⟨ Blood, Sweat And Tears… ⟩

THEME; Making Them Pay


By; Succie Brown.


Ariel quickly stopped hugging Dario after she realized what she said.

“Did you just say you were about to go insane, because you thought something bad happened to me?” Dario asked, with a smile on his face.

“No I didn’t. I never said that” Ariel said.

“I heard you correctly Ariella, you said you were…. ”

“That’s because we are a team?” Ariel said, cutting him short.

“A team?” He asked.

“Yeah. So don’t misuse what I said. I am only worried about you because we are a team, and nothing more than just teammates. So don’t think I like you romantically” Ariel said.

Dario smiled lightly and sat on the bed. “I never said you liked me romantically, Ariella. A girl like you doesn’t have time for love, and its fantasy, right?” Dario asked.

“Yes I don’t. I have to much on my plate to think about love” Ariel said. She looked at Dario, but quickly looked away, crimping her lips. She felt like struggling herself for saying such words to Dario, now he is going to think she likes him.


“What!!! What happened? I don’t like you!!!” Ariel shouted at Dario, before she could realize she did.

“Why are you shouting Ariella? I know you don’t like me, why are you making a fuss about it?” Dario asked, looking at her.

Ariel cleared her throat and said. “Then why are you calling my name?” She asked, rolling her eyes sideways.

“I just want to thank you. If you didn’t come to my rescue, I’d have been paralyzed by now” Dario said, with a sullen face.

“Paralyzed? What that supposed to mean? Why is she trying to kill you?” Ariel asked.


“The person that tried to kill you last night was a girl. Why is she trying to kill you Dario? Did you wrong her?” Ariel asked.

*You are the reason why my sister died. You R@P£D her to death and dumped her body*

The girl’s voice echoed in Dario’s voice, and Dario sighed, feeling guilty for what he did.

“Dario, why is she trying to kill you?” Ariel asked again. Dario looked at her and smile. “I don’t know Ariel”

“Should we investigate about the girl that tried to kill you?”

“Don’t bother yourself Ariella. I can handle this”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I am” Dario said, smiling.

“How can you be smiling in a situation like this?”

“Why? Were you expecting me to cry? Should I just cry?” Dario asked, making a crying funny face, and Ariel laugh.

“Can you stop doing that?” She said laughing, and Dario look at her as she laughed.

“You are more beautiful when you laugh, Ariella” He said, and Ariel hits his head lightly. “I told you not to complement on my beauty again” She said.

“You never told me that before” Dario said, rubbing his head.

“I guess it was Jaycee I told”

“Jaycee?” Dario asked, and Ariel nodded her head.

“Speaking about Jaycee. Did he know I was stabbed?” He asked.

“Yes he did”

“Did he come to see me?” Dario asked curiously. Ariel saw the curiosity in his eyes, and decided to play a game.

“No he didn’t” Ariel said.

“Of course, he won’t come” Dario muttered, wearing a sad face.

“Why are you two always fighting when you care about each other a lot?” Ariel asked.

“You won’t understand, Ariella”

“The old me would have want to know what’s going on between the two of you, but sadly, I am not that girl anymore. But whatever it is, you both should fixed it” Ariel said.

“I thought you enjoyed it whenever I and Jaycee fight”

“I got bored watching you two fight. I can see you both cared for each other, whatever the past was, just let go of it. It’s doesn’t matter who says sorry first, what matters is that you both bring your friendship back. And FYI, Jaycee was here last night, he only left the hospital this morning. He was by your side the entire night” Ariel said.

“He did?” Dario asked, and a smile appeared on his face. Ariel looked at him and smile.

“You won’t be joining us for tonight’s mission”

“Why?” Dario asked.

“Are you seriously asking me that? You are wounded” Ariel said.

“Does that mean you care about me?” Dario asked, smiling. Ariel sighed and take in her lips.

“If that’s what is going to make your head swell, fine. I am worried about you, we don’t when that girl will come back to attack you, so make sure your body stays glued to the bed, and if you find anyone suspicious, call me”

“I don’t have your number”

“Check your phone and you are going to see my number. I tried calling you earlier, but you weren’t answering your phone”

“That’s because I left my phone at home. I should return home, before my dad ask the school about my whereabouts”

“I will be the one to take you home once the mission is over. Don’t think about going anywhere until I return tonight, understood” Ariel said.

“Yes boss” Dario said, placing his left hand on the side of his forehead, and Ariel smiled.


Ariel came out from Dario’s ward and sees Jaycee talking to a nurse, and she smiled, before approaching them.

“When you give this food to him, don’t tell him it’s from me, just say it’s from Jessica” Jaycee said.

“Jessica? Who is Jessica?”

“You don’t have to know who Jessica is, just tell him it’s from Jessica, and he is going to accept it from you”

“Jaycee” Ariel said, and Jaycee smiled upon seeing Ariel.

“Go ahead and give it to him” Jaycee said to the nurse. The nurse nodded her head and left. “You brought food for Dario, but why aren’t you the one giving it to him?” Ariel asked.

“I don’t want him to know I still care about him” Jaycee said.

“What happened to your friendship with Dario?”

“I don’t want to talk about it Ariella. It’s something I don’t want to remember. How is he doing?” Jaycee asked.

“If you are so curious about his health, you should go inside his ward, and ask him yourself” Ariel said.

C’mon Ariella, please tell me how he is doing?” Jaycee said.

“Fine. He is alright, and he wants to go back home before his dad suspects something bad has happened to him. But I told him I will be the one to take him home, after our mission tonight” Ariel said, and Jaycee nodded his head.

“You won’t mind lending me your car, right?” Ariel asked.

“You know how to drive a car?” He asked.

“Yes I do. I used to work in a repair shop before I became a student of MCC”

“I see. Dario knows what my car looks like, and I doubt if he will like it. So I am going to give you one of my sister’s car, and after you are done dropping him off, you can return it” Jaycee said.

“Thank you Jaycee. See you tonight for our mission” Ariel said, trying to walk away, but Jaycee held her hand.

“We have more time before our mission tonight, Can you come with me? I have something to show you” Jaycee said, and Ariel looked at him.



Ariel came down from the car with Jaycee. “Is this the place you were talking about? I didn’t know you love ice cream” She said.

“I don’t really like ice cream. I only come here because looking at this ice cream store reminds me of her” Jaycee said.


“Triple trouble”

“Triple trouble? Who is that?” Ariel asked, Jaycee looked at her and smile.


“Hurry up, give me your ice creams!!” Triple trouble said to a few kids who she was older than.

“Please don’t take our ice cream from us triple trouble, we don’t have money to buy another ice cream” The children said, crying.

“At least you have parents to run to, and they will give you money, but I, I don’t have any parents who I can cry to. So handle your ice creams to me” She said, hitting their heads.

“Hey!!! What are you doing to these kids?” Jaycee asked, coming out from the ice cream store.

“And who the heck are you?” Triple trouble asked.

“My name is Jaycee. Why are you bullying this little kids, just because you are older than them?” He asked.

“It’s seems you are new in this province. I might only be ten years old, but I am really popular around here, and that’s why I am called triple trouble. So take this cute face out of my sight, if you don’t want trouble” She said.

“I won’t watch you bully this kids, triple trouble my foot” Jaycee said, and the next thing that landed on his face was a punch from triple trouble, and he fell to the ground.

“The only thing good about you is your cute face, you are no different from a moving air, and yet you won’t mind your business” Triple trouble said, placing her leg on Jaycee’s chest.


Jaycee smiled after he remembered his first encounter with Triple trouble years ago.

“Let me guess, she was your first love, right?” Ariel asked eating her ice cream. They were already inside the ice cream store. Jaycee smiled and nodded his head.

“Surprisedly, we became friends after that day, and we always hang out together” Jaycee said.

“So what happened to your friendship?” Ariel asked.

“She used to live in a province, while I stayed in Moscow city, and because of her, I always come to the province to stay with my aunt during the holidays. But when I came to the province for holidays as usual, I was told she was no longer living in the province. I couldn’t get a definite reason as to why she left the province. She had no guidance, and no one knew her real name. I searched for her, but I couldn’t found her”

“Sorry, your love story was cut short before it even began” Ariel said, eating her ice cream.

“Strangely, you remind me of her” Jaycee said, and Ariel laugh.

“Really? Why would you think I am her?”

“Because you both kind of have the same personality” Jaycee said.

“I am not your triple trouble, Jaycee. If I was your triple trouble, I’d have remember our childhood days together, because I don’t have amnesia” Ariel said.

“You are right, Ariella. Thanks for listening to my sad story”

“You are welcome Jaycee” Ariel said, and rubbed her ice cream on Jaycee’s face, and laugh so hard.

“What was that for Ariella?” Jaycee asked, smiling.

“Just copying the crazy behavior of your triple trouble” Ariel said, laughing. Jaycee tries to rub the ice cream on her face, but Ariel screamed and ran away, laughing.



Camila’s heels could be seen walking back and forth, waiting for Daniel. She has a shopping bag in her hand, and a smile on her face.

“What are you doing here?” Daniel asked, when he saw Camila standing at the gate of his house. Camila smiled and walked closer to him. “I didn’t know you moved out from your old house. Are you staying with someone now?” She asked.

“You haven’t answered my question Camila, why are you here?” Daniel asked.

“Happy birthday Daniel. We are resuming school tomorrow, and I can’t give you a gift in school, because of the rules” Camila said.

Daniel looked at her, and without saying a word to her, he entered the house. Camila crimped her lips, fighting back her tears.



Just as they planned, the team was set to catch the killer tonight. Dario couldn’t join them because of his stabbed stomach, and this time around, Nora became more serious. What made her serious was that she was paired up with Jasper, Jessica with Brett and Ariel with Jaycee.

“I foresight him coming. He is heading towards the yellow washed house” Nora said to her team from the earbud she was wearing. She and Jasper was standing at the rooftop of the abandoned building.

“Got it Nora. You all know what to do right?” Ariel asked.

“Splitting in the whole alleys of the yellow washed house, in case he tries to escape” Brett said from his earbud. He was with Jessica.

“Good. Now let’s get this over and done with” Ariel said. They disconnected the calls, and went into action.

The killer was aiming towards the yellow washed house, when Jasper kicked him. “Today is your end, killer” Jasper said.

“Who are you and why are you trying to get in my way?” The killer asked.

“I am a student of MCC”

“$h|t” The killer said, and try escaping from an alley in the yellow wash house, but Nora used a frying pan to hit his head and he fell to the ground.

“You won’t be able to escape from us” She said. The killer brought out his knife to kill Nora with it, but Nora kept douching the strikes, and at the same time doing back flips, so he won’t use the knife on her.

Nora succeed in giving him a smackdown, and he fell to the ground, hitting his back forcefully on the ground. Nora quickly took the knife and place it in his neck.

“Don’t try to move or I am going to slit your throat. Thanks to you, I almost lost my best friend” Nora said, and tied his hand.

“Got the killer” She said from her earbud, and the team rushed out from the alleys they were hiding, and they were indeed surprised that Nora got the killer.

“You were supposed to lure him to another alley, what if he has hurt you?” Jessica asked.

“Well he didn’t, and I got him” Nora said.

“It’s surprising that you fought the killer alone” Ariel said.

“I am not a student of MCC for nothing” Nora said, and they smiled.

“It’s a good thing you are following my advice, Nora. You did great” Jasper said.

“Thanks Jasper” She said, and Jasper winked at her.

“Let’s get this criminal put behind bars and prove to Mr. Watterson that we are meant to be students of MCC” Jessica said, and the team nodded their heads, smiling.



“Are you sure you don’t want to say Hi to Dario?” Ariel asked. Jaycee brought one of Becca’s car like he promised he would.

“I don’t think it’s necessary Ariella. Go ahead and make sure you take Dario home safety”

“Fine I will, stop acting like a worried boyfriend” Ariel said, and Jaycee smile. “Go ahead Ariella” He said ruffling her hair.

“Stop doing that” She said, arranging her short hair.

“Seriously, I think you will look more beautiful, if you grew your hair”

“I am more comfortable with short hair. I’m the queen of short hair and swag” She said, and Jaycee laughed

“I never knew you could talk like this” He said.

Ariel take in her lips and said. “I will be going now, I am sure Dario is waiting for me” She said.

“Alright,” Jaycee said, and waved at Ariel. She waved back and just when she was about to enter the car, she saw someone familiar from the other side of the road.

Her eyes widened, and her mouth almost went numb. There’s no way she could forget the face of her twin sister, who meant the whole world to her

“Are…Ariella!!!” Ariel screamed, running towards the road.




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