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{She’s sassy, he’s a mystery}

☆゚.*・。゚.。*♡.。 Chapter 49 & 50…*♡━☆゚.*・。゚

Luna paced around the room restlessly, it’s was night already but she wasn’t sleepy, not one bit

“What is he doing now?, Is that Ɓîtçh being all flirty and $h|t?, What if she’s trying to seduce him?”

“Relax, I only have eyes for you” a familiar voice said from the shadows

She turned but couldn’t find anyone, suddenly a hand wrapped around her waist from behind

“That scared me” Luna said and Xander chuckled a bit, burying his face at her crook of her neck

“I missed you” he said in his deep voice, moving his face around her neck, she suddenly felt Ɓụťťerflies in her stomach

Though they were couples, Luna still have Ɓụťťerflies whenever Xander says something, it feels like she’s falling for him all over again

“We met during dinner” she said in a tiny voice

“That was an hour ago, 59 minutes, 59 seconds ago” he complained and she laughed

“Wow, very accurate of you” she said “for how long have you been standing there?”

“Not very long” he replied

“How did you even get in?” She asked again

“I have my ways” he replied and she sighed

“If it’s about Leslie, I don’t see anything wrong with staying with her” Xander said and he felt a hot glare from her

“What?…” She scoffed angrily and he laughed

“Just kidding tomorrow I’ll ask for an exchange of rooms ” Xander said

“Do it tomorrow morning you hear me?”

“Yes mom” he laughed again

They stood there for few minutes in silence, Xander broke the silence

“You do know it’s tomorrow right?” He asked

“You said this for the umpteenth time now and I’m replying for the umpteenth time , yes I’m ready”

He smiled and placed K!SSes on her neck, shoulder and earlobe, he bit her earlobe lightly and K!SSed her jaw slowly

Luna bit her lips to stop herself from Mõ@ɲing but she couldn’t hold it in, his hands were already in her shirt cupping her medium sized B@@bs in his big palm

He squeezed them while K!SSing and biting her neck

“Oouw … Xander…” She breathed

Slowly he placed her on the bed and K!SSed her lips, his hands still roaming on her body, his fingers went under the shorts she was wearing but stopped halfway

She opened her eyes when she noticed he had stopped

“Why’d you stop?” She asked

“If I continue, I can’t stop ” he said and K!SSed her shortly

“What’s bad about that?” She asked again

“I don’t want you to be in pains ,by tomorrow we’ll continue”

She wanted to say more but he just K!SSed her forehead and laid beside her

“I’m sleeping here tonight” he said and she relaxed beside him

He drew her closer and as usual, his face was buried at the crook of her neck.

☆~♡*・゜゚↝ The Next Day….

Luna was all smiley faced when Ivy came with Carl to her room, Ivy was pretty suprised

“What are you all…..” She stopped when she noticed the hickeys on Luna’s neck “ohhhh” she smiled

“What?” Luna asked

“You seriously don’t know, and you were gonna wear that outside?” Carl asked , that confused Luna even more

“Know what?” Luna asked again, Ivy pulled to to the mirror showing her the hickeys on her neck and shoulder

“Was he here yesterday?” Ivy asked

“Yes” Luna nodded shyly

“We all know that you’re dating him, he didn’t have to go as far as giving you love bites” Ivy shook her head

She went to Luna’s bag and searched until she found a scarf Luna was sure she didn’t keep

“This would do” Ivy said wrapping the scarf around Luna’s neck, hiding the hickeys perfectly

“Why is she wearing a scarf in fall, does that make sense” Carl asked and shook his head “girls”.

During breakfast, everyone went to the huge dinning hall , Leslie stared at Luna as Luna passed by her, Leslie caught a red almost invisible mark on Luna’s neck beside the scarf,

Without thinking Leslie grabbed the scarf and it came loose, revealing Luna’s hickey filled neck and shoulder

👤 Woah, did she have a hot steamy S£X or what?

👤 Love bites, wow!!

Axel raised his head when he noticed the commotion, he also saw the hickeys on Luna’s neck and his eyes became dark

“Oh, I can see you’re cheating on your boyfriend” Leslie said

“What??” Luna asked

“That explains the hickeys” Leslie replied

Xander just came in and noticed the commotion also

“Haha” Luna laughed mockingly “you’re so stupid, I can’t believe you didn’t notice you slept alone last night”

Leslie’s brows furrowed when Xander walked to them and Luna held his arm proudly

“My boyfriend, Xander Reece gave me the love bites, okay now?”

“I don’t regret being her friend” Ivy said

“I have to agree” Carl nodded ..



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