December 5, 2023


🎀 Meant for
each other 🎀

By Terri Savage 🖊️






“So what happened, you signed the contract with her?” Brittany asked Brandon the moment he came out of Cassie’s office.

“Yeah, we did, but how are you able to contain her rudeness?” Brandon replied and she laughed.

“You won’t say this again once you become close to her” Brittany said.

“I never plan getting closer to her , just do the business and walk away” Brandon scoffed.

“You two are the same” Brittany said.

“Huh!” He looked at her

“Yes, you two are so stubborn”.

“I will be on my way, thank you” Brandon said and walked away.

Brittany gushed and went to Cassie’s office.

“So you two settled your difference?” Brittany asked.

Cassie scoffed and dropped her pen.

“He is so bad mouthed, I pray I will be able to put up with him” Cassie replied.

“You will, he is so handsome” Brittany said.


“For what?” Brittany raised her brows.

“Crushing on him, hope he will notice you”.

“I will be the most happiest person, I wonder between him and your cousin who is the most handsome”.

“Are you crushing on my cousin too?” Cassie asked.

“He is so cute, don’t blame me”.

“My cousin can’t date his grandma” Cassie said.

“What!!” Brittany gasped.


The door automatically opened and Audrey walked inside.

“You’re early today” The man in the room said.

Audrey smiled and started pulling off her clothes.

She walked sexily to the man and straddled him.

“I can see you can’t wait to have me” The man said.

” I can’t wait, I’m so h*rny” She replied.

“The vice president son is coming back, what are you planning?” The man asked.

Audrey smirked and K!SSed him.

“When he is back, I will know what to do but for now, quit the talking part and let’s do the Fůçƙïṅg part” She winked seductively.

The man smiled and captured one of her Ɓø0ɓs.

“Gosh…. baby” Audrey Mõ@ɲed throwing her head backward.


“You all should try and do my assignment, failure to that assignment you will be getting an F in my subject, see you tomorrow” The teacher said and went out.

“Gosh, this boring lesson have come to an end” Hilliary yawned.

” I wasn’t understanding a thing” Lex said.

” Guys let’s go home, I’m hungry” Blake said taking his bag.

” Remember it’s 5pm” Summer shouted.

” You don’t have to shout before everyone will hear you, you need to get a new voice” Henry said.

” My voice not your own” Summer replied, glaringly.

Tiffany eyes met with Henry, she gulped down before taking her bag, she started leaving the class with the girls.

” You two are becoming close” Blake said.

” Not what you think pervert” Henry replied as they went out of the class.

” Lex when will you take me to your house?” Henry as they walked to the parking lot.

” So you will pull my mum’s cheeks like you did to Blake’s mum?” Lex asked.

The guys laughed.

” I’m serious bro”.

” Okay I will invite you to my house soon”.

” Hilliary” Dorathy called behind him.

He turned with a smile.

” Are you taking the internal exams for the competition?” Hilliary asked.

” Yes, you?” She asked.

” I can’t be left out, see you in the evening” Hilliary said and turned to go.

” Hilliary” She called and he turned.

” Thank you” She said and went the other way.

He smiled before joining Henry in the car, Lex and Blake left already.

” Done speaking with your sweet heart?” Henry asked.

” I think I will soon be in love, but it’s boring to stick to one Pů$$Â¥, I don’t think I can do that” Hilliary said.

” You will never change” Henry said as he drove out.


Summer came out of her car ad entered into the office, the guards made way for her as she is already known.

She went straight to his office and entered.

The governor is speaking with the deputy governor.

The deputy governor as he saw her.

” Summer” Philip said.

” The deputy governor” Summer replied.

” You’re growing more beautiful” Philip said.

” Thank you sir” Summer said and went to hug James.

“Mr governor, I will be on my way” Philip said, standing.

He shook hands with the governor before leaving.

Summer sat on James laps and pecked him.

“Dad, when did you come back from Philippines?” Summer asked.

“Today, I booked an early flight, how are you?” James replied.

“I’m fine, dad can we eat out?” Summer asked.

“I can’t say no to my baby, what about the guy you said that slapped you?” James asked.

“What about him dad?” Summer replied raising her head.

“I thought you two will be dating already” James grinned.

“Dad!!” Summer pouted and James laughed.


A car drove into the mansion and Donald came out.

Lex who was at the balcony turned, his mood changed immediately he set his eyes on Donald.

“What are you doing here?” Lex asked.

“Son” Donald said.

“Don’t call me that, I’m not your son, answer me what are you doing here?” Lex yelled.

“This is my house Lexington” Donald said in a raised tone.

“Yeah it’s your house but as long as I live here with my mum, you are not allow here, leave” Lex said.

“You’re throwing your father out?”.

“You’re not my father, man wĥõrë” He shouted.

Donald sighed and went back to his car, he got in and drove out of the mansion.

Lex opened the door and entered.

“Who was that?” Carolina asked immediately he entered.

“A nobody” He replied and carried her in his arms.

“Lex” She called.

“You’re so beautiful mum, mind if I take you out?” Lex asked and pecked her.

Carolina nodded and he began walking with her upstairs.


The boutique is full with customers and everyone is busy.

Joyce is inspecting some purchase when Henry and Hilliary walked in.

“Mum” They said.

“What are two doing here?” Joyce asked.

“Is that how to welcome your two handsome twins?” Hilliary asked.

” Okay I’m sorry kids” Joyce said but they frowned.

” Why the frown?”.

” We are not kids”.

“Your boutique is filled up with customers” Hillary said.

Her attention was called and she left them.

Hilliary saw two girls staring at them.

He smiled and tapped Henry.

” Those two girls are staring at us” Hilliary whispered.

” I’m not interested”.

” You’re such a bad energy, gay man” Hilliary teased.

“Bastard , hello everyone here, I just wanna say thank you for patronizing my mum, me and my twin bro we love you” Henry said loudly.

The customers attention shifted to them immediately.

👥Who are those cutie?

👥I didn’t notice them, angels in human form

👥I like the the dark skinned guy

👥 The other one is the most handsome

“We love you,. the ladies, my fans, we do what we want when we want, you can have my…”.

“Bro” Henry called out to Hilliary as he sighted Joyce coming at them with a big stick.

“We love you the ladies” They shouted and ran out.

Some of the customers started laughing.

” Are they your sons?” A customer asked.

And she nodded, going back to what she was doing.


Various cars parked in the school parking lot as students drove in.

Henry and Hilliary dressed simply but yet they were breathtaking.

Lex and Blake arrived the same time, looking stunning.

“You guys are here already” Henry said.

“What did you expect?”

“Sleep over at my house today” Hilliary said.

“Are we allow to bring some girls?” Blake asked.

“You don’t need to ask the devil before sinning” Hilliary replied.

“Jesus” Henry bursted into laughter.

“Let’s go guys” Blake said, laughing.


Some of the students started murmuring in the class as Summer was yet to come.

“What is taking that brat to come here” A student said.

“She thinks highly of herself too much cos she’s brilliant” Another said.

“If you are fade out here you can leave” Henry said and the murmuring stop.

“Guys” Summer said walking in with Hailey and Tiffany.

Lex turned and when his eyes set on her, he felt his heart lift immediately.

He found himself staring at her, he saw stars twinkling around her, the way her hair was moving, he felt his heart moving athletically.

He blinked continuously till she entered the class fully.

“What is that? why am I seeing her so different today?” He asked himself.


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