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Written By;Ada Princess

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“What do you mean by they weren’t able to meet up with the deal?” Mr James asked shouting at his board members

They were all holding a board meeting

“We’re really sorry James” One if the board members spoke up

“It’s been one month since we signed that deal,so why is it taking so long huh?” Mr James asked breathing heavily

“I’ll just go contact them again sir” Hillary his secretary said rushing outside

“If that deal pass this week then the deal is off,we need to start building at our construction site!!” Mr James exhaled deeply

“We’ll do it well Mr James” The board members said in response

“Better” Mr James huffed silently before leaving the board to his office

Well he’s the CEO

Minutes Later ofcooling himself down with bunch of cigarettes,Raven and Marvin entered into his office to meet him smoking

“Dad!!!!” Raven exclaimed in surprise as she rushed to her father taking the cigarettes from his hand

“Why do you keep on doing this dad?” Marvin asked angrily

“Am really sorry kids.. It’s just that,I really need to get work stress out of my head” Mr James explained with regrets in his eyes

“Stop giving that reason all the time dad, it’s not helping” Marvin shouted disgustingly

“He’s still our dad Vin” Raven said trying to calm him down

“Don’t you get it now Raven,our dad is a smoker” Marvin shouted and immediately Raven landed a heavy slap on his cheek

“I love you so much Marvin but that doesn’t also mean we should stop loving our dad,for goodness sake Vin,he still Carter for our needs and even before we came into LH who made us popular isn’t he the one huh?” Raven shouted in tears

“Maybe he’s right Raven am really an addict” Mr James smiled a little

“Am really sorry Raven,I didn’t mean to put you through this” Marvin said without blinking trying to hug her but she quickly rushed out of the office

“Am really sorry son” Mr James said sadly

“Am never your son” Marvin said with red eyes before leaving also

Mr James smiled sadly before punching the wall angrily


“Am really sorry for last night Mason” Izzy bowed her hair shamefully

No customers today to attend to so they’re in their leisure period

Mason just nodded avoiding her gaze but she immediately held his hands with pleading eyes

“Am really sorry for last night,I shouldn’t have K!SS you am really sorry I don’t really know what came over me last night I was just too emotional” Izzy apologize already crying now Mason was already staring at her

“You know you look ugly while crying” Mason mocked her a little

“Am not ugly” Izzy said hitting his arms playfully

“Yeah you look like an ugly duck while crying” Mason said smiling lightly and instantly she started cleaning her tears so she wouldn’t look ugly

“Am I pretty now?” She asked smiling like a kid

“You always look pretty best friend was just joking and you took it personal” Mason said laughing his @$$ out

“You’re really a jerk” Izzy said pinching his head before standing up to the laundry to wash the dishes

“Hey come give me a hug to forgive you” Mason shouted standing up too widening his hands for an embrace

“You’re the best best friend” Izzy smiled running into his embrace tightly

“I forgive you now” Mason said smiling handsomely

“By the way your @$$ got flat in the past few days” Mason said surprisingly slightly pressing her @$$ and Izzy eyes widened

“What??How dare you touch my @$$??” Izzy asked dramatically as they started running down the restaurant

“Catch me if you can flat @$$” Mason laughed running inside the store when he hit Mrs Bibby right in the face and both eyes widened when the flour on her hands burst in Mason’s face

“Ahhh!!! A monster in my restaurant” Mrs Bibby screamed carrying the mop stick to start hitting him on the legs,Izzy just stood there laughing so loud

“Ouch!!..Mrs Bibby it’s me am not a monster.. it’s me” Mason shouted running up and down in the store room as Mrs Bibby kept chasing him with the stick

“You who?? what’s your name and why do you Mason’s voice?” Mrs Bibby shouted angrily

“Am Mason Mrs Bibby,am Mason!!!!” Mason shouted loudly when the floggings got increased

“You’re lying monster,a monster in Mason’s body come out of his body right now!!” Mrs Bibby shouted giving Mason a hot slap making him see stars immediately

“Come out his body monster” Mrs Bibby shouted slapping him heavily again

“Mrs Bibby, that’s the real Mason” Izzy said trying to suppress her laughter

“What???” Mrs Bibby asked with wide eyes as she dropped the mop stick

“Yes Mrs Bibby…am Ma..am Ma..am Mas..” Before he could finish pronouncing his name he collapsed on a table

“Monster in Mason’s body stand up” Mrs Bibby shouted worriedly rushing to drag him on his feet

“Oh father lord, why are old people not understanding English!!” Izzy asked hitting her forehead frustratedly


The students were just arriving,so we’re already having their classes while some were talking in the hallway

Just in time Peach and her brother Miles were just coming through the hallway and as usual loud screams filled the hallway

🗣️ Miles what kinda cream ate you using?

🗣️ You’re just getting cuter everyday

🗣️Peach cut a little soap for me please

🗣️ Miles please be my boyfriend!!

🗣️Oh gosh!!

Some girls were already at the bench of screaming as they kept walking through the hallway

🗣️How can a junior student be this damn cute

🗣️ She’s isn’t any cute

🗣️Such a junior brat

🗣️You guys are just jealous

A girl amongst her friends said loudly and both Peach and Miles turned to that direction

“Is it a crime to be a Junior huh?” Miles said walking closer to the girl while she kept on walking back

“Am sorry” The girl said fearfully

“Aren’t you also a Junior too” Miles said anger in his voice

“Am really sorry” The girl begged

“Just ignore her Miles” Peach said patting her brother slowly

“Didn’t you hear what she just said??” Miles asked surprised

“Yeah but just ignore her please” Peach said sadly

“Stop having soft heart for people especially those who doesn’t deserves it” Miles shouted angrily walking out of the hallway leaving Peach standing there

🗣️ She’s really so stupid

🗣️ She’s just being too kind

🗣️I am so tired of her childish attitude

Peach bowed her head shyly and instantly Raven and Marvin came into the hallway too

🗣️ Twinnie!!

🗣️They look so good

🗣️ Resemblance

🗣️Raven is the best

Some students were already hailing her as she kept walking and immediately her eyes met with Peach’s own and anger boiled in her eyes as she walked to Peach

“Why are you bent of separating my brother and I, you witch huh?” Raven asked angrily and even before Peach could answer Raven dragged her hair

“Ouch!! please let me go senior Raven” Peach pleaded in pains

“Stop it already Raven” Marvin shouted trying to separate them

“Stop what?? This witch here is trying to lure you” Raven shouted crazily

“She’s not luring me Raven, just stop this hatred you have for her please, you’re making a scene here!!” Marvin shouted trying to free Peach from her hands

“Peach baby!!” Amy shouted with wide eyes immediately she saw the scene going on rushing to her

“Please senior Raven let her go I beg of you” Amy pleaded going on her knees

🗣️ This scenario is really great!!

🗣️ Please let her go Raven

🗣️ Hahahaha!!!

Some laughed dramatically while some were pleading

“Stop it right now Raven” Marvin ordered frustratedly

“No way” Raven said still dragging Peach’s hair

“Ahhh!!!!” Peach screamed in pains when her fingers got to her school

“Where’s Miles?” Marvin asked the crowd when he couldn’t take it anymore

“I think he’s outside” A junior student pondered before rushing outside

“Stop it now Raven or I’ll report to the authorities of this school,stop doing whatever you like cause you’re famous” Marvin snapped at her

“So you’re really taking Peach side?” Raven said hurtfully as she kept on dragging Peach’s hair

“Please Senior” Amy kept on pleading

And as if that helped,Raven released her hair

“On one condition to let you be Peach” Raven said with a one side smirk

“And what’s that??” Peach who was already in tears asked weakly

“What are you saying Raven?” Marvin asked wondering what his sister is planning again

At that same moment, Miles rushed in after receiving the news from the junior student

His eyes widened

And instantly too,the principal came outside in the hallway after hearing bunch of screaming

“Ra..Ra.. Raven” Miles called with outermost shock written on his face

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