🩸 Her Bethroted 🩸
πŸ’§ ( He is cold-hearted yet cute ) πŸ’§

By : Favour Eugene

🌺 Finale 🌺

🌻 Janice’s pov 🌻

It’s been six months since the kidnap happened.

Zapata has already given birth to a baby girl and did I forget to say that she got married to Tyson, four months ago.

Their wedding was the talk of the town with paparazzi swamping everywhere.

I and Natasha graduated from highschool last three months. It was also the talk of the town because Aiden and his brothers turned it to a business man party, all the big business man from all over California came for my graduation and I was really honoured, even though I was already heavy with pregnancy as of that time.

My hormones has grown to it’s peak.

I get emotional easily, I cry at everything. I get angry and I end up beating of biting Aiden.

But he was never for once sick or tired of me, rather be loved me more.

He understood my hormones perfectly

Zapata and Tyson’s child dedication was last two weeks it was also PΓΈsh and amazing.

Micheal and Natasha grew stronger in their relationship and Natasha is two weeks pregnant ; we found out two days ago.

Right now I’m at Tyson’s house. Zapata begged me to come over and stay with her, Natasha was already there.

Suddenly Natasha and Zapata came into the room with a makeup kit, new clothes and new shoes.

What’s going on??

😁 Natasha’s pov 😁

We walked into the room with a smile. Janice was looking at us with that clueless face.

I smiled , she’s in for a very big surprise. Zapata collected her baby from Janice and we set to work.

“What’s going on here?” Janice asked

“Shuuu, sweetheart, just sit down and watch us” I said and got to work.


After sometime, I finished with her makeup and urged her to try her cloth on.

Gosh, she looks gorgeous with those killer shape. She walked to the mirror and looked at herself.

She twirled around touching band rubbing her tummy, she started to shed tears at her beautiful self and I couldn’t help but get emotional, Zapata wasn’t left out.

After we cried hugging ourselves, u and Zapata led Janice downstairs.

We left the car and the driver Aiden sent took us out.

We drove for sometime and it stopped at a venue. I and Zapata already know what surprise is all about but we won’t tell Janice, telling her will kill the surprise.

The three of us got down from the car and walked into the venue.

At a point, Janice was blindfolded, I and Zapata went to sit with the others.

Aiden walked to Janice to help her walk. He led her to the front of the decoration theme and took out the blindfold.

A wild gasp left Janice’s lips and she teared up instantly.

Awwwn, best friend!!! I also got emotional.

The whole place was decorated with blue and pink and in a big banner, the word ‘ Baby Gender Reveal + Baby Shower ‘ was written.

Seeing that Janice turned around and hugged Aiden despite her tummy.


It was time for the reveal and the coloured camflets was popped and the colour pink came out.

Oh my gosh, my bestie is having a baby girlllllllll

I didn’t know when I ran to her and gave her the best hug I’ve ever given her.

I was soooo happy for her.

All the guests congratulated her, Aiden was over the moon with happiness.

🌻 Janice’s pov 🌻

When I and Aiden popped the colour camflets and the colour pink came out, I couldn’t hold back the scream that left my throat.

I wanted a baby girl sooo badly that it felt like my dreams and heart desires visited me.

Natasha ran to me and gave me a very big hug, Zapata came too. Aiden K!SSed me so passionately, he was over the moon too.

So after the gender reveal, the baby showers started.

I got all kinds of beautiful gifts from friends and well-wishers.

Even though the events of the day came to an end , I still wallowed in happiness everytime I think about it.

πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§ Three months later πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§

“Good morning baby” I greeted Aiden

” Morning Amor, did you sleep well?” He asked

“Yes, love, I did”

“And how is our little angel?” he said and K!SSed my tummy

“She’s adorably fine” I said with a smile

“Tell her that daddy loves her and couldn’t wait for her to be out” he said

“Of course she knows that, she also couldn’t wait to meet you daddy” I said and he laughed.

This was the moments I loved most since my pregnancy, the moment of feeling Aiden’s love for our baby, it’s priceless.

I left the bed and entered the bathroom, I took my bath and brushed my teeth.

I went back into the room and my eyes went the packed bags and I smiled.

I’m nine months gone so the baby is expected to come very soon, we’ve packed the bags and we are very ready to meet our bundle of joy.

I went down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, Tyson, Zapata, Natasha and Micheal are coming over for breakfast.

I was done cooking in a moment, and seemingly like I was timed, the doorbell rang and I opened it to reveal the five headaches ; Zapata came with her baby.

” Come in” I said with a gloomy.

“Now what’s with that face? Did Aiden do anything? ” Micheal asked and got a laugh from Tyson.

All eyes went to him immediately. Giving him the ‘ what is it ? ‘ look

“Her hormones is at the peak bro. Don’t worry I’ve come across it and passed it, Aiden is experiencing his, and yours is on the way thanks to God, Nats is pregnant” he said amidst laughter.

I left the door open, they can come in when they are done cracking jokes.

Aiden came downstairs and exchanged greetings with them.

We all moved to the dinning table and we started eating our breakfast.

For some unknown reasons I was feeling uncomfortable until it happened.

My water FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing broke!!!

“Ahhhhhhhh, my water broke!!! Aiden!!!” I screamed

Before I know what’s happening, Tyson already took me to the car and Aiden went upstairs probably to get the bags.

🌹 Aiden’s pov 🌹

The nurses kept on coming out from the labour room but none will speak to us.

I was restless already, the doctor said that no one can come into the room with her for some FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing reasons.

After a while the doctor came out with a smile.

I walked to him restlessly,

“What’s up?” I said impatiently

“Congratulations” he said and touched my shoulders and left me.

I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me what to do. I rushed inside to meet the love of my life and our baby.

Tyson and the others also can in with me and met a shock that made us stop on our track

1, 2 and 3.


Janice gave birth to three girls!!!

🌺 Epilogue 🌺

✍️ Authoress Favour’s pov ✍️

It’s been five years.

Janice came downstairs with Khalid and khalifa in her arms. Yes she gave birth to another twins.

Two years after giving birth to her triplets daughters she gave birth to a son Cassidy and now two years after Cassidy, she gave birth to a set of twins khalifa and Khalid.

Aiden had been the best husband and dad in the while world. Taking care of his six children with all the love he could muster in him.

Aiden built 5 more companies and registered 3 in his three sons name and 2 in his wife, Janice’s name.

He built 4 elite boutiques, 3 in his daughters name and 1 in Janice’s name.

The triplets room were made of pure diamonds, the bed, the wardrobe, the mirror frame, the bathroom and every other thing were specially made with gold.

Cassidy’s room were made of pure gold, starting from the bed to the bathroom.

The twins room were made of pure silver starting from their baby crib to their play room were the play everything were all silver.

The triplets all have an iPhone each, Aiden bought an iphone for each of the triplet.

Cassidy have an apple iPad when he reaches four like the triplets, Aiden promises to buy him and iphone too

The are living fine and happy and in luxury too.

“Mummmmmmmmmy!!! Natasha won’t let me play with my new toys” Samantha screamed

” Mum, Natasha won’t let me read” Amanda also screamed.

Yes, that’s her triplets, Samantha, Amanda and Natasha, yeah she named one after her best friend.

Her daughters have different personalities.

Natasha is the extrovert and most stubborn, she is so playful and at the same time troublesome but she’s certainly the most adorable.

Amanda is the introvert and most quiet, she is always on her own though she mingles well with her sisters. She is also a bookworm and always reading but she’s certainly not a nerd.

Samantha is the ambivert and the most kind and caring, she is a mixture of introvert and extrovert, at a time she’s playful and at other time she’s on her own. She’s the first daughter and she sometimes act like a mother to her siblings.

“Natasha, be a good girl and leave your sisters, I’m already having a hard time with Khalid and khalifa please don’t add to it ” Janice said

” I’m making no troubles mum, I’m a good girl you know that right ” Natasha said making and cute face and everyone laughed including Amanda.

Natasha might be so stubborn but she’s definitely lovely.

” We all know you are trying to deceive us with that face, big sister ” Cassidy said.

” Say one more word and I will cut off your tongues, trust me” Natasha said to him

Cassidy and Natasha are always fighting, even though Nats is way older than Cass, he will always look for a way to frustrated her.

” Can you kids all shut up? I will have a headache of you all keep on talking” Janice said

” Who are those giving my wife a hard time? ” Aiden said as he came back from work

” Daddddyyyyy” the children chorused even khalifa and Khalid are trying to leave their mum’s hold having heard their dad’s voice.

” How are you all?” Aiden asked as he hugged his children

“We are fine dad” they all chorused too.

Aiden took them to the couch and they sat down. He came in with a big bag and he begins to empty it.

” A new Louis Vuitton handbag for my triplets” he said giving the triplets one hand bag each. It’s the newly released mini handbag by Louis Vuitton fashion brand.

” Thanks daddy” they triplets said and ran to their mum to show her the gift.

” A ranger rover toy car for my son ” Aiden said and gave a big carton containing a new range rover that worth over $15,000 to his son

“Thanks daddy” he said and hugged his dad.

He is Aiden’s favourite child.

Aiden walked to the kitchen to meet Janice and the triplets. Immediately the girls saw their father, the smiled and left the kitchen.

Aiden brought out a pack and opened it to revealed two expensive looking diamond necklace.

He wore each of the necklace on khalifa and Khalid’s neck and carried them after that, K!SSing them.

“Aiden you are spoiling this children with money” Janice said

“Well if I don’t who will” Aiden replied and K!SSed her and then made to leave the kitchen but came back.

” Check the bag, whatever you find in there is yours” he said and winked at her.


Tyson and Zapata are expecting another baby. After their first daughter, Ariel, Zapata gave birth to a son two years laughter but he died the next year.

It’s been two years after his death and Zapata is expecting another baby.

“Mum, when is dad coming back? He promised to take me to the amusement park so I can ride a rollercoaster ” Ariel said.

Zapata who was making dinner turned to her six years old daughter and carried her up despite her belly.

” Daddy will be back wait for him a bit more” she said

Just then a car drove into the compound it was certainly Tyson and Madagascar.

Yeah, after Tyson got married he dismissed all his men leaving only Madagascar.

Actually Madagascar is like a brother to him, Tyson, Micheal and Madagascar grew up together.

Now Madagascar is Ariel’s godfather.

” Now dad is back ” Zapata said to Ariel who was already at the door.

” Daddyyyyy” Ariel screamed and jumped on his body the moment she saw him.

“How is my angel doing?” He asked

“She is not doing well” she said with a pout.

Such a drama queen.

” What happened to her?” Tyson asked

” You promised to take her to ride a rollercoaster but you cane back too late for that to happen and she’s so sad.” Ariel said making a sad face.

” Awwwn, I’m sorry baby, something came up at the office that made me come back late, since I won’t be going to work tomorrow, I will make it up to you” Tyson said.

“Really?” Ariel asked

“Yes baby, really.” He replied and K!SSed her cheek getting a blush from her.

” Hi uncle Scar ” Ariel said, that’s what she calls Madagascar.

“Hi princess, how are you?” He asked

“I’m fine uncle” she replied.

” Ariel go with your uncle let me go see your mum” Tyson said.

“Yes dad” she replied band left with Madagascar.

Tyson went into the kitchen to meet Zapata.

“My love” he called and hugged her from behind caressing her tummy softly.

“Good evening baby” she greeted and turned to face him

” Evening ” Tyson simply said and K!SSed her deeply.

And then he bent down and K!SSed her tummy.

” How is my son doing? ” He asked

” He is doing fine ” she said with a smile.

Yes they bought hopes that the baby will be a boy.

“Are you done with dinner?” He asked

“No, why?” She asked

“I’m famished” she making a face that made Zapata laugh so hard.


” Melissa eat slowly the food isn’t running to anywhere” Natasha said

Yeah, it’s Natasha. She is officially married to Micheal three years ago. They gave birth to Melissa just last year.

Micheal with the help of his brothers opened three companies and is doing well as a successful business man.

Melissa looks so much like Natasha and equally as crazy as her. She is just one year yet so smart and intelligent, and a talkative too.

“Mum I’m just hungry” she said and continued eating.

“Eat so that you will go to bed, it’s late” Nats said

” I want to see dad before I sleep” Melissa said

“I’m sorry baby but you can’t your dad will come back late, if you wait for him you will equally sleep late” Nats told her.

“Okay mum” she replied.

Soon she finished eating and went to bed. After Natasha cleared the table she went upstairs, Micheal already told her that he had eaten dinner cause he went for a business dinner .

She was coming out from the bathroom when the door opened revealing Micheal.

She ran to his arms.

“Welcome baby” she said

“Thanks love, how are you?” He asked

“I’m fine”

“I went to Lisa’s room, she’s already asleep” he said removing his cloth.

“Yeah, she stayed up for you but when I told you will be running late, she went to bed.” Nats said.

“Ohh, I will see her in the morning” Micheal said and entered the bathroom.

He came out minutes later dripping wet only to meet Natasha lying down with only a thong and lacy ΡŒΡ“Γ€.

Whoa, she looks so tempting.

“Do you want us to make a second baby?” He asked and walked to her.

He K!SSed her lips as he pressed her B@@bs.

“Do with me whatever you wish” she said in the most tempting voice.

“Of course milady”

The end.

It’s been a crazy journey πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

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