December 5, 2023


🎀 Meant for
each other 🎀

By Terri Savage 🖊️






Lex eyes were still on Summer and he felt his heart beating irregularly.

To him it was like the first time he will be seeing her, her beauty was glowing like the sun.

Blake turned to him and caught him staring at her intently.

He furrowed his brows and tapped him.

“You’re staring at Summer, this is not the first time you will be seeing her” Blake said.

“Huh!!, I wasn’t staring at her, it was Tiffany” Lex lied.

“Tiffany, what is about her?” Blake asked.

“Nothing” Lex replied and covered it up with a smile.

“What took you so long?” Henry asked, walking to the front of the class.

Summer rolled eyes at him and faced the class back.

“I’m sorry for coming late” Summer said.

The students gasped, everyone has a surprised look on their faces.

Did Summer just say sorry.

“Let’s start we don’t have time on our side” Henry said and opened the paper with him.

“Our area of study should be about, Current affairs, English, Biology, Maths/physics and Chemistry” Henry said.

” I will start with Maths” Henry said.


“I think we should use the library, we will get more information” Summer said.

“Okay be fast” Henry said.

“I’m not an aeroplane” She hissed and walked out.

Lex looked at her but quickly took his eyes away.

“What is going on Tiffany?, I saw you staring at Henry several times?” Hailey asked and Tiffany looked at her.

” I don’t know what you’re saying, he was teaching so did you expect me to look somewhere else” Tiffany replied.

” That look is different” Hailey said and Tiffany said nothing again.

” Are you okay?” Blake asked Lex.

” I’m fine”.

Summer entered the library and went straight to the bookshelf, she started searching for the physics textbook.

She kept searching the shelf where all the edition of different physics textbook book where but she couldn’t find any.

She was about to head to another shelf when she saw the textbook on top of the shelf, being short her hand couldn’t reached there.

She took a stool and climbed on it.

Henry entered there since she was taking time to returned, he wanted to know what is taking her long to come back.

“What are you still doing?” He asked.

His voice startled her and she loss her posture and balance.

She started falling off from the stool.

“Ow!! ” She screamed fearfully, but before she will land on the floor, she landed in Henry’s arms.

She gasped as she felt his cold arms, her heart lift and she looked up at him.

He had a smile on his face.

Lex walked in but stop immediately he saw the scene and he kinda felt somehow seeing them that way.

He turned back and walked out.

“Thank you” Summer said as he released her.

“Be careful next time kiddo” Henry said and touched her hair.

“Don’t call me a kiddo” She frowned.

Henry moved closer to her and she moved back, he kept moving closer to her and she kept shifting back until her back landed on the shelf.

Henry stretched his hand and took the textbook.

He smirked and moved back.

“What were you thinking dirty mind” He said and started walking out.

Summer touched her chest and followed him out.


Austin walked into his house with a girl behind him.

He has just left the hospital following the beating Hilliary and Henry gave him.

His face still has some scar bruises on it.

The girl followed him to the bedroom.

He sat down on the bed and she quickly squatted in his front.

She smiled and loosened the loop of his trouser, she pulled it down his legs and his veiny Cöçk spranged out.

She smiled as her hand took position of it.

She began stroking it gently while he groaned in pleasure.

She pushed it in her mouth and a Mõ@ɲ escaped his mouth.

He smirked when Henry and Hilliary face came to his mind.

“I will be back for you two” He said and held the girl’s head, pushing his Ďïčk more deeper in to her mouth.


“Bye everyone” The students bade themselves as they walked out one after the other.

Hilliary and the guys began moving out but Henry stayed back.

Summer took the textbook and was about walking out when he followed her.

They started walking together to the library.

“You seems tired” Henry said and Summer smiled.

“Do you care about me?” Summer asked.

“My foot, I was only asking don’t take it far” He replied and she smiled.

” Are you always smiling or is it because you are around the most handsome guy in California” He said and Summer stopped.

” Have anyone told you, you look like a monkey” She said and he gasped loudly.

” Mon…key, my handsome, the face girls are crushing on , even you…”.

” That was just my obsession, I wasn’t crushing on you ,get that” She said and pushed his head with her finger and continued walking.

” Sh can’t be serious” He said as they entered the library.

” Can you help me to put the book back?” She asked.

” Can a monkey do that?” He smirked.

” Henry please, just do it”.

” On one condition” He said.

” What is the condition?” She asked.

” You will resaid your statement about my face”.

” Okay, you are the most handsome guy in California, happy now” She said.

He giggled and took the textbook from her, putting it back on the shelf.

“Let’s leave” He said and they walked out.

“Do you wanna have some ice cream?” She asked as they walked back to their cars.

“Are you indirectly hitting on me?” He asked, grinning.

“I hate you Henry, so annoying” She said and hastened her steps leaving him.

“What took you so long, wait you were with Summer? twin bro what are you hiding?” Hilliary said.

“We only returned the textbook” Henry replied.

“So one person can’t return the textbook, must you two do it together” Lex said.

“They are leaders, what did you expect” Blake laughed.

“Come on guys, we are sleeping over at Hilliary’s house, let’s go ” Henry said and opened the door.

Lex and Blake entered their cars driving out.

” Bro are you beginning to like her?” Hilliary asked.

” I don’t know why I do talk freely with her for this past days” Henry said as he ignited the car.

Hilliary smiled and rested his head on the seat rest.


“He is so annoying” Summer said as she climbed the stairs.

Her phone started ringing immediately.

She glanced at the screen and saw Austin’s number.

She smirked and answered the call.

“It’s over between us Austin, thank you for all the f*cks” She immediately said and hung up.

” Welcome miss” A maid greeted her and she nodded.

The maid stopped and looked back at Summer as she climbed the stairs.

“What has gotten into her, she nodded to my greetings, woah!! first in history” She said, walking downstairs.

Summer opened the door to her room and entered.

She immediately pulled down her gown and threw it on the bed, she stepped in to the bathroom.

She entered the bathtub, soaking herself in the already prepared bath.

She smiled as she remembered her conversation with Henry but she quickly snapped out of it.

” Why am I smiling cos of him, pull yourself together Summer” She said and completely soaked herself in the water.


“Dad welcome” Henry and Hilliary welcomed Thomas as he entered the house.

They are wearing matching outfits, Thomas looked at them and smiled, wishing he really had twins but it’s good even though they are fake twins.

“Hilliary” Thomas called.

“Yes dad”.

” Where are your parents?” Thomas asked.

“They are in London”.

“Oh!!, where is my wife?” .

“In the bedroom” Henry said.

“Are you guys going somewhere?” Thomas asked seeing them with a small bag containing their things.

“Yeah, sleeping over at our second house” Hilliary replied.

“Henry, why don’t you packed your things and stay with your twin” Thomas said.

“Dad are you trying to send me out?”.

“You both are adults, living with your twin bro won’t be bad, you two can take care of yourselves, I can’t allow you stay here not when you start dragging my wife with me, I will help you pack out tomorrow” Thomas said and started walking upstairs.

“Is he serious right now?” Henry asked.

Hilliary only gave him a laughing face.


The door alarm rang and Hilliary went down with a big smile on his face knowing who is at the door.

He opened the door and Dorathy face came to view.

“Dora” He said.

“You ordered late” She said and entered.

“Having a sleepover with my friends, I can’t cook so I have to order, sorry for stressing you” He said.

“You don’t have to feel bad, it’s my work anyway, here” She said.

In the process of Hilliary collecting the chicken from her, their fingers touched and both looked at each other.

They kept staring at each other for some minutes before coming back to their senses.

He took the paper and signed.

“Why don’t you sleep over” He said.

Dorathy eyes widened.

“I was only joking, goodnight” He chuckled.

“Good night” She said and started walking to the door.

“Dora” He called and she turned back.

He walked to her and K!SSed her forehead, that alone sent Ɓụťťerflies to her belly.

“Sleep tight” He said and moved back.

She smiled and went out, Hilliary remain on that spot smiling until Henry voice made him to turned.

“The chicken is here” Henry said.

Before Hilliary will answer him, the door opened, Blake and Lex entered.

“Guys” Henry said and fully walked down.

“Where are the girls?” Hilliary asked.

“They will soon be here?” Lex said.

“About the assignment, who has done it?” Blake asked as they sat down.

“Can’t believe we forgot” Hilliary said.

“Why don’t we copy from you?” Henry asked.

“It’s a no” Blake said.

Hilliary and Henry scoffed.

“Is that chicken” Lex quickly asked immediately he saw the package.

“Yes but we are going to play a game, two against two, the team to win will be the only one to eat it, agree”.

“Yes” They said.

“Lex and Blake”

“Henry and me” Hilliary said.

” Why did you put yourself and Henry in the same team ” Blake protested.

” Does that matters?” Henry said.

” You two will be the one to lose” Lex said.

” Let’s see”.

They positioned themselves as each team took the controller.


“We won” Henry and Hilliary screamed.

Lex and Blake dropped the controller dejectedly.

“You two plan this and I am sure you both cheated” Blake said.

“Losers always have excuses to bring, but so sad, you won’t be eating the chicken” Henry said.

Hilliary stood up and went to the kitchen, he returned with a bowl of water.

He went to the fridge and brought out a cup of wine, he took four glass cups and walked to them.

“The chicken is a no for you two but as a child of God, I will share the wine with you two” Hilliary said and sat.

They opened the package and the chicken aroma hit their noses.

“Awnn” Hilliary first took a lap, then Henry.

They started chewing.

“This is wickedness” Lex pouted.

“I can’t take this” Blake said and took a part, Lex immediately joined.

“That’s cheating” Henry shouted but then the door alarm rang.

“That will be the girls” Lex said, standing.

“Wait you two were serious?” Henry eyes widened.

“You thought we were joking” Lex replied and went to the door, he opened the door and three girls entered.

” Woah!!!!” Hilliary mused.

The girls smiled at them.

One of the girls made to sit on Henry’s thigh but he pushed her away.

” Come to daddy”.

The girls sat on the guys laps as they ate the chicken.

Henry was the only one left out, after some minutes everyone left to different rooms.

” I can’t believe all my friends are playboys, Fůçƙ” Henry said and soon he started hearing loud Mõ@ɲs coming from each rooms.

” Gawd!!” He screamed and covered his ears, when he couldn’t take it he stood up and went outside.

He mistakenly dialled Summer’s number, she picked the call and his eyes widened.

” Hello, inactive Ďïčk” She said.

” Wait, is that how you save my number?” He asked.

“Why are you calling me by this time, wasn’t you the one…”.

“It was a mistake, I didn’t know when I dialled your number, so don’t be happy expired @$$” He said.

“Monkey face” She said back.

” I know you are saying the opposite, what are you doing?” He asked.

” Watching p*rn” She replied.

” Instead of doing your assignment gosh”.

” Don’t scold me I have already done my assignment, what of you?”.

” I didn’t do it, I will copy from you tomorrow” He replied.

” Oh! you can’t solve the questions!”.

” You should be happy someone like me will copy from you, don’t you know it’s a privilege”.

” Fůçƙ you Henry!! get off my phone” She yelled and disconnected the call.

Henry laughed and entered the house back, by now the Mõ@ɲs has die down.

He laid on the couch and soon he slept off.


The guys dressed up and walked out, the girls already left immediately they woke up.

“I can’t believe you three, I couldn’t sleep last night” Henry said.

“Sorry bro” Lex said.

“I hate you all” Henry said and started walking out.

“We love you” They said and ran after him.


👥 Austin is back

👥 Henry and Hilliary really dealt with him

👥 He still has scars left.

👥 It’s awkward that Summer hasn’t break up with him.

” Will you all shut up” Austin yelled and the murmuring stop immediately.

Henry and Hilliary were about to entered the class when Austin blocked them.

He glared at them meanly.

” Last beating hasn’t teach you a lesson?” Hilliary asked.

” He looks like job junior brother” Henry said mockingly and they laughed.

” Did you think you two won over me, I don’t give up so fast, you two will regret for doing this to my face” Austin said.

” Awnnn sorry kid!!”.

” The scars even make you more handsome, shouldn’t you be thanking us?” Henry said.

Austin got angry and threw a punch at him but he dodged and unfortunately Summer who was coming in received the punch.


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