Her thirst
Revenge ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
( my bloody vengeance )

Episode 15

Vienna open her eyes slowly, strong smell of drugs hit her nose

she groaned and tried to sit up

Are you okay someone asked, she turned

it was Rome, he was staring at her worriedly

She sprang up immediately

Hey relax, you need to rest, he said

She remembered what happened

She had seen a boy of about five years, he got lost when he was playing and couldn’t find his parents

She took him back to the park, then she saw

she gasped and looked at Rome

the necklace, it was there

is something wrong, Rome asked looking at her

She scoffed and grabbed her jacket from the bed side

Hey are you just leaving, he asked following her

can’t stay in the hospital, she said and walked away

he still followed her

But you need rest, he said

she rolled her eyes, he sighed

I am fine ok no need for you to worry about me it’s annoying if you keep following me, she snapped

He stopped and stood sadly

she scoffed at walked away


Rome went back home feeling sad he was really worried

is she okay, how is she feeling, why did she pass out, he couldn’t talk to the doctor before she woke up, he sighed

He was lost in thought

Someone grabbed his shirt

You left me huh, where went you, Candy snapped

He sighed and squatted to her height

I am sorry, an emergency happened, he said

She rolled her eyes and looked away

Baby are you mad, he asked

She scoffed

Don’t worry okay, I will make it up to you, Rome said

Don’t talk to me I am very mad at you, Candy snapped and stormed off

He sighed


the next day

The students screamed as usual when Rome, Charles and Blake came in

Vienna rolled eyes and scoffed

Rome looked around as though he was searching for someone

Who was he looking for her? it better not be her, she thought

She covered her face with one of her textbook

Someone stood in her front, she groaned and looked up

it was Xander, she scoffed, She had thought It was Rome

why would I even think that, she scoffed

Hey, he said smiling

she rolled her eyes

you don’t want to talk to me, he asked

isn’t it obvious, are you dumb, she scoffed

he sat down beside her

that’s harsh, are you always this blunt, he asked

she looked away, her eyes meet with Rome’s

He was staring at them, he looked away when their eyes met

Xander noticed it and smiled

Anyway, I came to warn you, those boys, they will start hunting you, he said

Congrats to them, I hope they catch their prey, she scoffed

It’s not funny, he frowned

It’s not about knowing how to fight, I am really worried, he said

Worry about your self kiddo, she said and stood up

What kid, he gasped

She walked away

He looked back at Rome who was staring at him and smirked


The classes finally ended for the day

Everyone sighed in relief, in fact they were really happy

Vienna was resting on her table, but she wasn’t sleeping

Heather tapped her

Sleepy head, she said

Vienna looked up

Heather smiled

Can you stop smiling, I am not Charles, he might pull my hair out right now, she said

Heather laughed and blushed

Awwn I love you, she said still laughing, Vienna smiled

we have a party tonight, Ryga Club, Heather said

Vienna sighed, that would be a really good distraction

Let’s see about that, She said

Heather nodded and rushed back to Charles, Vienna rolled her eyes


Iris rolled her eyes, when Ivy came into the car

You kept me here, I’ve waited for hours, she snapped

Relax don’t be the devil’s Bride, I was busy, Ivy said

Busy with that guy huh, Iris frowned

Is that a problem, Ivy asked

I wonder why you are interested in him, there is nothing interesting about him, She said in disgust

Oh please, I think he is hot, and so what, and you know what, you can have Austin, I am no longer interested, Ivy snarled

You are crazy, it’s not my fault Austin never liked you, Iris snapped

You are the crazy one, you seduced him, Ivy screamed

The driver shook in fear

Why would I seduce that ugly boy, Iris snapped

Oh ugly, then why does he like you, we look the same, Ivy snapped back

I don’t want to fight you in this car, so respect yourself, Iris snarled

Oh look who is talking, I will beat you to a pulp, Ivy yelled

We are here, the driver said

Iris came down from the car angrily

Ivy rushed after her

Where do you think you are going, she dragged her hair

Iris turned back and kicked her

She staggered and almost fell but she regained her balance

She slapped Iris, Iris slapped her back immediately

They started fighting, the driver shook his head sadly


Ryga Club

Everyone in the Club danced to the fast blaring music

Girls were twerking and whining their waist,

Smokers, drinkers, etc there were all in there, infact the Club was very hot

Vienna sat down sipping her juice and watching quietly

Some guys were giving her signs but she ignored everything

She came with Heather but she was at the dance floor

Someone sat beside her, she looked up, it was Sara

You aren’t dancing, she asked

Vienna smiled

Do I look like a dancer, she asked

Then I guess we are the same, Sara chuckled

Nam ra came in, some guys were gushing, she is really beautiful

She was about to sit down, when a waiter hit her, the drink the waiter was holding fell to the ground but it didn’t touch Nam ra

I am sorry, the waiter said bowing

Nam ra slapped her, everyone gasped

She dragged her shirt and it got torn

Vienna clenched her fist

The manager tried to talk to Nam ra

I am the fiancee of the heir of the Omegas, I will crush this place with just a phone call, fire her immediately, she snapped

The manager gasped when he heard Omega

I am really sorry miss, she will leave immediately, he said

He started pushing the girl out, her ัŒั“รค was visible to everyone because Nam ra tore her shirt

She was crying

You will never get a job anywhere, Nam ra said cruelly

Please I have a sick mother, she cried

The securities carried her out, the party continued as if nothing happened

That witch, Sara spat bitterly

Vienna continued sipping her drink

Rome, Charles, and Blake came in

The club became noisy, some people screamed their voice out

Rome and Blake sat down, while Charles ๐Ÿ™„ yunno

Nam ra rushed to Rome

She wanted to dance with him but he wasn’t interested

She kept bugging him

Vienna watched them silently, Sara traced her eyes

The image of the crying waiter flashed through her mind, she stood up and walked to them

Rome was surprised to see her

She pushed Nam ra aside and sat on Rome’s lap

He was shocked, Nam ra’s eyes almost popped out

As if controlled she started twerking on his leg

Nam ra fell down in shock, The wine Sara was holding slipped from her hand


Written by Rosemary ๐ŸŒน


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