December 5, 2023

( His Sassy Girl… )

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🦋 ÇHAPTER •29&30🦋
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By, Marie G.☘︎

༒︎♔︎ [‹‹ A TRIP TO JEJU… ››] ♔︎༒︎


“ Oh! God, what’s up with the birthmark?” Spicy wondered staring at kitten.

“ Seriously Spicy, why do I feel like you’re not normal? Don’t get twisted, not like you’re deranged or something, I’m just trying to say you’re somehow…. Different ” kitten said.

” I don’t understand your point.. ”

” Oh! You look angry already.. nevermind, just pretend I didn’t say that okay? ” Kitten smiled at her but she didn’t return it.

“ Just do me the favour of keeping it a secret please..” Spicy said and kitten nod before smiling..

Sua immediately walked in.

” What are you both trying to keep from me?” She asked dropping her backpack.

” You’re here..” Spicy smiled.

” Yeah I am, so what were you both discussing?” Sua asked and spicy looked at kitten.

” You remember the birthmark right? You touched it that night right?” Kitten asked and Sua nodded.

” Yeah, the beautiful multicolored Ɓụťťerfly tattoo.. ” Sua smiled.

” Nothing happened to your hands when you touched it that night right?” Kitten asked while spicy just watched wanting to know if it had affected Sua too.

” Yeah it looks normal, nothing happened.. ” Sua replied sitting on her bed. ” Is she trying to hide the mark from people? But it’s beautiful right? If I had such beautiful birthmark, I would make the entire world see it” She said and kitten laughed.

“ It has always been a normal mark so what’s happening?” Spicy wondered.

” Sure.. of course I know you too well ” kitten said amidst laughter as Sua undressed.

” I’m hungry.. I didn’t even get to eat today at the cafeteria..” She held her stomach.

” Right!! Winter said Spicy can cook..” kitten faced spicy.

” Stop it right there.. I don’t wanna hear the next line..” She said and her friends laughed.

” You should cook something for us yeah?” Sua walked to her.

” Goodnight.. ” she said and made to lie down but Sua wouldn’t allow her.

” No way, you’re staying awake untill 10pm today..” Sua said and She chuckled.

” Nah I can’t, I won’t” she replied lying down and within minutes, she was already in her dreamland.


Darth was walking through the passage way when she saw Mrs Wills leaving the chancellor’s office.

” Did something happen in the Athletic department? ‘ He wondered before going in.

” Good day Mr Park.. ” he greeted with a smile.

” Is something wrong? You hardly smile but you’ve been acting weird after leaving your so call friend’s house..” Mr Park said.

” I wanted to spend some time with you but it seems you’re busy, see you at home then..” he stood up and made to leave. He only took three steps when he stopped and turned to his dad again.

” Mrs Wills, why was she here?.

” Oh! She asked for a trip to Jeju for some sight seeing..Mr Tom and Mrs Choi also said same thing..

” Jeju island?” Darth asked .

” Yes ” Mr. Park replied. ” Though the announcement hasn’t been made yet” He added.

” I should get my bags ready then, it’s been long I last visited Mrs Song, I doubt if she’ll recognize me though ” he smiled.

” Thanks Dad, You’re the best ” Darth smiled again and left.



” Spicy ” spicy heard someone call her name and she turned only to see a carbon copy of herself staring at her.

” Excuse me, what are you doing with my face?”.

” Why did you choose such fate?” She asked back and Spicy frowned at her question.

” What are you talking about and Who are you?” She asked.

” I’m you!! Soon, you’re gonna know how important you are to the world, but for now, hide yourself cause evil is looking for you. Stay with him and you’ll be safe for a while, but a time will come that you both will have to say goodbye to yourselves… ” her other self said while she frowned.

” Did you hit your head on a rock? What are you saying? Who’s saving me? And from what exactly? Who are the evîl ones?” She asked in one breath but her other self just smiled.

” If they get a hold of you, not only you will be doomed, this world and the other world will face atrocities.. you must avoid the Evil and make sure you’re always with him..

” Him? Who’s that?” She asked.

” Your seeker, He’ll come for you at the point of your death ” her other self said and faded away..

Immediately it left, spicy woke up from her slumber, surprising her friends.

” Wow.. you’re awake? Can’t believe this..” Sua and kitten said at once but her thoughts were centered on her dream.

‘ The evil ones? Why are they after me?’ She wondered and her mind immediately drifted to the man in the forest.

” He’ll save me at the point of my death? Who’s he and What is the fate she’s talking about?” She sighed.

” This is fûçking frustrating.. ” she mumbled, standing up from bed.

” Is something wrong? ” Kitten asked.
” I’m fine, I’ll be out for a while.. ” she said and walked out of the house untill she got to the pool side.

She sat on the available bench and looked up at the sky.

” You’re still in school? ” She asked but the person seated next to her didn’t reply.

” I really want to experience a simple and carefree life but the more I look at myself, it seems I’m never gonna have that, such simple life doesn’t exist for me.. I’m getting scared of myself ” she muttered.

” Who are the evil ones after my life?” She asked and she could feel the person’s eyes on her.

” I’m weird right stone face?” She asked and looked at him.. he was just staring at her with no expression on.

” I’m scared.. ” she said, tears leaving her eyes and Silvio stood up, He made to walk pass her but she held his hands stopping him from walking.

He looked at her and his eyes swiftly caught a dim light at the back of her neck but he couldn’t see what it was since her hair was covering it..

She stood up and cleaned her tears, letting go of his hands..

” It was so foolish of me to cry in front of you..” she smiled and he gave her a last glance before walking away from her, she kept staring at his direction untill he was out of sight.

She sat back down observing the stars for hours before going back to her hostel where she met her roomies already asleep.



” Evil ones?” He wondered, though he doesn’t seem to understand what Spicy meant.

” That light on her neck, what is it? ” He thought again before lying on his bed..

” Who’s she?” He asked, staring at the ceiling, trying to gather enough thoughts so he could come up with a conclusion but it seemed difficult.

” I’m not use to being around people, how do I study her? ” He asked again then heave a sigh.



Jayce arrived school early that morning and was patiently awaiting Spicy’s arrival. He wanted to ask her about the birthmark and if it didn’t hurt anyone else.

He waited for minutes and she finally walked in. He left his seat and went after her.

” Hey..” he smiled which she returned, he made her seat and sat next to her.

” Is something the matter?” She asked.

” Yeah.. I missed you all night, so I just stared at my wounded fingers which only brought you to my mind ” he said and She smiled.

” You never cease to amaze me.. ” she laughed.

” I’ll always be the happiest if I can make you smile like this all the time.. “he said and she smiled but the smile suddenly faded away.

” Do you like me that much?” She asked but he didn’t say anything.

” Can you be sincere with me?’ She asked.

” If I say I do, will you choose me?” He asked, staring directly into her eyes and she smiled awkwardly.

” He’s seriously making me uncomfortable with his stares..” she muttered inaudibly and made to stand but he pulled her back gently and she went directly on his laps, sitting on it.

” I’m not gonna make you uncomfortable anymore and just stay by you untill you see me worth your heart..” he whispered to her and she gulped before standing on her feet.

” Things like this shouldn’t be done in public..” She said, her cheeks turning red.

” Then I should do them in private?” He raised a questioning brow at her but she didn’t reply as she walked to her seat.. Jayce couldn’t help but laugh at her how red her face became.

Silvio walked to class that moment sitting next to spicy without saying any word..

” Thanks for your company last night, even though it was a short one..” she smiled at him

He looked at her, staring at her longer than expected.

” What? ” She asked and he looked away, he was actually looking at her neck to see if he would get a glimpse of what was there.

” Must you always be this cold? Gosh, you keep acting like those Cold, evil princes in kdramas. They’re always Cold-hearted and also have your type of face” She laughed but he didn’t find it funny and soon after, a lecturer entered the class.

” Hey, I’m Emily, Mrs Choi sent me to y’all in her stead” she said.

” So?” Hazel asked.

” She said something about going to Jeju for sight seeing and for studying.. she also talked about some energy and gas leaving the earth surface to the sky or something like that. So in a nutshell, prepare yourselves for classes untill you return”.

” How many days?” Kim asked.

” A week or two I guess..” she said and the class gasped.

” Why? Val is in a few days and I know no one there.. fûçk I hate Mrs choi.. ” Hazel scowled.

” You should tell her that when she comes miss. Y’all should be in the school parking lots tomorrow by 7am, good day” she said and left.

” It’s gonna be boring since it’s about studying..” Paola sighed.

“It could be fun to, Mrs choi isn’t heartless, she has kids ” Kim replied..

Another lecturer entered, and lectures resumed.



” Class wasn’t that fun..” Sua said, eating from her plate of sushi.

” Why?” Kitten asked.

” Don’t know.. maybe because I don’t like Chinese?” she said and kitten laughed.

” We’ll be going to Jeju to… study ” kitten said impassively.

” I over heard students saying it.. I even heard the athletic department has a competition so they’re going there to practice for a while before the competition.. ” Sua replied.

” Oh I see” Spicy said and two people sat at her sides while she was in the middle.. she stared at them and inhaled when she discovered it was Darth and Jayce.

” What’s this? ” She face Jayce then Darth.

” I thought you’ve never eaten here? ” She asked Darth.

” I do.. in fact this is my favorite spot, you can ask around..” he replied and kitten nodded.

Spicy carried her food and stood up.

” Then enjoy your meals..” she said and walked to another table. They made to follow but she glared at them.

” Another step And you’re both gone..” she said and their steps faltered.

Sua giggled softly.

Jayce, left with no choice, sat with Sua and she could feel her heart race.

” I just hate her..” Lilah spat hatefully.

” Me too, and I’m seriously gonna deal with her” Hazel promised.



” You mean you’re all going to study? Should I tag along and again, you’ve never being in a crowded place..” Luhnax said.

” I’m human like them and they don’t bite. I should be fine” Silvio said and Luhnax nodded.

” Tell mother I missed her and might likely come to see her soon” he said.

” You can’t..” Luhnax said and he raised a brow.

” Qu… I mean your mother said you shouldn’t come back untill you’re done” Luhnax said.

” Mother… doesn’t miss me? ” He scoffed, walking upstairs.

” You should stop coming here often luhnax, I’m getting irritated” he said and finally entered his room while Luhnax bowed before leaving the house.


” Can’t wait for tomorrow..” kitten said, smiling.

” I wish to go.. ” Sua pouted.

” Then change departments” Kitten laughed.

” You can.. if you have money for your bus fare”

” That’s a brilliant idea, you’re the best girlfriend.. Sua said and hugged spicy.. she let go and immediately left for her wardrobe to pick few clothes.



The Students sat in the bus waiting for their lecturers.

Lilah was present with her friends and that was possible because of her dad.. Sua and Darth were there too while the rest were from the chemistry and athletic department.

After about 30mins, the lecturers arrived, they didn’t questioned the faces that weren’t from their departments, they entered the bus and it drove out.

After the two hours journey, the students were led into a hotel rented by the school.. The entire hotel was rented so for those two weeks, the school temporarily owned the hotel.

” Wow, this is beautiful.. ” Sua exclaimed as they got into the hotel.

” Here are the keys to each room and their numbers.. you all should retire to your rooms now and rest, in the evening, classes starts” Mrs Choi said and the students got their keys from her. Kitten decided to share her rooms with her friends but spicy insisted on staying in separate room.

” Why? ” Kitten asked.

” Nothing.. it’s nothing really” she said and kitten nodded slowly.

” What room number?” She asked.

” 32.. ” Spicy replied.

” Mine is 24..” kitten muttered before facing Sua, ” Let’s go, since you don’t have a room” She said and sua nodded.

Spicy opened the door to her room and smiled satisfactorily.

” It looks nice..” She smiled before entering the room.

” Should I just tell them to come over?” She wondered, falling on her bed..


Lilah and her friends shared a room while Darth was to leave for their house which wasn’t far from the hotel.. he isn’t in the department so there was no need staying in the hotel.

The day went by in a blur and a message was sent to the students so they could meet up at the reception..

Spicy changed into something bigger and she twisted her door open only to come face to face with Silvio.

” Wait, that’s your room? We’re neighbors?” She asked as she watch him lock his door and left.. she quickly locked her door and ran after him until she caught up with him, though he didn’t pay attention to whatever she was telling him untill they got to the reception..

Jayce walked to her at once.

” You okay?” He asked and she nodded.

” Where is Darth?” she asked him.

” Don’t ask me” he replied and she chuckled.

” My bad, I thought we were friends..” she pouted .

” I don’t wanna be just friends..” he said and Silvio almost cracked up.

” So today, we’re just gonna go see few places then come back to the hotel soon.. lectures starts tomorrow” Mrs Choi said and the students nodded.

They left the hotel and were walking in groups when Darth joined them.. he went straight to spicy and hugged her.

” I’m still wondering what they all saw in her.. can’t believe Darth rejected me before but now, it seems the tomboy got his attention real bad..” Lilah said as she watched them.

” I won’t deny she’s pretty..” Eydis said and Lilah rolled her eyes as they continued walking down the street.

” It’s pretty here.. ” Kim said.

” Sure, as pretty as spicy..” Jayce smiled.

” Of course spicy is very pretty..” Paola added.

” Can you all just stop it? It’s becoming annoying seriously..” Spicy said.

” You’re such a kill joy..” kitten pouted.

” Call it whatever you want.. ” spicy rolled her eyes.. Soon, it was getting dark and the students retired back to the hotel.

” I’ll miss you, see you tomorrow..” Darth hugged her again and she wrapped her hands around him Gently..

Jayce almost exploded cos of jealousy.

He clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth together before walking away..

Spicy disengaged from the hug; ” Bye.. ” she waved at him.

” Good night guys..” she waved at Kitten and Sua too before retiring to her room..

” Good gracious, I’m damn tired..” she yawned and within two minutes, a knock came in.. she left for the door only to see the server with a tray of food.

” Your dinner miss.. ” he said and spicy collected it from him and did a little bow

” Thank you.. ” She said and locked her door.. she dropped the food on the table and entered her bathroom.

She left the bathroom with a towel which she use to wipe her dampened hair. She got a dress from the wardrobe and wore it.

She made to proceed to her bed when she sighted someone standing behind the transparent drapery. From the person’s structure, she could tell it was a girl.

” Who’s there? ” She asked and the person came out.

” Kitten?” She called surprised.

” When did you get in? Was it while I was bathing? If yes, then why did you just stay there all this while? What of Sua? Is she coming?” She asked but kitten only laugh which made her frown.

” What’s funny?”

” Tell me your secret”

” What?”

” Why are you scared of sharp objects? I wanna know” She said bringing out a knife from behind her and spicy’s eyes dilated.

” You’re not kitten are you? ” She asked but kitten only laughed as she started walking towards her while she shifted back.

She wanted to run out but somehow the door wouldn’t open.

” It won’t hurt..” Kitten said, coming even more closer.

” I just want to see it..” She added and raised the knife at her, slitting her wrist and a loud scream followed afterwards.

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