Her thirst
Revenge 🔥🔥
( my bloody vengeance )

Episode 19

Iris felt really uneasy and uncomfortable, the thought of what she did to Tom made her feel uneasy

The students weren’t aware yet, including Ivy

Aren’t you going to school today, Ivy asked coming into her room

She was already dressed for school

She stood up sluggishly

Be fast okay, its becoming annoying already, Ivy said and left the room

Iris followed her to the car, she was silent throughout the drive

Ivy rolled her eyes and ignored her

When they reached school, they noticed the students around the memo board

Iris already knew what it was and Ivy didn’t care about memo board or trash

Ivy!, her friend Felicia called rushing to them

Iris blinked her eyes,

Have you heard, Felicia asked

Heard what, Ivy asked in return

The new boy, Tom has been suspended for two weeks for attacking Austin, Felicia replied

What!, Ivy gasped, its in the memo board, Felicia added

Ivy rushed to the memo board, the students paved way for her, she rushed back and made to leave in a hurry, but Iris pulled her back

Let go, ivy snapped

Where are you heading to, Iris asked

Where else the principals office, I will fire him, she screamed

But why, if he really assaulted Austin then he deserves to be even suspended, iris said

Ivy pulled away from her angrily

Austin is my childhood friend so I know what he is like, even if he assaulted him so what, Austin has done worse but he hasn’t been punished, Ivy said and yanked her hand off

I thought you liked Austin, Iris asked

You heard yourself liked, moreover he never liked me back, Ivy replied and walked away

Iris ruffled her hair in frustration


Baby you aren’t eating, are you okay, Cho Hee asked

Nam ra blinked, tears fell from her eyes

Jeez who made my pearl cry, Cho Hee gasped

Mum, Nam ra called crying loudly

Calm down baby, whats wrong, Cho Hee asked

Its because of a girl, she humiliated me in front of the school, Nam, ra cried

Who dared, Cho Hee yelled

Not only that she is also seducing Rome, she is the girl Rome drew that day and now he hates me because of her, she screamed in tears

Who is she whats her name, Cho hee asked in anger

Vienna Sebastine, Nam ra replied

The girl that beat you up the other day, Cho hee askedNam ra nodded

That Ɓîtçh, Cho hee cursed and left the dinning

Nam ra smirked, I will kill you Vienna I promise, she grinned


Bro, I really missed you, Charles said hugging Rome

It wasn’t even up to a week, Rome scoffed

Exactly I missed you like crazy, Charles said

Heather you are here, Blake said staring at the car park

Charles hid behind Rome

MotherFůçƙer, Blake laughed

Jeez, I Fůçƙing hate you, Charles screamed

Me too, Blake smirked

They were all inside Romes car, in their special parking lot

Now Rome tell us, where were you, Blake asked

Yeah you even lied to your family, was it a girls house, Charles asked

Rome glared at him

Just then Vienna drove in, Rome stared at her

The K!SS flashed in his mind, his heart started beating fast

I think ive got my answer, how about you Charles, Blake asked

Yeah me too, Vienna and Rome sitting on a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g, Charles repliedStop it its not Vienna, Rome frowned

Damn did we call any name, Blake askedNot at all bro, so you were really at a girls house or should I say Vienna’s house, Charles asked

Rome looked at them and left the car

Hey get back in here, where are you going to, Charles snapped

I am done with you guys, Rome said

Never for better for worst, Charles said

Yes that true, but is that not for couples, Blake asked

Rome shook his head


The lecturer finally left the class, everyone was already tired and weak

Heather sighed in relief and packed her books hurriedlyVienna shook her head

So I heard, a street gang was killed yesterday, one of the students said

That suits then, I heard they always stole, R@P£D and did all sort of crimes, another added

They were all strangled to death, do you think it’s the shadow asassian, another asked

Nah she doesn’t go low to kill such people, she kills only high ranking rich officials eg the president, another replied, they continued talking

Vienna scoffed

Someone sat beside her, she rolled her eyes

She already knew who it was

You look like you don’t like seeing me, Xander said

Thank goodness you know, she rolled her eyes

Why cause I am a bully, he asked, she scoffed and rolled her eyes

I saw the news, he said, she was silent

Did you kill them, he asked

She faced him and burst into laughter

Everyone turned to them

Rome clenched his fist, Charles cleared his throat

Rome glared at him

I didn’t say anything yet, he said blinking innocently

Vienna grabbed her bag and left the class

Xander followed

I asked a question, correct me if I am wrong, he said

She stopped and faced him

Are you even listening to yourself, do I look like a killer, she snapped

He gulped, well they were after you and the next thing they are dead, he stuttered

Jerk, she mumbled and walked away

He sighed


Few days later

I really can’t believe the both of you, when did you become friends, Rain asked still in shock

Tom and Celine were together in the dinning talking

Are you jealous, Tom asked

Rain laughed loudly

Are you crazy, jealous of what are you my boyfriend, she scoffed

Then look away, I am with the love of my life, Tom said

Celine smacked his head

Rain puked dramatically

The door bell rang, she went to open the door

What the hell, she gasped

Jerry was at the door smiling

Boss asked me to assist you in the mission, he said and came in fully

Celine gulped when she saw him but Jerry!

He was busy looking for Vienna

Why the hell would he send you, Rain frowned

Vienna came in, Jerry smiled

She glanced at Jerry and looked away

It’s time, she said and left the house, the others followed her

Soon they were at the Omega’s warehouse, that’s their biggest warehouse where they store both legal and illegal goods

It was also a laboratory

They were workers everywhere

We are fumigators, Jerry said showing his fake ID card

They let them in after some series of procedures

Jerry and Rain connected the pipe and started spraying the petrol

They made sure everywhere was wet, the workers had earlier evacuated the place

They came out, Vienna came out of the car and stared at the warehouse coldly

I will be your death Gerald, she said

She turned on the lighter and threw it to the warehouse

It caught fire immediately


Rome came to the dinning, it was dinner time

He didn’t like eating here but Gerald warned him to show up

He was already late though

Everyone was was sitting beside Gerald, Iris, Ivy and Candy, apart from Monica and Freya who were sitting beside each other glaring at each other hatefully

Rome rolled his eyes

Candy gave him signs to sit beside her, the rule of the family is that no one talks when eating, except there is a visitor

He smiled and sat down

Just then Gerald’s phone rang

He picked it up

Whatttt, he gasped and stood up in shock

Everyone faced him

Noooooo, he screamed and pushed the dinning table with force

Monica was quick to escape but Freya was slow

The whole food and table fell on Freya


Written by Rosemary 🌹


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