December 5, 2023

( His Sassy Girl… )

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🦋 ÇHAPTER •27&28🦋
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By, Marie G.☘︎

༒︎♔︎ [‹‹THE BIRTHMARK… ››] ♔︎༒︎



” ARGHH!!!!” Lilah screamed and everyone faced her.

Silvio stared at Spicy with frown lines on his face, he wanted to push her off but thought against it immediately

Everyone waited patiently for his next action and he smirked before wrapping his hands around her, pulling her closer to himself and her eyes widened more as her heart kept beating fast

She thought her heart was gonna explode any moment soon. The birth mark at the back of her neck shone shortly without her knowledge. She could feel an itchy sensation there and heat was emitting from the spot slightly.

The rest of the students couldn’t see it cos her hair was covering it..

Lilah’s eyes grew wider at the action and shockingly, she fainted but Hazel was fast to hold so she wouldn’t fall to the ground

Kitten gulped down nothing as she stared.. She tried holding back her tears while forcing herself to smile at their position

Darth and Jayce balled their fist while glaring at Silvio’s hand around her waist..

Silvio looked at Jayce then at Darth, they both were glaring at him. He looked at their balled fists too and immediately assumed they were into Spicy before turning to her

” Those guys, Are you trying to make them jealous?” He asked

” Huh?” She looked up and realized he was looking down at her, his gaze almost piercing her soul

He had released her, yet, her hands were still wrapped around his neck

” You wouldn’t want me to push you off would you?” He asked, his face looking cold again

” Oh! ” She immediately let go of him and stood her ground

” I didn’t mean to touch you, so please don’t take it to heart and thanks for not pushing me off… though, I would have kicked your @ss if you did.. ” she forced a smile before looking back to get a glimpse of kitten when her eyes caught with the large number of studens staring at her hatefully, especially girls she’s never seen before..

She bit on her lower lips when she made eye contact with Jayce and Darth, they had no expression on their face..

She looked at the angry faces of the students and sighed

‘ I guess they must be màd right now ‘ she thought as she looked at Hazel who was throwing her hateful glares

” Lilah fainted?” She wondered unbelievably then chuckled

” This will be really fun.. ” she muttered with a slight smirk lingering at the corner of her lips

Silvio started walking away from the scene not minding the eyes and murmurs of the students

Spicy stared at Jayce again then at Darth, both boys were staring at her and she gulped. Somehow, she got uncomfortable with the way they were staring at her

” I should just follow Stone face so they will both know I’m not into them..” she muttered before turning to Silvio’s direction

” Stone face.. ” she called but he didn’t stop walking untill she ran to him and pulled him over making him face her

” I’m not someone you can touch just anyhow” He snapped at her and she shifted back slightly

” Hey, keep your cool.. I’ve apologise already so you shouldn’t be like this”

” What do you want?” He asked his hands in his pocket

” Let’s go to class together..” she said and he creased a brow while she wrapped her hands around his

” Have you lost your mind?” He asked, removing his hands from hers

” Yeah, for now and for today okay? Let’s say I’ve really lost my mind..” She said and held him again. He made to released his hands from hers but she held it firmly

” What do you think you’re doing?” He asked as he watch the students stare at them

” You wouldn’t want to make me drag you with me right? Just do this and I promise to be obedient..’ She said

” Keep your obedience to yourself..” he yanked her hands off his and resumed walking away while the students laughed

” That dîçknose..” Spicy bit on her lower lips

He took few more steps and stopped walking.. he isn’t supposed to feel for her because of how loud the students were laughing at her but somehow, he did and that was why he stopped walking

” Aren’t you tagging along?” He asked and she didn’t know when she smiled

” Sure..” She walked to meet him and held his hands..

Darth could feel his blood running dry, he gulped emptiness before walking out of the scene

Spicy turned to Kittten who was staring back at her

” I’m sorry, I need to do this..” she ilLÅ«$trated with her hands and Kitten smiled slightly

” Bye cat” she waved at kitten while Jayce ball his fist even tighter

” Why are you doing this? Are you intentionally trying to make me feel bad?” He muttered as he stare at spicy’s hand around Silvio’s arm

Silvio began to walk away with her and the students gasped, some fainting at the sight

Spicy smiled again as they left for class

👥 This can’t be happening

👥 Why is it the tomboy?

Kitten inhaled deeply before starting to walk to class slowly

👤 Why in the world would she hug Silvio..

👥 I just wish she could disappeared.. I hate her

Ben who has been watching the scene at a corner with his friends burst into laughter

” Can’t believe students of Golden college. Why would they faint? This is absurd.. ” He laughed heavily as he watched the students being rushed into the clinic

His eyes landed on Lilah and he smirked

” I’m not done with you yet.. ” he said before walking away from the scene with his friends


Spicy and Silvio got infront of the class still holding hands.. A lecturer was in the class teaching already and Silvio doesn’t like entering the class when a teacher is in already..

Spicy immediately let go of his hands and he raised his hands up, staring at it

Was he still holding her hands? The thought alone was starting to make him mad

” I’m sorry..” Spicy said after seeing his slightly angry expression but he ignored her and started walking away

spicy followed behind and made to pull him back but he turned swiftly making her touch his chest instead

” Oh my!! ” she exclaimed, removing her hands quickly from his chest

” Don’t follow me!!” he snapped and she flinched

” I….. She made to talk but stopped when she felt a very sharp pain in her chest. She gagged as she made a tight clutch at her chest, squeezing it slightly to help with the pain

Silvio didn’t bother to look at her even when he heard her wince, he just walked out as if she wasn’t there

After a while the pain relieved her and she P@ŋted heavily

” What’s with the pain?” She wondered before turning around only to see Darth behind her

” Oh! Darth.. ” she called

” Are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?” He asked checking her out

” I’m fine, I’m fine seriously..” she said and and he let her go

” You look worried.. ” she told him

” What do you expect When I saw you hugging Mr grumpy” he muttered and she chuckled

” It’s not funny.. I know I’ve told you about how I feel, but that doesn’t mean you should behave that way to hurt my feelings… I seriously wasn’t happy”

” But….

” You should take care of yourself okay? ” He pulled her into an expected hug..

” You…

” Just pretend it didn’t happen.. ” he smiled and walked away before she could say anything..

All she could feel was her heart beat which was racing again

” This is so strange.. ” she muttered before walking to class


Silvio was about entering the library when he crossed paths with Jayce

” What do you think you were doing with spicy huh?” He asked

Silvio made to pass but he stopped him from walking again

” I’m not done talking..”

” I dare you to stop me one more time ” He said daringly, looking up at Jayce

” You should stay away from her if you aren’t sincere” Jayce said and turn to leave

” I would’ve love to make you watch how I make her fall for me within a week but I’m too busy for that” He said and made to pass again but Jayce pulled him back forcefully

” By the look of things, you’re already a loser since she isn’t even looking at you both.. ” He said and Jayce made to punch him but he held his fist that was coming very close to his face

” I don’t joke with my face.. ” he said, pushing Jayce’s hands off and began to walk away then stopped again

” Hope she notices you soon ” He scoffed, walking to the library while Jayce balled his fist

” That @sshole..” Jayce muttered before walking away from the library heading straight to class



” Silvio didn’t hug spicy right?” Lilah asked and Hazel sighed

” Is that the first thing you should say after you just woke up? Isn’t it too early?” Eydis walked in while Lilah rolled her eyes

” I’m sure she did that intentionally.. you were supposed to see how she held him after you fainted, I’m sure you were going to dîe if you saw it..” Denise said

” You all should just leave!!!” Lilah shouted staring at her friends one after the other.. left with no choice, they all left the Infirmary, leaving her there



Sua smiled and stretched her numb leg after the lecturer walked out. Her smile slowly faded away when her mind drifted to the day Jayce told spicy he likes her

” Was this how kitten felt? ” She muttered as tears left her eyes

” You should calm down Sua, this isn’t you, you wouldn’t want to hate your friend because of a guy right?” She muttered and nodded her heard in compliance to what she just asked

She cleaned her tears before putting her head on her desk. Darth just stared at her from his seat cause he saw her cry



The class became noisy again when the lecturer left. Some of the students walked up to spicy, gathering around her, Silvio wasn’t in class yet

” Let’s go to your home next weekend again, it was really fun there.. ” a girl said

” Maybe in our next life.. ” Spicy replied and the girl pouted

” I wanna confirm if you like Silvio too, cos everyone in school has a crush on him”

” Yah!!!” She stood up

” That’s one lousy thought ” She said, already annoyed..

The students immediately left for their seats after noticing her mood

” A crush on that alien? Wow!!!” she scoffed

Silvio walked in and all eyes went to him but as usual, he had his cold look on, not minding any of the students

He sat quietly and spicy looked at him, she was about to say something when Mrs Choi walked in

” Hope y’all didn’t forget about the test I talked about?” She asked and the students gasped

” But you said next week and that should be Thursday or Friday and not today Monday..” Hazel said from the door before walking in fully

” I said next week and it started since Sunday.. so young lady, get your àss on your seat along with your notepad and a pen..” She smiled while Hazel rolled her eyes

” I’m sure I’m never gonna pass this..” Paola muttered

” Sure, you’ve always been poor in my subject.. ” Mrs Choi replied while Paola shrugged

” It’s dad idea anyway, so I’m not bothered.. ” She replied

” Paola.. ” Mrs. Chio Called loudly

” Fine, I’m gonna seal my lips..” she replied while the students giggled..

Few questions were written on the whiteboard and the students started murmuring

” Wtf Mrs choi, I thought you said it won’t be difficult during our last class?” Kim grumbled

” It’s just the summary of what you’ve been learning all this while..” she replied

Spicy stared at Jayce’s direction and he was writing already.. she looked away and started to write too. Silvio was doing same but immediately stopped writing

” Is something wrong? Don’t you know the answer to all the questions?” She asked as she watched him drop his pen

” Should a girl with IQ 15 tell you the answers?” She asked mockingly but he didn’t say anything neither did he write

” Playing hard, I see.. didn’t know some questions could be difficult for you.. ” She mocked and gave her attention to her book. In no time, they were done and everyone submitted

They weren’t much so Mrs Choi did the markings and shared the script back to them..

” Jayce and spicy scored the highest.. ” Mrs Choi announced after she was done distributing..

she looked at Silvio and raised a brow;

” Why didn’t you write got 10?” She said and everyone faced him.. It was strange that the mighty Silvio could score that low

” Silvio got that low? ” Paola asked unbelievably

” I’m sure it was quite difficult for him..” spicy laughed

” He’s never failed a subject before..” Mrs Choi said

” Oh! Maybe he really didn’t know this one.. it happens most times and it’s understandable..” Spicy said with mockery in her voice and Mrs Choi sigh still staring at Silvio

Silvio stood on his feet and stared at Mrs choi then at the whiteboard.. he began replying to the questions on the board one after the other giving examples even when Mrs choi didn’t ask for them

👥 That’s the Silvio I know

👥 Isn’t it the first time he answers questions in class?

👥 Jeez, why do I keep drooling everyday?

He was done talking in three minutes and spicy’s eyes almost fell out, she was shocked

” I wasn’t in the mood to write that’s all..” he replied and Mrs. Choi smiled..

He looked at spicy; ” keep your IQ 15 well, hope it helps you well next time.. he said and walked out of class since Mrs Choi’s class was over

Spicy was still surprised, she intended to follow him but Jayce held her back and somehow, his eyes caught the birthmark at the back of her neck

” Oh Jayce!” she smiled, sweeping her hair back..

” What’s that on your neck?” He asked and she gathered her hair sideways, revealing the mark

” Oh! It’s a birth mark..”

” Birth mark? I’ve Never seen a multicolored Ɓụťťerfly mark like this, it looks so much like a tattoo” he said

” Wow.. your birth mark is pretty” Kim appeared and spicy made to cover it but Kim hands went for it

” Can I touch it?” He asked and before spicy could reply, he touched it and he quickly withdraw his hands

” Ouch ” he winced

” What?” Spicy asked

” I got burnt ” he said showing off his fingers and truly it had a wound though it wasn’t much

” I’m sorry.. ” she said and touched it but nothing happened to her

” Is something wrong?” Paola asked but she shook her head negatively

” I… I… ” She didn’t know what to say. Jayce immediately took her out of class to avoid unnecessary questions

” Why did it burn him..” she wondered, releasing her hand from Jayce’s grip, she was confused

” Jayce, Can you touch it to see how it feels?” Spicy said and Jayce nodded gently

She raised her hair up as she turned her back on him while he gently lift his hands to the spot and touched it

” It’s getting warm..” he told her but winced when it suddenly burnt his fingers

” Ouch….”

” Huh?” Her eyes widened and she turned to him

” Hey, Are you okay?” She held his hand

” I’m fine… ” Jayce said

” Why is it….

” Let’s talk later Jayce ” She said and ran off before Jayce could complete his statement

She got into the room and leaned on it, no doubt she was confused

She took off her blouse and stood infront of the mirror. She touched the spot but nothing happened to her

” Why did it burn them? It’s never burn mom or dad or even Winter.. then why?” she wondered

” Who are you spicy? Is it just aichmophobia ( fear of sharp objects ) that makes you different? Or is there something you don’t know? Lyra wouldn’t hide it from me right?” She wondered

She took her phone and dialed her mom’s number which she pick up at third ring

📞 Missing me already? Lyra asked immediately she picked up

📞 Mom?

📞 Yeah, what’s it? Lyra asked

📞 Are you sure I’m your daughter?

📞 if you aren’t my daughter then did you find another mother in school? Lyra scoffed

📞 Oh please Lyra, I’m serious. The birth mark.. is it just an ordinary mark? She asked

📞 Why? did something strange happen? Lyra asked, concerned

📞 Not really, just want to know if I should only be scared of sharp objects.. she said and her mom nodded

📞Yes baby.. be far from it at all cost.. you wouldn’t want the secret revealed right?

📞 I know right, take care and my regards to winter and Derrick..she said and ended the call

” You’re scared of sharp objects?” Came kitten’s voice and she flinched

” Since when have you been here?”

” From; “ just wanted to know if I should only be scared of sharp objects” kitten said and sat on her bed

” You have aichmophobia? Tell me, is your secret linked to that?” She asked and spicy laughed

” I’m sorry about the morning, I had no choice but to follow stone face..” She said, changing the topic

” It’s understandable.. you left me for him and Sua also left me for jayce before.. ” kitten rolled her eyes

” Wait, Sua likes Jayce?” Spicy asked and kitten nodded.

” That’s the reason for her awkward behavior all this while, you have the attention of her crush..” kitten replied

” Oh!. ” Spicy muttered. ” Then I should let him know..” she said again before facing kitten properly

” You’ve seen the mark on my neck right cat?” She asked

” Hmmm” kitten nodded

” Can you please touch it? Let’s see if it would react on you..” she said

Kitten stood up from her bed and went to spicy’s

She sat on her bed and spicy turned her back on her, packing her hair up

” Wow, it’s alot brighter than before ” Kitten wowed

” Wait..” she told kitten who was about touching it

” If it’s warm please remove your hands at once.. She said and kitten nodded slowly

Kitten place her finger on it and immediately it came in contact with the tattoo, it burnt her finger without warning

” Ouch!!” she winced loudly removing her hands..

Blood left the spot and spicy’s eyes dilated

” Are you okay?” She asked and kitten shook her head

” Wtf is that mark on your neck?”

” I have no idea.. it’s just.. birth mark I think” she said

” Just wait, I’ll get the first aid kit” spicy got the kit before heading back to kitten and started treating her finger

‘ Oh God, what’s up with the birth Mark?’ She wondered

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