December 5, 2023

( His Sassy Girl… )

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🦋 ÇHAPTER •25&26🦋
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By, Marie G.☘

༒︎♔︎ ⟨‹‹THE HUG… ››⟩ ♔︎༒︎


That moment, Jayce appeared and he staggered slightly at the sight in front of him.. he balled his fist very tightly as he felt jealousy beset him. He made to approach them so he could knock some senses into Darth’s head but someone held him back from behind

He turned around angrily, ready to transfer aggression to whoever it was but stopped when he realized it was Winter, Spicy’s brother..

He was just coming when he saw the angry look on Jayce’s face..

He hadn’t seen his sister yet

Spicy was still confused and hasn’t gotten her senses back since it was sudden

Winter slanted his head sideways to get a glimpse of what Jayce saw and he chuckled at the sight

” Oh my! When did Spicy start K!SSing guys?” He asked surprised and that only got Jayce infuriated

Jayce wiggled his hands out of winter’s hold and started going towards them

Spicy blinked twice and immediately pushed Darth away. She looked very angry and without having a second thought, She slapped him hard across the face

” What do you think you’re doing? Just why did you?” She sighed frustratedly and stormed out of the place before Darth could apologise..

Winter went after Jayce and held him again, stopping him from walking..

” I’m very good at observing and from my observation, I can tell you and that guy there, are in love with my spicy but…..” He trailed off an released Jayce’s hands

” None of you can have her though.. it’s not a curse but an advice. My sister has never liked a guy before. I’m sure she’s gonna hit that guy for K!SSing her. Jeez, that was one bold move” he clicked his tongue together.

” See?” He pointed at a direction and there, Spicy was climbing the stairs to her room looking teed off

” My sister doesn’t do love.. The guy who’s gonna win her heart will have to try hard. That guy is cute and you’re cute too but I wonder who will win the cràzy girl’s heart” He laughed and tapped Jayce’s shoulder

” Don’t take that to heart okay? Just try your luck but I’m pretty sure it won’t work out..” he smiled showing off his cute dimple

” Your name ..” Jayce asked

” Winter, Winter Kang and you are Jayce.. I heard someone say it earlier” he said and walked away leaving Jayce there

He stared at the way leading to the balcony then ran his hands through his hair

” But why would he K!SS her?” He was vexed

” None of us can have her? Is that a challenge?” He wondered

” Then I’m not backing down untill I have her to myself..” he promised

Lilah was just leaving the room when she almost bump into Winter..

Winter looked up and when he saw she was the one, he hissed

” I’m not roaming around, I just wanna see the night sky ” she said with an eye roll

” And I don’t remember asking you..” He replied and walked away heading to his room

” Wow!!! How old is he? I’m sure I’ll be four years older! Rude!” she puffed out air from her mouth before walking back to the room to meet her friends..

She was annoyed and wished she could leave immediately

” Don’t you agree? Spicy’s brother is so cute.. I wish I was younger,I would have loved to make him my boyfriend..” Eydis smiled

” I support that. No wonder she looked really pretty in the female outfit during the party.. ” Denise said but Lilah who just got in, said nothing..

” Can’t believe I got humiliated by that little wizard. I’ll just pretend to be a good girl.. at least untill Sunday morning, just two more nights and it’s over” Lilah muttered

” Is everything alright?” Eydis asked

” Is something not wrong? Didn’t you see how that kiddo embarrassed me? Gosh can’t believe I can’t even do a thing about it”

” Sure.. do a thing and watch how it boomerangs” Eydis rolled her eyes, lying down too


Spicy sat on the bed staring at her friends who were sleeping peacefully.. They were sharing a bed since it’s a super king-sized and could accommodate three of them

” Why would he K!SS me? That was my first K!SS Darth.. why did you do it?” she sighed for the upteenth time

” This is cràzy..” she muttered, lying on the bed.. she closed her eyes yet sleep wouldn’t come as she kept thinking about the K!SS scene

” I was so angry that I had to slap you..” she mumbled, looking frustrated


Darth walked into the sitting room and met Jayce on the couch.. He stared at him shortly and started walking away

” You.. you like her?” Jayce asked and his steps faltered

” That shouldn’t be your concern.. ” He said and walked to their room

They shared a room together

Jayce decided to keep mute and not say a thing but he had promised himself to win Spicy over..

He doesn’t care if Darth was in love with her cos all that matters to him is the one she finally choose in the end..

He took a cushion from the couch and hugged it to himself imagining it to be Spicy as he closed his eyes waiting for sleep

” Why did you allow him K!SS you?? It hurts” he muttered, a single tear falling from his eyes


Everyone woke up and decided to do the cleaning, It was fun as they laughed together

Winter got into the kitchen and met Lilah doing the dishes.. With the way she held the sponge, Winter clicked his tongue very loud from the door

” Pathetic!! And I’m very sure you’re tryna compare yourself with my sister.. can’t believe a girl, this big can’t even do the dishes… What’s your name?” He asked

” Delilah..” Paola replied from the door before entering the kitchen and Winter faced her

” Delilah?? Wow.. it’s no coincidence, I’m very sure you’re the one who betrayed Samson in the Bible. You reincarnated and your parents still decided to name you Delilah?” He shook his head as he tutted

” Just feeling pity for the Samson that’ll get deceived by you..” He snatched the sponge from her
” Hey Winter.. ” kitten called

” Oh, pretty cat..” He smile and she frowned

” Call me that and your gone..” she said jokingly and he smirked

” You can choose to leave Delilah , I’m gonna be making breakfast and I hope you enjoy this kid’s food..” he forced a smile which suddenly turn into a frown

” I wonder why her face irritates me, I could use her face as a scarecrow” He muttered walking to the sink to do the dishes..

Paola and kitten decided to help out so the work would be faster

They were done in minutes and decided to make egg sauce for breakfast

” Can’t believe you can cook..” Paola said

” Sure.. I learned from Lyra and Spicy, they’re good at it”

” Really? Spicy can cook?” Kitten asked and he nodded

” Then we’ve been eating trash At the cafeteria? I need to get some utensils at the hostel.. ” kitten laughed

” I doubt she’ll want to cook” Paola laughed then stopped

” I haven’t seen her this morning.. ” She said

” My roomie is on hell of a deep sleeper, she’ll wake when it’s time” Kitten smiled and Paola nodded

The resumed helping winter with the food till they were done


” Her home is fun.. ” Kim smiled

” Tell me about it! Her parents are really rich and I’m kinda jealous.. ” Paola pouted jokingly

Spicy walked out of the house and she looked around as her eyes searched for Darth but couldn’t find him

” Looking for someone?” Came Jayce’s voice

” Yeah, Darth. I slapped him yesterday and want to apologise”

” You shouldn’t.. you did the right thing anyway.. ” Jayce muttered

” Huh? ” She asked since she didn’t hear him

” Hey Spicy..” Winter interrupted

” breakfast is set.. Tell you friends” He said before turning to Jayce

” If you’re bored, you can come to my room and let’s play some games.. ” He tapped Jayce’s arm and left

” You should all go in, Winter is done with breakfast..” Spicy said to the students who were outside

” You should go in too” she told Jayce and looked around again but didn’t find Darth.. Jayce felt hurt and reluctantly, he went in leaving her outside

” Did he go home? That’s not possible cos his car is still parked ” she muttered and began searching for him

Darth sat on the swing in the garden absentmindedly. He recalled how he had K!SSed her, the slap and how she walked away, he felt hurt but he wasn’t sorry at his actions

” She really looked shocked, I shouldn’t have done that, now I can’t face her.. “he muttered sadly then someone tapped him from behind

He turned only to see Spicy and he looked away as if she wasn’t there

” Hey.. ” she said and sat on the second swing

” I’m sorry about the slap and…

” I wish I could say sorry too but I’m really not sorry about last night Spicy.. I’m Fůçƙing serious and it’s getting me màd” he sighed but she didn’t know what to tell him

He pulled her swing closer and looked into her eyes

” Can’t you just like me back?” He asked in a calm tone

” I only came to tell you Breakfast is set and everyone is eating already..” She said and stood on her feet, she did a little bow and didn’t even know why she did that

She made to leave but he grabbed her wrist and turned her around such that she was now looking at him

” I’m serious Spicy.. I love you.. he said and she blinked..

Strangely, she felt her heart skipped a beat for a second and her eyes widened

She released herself from his hold and stood a distance away

” I’m not saying you should love me back now.. I can wait until when you’re ready but always have it mind that, there’s someone who likes and cherish you a lot.. ” He said and with that he left her presence

Spicy swallowed hard cos she was confused.. her hands went to her chest and settled there

” What just happened?” She Wondered, still staring at him untill he was no more.. She heave a sigh before going to join the rest

The day went in a blur and Jayce wouldn’t say a thing to her, Darth kept his distance too she tried not to look bothered but somehow, she was surprised she was bothered

” This is cràzy.. how both of them like me? I need to make things straight with them then” She exhaled, going to the room with her friends since it’s night already


” You came..” Winter said as Jayce entered the room

” You look sad, I’m sure she isn’t looking your side..” he added, turning on his computer..

He handed a game pad to Jayce

” Can you just stop it already? It’s annoying..” Jayce said and Winter chuckled

” Right! Kinda look like you’ll be spending the night here then.. I saw you use the sitting room last night..” he said but Jayce didn’t say anything

” Let’s start” Jayce said and Winter nodded. He sat next to Jayce and they began to play..

They played for hours and Jayce kept wining

” Ya Jay!… how could you win me in my own room?” Winter pouted and Jayce chuckled..

They went another round and he decided to give Winter the chance to win which he did

” Gosh, I won..” he screamed out loud while Jayce laughed


” Why are your parents not back yet?” Sua asked

” So you’ve decided to talk to me after all? ” Spicy rolled her eyes

” I was just trying to be calm in your home that’s all.. ” She laughed and Spicy rolled her eyes again

” They’ll be back tomorrow ” Spicy replied and Sua nodded

” Your brother is cute.. ” kitten said

” I know, he’s just 17..”

” I never said I was gonna date him, he’s younger, Nae dongsaeng ( my little brother )” kitten replied and laid on the bed..

“Goodnight” spicy said and laid covering herself with the duvet



It was a Sunday and the students decided to return to school , except for Kitten and Sua who decided to stay the night so they could go to school the next morning directly from Spicy’s home

” Bye Spicy, just know we’ve become friends automatically..” Kim said and she smiled

” Thanks for coming.. but I’m never gonna welcome any of you to my house, I couldn’t sleep because of you all..” she said and the rest of her friends laughed

” I hope you guys come over again..” Lyra appeared and the students nodded

” Not in this house.. if you still want your joints intact..” She forced a smile pulling her mom in..

She stared at Darth then at Jayce but they weren’t looking at her until they got into the car

” Bye Jay ” Winter waved and Jayce horn his car with a smile on his face before driving off.. The rest of the students paired themselves in each other’s car and drove off too



Silvio was still in his slumber when he felt someone touch his bare skin.. He immediately snapped his eyes opened and held the person’s hands tightly

” Ouch..” he heard the person wince and took a glance at whoever it was before letting go

” You didn’t tell me you were coming Xanthe” he said as he sat upright

” Just wanted to surprise you, Luhnax brought me here..”

” It’s forbidden Xanthe!” He said sternly and she pouted like a child

” It’s been six months since you left, don’t you miss me?”

” You’ll get punished if father finds out” He said and left the bed

He got a shirt from his wardrobe and wore it before proceeding out of the room

She smiled as she walked behind him

” Why did you come?”

” I just said I miss you”

” Is that it?”

” Well I’ve decided to attend your school… ” She said happily and he stopped walking abruptly making her bump into his back

” You can’t..” He replied

” Why not? ” She asked confused

She knew him to be very cold hearted but somehow, he created a soft spot for her even though it wasn’t the softest spot, but she was glad she could cope

Even with being a little soft with her, she still couldn’t take him for granted; no one could

” Just know you can’t ” he said. ” For now.. ” he added as they got to the sitting room

” Surprise!!” she said as he stare at the various dishes on his dining table..

” Luhnax told me you live on cookies, so I decided to make something” She said and he move his gaze to Luhnax who looked away

” You should stop bothering yourself Xanthe” He faced her

” Why not?” She asked, ushering him to the dining table for dinner



The girls sat in the sitting room watching TV with Lyra and winter. Derrick was asleep already since he was tired due to work

” Mom, can we talk?” spicy stood up and left the house to the balcony

Lyra gave Winter a questioning look and he shrugged

” I’ll be back guys” Lyra said and went after her daughter

” Is everything alright?” She asked and spicy shook her head

” What’s wrong? Tell me” Lyra said and she had to explain things to her mom

” So you don’t like any of them?” Her mom asked

” I’m not sure.. I don’t think I do, I just want us to be friends..” she muttered. ” but it seems it won’t be possible”

” Did your heart beat for any of them?” Lyra ssked and she sighed

” You’ll have to calm down and figure out who you like between them”

” I like both ”

” I don’t mean that type of like, I mean to love.. ” Lyra said

” I love you, dad and Winter..” she replied and held her mom

” Don’t worry about me mom, I’ll figure out something soon.. I need to be sure about my feelings first” She said and walked back to the sitting room with her mom

Things went well and before they new it, it was dark already and the girls had dinner before retiring to their room.



Spicy and her friends got to school and headed to their room to drop their bags before walking out of the room

” We’re late.. ” Spicy said

” Yeah.. we slept comfortably what do you expect?” Sua said and they laughed

” Let’s run.. ” kitten said

” No, I can’t ” Spicy pouted

” Stop being a lazy @$$” Kittten pulled her along

Sua got to her destination while kitten and Spicy continued theirs..

They kept running until Spicy suddenly missed a step

She felt herself going way too forward than she expected.. she tried to stand her ground but couldn’t

” Spicy careful!..” Kitten shouted, she had stopped running

Every eyes widened when she went directly into Silvio’s arms, hugging him unaware. It wasn’t intentional and she didn’t expect it.

He was just coming too. He was late and it was all thanks to his fiancee

Her hands wrapped around his neck for support.. Darth and Jayce stared at their position, shocked even though Silvio didn’t hug her back

She stared and him and gulped nothing down her throat as she felt her heart beat rapidly but abnormally

Lilah appeared too and her mouth went wide, the ice cream she held fell from her hands

” OMG.. she’ll be the first girl to hug him ever since he came.. ” Eydis said with dilated eyes



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