December 5, 2023


🎀 Meant for
each other 🎀

By Terri Savage 🖊️






“Hilliary” Mrs Barrett said.

“You’re the best principal” Hilliary said and winked.

“Gosh” Mrs Barrett said placing a hand on her forehead.

“The two of you leave my office now” Mrs Barrett said.

Henry and Hilliary winked at her before going out.

“The two kids won’t be the end of me” Mrs Barrett smiled.

” You’re so forward twin bro” Henry said on their way to the class.

” I won’t mind Fůçƙïṅg that woman” Hilliary said.

” What!”.

” Yes, I love anything under the skirt I don’t mind the size or age” Hilliary winked.

” You’re the worst” Henry said and they entered the class.

👥A new student

👥He is so cute

👥I love his skin color

👥His eyes are making me wet

Hilliary smiled charmingly.

“Hi class, my name is Damola Hilliary, I’m a new student, I love the girls, my fans, I love you, I do this for the ladies, I Fůçƙ anything f*ckable..”

Henry grabbed his hand and pulled him away.

The class burst out laughing.

👥He is a bad boy

👥 He is so funny

👥 A big time playboy

” Holy sinners” Lex called as they settled down behind them.

” Yeah, I love you guys” Hilliary said blowing them a K!SS.

” I pity the girls drooling on him” Henry said.

” He will destroy their legs” Blake said.

” It’s our work guys” Hilliary said.

” You and who?” The guys yelled and hit him the same time.

“Ouch!! what’s that?”.

“I and Lex we are good playboys” Blake said.

“First time I’m hearing of good playboys”.

Summer entered the class with Tiffany and Hailey.

Her eyes met with the guys and Hilliary winked at her.

“Gosh those @$$” Hilliary licked his lips.

“Can you think about something else for once twin bro?” Henry frowned.

The maths teacher entered the class with some notebooks in her hand.

“Miss you’re beautiful” Hilliary shouted and the math teacher gaze went to him.

” A new student?” She asked.

” Yes, I like you” He winked and she smiled.

” You guys performed so poor in the assignment I gave you, only few of you impress me” She said.

” Come forward for you notes” She said and began calling their names.

Some were smiling as they collected their notes while some were frowning.

“19 on 30” Tiffany said.

“16 on 30” Hailey said.

“What is your score?, you are always the boss” Tiffany said.

” 25 on 30″ Summer said proudly.

” I really tried I got 20 on 30″ Lex said.

” 22 on 30″ Blake said.

” You guys tried” Hilliary said.

The maths teacher gave the notes to all the students but Henry note wasn’t given to him.

“Where is my note?” Henry asked.

“I’m very happy for someone who performed so excellently, he got all the answers correctly” She said.

The class started murmuring.

👥Who could that be?

👥 Summer who else?

👥 She is the boss

“It’s not Summer, Henry Kitchen is the only student who got all the answers correctly, scoring 30 on 30” She said and everyone eyes widened.

Summer couldn’t believe it herself.

This will be the first time someone will ever score higher than her.

“I didn’t know he is this brilliant” Someone said.

Henry went and collected his note with smile.

He smirked mockery at Summer before going to his seat.

Summer frowned.

“I love you twin bro” Hilliary said..

“I love you too”.

” Congratulations guy” Lex said.

“Don’t mention it’s our work” Henry replied.

They laughed.

” Henry can you please come up and explain the questions to the class” The maths teacher said.

Henry stood up and walked to the board.


A car can be seen stopping at a hotel, a guard came out of the car and opened the back door.

Audrey stepped down from the car, she has a scarf covering her head and black shades on making her unrecognizable.

“Stay here, I will be back soon” She said to the guard and he nodded.

She entered the hotel and rode the elevator which took her to the room.

She removed her scarf and black shades before entering the room.

On the bed sat a man who was smoking a roll of weed.

He turned as he heard the door sound, Audrey smiled as their eyes met.

“Baby” She called and went to hug him after throwing the things on the bed.

The man K!SSed her lightly but she held his face and K!SSed him deeply.

“I love you” The man said.

“I love you too baby” Audrey said.

” Did you abort that pregnancy?” The man asked.

” Yes, I aborted it” Audrey replied, rubbing her fingers on his chest.

” I missed you” He said grabbing her behind.

” I’m here, I’m all yours do to me as you pleases”

” How is she?”

” She is doing good” Audrey replied and took off her blouse.

She pushed the man on the bed and came over him, crashing her lips on him.


Brandon was in his painting room working on a drawing he has just drew.

He has finished with it, but the art was superb.

“Son” His stepmom called from the door.

“Yes mum” He said turning.

“You’re making new paintings?” She asked.

“Yes, the others got destroyed so I want to do new ones” He replied.

“This is so beautiful”.

” Were you able to sell the jackets?” He asked.

” You can’t believe she added more money to my usual payment, she is so kind” She replied.

” What’s her name again?” He asked.

” Cassie Kitchen” .

” I wish to meet her in person one day” He said.

” She is so cute, she will make a good daughter in-law” She winked.

” Mum!!”.

She smiled and walked away.

Brandon faced back the painting and smiled remembering the conversation he had with C-baby.

” I can’t wait for the contract” He said.


” Are you still signing up for the competition?” Brittany asked.

” What is the competition all about?” Cassie asked.

” It’s an artwork competition, like you will present a perfect artist who can draw so excellently, basically frame work” Brittany replied.

” But I don’t have anyone in my shop” Cassie said.

” What about the guy who made this frame for you, you can negotiate with him and by doing that you will make him popular and your store will get more popular too” Brittany said.

” OMG, I didn’t think of that, I will chat him up and set a meeting day with him” Cassie looked at the big frame on the wall and smiled.

Anytime she look at the painting she will feel better.


Summer entered her room and threw her bag carelessly on the bed.

She screamed and sat on the bed.

“He scored 30 on 30 “.

“I only scored 25, this can’t be happening, no one can’t take my position” She said.

A maid heard her scream and rushed to her room.

” Miss are you okay!” The maid asked.

” What are you doing here?” Summer asked coldly.

The maid started shaking.

” Can’t you talk?” Summer yelled.

” I.. I heard you screamed” She replied fearfully.

” Get out lowlife” Summer barked.

The maid quickly runs out.

Axton number started calling her but she took the phone and switched it off.

“Henry kitchen I hate you”.


The H twins entered the house and went to Henry’s room.

” Wow! twin bro, I love your room” Hilliary said wandering the room.

” I’m glad you do, you are sleeping over?” Henry said.

Hilliary pouted childishly.

” Why are you pouting?” Henry asked.

“I have a Pů$$¥ to Fůçƙ in the night” Hilliary replied.

“A girl from school?” Henry asked and he nodded.

“I pity your Ďïčk” Henry scoffed.

” I can go six rounds without getting tired” Hilliary said.

” I believe you, hope you won’t die on Pů$$¥ one day”.

” Man must die for something” Hilliary winked.

Henry finished changing and they went downstairs together, they entered the kitchen and saw a plate of chicken.

Hilliary began salivating as he stared at the package.

He impatiently washed his hands and took the head of the chicken.

He started eating it.

” Mehn, your mum is the best” Hilliary said.

” Bet your mum can’t cook like this” Henry said.

” Where will she even get the time to do it when the house is full of maids, lazy mummy I got” Hilliary said and they laughed.

“Let’s play games” Hilliary said with his mouth full of the chicken.


“Yay!!!!” Henry screamed happily as he beat Hilliary in the game.

“I was thinking about Pů$$¥ that is why you win” Hilliary said.

“Losers alway have excuses” Henry said mockery.

” I’m hungry” Hilliary said as his stomach made some funny noise.

” Awnnn hungry kid”.

” Twin bro I’m dying here” Hilliary said.

” Hope you can still remember the way to the kitchen” Henry said.


The green lights flashed through the clubhouse, it’s filled with people to the brim.

Summer and Hailey sat somewhere drinking.

“You look sad” Hailey said.

“Do you expect me to be happy when Henry scored higher than me, that guy is making me to go crazy, first he rejected my S£duction, he is the first guy to challenge, you know what I’m not interested in having him again ” Summer said and took a beer.

” Are you giving up? ” Hailey asked.

” What does it seems to you that I’m doing” Summer replied.

“I won’t allow this to happen again” Summer said.

” I believe you baby girl” Hailey smiled.

” Let’s go get some Ďïčks” Summer winked, leaving with her to the dance floor.


Lex returned back from Blake’s house and when he approached the door he held two voices inside.

He recognized the manly voice and his eyes turned red in anger.

The man he hate with his life.

He opened the door and opened.

Carolina was already crying with a swollen face meaning he had beat her.

Donald raised his hand to slapped her again but Lex held his hand in the air.

“Son” Donald said.

“I’m not your son bastard” Lex said kicked him.

“Lex” Carolina called.

Lex sat on Donald and began punching his face.

“I regretted the day you became my father, why can’t you leave us alone, are you this shameless” Lex said as tears left his eyes.

He continued punching him till Carolina pulled him away.

Donald groaned and stood up with a bleeding face.

” We don’t need you here, you can remove your share, I disown you”.

” Stop it Lex, stop it, you can’t disown your father” Carolina said.

” He isn’t my father, what kind of father never cares about his family, he is proudly sleeping with other women around” Lex yelled and released himself from Carolina grip.

He went to Donald and grabbed him, he started taking him outside, he opened the door and pushed him out before locking the door.

He came back and pulled her into a warmly hug.

“I love you son” Carolina said.

“I love you mum, I will protect you” Lex said and took her upstairs to her room.

Lex made her to sleep on the bed, he got some ointment on the table and rubbed it in her face.

He covered her with the duvet and K!SSed her forehead.

“Lex” Carolina called.

“Yes mum” Lex replied.

“Can you please forgive your dad?” Carolina asked.

“You still love him after everything he did to you?” Lex asked.

“My heart can’t stop beating for him, I hope he realizes his wrong doings sooner” Carolina said.

“Sleep mum, don’t get sick” Lex said and K!SSed her head before leaving the room.


“Ahh, Fůçƙ don’t slow down”

The girl who Hilliary was Fůçƙïṅg kept screaming as he drove roughly into her but no matter how rough he was, she was enjoying it the more.

“Pů$$¥ is life, nothing is sweeter than Pů$$¥” Hilliary Mõ@ɲed spanking her @$$.

The girl bounced on his Ďïčk as her Ɓø0ɓs moved in rhyme with her body.

She placed her hands on his chest as he thrusted so hard into her.

” More harder.. kept hitting it hard”.

” I love your Ďïčk”.

” Turn around and give me your @$$” Hilliary said and she stood up from him.

She went on all four on the bed and he penetrated her again.

A sharp gasped escaped her lips as he resumed the mighty banging.

” Take me to heaven Hilliary” She screamed as he hit a particular spot.

” Oh Lord I’m in heaven, I am seeing stars, the angels are welcoming me”.


Henry came back home late and his eyes widened in total shock when he saw his house on fire.

His body started trembling as he saw the house on fire.

His parents.

“No!!!” He screamed running there.

He lost his senses and was about jumping into the fire when someone grabbed him stopping him from entering the house.

He began struggling to lose himself.

“My dad, my mum” He screamed.

“No, this can’t be happening, no!!” He shouted.

“There he is ” He suddenly heard someone point at him.

“Get him”.

Henry stared at the guys with guns in their hands and he does the first thing that came to his mind, running away.

He took to his heels and the guys started chasing him.

He ran with all his might, trying to escape but the tears clouding his eyes were blurring his vision.

He remembered how the house was burning.

He kept running without stopping until he stumbled on a stone and fell wounding his knee, he tried standing up but the guys got there and grabbed him.

“Let go of me, who are you guys, leave me alone” He shouted trying to freed himself but the guys were much stronger.

A car drove there and the door opened, two people came out of the car wearing masks on their faces.

“Good job boys” The man said, smiling darkly.

“I warned you Henry kitchen now you will pay the price, you can’t stop me from accomplishing my plans, no one can’t stop me” The lady said and took a gun from one of the guys.

“Finish him off darling” The man said.


The lady pulled the trigger on him shooting him on his chest first then on his head.


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