December 5, 2023

(You stole my heart) 🥀

By Terri Savage and Ricky Gold 🖊️




Both devoured each other lips and then the door opened and the king and queen entered. They got out of each other immediately.

What are you doing” king Albert asked

Nothing, father” Robert stammered scratching his head.

I saw you guys K!SSing, are you in love with her” Queen Sarah said

Kimora faced the ground feeling embarrassed.

Yes father, I love her. Give me your blessings” Robert knelled on the ground while kimora wore a shocked face staring at Robert

You may have it, I approve your relationship right wifey” the king said.

Sure” the queen replied as kimora ran to them giving them a hug.
Robert stood up embracing them.

Thank you so much, your highness. I promise never to leave your son” kimora stated.

You are welcome” they disengaged from the high and the king and queen left.

Wow, I can’t believe that they accept our relationship” kimora said wrapping her hands around his neck

I’m so happy” robert replied before K!SSing her.


Kimora has been training Robert and he was fast in learning some fighting skills

You got ten points, that’s amazing” kimora said to Robert who shot the arrow.

Thanks, I can’t wait to go for war” Robert replied and swept off her feet

Hey put me down” kimora shouted while Robert shut her up with a K!SS.

Meanwhile, the three had been watching them from afar with anger on their face .

I so much hate that girl” Clara muttered.

I will make sure he die a slow and painful death” Cody said folding his fist..

Tonight is the day, we must execute the plan” Collins replied with a wide grin.


Kimora was walking to her own room when she felt uneasy and suspicious like something will happen.

Why do I feel like something bad will happen” she muttered and climbed on the bed before closing her eyes.

A shadow entered the room with a sword and made to slash her bit kimora opened her eyes and was fast enough to roll out of the bed.

Do you think you can kill me Clara” kimora asked and grabbed her sword.

It’s so pity that you will be dying. The kind of pain I gave you when you are tied on the chair” Clara laughed.

Wait, you are the one that kidnapped me” kimora asked surprised

Yes, you are so daft” Clara couldn’t finish when a punch landed on her face as she fell on the ground vomiting blood..

She grabbed her sword sinking it in her hand as Clara screamed in pain.

You bastard, you deserve to die” kimora hit the sword on her head as Clara died instantly

There’s problem” a guard said rushing in.

What’s happening” kimora asked

The prince had been kidnapped and this is the location” the guard handed over the paper to her her before rushing out.

Kimora rushed out or the room and met the queen crying.

Please bring back my son” Queen Sarah pleaded in tears

Sure I will” without, kimora left the palace.

Robert opened his eyes and found himself in another place. He looked up to see Cody and Collins with smiles on their face.

You fools, get me out of the here” Robert yelled

It’s so sad that you will be dying” Cody took the sword and made to slash Robert who closed his eyes

An arrow flew going straight in his hands as the sword fell from his hand

Collins turned to see kimora glaring at him…

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