Her thirst
Revenge ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
( my bloody vengeance )

Episode 22

What the hell, he gasped

She started really away

By then everyone had turned their attention to them

Heather was still recording

His waist was hurting a lot but he still ran after her

She slid under one of the table and hid there

He groaned and went there

You caught me, she screamed

Let’s go, he said

She pouted her lips

He dragged her up

By now the people were already laughing

Bye Bye, I going home, she shouted waving at them

Rome called a cab, he wanted to take her home but then

He sighed

The taxi dropped them at one of his mother’s penthouse

Yes Monica has a lot of houses, what she does is shop, and buy properties probably to prepare for the future ๐Ÿ™„

She rushed inside immediately he opened the door

Not again, he groaned

She came back crying

What’s wrong, he asked

They are not there, I can’t find them, I want to go home, she cried

He touched her hair

Take me back home, I want to go home, she cried

Let’s go, let me take you home, he said

She fell to the ground and grabbed his leg

What have I gotten myself into, he groaned

She hugged his leg, she definitely wasn’t letting go

What the hell are you doing, are you chewing my leg, he gasped

It’s yummy, she said grinning

Vienna, he screamed

She jumped up and gasped

It’s a snake, she shouted

He jumped in fear and looked around

There was no snake

It’s behind you, she said

He turned back, it’s was a portrait of a snake on the wall

He held his head in pain

Should we shower together, she asked

His eyes widened in shock

She laughed and started walking away but then she staggered

He held her immediately, she passed out in his arms

He carried her to the bed, he was already frustrated

He covered her with the duvet and went to shower

His waist was really hurting and his foot, she almost chewed it off

But then he laughed

Jeez what’s funny, his mind screamed at him

She is cute, he mumbled

He wore one of his mum’s pajamas

He looked really funny but he had no choice

He finished bathing and went to the guest room

He wasn’t feeling sleepy and he was bored

Next he found himself drawing

No one else but Vienna

A picture of her sleeping peacefully, just as he had left her

Then he drew himself watching her sleep

He was feeling sleepy, so he decided to check her before he sleeps

But she wasn’t there, his jaw dropped

Did she run, was she pretending all along, did she sober up and run away in embarrassment, all this thoughts ran through his mind

He rushed to the living room, the main door was ajar

He gulped hard

Vienna, he screamed

There was no reply

He started breathing hard, his armpits started itching

Where the hell was she, he thought

He ran to the gate side, there she was

She was trying to open the gate

He rushed to her and wanted to talk but then he gasped

She wasn’t conscious at all, wait she sleep walks, he gasped

Her eyes were open, but she definitely didn’t recognize him

He carried her back to the room and laid her on the bed, her eyes were open, but she wasn’t moving

Worried that she might leave again, he decided to watch her but then he fell asleep

When he woke up, it was already past midnight and she was asleep but she was burning up

He put ice and towel on her forehead

Did she go though something traumatic, he thought staring at her

She is really beautiful, her lashes are long, lips pink and her hair, it was scattered everywhere

It’s really long, he said staring at the hair

He touched it and smiled


Next day

Vienna’s head was pounding when she woke up

Fลฏรงฦ™ what happened, she groaned holding her head

She then remembered drinking with Xander but she doesn’t remember what happened after that

She looked around

The place looks unfamiliar

Did that jerk take me to his house, she thought

Someone will definitely die today, she thought

The door opened, Rome came in holding a tray

You, she gasped

Morning drunken master, he said smiling

What are you doing here, she asked

He dropped the tray he was holding and waved at her

You don’t remember anything, he gasped

Remember what, what happened, she asked looking around

Where’s Xander, she asked

Rome scoffed

I don’t know probably at the Bar’s toilet, he replied

Huh, she gasped

She suddenly jumped up, I need to go home, she yelled

He looked at her in confusion

Phone phone, ouch battery battery, she shouted

Are you still drunk, he asked in disbelief

She glared at him

Sorry but you keep saying nonsense, he said

Her stomach made hungry noises

You should have your breakfast first, maybe it will help, he said

She carried the tray and sat down

She was too hungry to have pride

She started eating hungrily

Rome stared at her as she ate

Don’t you have work to do, she asked

Unfortunately no, he replied

She scoffed

Are you free today, he asked

Class OMG, I’ve missed it, she gasped

Relax babe, I can teach you even if you don’t know, he said

She frowned

Let’s skip school, you are still drunk anyway, let’s go out

She glared at him

Sorry miss, he bowed

She dropped the tray

Wow you have a large appetite, he said

Shut up, she snapped

You wouldn’t say that if you remember what happened last night, he said

What happened, she asked

Seriously don’t ever drink again, if I am not there, he said

She scoffed

I can hold myself, and how did you even get there, she asked

Long story, you should shower first there are clothes in the wardrobe, he said and left the room

She stood up, her eyes fell on the mirror beside her

She screamed


Rome’s jaw dropped when she came out

She was wearing a simple clothe but she looked really sexy

Your mum is really skinny, she said

The clothes are his mom’s, he found himself a shirt and trouser, it fitted him perfectly though

Well everything fits him anyway

He looked away, before he would fall into temptation

Are we going or not, she asked


Vienna glared at him as though he had gone crazy

They were at an amusement park

What the heck are we doing here, are we babies, she snapped

I saw you here, not too long ago, he said

That was because I was returning a lost kid, she snapped

Come on let’s enjoy it, it’s fun too, he said

Her eyes fell on the roller coaster

Not that please any other thing please, he begged

She smirked

It looks cute, she said


Rome held his stomach in pain

Gosh you are no fun, I really loved that, she said looking really happy

Gosh I can’t believe you threw up there, who’s gonna clean it, she said laughing

His eyes softened

She noticed he was staring at her and poked him

I just noticed this is the first time I’ve seen you laugh, he said

I thought you never laugh, he added

She smiled

And you are the first person to make me laugh this hard after so many years, she said

They both sat down quietly

Were you going through something, he asked

The last time I visited or should I say played at a park was when I was five, she said

He stared at her

Surprisingly I remember everything clearly, I wonder why, she said

Maybe it’s important to you, why didn’t you visit it again, he asked

Nothing, I just grew up, she replied

Enough with the questions, I think it’s time for you to go home, she said

Huh, he frowned

I mean they are here for you, she said

He traced her eyes

Men on suit was walking aggressively towards them

He groaned

No need to run, them are every where, she added

He looked around, she was right

Did you commit a crime, they are not smiling, they must have received strict orders from the boss, she said

He remembered Gerald ordered everyone not to leaving the house

He sighed

Bye anyway, it was fun, he said and stood up

She stared at him silently

The men got to them

Young master, we have been ordered to bring you home, we were told to use force if you resist, they said

Rome followed them calmly


A loud slap landed on Vienna’s cheek, then another one, then another one

She didn’t even move an inch

Ungrateful ฦรฎtรงh, the boss screamed

I took you in and this is how you pay me back, I sent you to kill him not move him, he screamed throwing pictures at her

It was the picture of she and Rome at the park

Kill him, kill him, I said but you disobeyed me, who do you think you are, I can kill you without blinking, he screamed

Rain looked at the picture and gulped

Boss she is only getting close to him to get information and………

Shut the Fลฏรงฦ™ up, else I will blow off your head, he snarled

She bowed her head

Kill him, this is your last chance, the next time you meet him, it should be his death day, he snapped

Yes boss, Vienna bowed

He stormed out and drove off angrily

Rain sighed in relief

I thought he was going to kill you, I was really worried, she said

Vienna turned to the stairs silently

Aren’t you going to treat yourself, you have bruises there, Rain said

She ignored her

Are you really going to kill him, Tom asked

She stopped walking

That’s the boss’s orders, I have no choice but to obey it, Vienna replied

What, Rain gasped

She ignored them and went to her room

Her happy moments with Rome at the park flashed in her mind

I know it’s temporary, she mumbled

The door opened, Rain came in

I will sleep here, she said

Vienna rolled her eyes

They both laid on the bed

Are you mad at me, Rain asked

No I am mad at myself, I shouldn’t be soft, I should just kill him and be done with it, she said

But that’s not revenge, he didn’t hurt you, Gerald did, if he dies, the company can go to one of his daughters or he can even have another male child, Rain said

Vienna blinked

Do the right thing, Rain said

Anyway how did you sleep last night without your injection, Rain asked

I was drunk so I don’t remember, she replied

But Rome was there, do you think he knows, Rain asked

He would ask me if he does, she replied

You should have taken drugs instead, it would have been better for you, I mean you can swallow it before anything, but syringe, Rain shook her head

I hate that thing, Vienna said

Thank God I have been feeding you your drugs myself, but you didn’t take it today, Rain said

It doesn’t matter, I will tomorrow under your wish, she rolled her eyes

Her eyes fell on the necklace on her table

Rome’s necklace

Images appeared in her head, she held her head in pain

She became dead temporary, not hearing what Rain was saying

Rain started panicking and shouting

Tom and Celine rushed to the room

Celine tapped her back repeatedly

She screamed

Vienna, Rain screamed

It the necklace, she stuttered in tears

Tom grabbed the necklace and hid it

I saw someone came inside and killed my nanny, she said in tears

How is that possible, Rain asked

It seems like what I am seeing is not everything, she whispered

Her thirst
Revenge ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
( my bloody vengeance )

Episode 23

Rain entered Vienna’s room holding a tray

Are you going to school today, Rain asked

Vienna nodded

She was already dressed

Fine, I can’t stop you even if I want to anyway, take your drugs, Rain said

Vienna groaned

We can’t take any chances, you didn’t take it yesterday and you saw what happened, Rain said

Yes mum, I will have it mum, Vienna rolled her eyes

Rain smiled and gave her the drugs and water

Rain stared at her keenly as she forced the drugs down her throat

Are you going to kill him, she asked

Vienna looked at her

Will you really kill him, she continued

Vienna smiled

We will deal with it later, not now, I don’t want to talk about it please, she said and left the room

Rain sighed


Everyone was chatting excitedly when Vienna drove in

She wasn’t in the mood, so she went straight to the class

Heather waved her

You came, I thought you wouldn’t, Heather said

I did, she said and sat down

Sara was there but she was busy with her phone and smiling too

She looked up and held Heather

Should we go shopping together, I mean we need new clothes, she said

Urhm yep! Shopping it is, Heather agreed

You are coming with us right, Sara asked Vienna

Why do we need to shop, Vienna asked

Don’t tell me your phone is just a decoration, didn’t you see the memo, Sara asked in return

Vienna rolled her eyes

We are going to a fun trip this weekend, everyone is excited, Heather said

Yeah, gosh I am so excited, infact everyone is, we do go for a trip every semester, Sara said

Must everyone come, Vienna asked

Not really, but everyone loves it plus, you can get points from the trip for nerds, Sara replied

There is no way you are not coming, I will drag you if necessary, Heather said

They all laughed

Charles and Blake came in, the students started screaming as usual

Vienna was slightly disappointed but she didn’t know why

Maybe because Rome was not there or what, and why isn’t he with them anyway

OMG he missed me a lot, bye girls, I need to be with my baby, Heather said and rushed to Charles

Vienna scoffed

The rest of the day was so annoying, she kept looking at the door hoping he would come in but who was she kidding

She left immediately the classes ended, she had a lot going through her head

She stopped by the bar, she went to previously to drink to probably calm her nerves but, she remembered what Rome said

Don’t ever drink again, if I am not there, he had said

She covered her face with her hands

Why am I feeling this way huh, she thought

She left without taking anything and went home

Everyone was surprised to see her home early because she always came home late unless they have a mission

She went straight to her room and crashed on her bed

A part of her was dying to see Rome and the other part didn’t want to see him

She remembered what the boss said

‘ the next time you meet him should be his death day ‘

Was she really going to kill him

Whatever is wrong but she knows that, that’s not all, there is more to the story

Yes Gerald ordered their death, but he didn’t do it himself, who did he send, she had to find them too

And the necklace, she had always thought maybe it was her mom’s necklace but the image she saw yesterday

It was her Nanny’s, why would her nanny give her her necklace, she thought

Everything is just crazy and suffocating

She began to imagine her life if her parents weren’t killed

She would go to elementary school, high school and finally college, she smiled

Her big sis Brianna would have married and had kids already

Then Boris, she chuckled

Boris always had a young stature

He takes after their mom a lot, she looks younger than her age and short๐Ÿ™„ lol

Boris was then then but he looked seven or six

Then her parents, they would have gotten older

She would have done all the things she wanted to do since she was young

Get a boyfriend, go to prom, go to a date, have first SยฃX, go to Cinema etc

And then the shadow assassin wouldn’t be existing

She wiped her tears

She felt used and betrayed

But something was sure, Gerald must surely pay even if she must give her life away, she thought


It was finally the day of the trip

Rain helped her to arrange her clothes

It’s just for the weekend, it’s not forever, She groaned

Oh please have fun, you have been in your shell for days, Rain said

Yeah days had past, she was always in her room whenever she came back

Rome didn’t show up, maybe that was part of her problems too

She wondered if he was okay but then again, she was scared of seeing him

Here your drugs, I will do a video call with you every day to be sure you are taking it, Rain said

She rolled her eyes

You better do, Rain warned

Yes mom, Vienna bowed

They both smiled


Train station

She kept looking around, maybe he will come out from somewhere, she thought

But who is she kidding

Someone touched her shoulder

She turned back

You look lost, Sara said

Yeah, I am definitely lost, she said ruffling her hair

Where’s Heather, she asked

Heather and Charles came together wearing matching outfits, Blake walked with them

The students were admiring and saying lovely things about them

Heather and Charles blushed

The finally got to Vienna and Sara

Hey Good morning, Heather said cheerfully

Morning princess you look, gawd when, Sara said

They all laughed

Seems like that jerk won’t be coming too, Blake said sadly

I know right, I thought of it, Charles said

Didn’t you call him, Vienna asked

They all turned to her in surprise

Yeah we did but he didn’t say anything about coming, Charles replied

She turned around and went to enter the train

She is weird, Charles mumbled

I know right, let’s hurry we might miss the train, Blake said

They all rushed to the train

Blake went to sit beside Vienna

Charles and Heather were sitting together

Sara was sitting with another girl

Are you okay, Blake asked

Do I look sick, she replied scoffing

He stared into her eyes quietly

Haven’t we met before, he asked unconsciously

Yeah yesterday, she replied with a scoff

He leaned closer to her, you know you are rude and I don’t like rude people but at the same time you are different, and I like that, he whispered

She faced him

Any time you want to talk to someone, I am just few steps away, he said

She sighed and closed her eyes


The place was really beautiful

They went to Damyang, a city surrounded by huge bamboo forests, tea fields and grape vineyard

A lot of women there was wearing Hanbok ( a Korean traditional clothing ) and it looked so beautiful with their traditional house ( Hanok )

The students were already taking pictures and running around excitedly

Vienna sighed

Cheer up, cheer up, did you loose someone close to you, someone whispered

Xander, she gasped and turned

How did you know, oh I guess my voice, he said laughing

You came, she asked

Of course, you are seeing me, so I came, he replied

I thought you died, after losing to me, Vienna said

Lose to you my @$$, I didn’t lose anything, I won, he scoffed

Oh please I remember okay you went home, She said

No you went home, you begged a man to take you home, Xander said

Oh please that’s rubbish, why would I do that, she scoffed

You tried to K!SS me, she gasped

What the hell, when, he asked

I just remembered it now, jeez you deserve beating, I will break all your bones, she threatened

But I didn’t K!SS, did I, he asked

Never, she snapped

I wish I did, he mumbled

She glared at him, he looked down

Someone pushed her from the back

She turned

Stop standing there like a stick, be useful, Nam ra snapped

Vienna scoffed

I thought you had been buried already, She said

Why would they bury me, she asked frowning

Reply yourself, Vienna replied and turned to go

Nam ra pulled her back

Fลฏรงฦ™er how dare you talk to me that way, you think anyone can save you, she said

Xander cleared his throat, Vienna scoffed and snatched her hand

I don’t need no one to save me ฦรฎtรงh, because I got hands, Vienna said smirking

Nam ra was about to say something when a private jet flew to the area, ready to land

They all looked in surprise and shock

The jet landed

Rome stepped out, it was as if he got more handsome during his holiday

The students started screaming

Vienna’s heart started beating fast

I have to choose, she thought biting her lips


Written by Rosemary


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