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Reggie, Ryatt, Resse, Nikita, April, Arlette and Shade sat down in the band car waiting for Rocky and Channel while Ryatt kept smiling inwardly.

He kept checking the time hoping they get there soon because of Channel. They finally walked drove in and his jaws dropped immediately they came down wearing a matching outfit.

He tried not to think about anything negative. He came down and they rest also came down while the guards took their luggages to the plane. He walked towards her while she quickly hid herself behind Rocky holding his shirt tight.

Rocky chuckled at her behavior, Ryatt tried touching her but he quickly blocked him from touching her while he frowned immediately.

“What’s the meaning of all this?”. He asked and Rocky said nothing with his hands in his pocket.

“Move. I’ll wanna speak with her”. He said and Rocky shook his head negatively while he scoffed.

“Why?”. He asked and Rocky smiled.

“She is mine”. Rocky said and he burst into laughter while Channel rolled her eyes at him.

“You are kidding right? I guess you are. Kindly move away before I push you off”. He said and Rocky smiled lightly moving away from Channel.

“If you need prove then I’ll gladly prove it right to you”. Rocky said and he looked at Channel not wanting to believe what he just said.

“Prove it”. He said and Rocky held her waist pulling her closer. He wasted no time in claiming her lips while Ryatt mouth hanged open.

Rocky broke the K!SS and turned slightly to him with his hand still on her waist.

“How was that?”. Rocky asked and he shut his eyes tight while his breathing pace increased and it triggered his anger as tears threatened to gathered in his eyes.

He opened his eyes, took a last glance at them before running off to the plane.

“You are all running late!!”. Shade yelled and they all walked to the plane. The guards also helped them pack their(Rocky and Channel) luggages to the plane.

He held her hands as they both walked to the plane with R4 boldly written on the sides of the plane.

The plane took off immediately while Shade drove in Rocky’s car and the guards drove in the band’s car.



Mrs Zode sat on a chair while the doctor did his thing on Raquel. She shook her head negatively as she kept watching him. She saw her finger move and she rushed to her.

“Her finger just moved. I saw it”. She said while the doctor smiled nodding his head.

“It’s not the first time it’s happening. She does that when she feels a touch or hears voices”. He replied and she sighed sadly as she kept staring at her.

“Those who made her go through this don’t deserve a place in a heaven at all. A place more worst than hell suits them perfectly”. She said and the doctor nod in agreement.

“She is fine and she will be fine. There is a high chance of her losing her memory and likewise a high chance of her not losing it but my major concern is that she wakes up”. He said as she pat her hair slowly.

“I’ll be on my way now. I’ll be here tomorrow as well and till she wakes up”. He added and she nod. He picked up his tools box and left the room while she pecked her head before walking out of the room.

“I wonder where their parents are. Or are they dead?”. She wondered and quickly brushed it off.

“They can’t be dead but why aren’t they around with their kids?”. She asked no one in particular. She shrugged heading to her room.



April is the only one sitting alone while the rest sat with their partners. She groaned feeling oppressed with the noise coming from each couple except Rocky and Channel who kept theirs on a lowkey.

She connected her headphone before putting it on while she closed her eyes nodding and tapping her foot to the tune of the music.

Resse and Nikita kept laughing loudly at what they were watching on his laptop while Rocky groans when he hears their voice.

Arlette and Reggie engaged themselves in a hot romance while Rocky turned Channel away from them immediately they started.

He pecked her cheek and turned to look at Ryatt who sat at the far end of the chair with his eyes closed. He sighed and looked away while Channel moved closer to him.

She placed both elbow on his laps and pecked his neck while he chuckled lightly.

“Who taught you?”. He asked and she giggled softly ignoring his question.

“I’m bored”. She replied and he placed her on his laps wrapping his arms around her waist.

“K!SS me”. He said and she gasped covering her mouth with her hands.

She shook her head negatively still covering her mouth with both hands. He leaned closer and also K!SSed her neck.

“I’m weary”. She said placing her head on his shoulder.

“Just K!SS me to wash it off”. He said rubbing her back slowly.

She K!SSed his neck repeatedly before falling asleep with her head still on his shoulder.

He adjusted her properly on his laps before picking up his phone.


*****HOURS LATER*****


They arrived hours later at the airport and April giggled softly as she came down from the plane.

Rocky decided not to wake Channel up. He carried her in his arms as he also came down from the plane walking up to meet the others.

He entered the car arranged for them and they zoomed off to the mansion arranged for them.


They got there in no time and they all came down from the car with Channel still in his hands. They led them into out”. Another man said and Rocky groaned.

“I’ll be back. I need to lay her down first”. He said and they diverted their gaze to Channel in his arms.

“We’ll be waiting”. Another man said. He nod and they all walked away.

April decided to go with Ryatt who doesn’t know someone is coming behind him.

He got to the last room and slipped the card in before inputting the pin. He walked in and April also walked in and he looked back immediately while she looked down.

“What are you doing here?”. He asked and she kept mute with her head down.

“I believe I asked a question”. He said and she nod still looking down.

“There is no vacant room for me”. She said and he scoffed before going deeper into the room.

She also trailed behind him while he scoffed again before laying on the bed.

She looked around the room and smiled inwardly as she sat on the couch. He stood up immediately and walked out of the room while she scoffed and also left the room.


Rocky K!SSed her cheek before walking out of the room heading outside. He met the men that walked them in earlier waiting at the entrance.

“I assume you are the second hit from Korea”. He said and he nod rubbing his hands together.

“Kindly fill this form and agree to the rules”. One of them said and he sighed before collecting the form.

He went through it and filled it and agreed to the rules as well before giving it back to them.

“It’s kinda late now, so every other thing you need to know will be explained to your manager tomorrow”. He said and Rocky nod placing his hand on his waist.

“How many countries are here?”. He asked looking around.

“Just four. The other hit from your country are in this same building with your hit. They settled an hour ago”. He said and he nod still not getting it clear.

“How many countries in total?”. Rocky asked

“20 countries in total. I’ll leave you to rest now. Tomorrow is another day for a different thing. Have fun around”. Another one said and they walked away.

He smiled when he remembered Channel but his smiled faded when he remembered Raquel. He smiled sadly as he walked back to the room.

He entered and met Channel awake. He hurriedly walked to the bed trying to brighten his mood, he sat on the bed and she pout before looking away.

“I went to attend to something important. I’m here now”. He said and she nod still not looking at him.

“Can I call my mum?” She asked and he nod giving her one of his phone.

She gave it back to him when she remembered she hasn’t returned the one he gave her the other time.

“What?”. He asked staring at her then the phone.

“I’m sorry I haven’t returned the one you gave me the other day”. She said and he squeezed his face at what she said.

“Tell me more, I can’t remember”. He said and she gulped down nothing before explaining to him.

“That’s a minor phone actually and I’ve even forgotten about it. You can have that one. I don’t need it”. He said and stood up from the bed.

He winked at her and dropped the phone on the bed before going to the bathroom while she looked around the large room and then the phone.


April sat outside observing her surrounding while she smiled still looking around. She looked around and saw two guys coming out of the building they were.

She stood up and moved closer to them but she got confused when she saw them in short and singlet.

She stood in front of them with her arms folded below her Břě@šť.

“Who is this?”. Zedd asked Jove and he shrugged in reply.

“I should be the one asking you that question. What were you both doing in there?”. She asked and Zedd hissed before walking away but she pulled him back to her front.

“Wait…..R4 right?”. Jove asked and she nod diverting her gaze back to Zedd.

“Now I know why you are acting fiercely. The next time you speak to me in such manner, you won’t like yourself”. He said and she also hissed not leaving his front.

“We are members of the Bullets. I’m Jove and this is Zedd the main lead”. He introduced and she scoffed.

“I don’t need your names because I have nothing to do with it”. She replied and Zedd groaned.

“We are also in this building so behave yourself. One more word and you will return to Korea”. Zedd said anf she smiled.

“I’ll love to see you try”. She replied and he gave her a middle finger while she kicked his @$$ hard before going back inside.

Jove chuckled at her manly behavior before running after Zedd who kept walking fast.



Rusty was brought into the station roughly, he was pushed into the cell Birdie is and locked with an heavy padlock.

He groaned as he tried standing up while Birdie laughed at his current state.

“Guess we’ll both see our fall. I won’t be going down alone after all”. She said in between laughter while he managed to hiss.

“It’s so sad all your men ran away. Guess you weren’t good to them even the one who helped you also left. It’s so good to hear and know”. She smirked scratching her hair.

“Guess that’s karma. It’s a big bad Ɓîtçh. You betrayed me and you got betrayed thrice in return”. She smirked bursting into laughter again.

“Can you just keep quiet?”. He struggled to ask while she shook her head negatively.

“Do you know I can kill you here and suffer the penalty since that’s my gain even as at now?”. She asked and he hissed wincing in pain.

“But I won’t. I’ll make sure we both suffer the penalty even in this your condition”. She said and he groaned while she smirked.

“What’s the penalty?”. He asked and she laughed again.

“Death”. She said coldly and he shivered a little.

“Don’t tell me you are scared of death? A killer like you shouldn’t be scared of death”. She replied with a smirk while he groaned with the feeling of no hope left for him.

“How can you be happy in this kind of state?”. He asked again and she smiled leaning closer.

“I have no hope of leaving this place. So it’s best I do my laughter here before taking my last breath”. She replied while he sighed heavily.

“Get ready for it”. She added and moved back.



Ash walked to the sitting staring at the screen of his phone. He sat beside his mum giving her the phone. She smiled immediately she saw Channel.

“Hi mum”. She said giggling like a kid while Ash chuckled.

“How are you angel?”. Her mum asked and she nod.

“I’m fine mum. You?”. She asked with happiness written all over her face.

“I’m okay”. Her mum replied smiling.

“Guess you are currently in the States”. Her mum said and she gasped looking around.

“How did you know?”. She asked and her mum chuckled softly.

“I gave him the permission. So you don’t wanna tell your mum?”. She asked and she nod sincerely while Ash laughed.

“You’ve grown wings right?”. Her mum asked and she gave her puppy eyes.

“I’ll wait till you get your @$$ back here. I’m really gonna spank you hard”. Her mum said and she smirked.

“Rocky is not gonna let that happen”. She replied and Ash smiled nodding his head.

“We’ll see about that. Where is Rocky?”. Her mum asked and she looked up and quickly brought down her face blinking repeatedly.

“What’s wrong?”. Her mum asked and she smiled trying not to look up.

“Nothing mum. I’ll call you tomorrow. Have fun”. She said and hanged up immediately while Ash looked around the sitting room waiting for his phone.

“She is now something else”. She said and he nod stretching his hand for his phone.

“I have something to show you”. She did and he groaned collecting his phone from her.

“Can it wait?”. He asked and she shook her head negatively while he groaned again.

“Fine. What’s that and where is it?”. He asked and she stood up. She went to her room and returned with a file. She gave it to him and he collected it from her.

He opened it, brought out a paper and he gasped looking at the paper. He brought out every other papers in it and looked up.

“How did you get it?”. He asked taking his eyes back to the papers.

“Rocky. He gave it to me saying the guy who betrayed his so called father gave him to give to you but he had no chance to see , so he gave it to me”. She said and he smiled looking at his mum.

“Mouth can’t express how happy I am right now”. He said and his mother nod her head.

“I’ll get the lawyer and we’ll visit him at the police station”. Ash said and she nod.

“You can do that tomorrow. It’s kinda late”. She said and he checked the time.

He put the papers back into the file and gave it back to his mum. She looked at him with a questioning look while he smiled placing it on her hand.

He winked and ran out of the house in full speed before she could say anything. She scoffed and went back to her room shaking her head.


Ash pressed the bell and her mum opened the door. She looked at him and wondered who he is and what he is doing there.

“Good evening ma’am”. He greeted and she nod still blocking the door.

“How may how I help?”. She asked and he rubbed his hands together.

“I’m here to see Itzel”. He replied and she tour him down again while his heart raced a million times.

“Mum!!”. Itzel yelled from inside while her mum turned to her.

“Who is at the door?”. She asked and her mum moved away revealing Ash.

“Who is he?”. Her mum asked and she moved closer to them smiling.

“He is my boyfriend”. She replied and his hand while her mum smiled.

“Really?”. She asked and she nod while he pecked her cheek.

“Yes mum”. She replied and his mum moved away from the door.

They walked in while her mum shut the door. She saw them walking upstairs and she gasped.

“I thought visitors are meant to be welcomed in the sitting room”. She yelled while Itzel laughed.

“He is not a visitor mum”. She yelled in reply while they entered her room.

He pulled her closer immediately while she smiled wrapping her hands around his neck.

“I’ve really been dying to do this”. He said and slammed his lips on hers hungrily while she opened up immediately.

She roamed her hands inside his hair while he carried her up. She wrapped her legs around his torso and he led the way to the couch.

He sat down and broke the K!SS staring deep into her eyes with her hands still in his hair.

“Permit me to do this”. He said and yanked off her night wear leaving her short and singlet.

He K!SSed her neck down to her shoulder and he pulled down the hand of her singlet and she gasped holding his hand.

He removed her hand and pulled down the other hand while she hugged immediately.

He pulled out of the hug and K!SSed her chest while she shut her eyes tight.

“I won’t go far”. He whispered into her ear while she shivered a little.

He grabbed her B@@bs with both hands and she Mõ@ɲed silently. He squeezed it gently and her breathing became heavy.

She tightened her grip on his hair while he took one of them into his mouth. She Mõ@ɲed out and she quickly covered her mouth.

He stood up with her and walked to the bed. He laid her on the bed and she quickly covered her face.

He leaned closer and went for her lips while his hand found it way to her B@@b. He left her lips, replaced his hand with his mouth while she held his hair tight.

She shivered under his touch, he used the other hand to massage the other B@@b. He licked and Ṣūçƙed on it pleasuring her greatly while she Mõ@ɲed out loud.

He bit her Ɲīpplë softly and she held his hand immediately, he took his mouth to the other one and also did justice to it before taking his mouth back to her lips.

He broke the K!SS and he placed his head on her shoulder K!SSing it. He moved to her neck and K!SSed her deeply making sure he leaves an hickey.

He laid on the bed beside her and she quickly pulled up her singlet. He moved closer to her and hugged her from behind.

“Are you staying tonight?”. She asked and he hummed a reply while she smiled rubbing his hand on her tummy.

“We can continue right?”. He asked and she hit his hand on her tummy.

“You can’t be naughty all the time”. She replied and he groaned turning her to himself. He pecked her nose pulling her closer.

“Goodnight”. He said and she nod closing her eyes while he pecked her lips before closing his eyes as well drifting to dreamland.



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