he continued exploring her p*$$y, his other hand fondling with her Ɓø0ɓs.

The bítch broke the K!SS when she couldn’t hold in again and she released a loud Mõ@ɲ bringing Sienna’s attention to them.

“Jeez! Get a room dude!” She barked at him.

“You have a lounge in hell man.” Lex said, gulping a vodka.

“Which we both own.” Wanted replied back, his hand still moving in the $lüt’s p*$$y.

“Ahh! Mmm… Fůçƙ!” She Mõ@ɲed in £cst@sy, releasing her fluid immediately and at that very moment the music in club stopped playing.

Wanted raised his head to see why the music stopped abruptly and his gaze fell on Jimmy who was walking towards his direction with Nikky, (Jimmy’s girlfriend) behind him.

“Wow! That was cool… What about… A quickie?” The girl on his lap asked, biting her lips seductively and Wanted smirked.

“Choose a location.” He said simply and at that minute, Jimmy got to him.

“I just knew I’d find you hear.” He said and Wanted raised his head to look at him.

“If it isn’t Jimmy Black then who is it?” He asked with a smirk.

“How can I help you Jimmy Black?” He asked, feigning an innocent look on.

The attention of the clubbers has already been turned to them, they were wondering what Wanted must have done to Jimmy… But whatever it is, they knew it wasn’t pleasant.

He was surely a dead meat. Who doesn’t know Jimmy Black in this club, he was known to be very dangerous so people avoided crossing paths with him to be on a safer side.

“Don’t play dirty with me where is it boy?” He asked in a cold tone that screamed danger, his dark eyes held that seriousness which no one dare to look upon coz they were terrified of the outcome of it but Wanted didn’t looked scared or frightened at all, not even in the slightest way.

“How am I playing dirty right now? Where’s what?” Wanted asked with a sly smile splaying on his lips and that got Jimmy extremely furious.

He grabbed Wanted from the couch by his collar, making the bítch fall on the ground as a result of his flexed motion.

“Ahh!” She winced.

He threw a punch at Wanted immediately taking him off guard causing a gasp to escape the mouth of the clubbers.

Wanted slowly raised his head and touched his lips, his eyes turned red immediately he saw the blood in his hand.

“He’s a dead meat for sure.” Sienna whispered.

“I know right, first he held him his collar and now…” Lex shook his head, watching the scene right in front of him with full interest.

“I feel pity for him.” Reddy said behind her and she glared at him.

“Seems like the pains is gone, let me intensify it again…”

“No no please.” He rushed.

“Then don’t talk beside me.” She snapped at him with a glare.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Wanted muttered and slowly began removing his jacket.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Jimmy chuckled wickedly.

🗣️ Whoa! What’s about happening right now?

🗣️ Wanted vs Jimmy.

🗣️ Good thing I’m outside today.

If you must know, Wanted and Jimmy are the two popular clubbers in Pablo’s club. While Wanted has always been the cool and vibing type, Jimmy was the complete opposite, extremely arrogant, proud, pompous and dangerous… That’s what people think but if only they knew that Wanted was more dangerous.

“Have ever heard of an ant fighting a tiger?” Jimmy mocked while Wanted smirked.

“No… But I guess we will be hearing it today.” He said, clenching his fist tightly.

“I like your…” A punch shut him up immediately and he staggered back.

🗣️ Whoa!

“How dare you?” He rasped and threw a punch which Wanted dodge skillfully.

He grabbed his hand and flipped him on his back.

Jimmy groaned painfully while Nikky gasped.

“Seriously…” She mumbled staring at Jimmy who was lying on the floor.

Wanted placed his leg on his chest.

“Now who’s the ant and who’s the tiger? I didn’t even had to practice my taekwondo on you, you’re a weakling dude.” He said.





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