Her thirst
Revenge 🔥🔥
( my bloody vengeance )

Episode 16

Nam ra almost hit her head on the table but Heather caught her

you shouldn’t lose your memory, especially this, she smirked

Nam ra pulled away and rushed out, no one even cared about her again

She rushed outside and screamed loudly

The people around were staring at her but she didn’t care, her driver came out

Ma’am are you okay, het driver asked, she removed her heels and threw it at him

it injured his head but she didn’t care, And he wouldn’t date complain unless he wants to lose his job and probably his life

She entered the car, he rushed inside too and drove off


The next day

Sister in law, Heather screamed immediately Vienna entered the class

👥 She is finally here
👤 That $lüt, Arhhhh I want to break her legs
👥 I trust Nam ra, she is dead already
👤 I can’t believe her

Vienna rolled her eyes and sat beside Heather and Sara, who didn’t spare her a glance

Jeez you are really crazy, I can’t believe you could do that, Heather said laughing

You do worse than that, so what’s the big deal, Vienna scoffed

Heather laughed

Vienna turned to Sara, is she okay, she asked Heather

Heather shook her head, she has been behaving that way, family problem, I think, Heather replied

Someone badged into the class suddenly, it was Nam ra, breathing as though she ran to school

She looked around till her eyes fell on Vienna

Hey Ɓîtçh, she screamed and rushed to her

How dare you give my boyfriend a lap dance, she snapped

Vienna ignored her

I am talking to you, she screamed and raised hey hand to slap her

Someone held her hand, she turned

Rome!, when did he get here, she thought

Even Vienna was surprised

Don’t try to stop me, she screamed

When would you stop bullying for no reason, he snapped

No reason, Rome are you serious, She tried to seduce you with her flat @$$, She snarled

And so, why are you worried, he asked

You are my Boyfriend everyone knows, she snapped

What boyfriend, did I ask you out, did we ever K!SS, did I confess any thing to you, he asked

Everyone gasped

Rome, she yelled

Don’t shout again, your love has denied you, Heather mocked

But wait you were living a fake life, I really thought you were really dating Rome, Heather said dramatically

🗣️ OMG Nam ra lied
👤 That Ɓîtçh, I let her walk over me because she was dating an Omega
👥 Foolish lier

Vienna suddenly stood up and hugged Rome, Everyone gasped again

Thanks I really appreciate, she said hugging him tightly

👤 OMG what’s going on 😲😲
👥 Are They in a relationship
👤 Obviously they are together, they danced together right
👤 I am so jealous, she just came

She smirked at Nam ra

Nam ra’s eyes were already red, she ran out, Rome’s eyes followed her, He sighed



Gosh Nam ra’s face, gosh, Heather laughed, she was almost crying

The students looked at her, of course they weren’t surprised, they knew what had happened

I only did what I did with Rome because, I wanted her to get angry, she is really shameless, I never expected this though, Vienna said

Sara looked up when she heard that, of course she was with them but she was quiet

That’s fun but don’t you at least feel anything for Rome, Heather asked

Vienna glared at her

Ok fine, I won’t talk about it, Heather said

What if he likes you, Sara asked, they both turned to her

Did I just hear it wrong, I thought you were depressed, Heather asked

Sara sighed, I am fine now, she said

🗣️ OMG it’s Rome
👤 Just him, where are the rest
👤 Rome I love you, Please smile for us

He made his way to their table, Vienna rolled her eyes

Sara’s heart started beating fast

He sat beside Vienna, she didn’t even spare him a glance, she continued eating

And he didn’t say anything to her either

Is this a silent exchange of love or what, I don’t get it, Heather asked

The two of the glared at her

She gulped and stood up

I got it, let’s go Sara, she said pulling Sara up

Sara glanced at them before leaving with Heather

Vienna suddenly turned to Rome, her eyes fell on his necklace

She started feeling pains in her head

She saw an image of the necklace on her neck and the boy she saved from the ocean

She saw his face clearly, it was Rome!!, She gasped

Are you okay, Rome asked

She stood up and staggered backwards

He stood up too

She wanted to scream at him to leave her alone but the pains increase

He pulled her to his arms

👤 What’s wrong with her

My head hurts, she said weakly

He carried her in his arms and walked out of the cafeteria



Hey Iris, Austin called, she turned

She was just coming out of the restroom

She rolled her eyes

I wanted to know if you will be busy today, he asked

Yeah, even if I am not busy, I won’t go out with you, I have told you to give up, I am not interested, she said rudely and made to walk away

He pulled her back

Why are you try to act hard to get, I know you like me, he snapped

I’ve told you countless times, I don’t like you, she snarled

Why don’t you, everyone even your twin does, he snapped

She pushed him away

He grabbed her waist immediately

Let go of me, she yelled

You are mine Iris, you are mine forever, he said and started K!SSing her forcefully

She tried to push him away but he was obviously stronger

He dipped his hand into her shirt breaking her Ɓụťťons

He squeezed her B@@bs

Let me go, she said in tears

Someone pulled him away from him and punched her

The person continued punching him, Iris looked up in tears

Tom!!, How


He must pay for what he did to my son, he lost two of his teeth, Austin’s mother Veronica screamed

I’ve told you he was harassing a girl, Tom snapped

And why would he, he can have any girl he wants, Veronica yelled

You are a very stupid boy, first it was the Omegas and now Austin Rang, the principal yelled

The girl, you can ask her, Tom said

Iris came in, Veronica rushed to her

Iris, Austin didn’t hurt you right, this guy is lying

Why would he, you were friends, Veronica said holding her

What happened, the principal asked

She looked at Tom and took a deep breath

Austin didn’t do anything,we were just talking and Tom started hitting him, Iris said

Tom opened his mouth in shock

Veronica rushed to Tom and slapped him

I said it you bastard, I will expel you, she yelled


Iris, Tom called as she tried walking away

They had already left the office

He closed his eyes and started talking

Why did you do it, I helped you, he asked

Do I have a reason, she replied

He opened his eyes in shock

Do you hate me that much, he asked

You don’t need to ask, I really hate you, I wish you were expelled, she spat

He smiled dryly

She started walking away

I wish, you were R@P£D, and I hope you get R@P£D, he said

She turned back and slapped him angrily

He stared at her, she stormed off


A young lady in her early thirties dragged her heavy luggage with her in the airport

She smiled and stopped walking

Even the air is different, home sweet home, she smiled


Vienna opened her eyes

She didn’t need anyone to tell her that she was at the school clinic

She sat up, Rome wasn’t there

She sighed in relief and tried to rush out but she met him at the door

She groaned

Why are you leaving, you need to be treated, he said

I am fine no need to worry, she said and rushed out

She looked back, he wasn’t following her, she sighed in relief

She drove off, she was almost home, when she noticed a group of boys in a motor bike coming at her

She rolled her eyes

Not now, she groaned

She stopped her bike, they stopped too

Step down, Ɓîtçh, the leader shouted

They were armed with knives and guns

Your mum is the Ɓîtçh, she said

They all pointed their weapons at her

Okay fine, but you guys are really kids, I mean don’t you recognized moves, she said

Fůçƙ you, two of our own is at the hospital receiving treatment, and it is a slap to my face that, a woman put them in that condition, he said

Ever wondered, who she is, she asked

Capture her alive, I want her Pů$$¥ first, he said

She smirked and grabbed one of them

They started shooting at her but of course, the guy received the bullet

They stopped immediately but it was already too late, he had already gone

She pushed him to them and jumped on them

Kicking, punching and breaking their bones

One of the them stood up and rushed to stab her and she wasn’t looking

Someone suddenly hugged her from behind

It felt weird

She turned, Rome!, She gasped

What are you doing, she asked

She looked down, the knife was stuck at his back

What have you done, why did you follow me, she screamed

It hurts, he said

She didn’t know when tears started falling from her eyes


Written by Rosemary 🌹



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