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Chapter 45🔥46


“Hold on” Raphael ordered which stop his guard from continuing their torturing.

“So, Do you still intend to keep shut?” Raphael asked Don man which was bloody and injured.

Breathing heavily, he look up to stare at Bluey who was standing behind Raphael.

She shook her head at him and so he chose to keep quiet.

“I….I….won’t say a thing….so kill…kill me if you want” he said breathlessly.

“Very well then, your wish is my command” Raphael replied motioning the guards to keep on with the torturing.

Just at that moment the door open and a guard came running in.

“Am sorry for intruding but Sephy is awake ” the guard informed and that got Raphael on his feet.

“Stop the torturing for now and apart from you two, no one else must come in” Raphael instructed before leaving the room.

Bluey who was waiting for a chance to kill Don’s guard made a angry face before leaving the torture room.

How on earth will she kill him if Raphael has given an order for no one to go in.

This will be hard, she thought as she walked off.

Raphael got to his room only to see Sephy talking with Madam Jojo.

“She still feel a bit dizzy, she needs more rest ” Madam Jojo said to him before leaving the room.

“Don’t just stand there, come hold me” Sephy urged and that got him joining her on the bed.

“I was so worried” he said K!SSing her on the fore head.

“I know and that’s why you save me. It’s a good thing having you as a boyfriend” she replied snuggling close to him.

“Is that a way to calm me down?” He asked while she shook her head.

“Am just telling you how amazing you are” she replied K!SSing him on the cheek.

“Fine then, I will take it as a compliment” he said which got her laughing.

“Where were you? I thought you will be at my side waiting for me to wake up”

“I was but then I had to question the idiot who tried to kidnap you” He replied.

“Did you catch him?” She asked and he nodded explaining the things she missed to her.

“He mentioned some thing about Don when he tried to abduct me”

“I knew it had to be him, just wait till I get my hands on him!” Raphael growled out in anger.

“Is he your rival?”

“A rival and the real drug lord. The people working in the den are those he tried selling off but we manage to stop him and save those people. Since things have been going wrong for him, he decides to take you” Raphael replied tightening his arms around her and that got Sephy smiling.

“What’s funny?” He asked.

“You are so cute” she replied K!SSing him on the lips.

“You shouldn’t do that ” he muttered.

“Why? You belong to me and I can do what I want since you are mine” she replied pulling his shirt apart to K!SS his chest.

“If you keep up with this then I won’t be able to keep my hands off you” He growled with passion while Sephy kept K!SSing his chest and his throat.

“I want you to touch me not to keep your hands off” she replied only for him to turn her over on the bed.

“You asked for it ” he warned playfully.

“Am ready to take it all” she replied naughtily and that got him smiling before K!SSing her.


Bluey stood by the door way watching the guards standing there and when they left to get their dinner, Bluey quickly sneak into the torture room.

“You are back” Don men said looking pale.

“Will you keep going like this?” Bluey asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you think it’s better to die in their hands rather than to die in mine?” Bluey asked.

“But you promised to help me” he said with the little strength he had.

“And you believe that? Don’t you know that you are useless to Don now that you’ve been caught?” Bluey asked.

“You can’t do this to me”

“Am sorry, I have to follow Don’s order and that’s to kill you” Bluey stated as she pulled out her pocket knife.

“Don’t kill me, please! Don’t kill me” he pleaded but Bluey shook her head slowly moving towards him.

She was about stabbing him when the guards walk into the room.

“What are you doing here, Bluey?”

“Help me! She’s trying to kill me” Don’s guard cried out for help.

“I only came to help Raphael get the truth out of him but he wouldn’t budge, let’s leave” She said quickly pulling the guard out of the torture room before Don’s guard spill the whole thing.

Sephy layed in Raphael arms starring at his sleeping face.

She felt safe In his arms that she never want to let go.

” I love you ” she murmured grinning like a fool.

“Not as much as I love you” he muttered which got her looking at her.

“You devil! You weren’t sleeping” she tease lightly.

“How can I, when you keep tempting me with that delectable body of yours” he replied and that made her blush.

She was about to K!SS him when they heard a knock on the door.

“Boss, you’ve got to come. He’s ready to talk” The guard by the door said.

On hearing that Raphael got off the bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’s guard is ready to talk and have got to be there” Raphael replied as he quickly put on his clothe.

Giving her a brief K!SS on the cheek, he left the room heading to the torture room.


“What’s wrong? Why does he look so pale?” Raphael ask as soon as he saw how pale the man is.

“I don’t know, we saw him like this too” his guard replied.

“This won’t do, we need him alive so take him to the clinic” Raphael ordered but Don’s guard stopped him.

“I….I …..don’t think I can make it….so …..so let me say what I have to say” he said.

“Speak” Raphael ordered.

“Don isn’t after your organization but he is after your girl” The man said looking faint.

“You mean Sephy?” Raphael asked and he nodded slowly.

“Ever since he saw a picture of her where she was only clad in her under wear, he’s been Lū$ting after her. So keep her safe” he said.

“You weren’t willing to say this earlier, what change your mind?” Raphael asked.

“Cause….cause that bastard sent some one to kill me….after…after everything I did for him” he said coughing out blood.

“Untie him, he’s got to recieve treatment” Raphael said to his guards who did as he said.

“Stop…am not done…talking ” Don’s guard said when they were about to take him to the Clinic.

“What more do you have to say?” Raphael asked snapping at him.

“Don planted a spy amongst your group” he said coughing out more blood.


“Yes…that’s why I was easily poisoned since the spy is amongst the people working here” he replied.

” Who exactly is this spy?” Raphael asked

“Some one very….close…to …you” that was the final thing he said before losing conciousness.


“What’s happening?” Raphael asked.

“He was poisoned ” the guard replied as he joined Raphael in the room.

“And it’s none other than the spy?” Raphael concluded himself.

“I can assure you boss that am not the spy” the guard said quickly and that got Raphael nodding in reply.

“I know and so it’s best that we let him wake up ”

“Uh, there’s bad news on that” his guard said.

“Is he dead?” Raphael asked guessing the bad news him self.

“Yes. He died a while ago” His guard replied.

“Find a place to bury him and we will talk later ” Raphael instructed before heading back to his quarter.

It was night time and he was so deep in thought that he almost fell due to the stone which was clearly visible on the floor for him to see.

He wasn’t thinking about the spy or how he will try to get the spy but instead his thought was filled with Sephy.

If he hadn’t brought her to the den, then Don wouldn’t have set his eyes on her, he thought as he walk into the room.

“Raphy darling, have got good news for you” Sephy said lighting up with happiness.

Raphael forced a smile on his face as she pulled him to his bed.

” I just finish talking to Violet and she told me that….she and Rex are getting married, isn’t that great?” Sephy asked as she kept explained the whole part about her parent.

“So you see, I was thinking that we….is some thing wrong?” Sephy asked on seeing the sad expression on his face.

“What’s wrong, you can tell me ” Sephy urge wanting him to trust her with his secret.

“Sephy, what am about to say is the best thing I could think of” He said which got her full attention.

“Tell me”

“I think it’s best that you leave” he said which wipe off the smile on Sephy’s face.

“What did you just say?”

“If you keep staying with me, I can’t guarantee your safety and I don’t want you hurt. So the best thing for us both is to split up, you leave this place and go back to your life while I continue with mine”

To be continued ✌️✌️✌️


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