December 5, 2023

(Montana High)

By, Ricky Gold


⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇

Montana High had been the best school in the whole Mexico. It was among the popular school all over the world.

Coming into Montana High had been the dream of four friends Cindy, Lexi, Jasmine and Jeremy.

They were excited and can’t wait to be in the school

Then, everything changed into different dimension when there’s an upcoming camp at Mariners Island

How will they cope with the things coming on her way?

What happened when a love triangle revolves around them?

Wanna know what actually happened?
Follow the story!

(Montana High)

By, Ricky Gold


⋇⋆✦⋆⋇ ⋇⋆✦⋆⋇


Jeremy was walking to the customers table with the drink in her hand when he slipped and poured the content on the man’s body.

What the hell, how dare you pour this sily drink on me. Is that how your manager goes about employing clumsy people” the man yelled ”

“Am sorry sir, Jeremy apologized as the man paid for the drink and stormed out of the shop.”

Jeremy heaved a sigh and turned only to receive a loud slap from his boss

“How dare you make one of my important customer to leave. Do you want to get fired”” ”

“Am sorry sir” Jeremy apologized and looked on the ground “”

“Anyway, you have to deliver this pizza to this address” the manager said and handed over the box of pizza to him.””

He collected it and mounted in his bike driving off

On the way, he almost colided with a car which stop abruptly and he sighed

The door open and a girl came out of the car and turned to Jeremy as both were surprised.

Is that you Jeremy”the girl called in surprised”

Is this you Cindy”Jeremy couldn’t hide his excitement as he pulls her into a hug.”

“It has been long since everyone left elementary school. How is Lexi and Jasmine”Cindy asked””

“I have not heard of anything from them since then”Jeremy replied””

“Here’s my number”Cindy typed her number inside his phone and waved at him before entering the car “”

She’s looking so beautiful” he muttered and ignited the engine and drove off.”


A girl and a boy walked out of the bus with their bag as the cool breeze blew on them.

Jasmine pushed her hair backwards as the light shoned on her face. She looked pretty as all the guys drooled at her.

Finally, we arrive, I can’t wait to be in Montana High” Jasmine said as Lexi let out a scoffed”

“As if you write it with your brain, you have to thank me”Lexi replied and walked to a shade””

“What are you trying to imply, are you trying to disgrace me. Don’t you dare”Jasmine replied and walked past a group of boys who was Lū$ting after her “”

Hi pretty” one of the boys said walking towards her.”

Jasmine kept mute and brought out her phone when on of them snatched it from her.

“Am talking to you of course, do you want to die” the leader of the boys threatened””

“Give me back my phone” Jasmine asked streching her hand but they laughed.””

You seem tough huh, let’s see how it goes”the leader was holding the phone as Jasmine made to take it but throw it at one of the boys.

Lexi made to step it but Jasmine held him.

“I will handle things okay” Jasmine said as Lexi sighed and shifted back””

You must be”the leader couldn’t finished his words when a punch landed on his mouth and blood splattered out with his teeth on the ground.

How dare you” the leader made to grab her hair but Jasmine grabbed his hand and flipped him backwards as he landed on the ground with a heavy thud.

Lexi smirked as he was recording the whole drama.

Can I have my phone now”Jasmine said as their leader was groaning in pains

The boys dropped her phone on the ground and ran away

Wow, that’s cool “Lexi muttered as Jasmine hitted his shoulder”

“That’s me Jasmine Lexington, I’m a strong girl” Jasmine laughed””

“Let’s go and look for a house to stay” with that, they walked away””

Jasmine was done unpacking same as as she fell on the bed.

They finally find a house which they payed for six months. The house was two bedroom apartment and it looks so adorable.

“Come down for breakfast”Lexi said as Jasmine got out of the bed and walked out of her room.””

The sweet aroma filled her nose as she felt hungry.

“Do you want some cookies”Lexi asked as Jasmine took one from the plate.””

“I can’t reject it remember”Jasmine replied munching it slowly.””

I think we had a neighbor next door”Lexi muttered as Jasmine looked out of the window and saw light in the next house beside their house.”

“Why don’t we go and greet our neighbor next door. I think that will be nice”Jasmine stated””

“Yeah, let me make emotions cookies”Lexi replied and hurried to the kitchen””

Jasmine sighed and brought out a locket from her chest as she looked at the picture of a her and a boy smiling.

“Where could you be now, I missed you”She muttered.


Jeremy got home and dropped his bike on the garage. He inserted the key In the hole as the door opened and he went in.

He sighed and fell on the couch. Right now, he’s hungry and his stomach is hurting like hell.

His manager managed to gave him small money and he can’t eat it so that he will be able to pay his school fees.

The thought of going to school tomorrow flashed into his mind as he sighed

It’s going to be one of a hell for him

The door bell rang and he stood up because he wasn’t expecting anyone.

Wait, am coming” he said and opened the door.”

Just like slow motion, he looked up and gasped in shock same as Jasmine and Lexi.

Standing in front of them is Jeremy their childhood friend.

Jeremy blinked his eyes as he stared at Jasmine who can’t express how excited she’s is.

Jasmine ran and pulled him in a hug.

I miss you so much, Remy”She smiled as Jeremy felt his heart beating loudly while Lexi stared at them”


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