{on the wings of love…}

By;Ada Princess

Genre: Highschool Romance

Tags; Romance, Cheating, School,S£x, Burning desires,Friends, Forbidden, Bullying, Hatred, Family,Love risk, Unrequited Love, Tragicomedy and Love.


Peach Smith,the only daughter and second child of the Smith Family,one of the most popular family known for their collections Automobile Industry in the whole of Los Angeles California

Miles Smith, he’s 19, the first child of the family who always treat his sister like an egg and never allows any one to touch her. The whole family treats her like an egg not ready to hatch yet,they both attend LINGUISTICS HIGH

She’s 16,a cute poppy girl,known as the baby of the house,a sweet girl with no stains,a girl who doesn’t even know anything about relationship

What happens when he came into LH?

Who’s he?

What happens when they find themselves in love?

What happens when their love becomes forbidden?

What would be Wyatt reaction?

Do you think their desires will be quenched?

Surely there must be a suspense in this story…😏😏

Am sure you wouldn’t wanna miss right??

Then follow me..💜

{on the wings of love…}


By; Ada Princess

“Wake up Mason, can’t you see the customers are waiting!!” Mrs Bibby exclaimed tiredly

“Am sorry Mrs Bibby,I fell asleep” Mason hurriedly stood up from the trashcan he was sleeping on

Well,Miss Bibby owns a small restaurant where she bakes and sells coffee, she’s also a widow who lost her husband, that’s where Mason earns his little income from since he lost his parents at a teen age,well he’s 19

“How many times have I told you that here’s a working area not a sleeping place” Mrs Bibby shouted at Mason who’s head was bowed slightly

“Am really sorry Mrs Bibby, it’ll never happen again” Mason replied going on his knees

“Do you wanna get fired from this job you piece of trash?” Mrs Bibby questioned him directly and immediately Mason held her left leg pleading with her as a drop of tears fell out of his eyes

“Please don’t Mrs Bibby,am really sorry” Mason begged with guilty look

“Better don’t test my patience next time” Mrs Bibby hissed pushing him away with her legs before walking back to the restaurant

“I almost lost my little job” Mason scattered his hair roughly before entering the restaurant

And truly there were alot of costumers waiting for their orders,so he attended them one after the other

“What’s can I get for you miss?” Mason asked the lady who was sitting down pressing her phone with shades on and she raised her head

Nothing came out of her mouth as she kept drooling over Mason,her shades were already down from her eyes but she couldn’t stop admiring his well built body until when Mason couldn’t hold it anymore he spoke up

“How may I help you miss?” He asked again and the lady came back to reality

“Umm…I would love to have strawberry shortcake with a juice please” The lady placed her orders

“Coming in a minute” Mason smiled going to bring her orders and her eyes were still on him even after he left

“Mason it’s seems that lady likes you” Izzy his only close friend said smiling

She also works at Mrs Bibby’s restaurant

“I don’t think so” Mason lamented as he dished out the strawberry shortcake

“Don’t play dirty with me,I know when a girl likes a boy am one too yunno” Izzy said sarcastically

“Are you being sarcastic?” Mason asked rolling his eyes as he set the juice timer

“No am not” Izzy said trying to avoid his gaze

“You’re lying” Mason said looking at her closely in the eyes

“Well… I’ll just go wash the dishes” Izzy said quickly as she went to the dishes

“So funny” Mason chuckled before carrying the lady’s order to her table

“Here you go miss” Mason said slowly dropping her orders on the table

“Can I have your number?” The lady asked immediately

“I don’t have a phone miss” Mason laughed nervously scratching his head

“Here you can take mine” The lady stretched forth her phone to him smiling

“I don’t know you miss” He said nervously looking around for any sight of Mrs Bibby

“Am Raven,the CEO’s daughter and stop calling me miss am still in highschool” The lady addressed herself

“Am Mason” Mason said simply

“Here take my phone,I have another one just please give me your number” Raven said pouting her lips cutely

“Thank you miss sorry I mean Raven but I can’t” Mason said and quickly left her table to attend another customer

“I’ll get you handsome” Raven blushed hard slowly sipping her orange juice before talking back to where Mason was serving and their eyes met but he quickly looked away


“You really need to get a boyfriend Peach”Amy kept blabbering as they sat on their table ready to quench their hunger since they are in the cafeteria

“Stop the blabbering Amy, you’ve been talking since we get here” Peach said pushing her slightly to the back

“What was I saying again, lemme remem… the rest word stucked inside her mouth as Peach shoved her burger into her mouth

“Yeah eat that a little” Peach laughed out

“What’s your problem?” Amy asked squeezing her face slowly eating the burger

“My problem is that you talk to much” Peach smiled cutely

“Let’s just eat” Amy rolled her eyes

👥Oh gosh it’s the M3!!

👥They came to the cafeteria today

👥 Somebody pinch me!!

The students kept chanting as they walked to where Peach and Amy table

🗣️What are they doing with the junior students?

🗣️I guess coz her brother is part of the M3

🗣️Miles am yours alone

🗣️ Isn’t Marvin cute?

🗣️Milo is cuter

“Sweet sis” Miles pecked his sister’s cheek as he sat beside her

“Must you do that everywhere?” Marvin asked rolling his eyes settling beside Amy and Milo on the other hand

“Yeah of course” Miles smiled and pecked Peach on her cheek again

Amy was already arranging her hair for Milo to notice her

“Hey sweet” Milo called Amy smiling and her face changed instantly but she hid it

“Hey senior Milo” Amy waved her hands nervously

“Can I date you Peach?” Marvin asked with a one side smirk and before Peach could reply, Miles already spoke

“Do you wanna die before you finish school?” Miles asked with a serious face
T B Continued…


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