December 5, 2023


🎀 Meant for
each other 🎀

By Terri Savage 🖊️






“What the Fůçƙ!” Henry groaned holding his nose where the punch landed.

“Are you okay?” Blake asked.

“I am okay but it hurts” Henry replied.

“That’s so good you will learn” A hard punch from Henry shut Austin up immediately,

Austin tries to returned the punch but Henry punched him making him to fell directly on the guys with him.

He stood up and came at Henry with the two guys at the same time.

Henry gave the first guy that came at him a flying kick to his face, making him fell on his back, the other one threw a punch at him but he held his hand and twisted it.

“Argh Fůçƙ” The guy groaned.

Henry twisted it more harder before flipping him over and he landed roughly on the ground.

Austin punch Henry and tried punching him again but Henry bent over and came over to the other side, Austin turned but he quickly grabbed his two hands and began twisting them.

He sent a kick to Austin tummy delivering two smackdown punches at his face

Within four minutes Austin was beaten to pulp together with his two minions.

“Wow Henry you’re the best” The students started chanting.

” The six of you to the principal office right now” The discipline master said.


The six of them stood before the principal, Mrs Barrett gave the six of them a glance before sitting down on her chair.

” What did I said about fights in this school?” Mrs Barrett said

” Blake and Lex I didn’t expect this from you two and you Austin when will you stop?”.

” Henry I didn’t expect you to be among them what happened?” Mrs Barrett asked.

” Ma’am I hope you remember I promised you to stay out of trouble the day I came to your office right?” Henry asked.

Mrs Barrett nodded.

” I promised you to stay out of trouble and to be a good student, I don’t fail when I make a promise, we were on our own in the cafeteria when he walked up to us and started calling Lex’s mom names, I got angry and stood up then asked him if he is proud of what he just said and the next thing he punched me and ordered the two dogs with him to attacked me, seriously ma’am I only defend myself, Blake and Lex are not guilty” Henry said.

” Ma’am that’s all a blatant lie..” Austin tried saying but Mrs Barrett shut him up.

” I know this is not his first or second time of causing trouble” Henry said

” You’re the ringleader of fights in this school, I know you are the one that started this, you are suspended with your friends for three days” Mrs Barrett said.

” No ma’am you can’t suspend me, he was just lying, listen..”

” Austin leave the school premises with your friends right now” Mrs Barrett yelled.

Austin glared at Henry before walking out with his minions.

” I will not punish you but next time try to control such from happening”.

“Thank you ma’am, you are more cuter today” Henry said and winked.

“Henry please get out” Mrs Barrett started laughing.

“How were you able to convince that hard nut woman?” Lex asked as they left the principal’s office.

“My mouth nothing else” Henry shrugged.

“Guy you can lie, he was even flirting with Mrs Barrett” Blake said.

“Yeah, that’s Henry K for you, bad man looking good in the dior, I got the principal and your mum crushing on me” Henry winked at Blake.

“Henry!!” Blake called and Henry ran away.


Cassie is working on some designs in her office when Brittany walked in.

Cassie looked up.

” Boss ” Brittany bowed.

” You left your brain at home today? ” Cassie asked and Brittany laughed.

“The painting you ordered was delivered this morning”.

“Really? let me see” Cassie said excitedly.

Brittany walked to the corner of the office and took the frame, she walked back to Cassie and gave it to her.

Cassie face eluded with excitement and satisfaction as she stared at the beautiful drawing in the frame.

It’s a drawing about love.

“This is perfect, I know his drawing is better than that poor rat ” Cassie said.

“Still remembering that guy?” Brittany giggles.

“I hate his guts, I think I will get a contract for him, I don’t even know his name”.

“He is so handsome” Brittany gushed.

” Are you crushing on him already?”.

” It’s not my fault the guy is too hot” Brittany giggles and went out.

Cassie smiled before going back to her table.


“Fůçƙ me harder” Summer grunted with an annoying look on her face

Since the guy started Fůçƙïṅg her she isn’t feeling him that much, she wants more.

The guy resumed thrusting harder this time.

“Fůçƙ, ahh” He Mõ@ɲed holding her @$$ cheeks, squeezing them

Summer hissed and pushed him away before glaring at him.

“You have a big Ďïčk without knowing how to use it, such a shame, you can’t even make me to Mõ@ɲ”.


“Shut up” Summer snapped, she pulled up her skirt and walked out angrily, still feeling h*rny.

She saw Tiffany and Hailey outside, and she walked to them.

“Hey babe you seems annoy what is it?” Hailey said seeing her sour face.

“I can’t believe that dude can’t Fůçƙ well, what a waste of big Ďïčk” Summer replied and Tiffany laughed.

The guy who f*cked her earlier just came out and walked passed them without turning to look at them.

“I am still h*rny as hell, Fůçƙ him” Summer said.

She sighted a junior student passing and called out to him.

“Yes senior”.

“Do you have a big Ďïčk?” Summer asked shamelessly.

“Huh?” The guy eyes widened.

“Just come with me, I want you to Fůçƙ me” Summer said pulling the guy with her like a sacrifial lamb.

Tiffany and Hailey burst out Laughing.

“She is so crazy about Ďïčk, let’s go to class”.

“I will be in the swimming pool” Tiffany said taking the direction to the pool.


Henry came here some minutes ago, swimming is one of his hobbies, they have no lecture right now so he decided to use the time.

Lex and Blake refused following him since swimming isn’t really their thing, he is the only one present there.

He swamed to the end of the pool and started coming back, he did that like four times before bringing his head up from the water

The water droplets falling from his hair made him a complete angel, his curly hair adding some sexiness to it.

His hair sticking stubbornly to his face taking the cuteness to another level

Tiffany got to the swimming pool and the first thing she saw was his back.

The perfect creature got her attention and she started staring until Henry turned and their eyes met.

She felt her heart beat faster than usual as she stared at his fine body, his abs, face, lips.

Henry came out of the pool and took some few steps to Tiffany who was totally lost.

He got to her front without her noticing.

He smirked and touched her, the touch made her to come back to reality, she gasped and almost fell but he grabbed her hand and help her stand.

“Friend of the brainless girl, I know I am hot but don’t crush on me” Henry said and walked away before she could say something, Tiffany turned and stared at his back view until he left completely

“What was that? my heart was beating so fast”.


” That will be the end of our class, submit your assignment tomorrow” The teacher said and left the class.

“I hate assignment” Summer said.

“But you’re are always the highest in each assignment” Tiffany said.

“Whatever” Summer rolled eyes and began leaving with them.

Her eyes met with Henry, she smiled at him but he glared at her.

“She smiled at you” Lex said.

“She got the ugliest smile” Henry scoffed

Blake said nothing as they walked out.


“I heard Austin got suspended for fighting with Henry” Tiffany said

They are in the park.

“How many days?” Summer asked.

“Three days” Hailey replied.

“On Tuesday he will be getting a break up from me, no dating for more than two weeks” Summer said raising her two fingers

” You rock baby” Tiffany and Hailey cheered.

” Bye guys”

Both of them got in their cars and drove out.


The doctor Mr Lawrence came out of the laboratory room with an envelope in his hand, he opened his office door and went in.

“Hope I didn’t keep you waiting my first lady” He said.

“Not really” Audrey replied

” The result is out and you are pregnant again”.

” Fůçƙ, just abort it” Audrey said

” But why do you keep aborting your pregnancies…” Lawrence paused when he saw the hard look on Audrey face.

” Do you want me to still continue working with you?” She asked and he nodded.

” Then just do what I ask you to do and stop asking unnecessary questions” Audrey said

” I am sorry your Excellency”.


Summer just returned back home, she stepped in the house and saw her mum Audrey sitting on a couch, a maid pouring wine into a cup for her.

Audrey looked up and saw her.


“Mum” Summer replied.

“I will be in my room”.

“Wait, I heard a lowlife slapped you in school?” Audrey asked.

“Who told you that?” Summer asked.

“Who told me about that is not the issue, why didn’t you tell me about it?” Audrey asked.

“I can handle the issue myself I got my plans” Summer replied and left.

“That kid always taking decisions by herself” Audrey said and sipped the wine.


The door to Henry’s room make way and Thomas walked in with his hands in his pocket, Henry is sitting on the chair with his note book on the table.

“Mr kitchen” Thomas called.

“What’s man?” Henry replied.

Thomas rolled eyes and hit him on the head.


“Is that how you respond to your father brat?” Thomas asked.

“$©®£w you dad” Henry pouted

“$©®£w you too son, what are you doing?”

“My assignment” Henry replied.

“That’s good, at least you have something in common with me, brilliance” Thomas said and hit his head again.

“Dad” Henry yelled and took his slippers

Thomas quickly ran out of the room almost bumping into Joyce who is coming in that time.

“What is up with your father and what are you doing with your slippers?” Joyce asked.

“He hit my head two times, I wanted to get back at him” Henry replied sitting down.

Joyce smiled and walked to him

” Always behaving like you two are kids” Joyce said, stroking his hair

“You’re doing your assignment”.

“Yeah mum, I want to get full marks, intelligence runs in our family, hm mum how is Aunty Cassie?” .

“Since you came back, it’s now that you’re remembering your aunt exist, you know where to find her, good night love” Joyce leaving.

“I will give her a visit soon, that psycho aunt of mine” Henry said and continued with his assignment.


His phone buzzed on the bed and he reached out his hand to take it

He glanced at his phone and saw a a Whatsapp message from C-baby

C-baby: Thanks for the frame I really like your work, I hope to work with you in the future, I will get a contract for you soon, you are the best

Brandon read the message and smiled excitedly.

“Woah!! she likes my work” He said and began typing his reply.

Branartist: I am glad you like my work I will be anticipating for the contract thanks

He sent and put the phone down.

“Brother” Angel voice sounded at the door.

“Angel” He called and went to the door, he opened the door and there was Angel.

“Angel what are doing here? you should be asleep by now?” He said and carried her, entering back the room.

“I can’t sleep I want to sleep with you brother” Angel pouted.

” Okay you don’t have to bribe me with your pout we will sleep together” Brandon smile.

He dropped her on the bed and covered with the duvet.

” Brother why were you awake? were you chatting with your girlfriend?” Angel asked and Brandon chuckled.

“I don’t have a girlfriend angel, sleep” Brandon said and got in bed

Angel sƝ@kēɗ her tiny hands around him as she closed her eyes.


“Did you do the assignment?” Lex asked.

“Yes what did you think, I am going to shock someone” Henry replied.

“Competing with Summer?” Blake asked

“No, taking over from her” Henry smirked.

“Are you sure man? that Ɓîtçh is extremely intelligent” Blake said

“You will see for yourself, hotness, craziness, violences Henry K got it all”

Lex and Blake started laughing.

” Submit your assignment ” The class captain said.

The students started bringing out their notes and handing it over to her.

” The questions were darn hard” Tiffany said

” Thirty questions gosh” Hailey said.

Tiffany turned that moment and her eyes caught with Henry, her heart began beating fast again

“Why are you staring at Henry?” Hailey asked.

“I am not staring at him I was staring at Lex” Tiffany lied.

“Do you like him?”

“Hell no” Tiffany snapped.

A junior student called out to the attention of Henry.

Henry walked out of the class, Hailey smiled but Tiffany had a blank look on her face.

“Someone is looking for you in the store room” The junior student said

“Who?” Henry asked

“Don’t you dare tell him anything” He remembered the words.

” I don’t know the person”

Henry gave him a long stare before leaving.


Henry entered the store room and met it empty, he suddenly heard the door locking behind him, he turned and his face fell as he saw Summer

She has a seductive smile on her face, she walked to him as he kept staring at her blankly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Henry asked, his voice eluding the coldness in it.

Her Ɓø0ɓs are showing as she unƁụťťoned some of the uniforms Ɓụťťons, she placed her hand on his shoulder and winked

“I know we are enemies but can we be friends, I like you, just forget about the fight between us” Summer said but Henry kept staring at her without uttering a single word.

Summer pulled her uniform up showing her sexy irresistible fresh laps, it’s normal for any guy to want her just by seeing her not to mention her sexy laps

“We can start from somewhere you know” She winked seductively.

Seeing the look on Henry face made Summer to smile as she thought she has finally gotten him

Once he Fůçƙ her he won’t be able to resist her anymore, it’s her charm anyway.

She turned around and began shaking her juicy @$$ at him

Henry stared at her in disgust.

“Get that expired @$$ off my face” He yelled.


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