Her thirst
Revenge πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
( My bloody vengeance )

Episode 6

Rome stood there staring at her till he disappeared

He walked away sadly

Did I do something bad, he thought

No I haven’t met her before apart from the mall, he sighed

Why am I even feeling sad, he touched his chest

Booo, Charles shouted

He flinched

Are you crazy, he frowned

I kept calling you but you weren’t listening, what were you thinking about, Charles asked

Rome rolled his eyes

What happened, why did you follow her, Charles asked

She slapped Nam ra’s mum, Rome said

Charles gasped

What the hell, she must really love to slap, I mean Nam ra, her mom and finally you, Charles said

Rome groaned

What am I even doing with you, where is Blake, He asked walking away

Charles smiled and followed him


As Vienna entered the class, everyone gasped

πŸ‘₯ She didn’t get evicted
πŸ—£οΈ What the hell happened
πŸ‘₯ Maybe she had connection

Vienna rolled her eyes and sat down

OMG, what the hell happened, Did Rome save you, did you beg, Sara and Heather bombarded her with questions

Vienna rolled her eyes

Or have you been evicted already, Sara gasped

Dummy would she be here if she had been evicted, Heather asked

Yes that’s true, Sara replied

Nothing okay, just a woman slapped me and that guy dragged me out, Vienna said

OMG Rome is such a cutie, Heather smiled

Sara scoffed


The classes for the day finally ended

Babe will you attend my party tonight, I am throwing a party, Heather asked

I would have loved to but, she paused and looked outside

Rome, Charles and Blake were together

She saw them through the transparent glass

Almost immediately, the students started screaming

I would love to, today is a good day, she smiled

Great news, see you there, Heather said and rushed out to meet Charles

Vienna smiled

Seems like the omegas will loose their heir tonight, she smirked


Rain drove her motorbike, she was speeding or should I say flying

Her hair scattered around her face

Welcome to the world, she screamed loudly

She entered a street, a car was coming too in high speed

FΕ―Γ§Ζ™, she groaned

She tried to swerve to the right but it was too late, the car hit her bike, she flew from it and fell on the road bruising her knee

The guy came out to the car and rushed to her

Are you okay, he asked

She looked at him angrily and punched his nose

He gasped

She stood up furiously

Do you want to kill me when I am just coming to the world, she snapped


She punched his nose again

FΕ―Γ§Ζ™, it hurts, he hissed

She went to his car and faced him, looking more angrily

Did you want to kill me because you were pressing your phone, she snarled

I am sorry okay, it was a

He hadn’t finished talking, when she grabbed a big stone and hit his windscreen

Noooo, he screamed

Bastard, you are lucky, I would have destroyed this toy, she snapped and went back to her bike

Toy, he gasped

Did you say something, she asked with red eyes

No, he replied hurriedly

Fortunately the bike wasn’t bad, she hopped on it and drove away

Not after slapping his head though


Rome stared at his reflection in the mirror and sighed

Is she blind, he thought

Gosh don’t tell me I am thinking of her again, he groaned

He grabbed his jacket and put it on

So Sexy, he grinned

His door opened, Nam ra entered looking furious

He was surprised seeing her, well she was supposed to be at a hospital or whatever

But then again, she didn’t knock

He rolled his eyes

What the hell was that Rome, she screamed

He grabbed his watch

Are you ignoring me Rome, she asked in anger

He wore his watch and turned to go, she blocked him

What do you want from me, He asked calmly

Is that a question, I asked why you did that, do you know her, she asked

Answer yourself, he replied

Then she remembered, the girl he was drawing

Her anger increased

Rome pushed her aside and tried to walk out, she held him back

If you are feeling anything for her, you better forget it, we will get married Rome, She said

Go wed yourself, he said

I am serious Rome, I will kill her if you don’t stop, I am serious, she said furiously

You are crazy, He scoffed

He pushed her away and walked out

She fell to the ground and hit her nose on the bed stand

Ouch Rome, she screamed


He drove to the party

He came down, Charles packed next to him and from the looks of things he was still inside

He went to his car

He was with Heather, they were K!SSing

He rolled his eyes

Heather pulled away

Rome, she called brightly

He smiled at her

Charles scoffed

You should stop smiling, you are murdering some people, she said

He laughed

Including you?

Excuse me, I am not invisible, Charles frowned

Rome grinned

Nah, I have my baby, Heather replied K!SSing Charles

Fine I know I should leave, Rome said

They all laughed

Blake tapped Rome’s shoulder

He turned back, he almost screamed

Blake’s nose was very red

What the FΕ―Γ§Ζ™, Charles exclaimed

I hit a girl mistakingly, she did this to me, he replied

Don’t tell me you got into an accident again, when would you change, Rome frowned

Always pressing phone and driving, it would have been different if it was FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing, Charles said

What, Heather frowned

Oh babe, I am sorry, I didn’t remember you were here, Charles said

Seriously, she frowned

Oops wrong word, sorry babe, he said

She scoffed and walked away

Babe wait, he shouted and ran after her

The both of you, I should just throw you away, Rome said and walked away smiling


He entered the party, the students around started screaming

He smiled and went to sit down

The bartender served him drink

He looked around for Vienna but he couldn’t find her, he sighed

Charles came to seat beside him looking dejected

Don’t tell me you broke up again, Rome asked

Charles nodded sadly

You are both hopeless, he said

Charles took a drink from the table and gulped it at once

She wasn’t coming, he became frustrated and went to the rooftop

I am crazy, God what’s wrong with me, he thought sadly

He touched the rail and looked down

He sighed

He heard footsteps behind him, before he could turn, a hand pushed him

Noooo, he screamed loudly as he started falling


Written by Rosemary 🌹


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