{On the wings of love…}


By;Ada Princess



“If you think you can escape this then you’re wrong” Annabella chuckled

“I can’t do that!” Mason said frustratedly

“Then you better get ready for this witch” Marvin pointed at Raven and this time Raven removed her one of slippers and threw at Marvin who it touched right on his nose

“Ouch mommy!!” Marvin jumped on Annabella’s body

“I said shut the crap up!” Raven shouted

“You heard her she said shut your crap” Annabella shrugged her shoulders and Marvin came down

“What did this witch add to your meal this night?” Marvin asked eyeing Raven

“Okay fine, I’ll clean your house in a week” Mason rolled his eyes

“Job starts now” Both Annabella and Raven said in unison

“Whatever! Catch you later bro” Mason winked at Marvin before going into Raven’s room

“You’re so sweet mommy” Raven pecked her mom’s cheek

“Anything for you love” Annabella smiled

The door opened gently to reveal James coming in looking so tired

“Honey you’re back! Why the long face?” Annabella rushed to welcome her husband

“Today’s work and meeting was stressful,Marvin be prepared you’re gonna be going to business meetings soon enough ” James said humming

“What?” Marvin widened his eyes

“Home sweet home dad” Raven smiled out hugging him

“What’s the occasion today? Raven seems happy?” James smiled out

“Nothing really ” Raven smiled

“Go take a shower honey and meet me downstairs” Annabella said and James smiled before assembling the stairs while she walked to the kitchen

“Hey sissy!” Marvin called and Raven turned to him but immediately he threw an apple at her face

“Ouch! Why did you that!!” Raven winced dramatically

“That’s for throwing your smelling slippers at me” Marvin smiled

“Fůçƙ you” She said angrily giving him the middle finger before rushing to her room

“Something seems off” Marvin said touching his invisible bears


“Are you done yet? I wanna come out” Raven said from the bathroom she was having her bath and Mason was dusting her room after cleaning her dressing room

“No not yet” Mason responded

But instead of waiting Raven purposely came out with her towel tied round her body her hair dripping gorgeously wet

“Mason” She called and slowly Mason turned to her and first thing his eyes went to was her chest

“I.. I.. I just said I wasn’t done cleaning and you came out” Mason said those words with blinking eyes

“Why are you stammering?” Raven smirked as she walked closer to Mason

“What are you doing?” Mason asked staring deep into her eyes

“Don’t want us to have a relationship Mason? Can’t you love me back?” Raven asked staring at his lips and eyes doing the triangle trick

“We are siblings not outsiders Raven. Now I know why you ask me to clean your room so this is what you want huh?” Mason asked shaking his head in disbelief

“Weren’t that much of a siblings Mason and even though we are let’s just date secretly I promise no one will know about this” Raven pleaded and before Mason could protest she grabbed his shoulders and smash her lips on his

K!SSing and taking his soul at once, her lips moving on his but he wasn’t responding as she seem to be in deep shock

“K!SS me back” Raven said in-between the K!SSes and like magic Mason started responding to the K!SS. He held her by her waist and started taking the lead as they got involved in a hot K!SS

Bit by bit Mason slowly loosened her towel and she was Ɲ@kēɗ right before his eyes

“Touch me”Raven said and that did the magic as Mason hands moved to her swollen Ɲīpplës and he began pressing her right hard both still K!SSing themselves

“Ouch!Oh my gosh Mason” She Mõ@ɲed out his name as Mason kept pinching her Ɲīpplës

Slowly and insanely the walked to the bed still K!SSing hard



“Oh my!”

“You’re killing me”


“Don’t stop please!”

Jane kept Mõ@ɲing like a Ɓîtçh as the mailman get drilling her wide hole

“Don’t you dare stop let’s go for Doggystyle” Jane said all sweaty as they stayed in a doggie position and he entered from behind

“Yeah like that!” Jane Mõ@ɲed

“Aren’t you tired am tired already?” The mailman said with tiredness

“Cvm inside me” Jane said and she changed position again this time riding the man

Not just any man but a guy in his late 40s someone enough to be her dad

Minutes later,they were both done the condo smelling of S£X and the man wore his clothes preparing to leave

“That was hot!” Jane K!SSed him

“I need to leave” The mailman said and he left the condo

“Gosh! Why am I turned into a S£X addict?”Jane asked herself when she remembered that faithful night

“You can’t get away with this Raven I swear” Jane said gritting her teeth together

“I can’t be the only one suffering from having countless S£X you must suffer same faith with me” Jane said hatefully bringing out a medicine from a small box

“Why is Mason not here yet and same with Raven?” Marvin asked himself

He was waiting in the living room for the past ten minutes and no sign of both of them

“They are taking too long or perhaps they forgot today is school but that’s unlike Raven?” Marvin asked again and this time he climbed the stairs heading to Raven’s room

He reached there and he began opening the doorknob and suddenly
T B Continued★


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