Her thirst
Revenge πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
( My bloody Vengeance )

Episode 13

He covered the duvet and carried one of his pillows

The door opened Charles came in

How are you doing, Charles asked

Good, why are you here, Rome replied

Is that a question, I came because I felt you might be bored, Charles scoffed

I am fine now, I want to sleep, Rome said closing his eyes

Then I will wait for you to wake up, Charles said

Nooo, he snapped

What’s wrong with you, Charles frowned

Nothing I just want to be alone, Rome said

Charles scoffed

Fine but you are weird, he said

He looked at the bed, Rome coughed trying to distract him

I can’t believe I wasted my time to come here and I got kicked out, he said

Rome rolled his eyes

Charles left the room

Vienna flung the duvet away and stood up

I am leaving, she said and rushed to the window

He held her back

Why, already, he asked

Am I going to keep hiding on your bed whenever anyone come in, she scoffed

He left her hand

She jumped from the window immediately

He gasped and rushed to see if she hurt herself but she was climbing the wall on the first floor

That’s crazy, he thought


Tom sat in the laboratory with other students

They were about doing a practical

The person next to you is to be your partner, the teacher said

A girl sat down beside him Immediately

He turned

What the, he frowned

She smiled at him

What are you doing, he snapped

Iris came into the laboratory just then, he gasped

Wait they are identical twins, he thought

Well it doesn’t matter they are both Omegas, he concluded

What do you want, he asked

What else, the practical, we are both partners, she replied smiling

He scoffed

I am Ivy Omega, nice to meet you, she said and winked at him

He groaned



He looked around the cafeteria, everywhere was filled up

Then he saw a boy at a corner, reading and eating

He went to him, the boy looked up immediately

It’s okay, I won’t say a word, Tom said

The boy closed his book

I know you won’t but why are you sitting with me, the boy asked

I don’t know anyone, so is that a problem, he scoffed

No, I am Darren, the boy said smiling

And I am Tom, Tom said

There is no need for you to tell me, everyone knows, Darren said

How, he asked in surprise

You fought with Iris Omega on your first day and your good looks, duh, he replied

Tom rolled his eyes

You are a rich student right, Darren asked

I won’t say I am how about you, Tom asked

No I come from a very poor home, my brains got me here, Darren replied

Tom shook his head sadly

Someone dropped her tray and sat down beside him

Darren started shaking

Tom turned

What do you want, he asked

Nothing, I just want to eat here, is that a problem, Ivy asked

Yeah can you please go away, Tom frowned

Darren stood up

I need to leave, I am sorry, he said and rushed out

You see, Please stay away from me, Tom snapped

I did not kick him out, Ivy frowned

I don’t care please stop appearing before me, He snarled

Vienna sent you here to get close to them, his mind screamed at him

So what they are annoying, he scoffed

But I didn’t do anything bad to you, I am not my twin, Ivy said

But you look like her, that’s a turn off please move, he said and stormed out

She bit her lips in anger


Vienna stared at her leg

I really ran out without one of my socks, she shook her head

Rain came in with a tray

Look what I got baby, She screamed

Vienna covered her ear

Fine, I am sorry but you have to take your drugs, Rain said

Vienna scrunched her face in disgust

I am not begging you, I am forcing you, Rain said and gave her the drugs and a cup of water

Vienna swallowed the drugs but she almost threw up

Rain rubbed her back

She sighed, she has always been scared of drugs since she was a kid

So are you going to kill him, Rain asked

Vienna paused

Of course yes, I will, She replied

Do you think he had something to do with your past memories, Rain asked

Vienna blinked her eyes

I don’t want you to try to remember anything, so you don’t hurt yourself, Rain said and stood up

You should rest, She said and left the room

Vienna sighed

I can’t kill him now, I need to regain my memories, she thought


So he kicked me out, Charles concluded

What were you even saying, Blake asked

Seriously, he scoffed

Rome rolled his eyes

I have been talking gibberish huh, he frowned

I don’t know maybe, Blake said and pulled the duvet, a pink sock fell with it

Rome gasped

What the hell is this, Blake asked

Female socks, Rome a female on your bed, who is she, Charles asked

Rome remembered that she had jumped into the bed, the sock must have removed then

It’s Candy’s, he replied

I don’t believe it, I will ask her, why do I feel like that’s the reason you kicked me out, Charles scoffed

Rome was about to say something when Gerald came in

You will be going home today, and you will always be with guards from now onwards, he said

I don’t need them, Rome said

You are the heir of the Omegas it’s a shame that I can’t protect just you, I am not begging you, it’s an order, Gerald said

Rome scoffed

Gerald left

Charles sighed in relief

Gawd I am so scared of your dad, I almost died, Charles said breathing hard

Blake scoffed

I will be attending classes tomorrow, Rome said

That’s good at least you won’t be all alone, Blake said

Charles nodded

They both faced him the same time and gasped

What did you say again, Charles asked

I am going for classes, Rome replied

Charles and Blake fainted on each other


Written by Rosemary 🌹



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