Her thirst
Revenge 🔥🔥
( my bloody vengeance )

Episode 20

He rushed out and drove out immediately, his guards trailed him

On getting there, everything was razed to the ground

He screamed loudly

The workers bowed their heads in fear

How did this happen, Kent his personal guard asked

I don’t know how it happened, fumigators came and then before we could realize it, it was one fire, the head worker said

Gerald grabbed a stick from the ground

I am sorry sir please forgive me, the head worker begged on his knees this time

Gerald charged at him and hit him the stick, the man fell to the ground

He continued hitting him till he died, no one moved an inch

He screamed and threw the stick away

He rushed back to his car

Burn the body, Kent told the remaining guards and ran after him


The doctors were already treating Freya

The table fell on her, she vomited blood and was in pain

The family doctor was called, since she didn’t want to go to the hospital

Rome was outside her room with Iris

Iris looked uneasy and uncomfortable like something was eating her up

He sighed and went to her

She looked up in surprised

She will be fine no need to worry, she is quite strong, he said

She bit her lips

And where is Ivy, he asked

She didn’t reply him

He sighed

He touched her shoulder and started walking away

Why do you suddenly care, Iris asked

He stopped walking and turned back

Because you are my sister, he replied

She looked at him in shock

Why are you surprised aren’t we siblings, you can talk to me anytime you aren’t okay, he said and walked away

Iris squeezed her hand


It is really serious but I will check on you, if it needs surgery, it will be done immediately, the doctor said

Freya rolled her eyes

Monica came into the room

What the hell are you doing here, Freya snapped

Monica scoffed

Must you yell at a sympathiser, Monica said smirking

I don’t want your Fůçƙing sympathy, leave, she yelled

The pain in her stomach started again

Please stop yelling Mrs Omega, the doctor said

Monica laughed

Yell okay, I wished you had vomited your intestines too, Ɓîtçh, she spat

Freya’s eyes turned red

Shouldn’t you be mad at Gerald instead, I mean he out you in this position, Monica smirked

Please leave, the doctor said

Maybe then you can beg him to Fůçƙ you, so you will finally have the boy you always wanted, Monica said

I will kill you, Freya screamed not minding the pain

Monica laughed evily and left the room

She bumped into the maid ( Nora )

Are you blind, she screamed

Yes ma, Nora replied smiling

Monica faced her in anger

You are really pretty ma, Nora added

Really, Monica asked her anger started fading

Yes very pretty, no wonder you are the boss’s favorite, Nora replied

Monica tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled

When did you come here, she asked

Just last week, she replied bowing

Last week but how did you know I am the boss’s favorite, Monica asked

Urhm I heard so, Nora replied

Monica rolled her eyes and walked away

Should I just use her, Nora smirked


Monica went to Rome’s room

He was drawing, he his it immediately he saw her

Why don’t you ever listen to your father and I, Monica frowned

Why are you here, Rome asked

Is it a crime to be at my son’s room, Monica asked

Rome rolled his eyes

She sat down and sighed

It really hurts, so Fůçƙing much that my own son hates me a lot, she said sadly

I don’t hate you, Rome whispered

She turned to him and smiled

Can I hug you, she asked

He looked at her in surprise

She pulled his into a hug almost squeezing him

I miss you, she whispered

I love you my son, she said crying

Rome pulled away and held her face

You don’t need to ask before hugging me, he said

She held his hand

I am doing everything for you, so please always obey your father, she said

Rome scoffed and pulled his hand away

Really for me or for the property, Rome asked

Without the property, do you think you would be able to live, You would have been killed long time ago, Monica said

Exactly then why did you Fůçƙ your best friend’s husband in the first place, Rome asked

Monica looked at him

You should have met your own and raised a happy family, then you will be happy, he snapped

Tears fell from her eyes

Forget about me, what about Candy

How can she grow up normally, you’ve ruined her life because of your greed, he snarled

Goodnight, Monica said and left the room

Tears fell from, Rome’s eyes


I got it, Tom screamed happily

They all rushed to him

Badass, Rain hailed laughing

Vienna smiled and patted his head

The omegas will be crushed, he grinned

But wait why does it look like you are fighting them personally, Rain asked

Of course, he replied remembering Iris

Because of that girl, mehn I can’t believe she did that, Rome is different he is a cutie, Rain said

Maybe because they have different mothers, Celine said

Should I post it, Tom asked

Not now, Vienna replied

They all looked at her

The burnt warehouse will get all the attention, in the evening, she added smirking


Are you okay, Blake asked

Rome smiled

Do I look sick, Rome asked in return

Everyone is staring, they said the Omega empire will crash soon, Charles said

I know, I can’t put my eggs in one basket, I don’t even care about the inheritance, Rome said

What else, Charles asked

Are you dumb, his drawing, Blake said

Wow that, Charles gasped

I’ve entered a blind contest, Rome said

OMG you are really smart and sweet, Charles gushed

Blake rolled his eyes

Vienna drove in, Rome tried hard not to look at her

Oh please, you go to her already, Charles said rolling his eyes

Rome scoffed and started walking away

I heard Xander likes her, do you think he will go for her, Blake asked

Of course, you know Xander he is always good at those things, Charles replied

Rome turned back frowning

Are you guys trying to get into my head, he snapped

Did we call you, we were just discussing, Blake rolled his eyes

Rome turned to Vienna

She was already walking away, he tried to follow her but someone held his shoulder

He stopped and turned back

It was Nam ra

Charles and Blake scoffed and walked away

I want to talk to you, she said softly

Rome scoffed

What do you want, he asked

I am really sorry, I know I’ve messed up please, forgive me, she begged

He sighed

I know I have been a bad person, please forgive me, she begged

I promise to change, I’ve worked on myself, she added

Why are you begging me, he asked

She gulped, urhm I’ve hurt you too, she said

He stared at her blankly

She tried to kneel down but he held her

It’s okay, I’ve heard, he said

She smiled and hugged him


Gerald was sitting in his office

He was able to persuade the investors but he knew the damage that had been done, it will take almost ten years to recover from it

His secretary ran in P@ŋting

Hilda, he called in surprise

Sir you need to see this, she said giving him her phone

He took the phone, his jaw dropped

It was a video of him killing one of his workers at that warehouse

How, he gasped

It’s trending online, she said

Arrrrrrrrh, he screamed and threw the phone to the ground

The secretary ran away immediately

He punched the wall, his hand started bleeding

Someone definitely wants to bring him down

His phone started ringing

He picked it

📳 Did you like my gift Gerald

Who the hell are you, he growled

📳 ( Laughter )

Fůçƙ you, show yourself to me, he screamed

📳 Exactly if you are as strong as you think, come to me, ( smirks )

You are a female, you think you can bring me down huh, never Gerald never goes down, he growled

📳 ( Still laughing ) you are pathetic Gerald, a tiger doesn’t roar it just attacks, see you soon

I will kill you, he growled

📳 You should treat your hand first before you bleed to death

He looked around in surprise

📳 Find me if you can, I will be waiting

Ɓîtçh, he cursed

📳 You will die several times before your death, ( smirks ) Adios

She hung up

He screamed and threw the phone too



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