December 2, 2023

(You stole my heart) 🥀

By Terri Savage and Ricky Gold 🖊️



Kimora gasped with widen eyes, Robert was shocked too, they both stared at each directly into the eye without looking away nor disengaging, their lips still remain on each other, nobody said a word to another person, their heart slamming against their chest

Robert made the first made and deepened the K!SS, K!SSing her slowly, Kimora found herself responding to the K!SS slowly, he twirled his tongue around her lips and she shivered

“Hmm” She made a sound giving Robert a chance to K!SS her tongue

The battle of K!SS began as both of them starting intensely

Robert hands went around her waist caging her, she Mõ@ɲed gently and placed her hands on his shoulders savoring the sweetest taste of his lips on her

It was her first K!SS and she didn’t regret it, it was the best moment to her, she didn’t know how it happens but she found herself yearning for more of his lips

Robert K!SSed her possessively like his woman, moving his hands around her romantically

“Hmmm” She Mõ@ɲed feeling his touches on her soft delicate skin

Robert licked her bottom lips Ṣūçƙing deeply on it, his hands travelled to her @$$ and immediately he touched it, Kimora came back to her senses and broke the K!SS

She stood up from his body and looked embarrassingly, feeling shy all of a sudden, she couldn’t look him in the eye again

Robert licked his lips and stared at her as she look down, he guess she was shy to look at him after they almost make out

“Hey” He said breaking the awkward silence

Kimora said nothing, she continued looking down on the floor

“I am sorry” He said
“Look at me please” He added

When she didn’t move, he moved closer to her and held her face raising it up

“Don’t feel bad about what happened, I kinda enjoy, you taste good” He said and she found her cheeks getting red

She nodded

“Where’s the bathroom?” She asked

“There” He pointed at a door, she came down from the bed and walked towards it, she opened the door and entered closing it behind her

Robert eyes couldn’t leave her body seeing her fascinating back view

She washed her face and faced the mirror looking at her reflection

“What came over me?”

“I K!SSed him and even… Mõ@ɲed, Fůçƙ, my heart was beating so fast, does it means I am slowly falling in love or what?”

“I don’t think so, maybe it’s just a simple admiration, he is a hottie, so maybe I got carried away by his charming look” She said and looked at the patches on her body

“Who was behind that, I will look into it some other time”

Kimora opened the door came out closing it back

She could feel Robert eyes on her and strangely she was comfortable with it

” Come and sit on the bed” He gestured to her, she nodded and sat beside him leaving a big space

” What really happened to you?” He asked

” I was captured by an unknown person, I received a brutal torture before escaping” She replied

” You don’t know the person?” He asked

” Yeah, the person was wearing a mask”

” You should be more careful from now on cos the person may be out there planning another thing against you, you can’t tell” He said

” I will, thank you for saving me”

” But it was funny seeing you weak, the whole almighty fighter passing out in my arms” He teased

She gave him a glare and he laughed more

” Ain’t a god, you should know that, I am human too”

” You even said thank you, where’s that your egoistic altitude!”

” You’re so annoying, okay, I withdraw my sorry” She said faking a frown

” Can you be my personal bodyguard?” He asked and she quickly looked at him

” You want me to become your personal bodyguard?” She asked

” Yes, please don’t turn down my offer” He said with pleading eyes

She smiled lightly and nodded

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes” She replied

“Thank you, are you hungry?” He asked


“I will tell the maids to cook something for you” He said and walked out

He came out and saw Cody walking towards his direction

” Hey” Cody said but he ignored him and walked away

” Bastard,, I will soon put you in your place” He smirked


” What did you think about her?” The king asked queen Sarah

“I think she is perfect for the job, she will be a good bodyguard for him, he is old enough to know what is good for him” Queen Sarah replied

“You’re on the same page with me, we will see how it go” King Albert said

The queen smiled and pecked his lips


👥The prince

A maid said and everyone in the kitchen turn, they bowed as they saw Robert

“My prince”

“Prince in the kitchen” Someone whispered

He smiled lightly and faced one of them

” I want you to cook something delicious and bring it to my room in less than thirty minutes” He said

” Yes my prince” She bowed

He turned around and left, walking back to his room

” Son” He heard the queen voice

” Mom” He turned

” How is she?” She asked

” She is fine mom” He replied

” Okay take care” She said and walked away

He walked back to his room and saw Kimora sitting on the bed staring at nothing in particular

” You’re bored right?” He asked sitting on the bed

” Not really, your bed is so comfy and I like the room” She complimented, he smiled

” Your food will here soon” He said and she smiled at him

“You’re cute”

” Huh!!” She coughed

” Are you alright?” He asked worriedly

” Yeah” She replied, glancing secretly at him

Twenty minutes later a knock came on the door

“Come inside” Robert said

The door opened and a maid entered with a tray containing the food the prince ordered

“put it on the table” He said

She placed the food on the table and bowed before leaving the room

“You should eat so you can take your medicine” He said to her

Kimora stood up and walked to the table, she opened the food and the sweet aroma of it hit her nose, she inhaled and took the spoon


Kimora could be seen training in the garden despite the patches on her body, it is a good thing the wounds healed up so fast

She swirled her sword around making some crazy sounds, moving dangerously

Robert left her a while ago so she came out to train

She raised her sword up and moving it forward like she was fighting a real opponent

Cody found his way to the garden as he saw someone fighting so skilful looking
at the figure he figured out to be a woman, he found himself admiring her beauty and her fighting moves

He felt his heart falling for her immediately, everything about her fascinated him instantly, he found himself smiling at he watched her train

Kimora suddenly turned and saw him watching her, she stopped and faced him

Cody stop daydreaming and cleared his throat, he walked closer to her

“Hi” He said putting up his best smile

“Hi” She replied

“You fight so skilful” He complimented

“Thanks” She said

” What’s your name?”

” Kimora”

” I am Cody?”

” Are you a prince?” She asked

” Yeah”

” Oh! okay”

” I like how you fight, I want to learn from you, can you teach me?” He asked

” Sure”

” Can we be friends, I know it so sudden hit I just want to your friend”

She kept quiet for a while before nodding

” Friends” She said and he smiled widely

” Can we take a walk around?” He asked

“Yes sure” She replied

“Let’s go then my friend” He said and entwined hands with her as they began leaving the garden

Robert who is looking for Kimora around the palace entered the garden and saw Cody with Kimora

His face turned to a big frown as he saw them entwining hands

He looked at him feeling angry already

“What are you doing with her?” He yelled while Cody smirked


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