(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

Genre: College romance

Tags: Love, infatuation, betrayal, jealousy & envy, passion, s£x, love triangle, desire…

          Chapter 8&9


She swallowed hard. ‘What was she gonna do? She can’t sleep with lights off. She’s scared of the dark and he can’t sleep with lights on either.’

“Are you deaf? I said switch off the damn lights!” He yelled in a commanding tone.

She nodded and hesitantly switched off the light.

She climbed the bed and laid on it, covering herself with the duvet. She faced the window since there was little light coming through it.

She closed her eyes to catch a sleep but she quickly opened it. She gasped as she saw a shadow.

“Wh… who’s there?” She asked softly as she gulped in fear.

The shadow seems to be coming closer, she turned around, facing the opposite direction.

She shrieked as she saw another shadow.

“Ahhh!!” She screamed as jumped out of her bed.

She hit a masculine chest and fell on the floor. “Please spare me! Don’t kill me monster! I haven’t done anything!” She begged, suddenly the light turned on.

Vlad frowned as he saw her squatting on the floor, her face buried in between her knees and her palms placed together in a begging sign.

He had rushed to switch on the light immediately he heard her scream, only for him to meet her acting like she was haunted by some kinda ghost.

“Pls…” she mumbled as he walked towards her.

He got to her and squatted beside her, he placed his hand on her shoulder and she screamed in fright.

She hugged him immediately, she saw his face.

“Save me, that monster wants to kill me.” She said, closing her eyes tightly.


“Yeah monster. I saw his shadow there.” She said pulling out of the hug, pointing towards the window.

“Monster? Shadow?” He asked, confused.

“Yeah.” She nodded affirmatively.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked doubting her sanity.

“Wait! Are you tryna say that you don’t know those monsters that walk in the night?” She asked him, looking surprised.

Now he get it, this girl was surely insane. She’s a psycho.

“Oh dad, look what you’ve done to me… As if coming to college is not enough, I have to share a room with someone, not just anyone, a psycho.” He mumbled squeezing his face in a pitiable manner, swears he looked pathetic in it.

“What’s wrong? Are you suddenly scared of the monsters?” She asked looking concerned.

He didn’t say anything but gave her a pathetic look.

“You’re a psycho.” He muttered after few seconds of silence.

“No I’m not, I swear I saw the monster.” She stood immediately.

“Go to sleep.” He said instead and started walking towards his bed.

She followed behind.
“What?” He asked looking confused.

“Uhmm… I wanna sleep beside you, I can’t sleep alone on my bed, who knows if the monster might come back again…”

“Monster! Monster! The Fůçƙ! Monster doesn’t exist, don’t you get! Those Fůçƙing creatures do not exist! Why the hell are you bent on frustrating my life this night?! I beg to sleep, is that to much to ask. Please!” He snapped looking frustrated as he clasped his palms together.

Daisy just stared at him, looking unmoved by his reaction. She was lost drooling foolishly at him as he scolded her.

‘He look incredibly handsome when upset.’ she thought smiling.

“Hello? Did you even hear what I said?” He asked her.

He sighed tiredly running his hands through his hair. If only he new the effect that had on Daisy, he’d have stopped.

“Hey…” He called, clicking his fingers on her face making her come back to earth.

Then, he realized that he doesn’t know her name.

“Uhmm… what did you say?” She asked and he felt like slapping her but instead he rolled his eyes.

He climbed the bed and turned to sleep. Daisy also laid beside him.

“Should I switch off the lights.” She asked.

“Sleep!!!” He yelled and she gulped.

He peeked at his phone every then and now as he ate his breakfast sluggishly.

It was bacon, eggs and cheese sandwich.

He unconsciously stabbed the bacon repeatedly with his fork. He seemed to be lost in thoughts of his own.

“Kelvin?!… Kelvin!” His mom jolted him.

“What’s the matter son? You seem lost. Is anything the problem?” She asked, worriedly.

“No… nothing.” He lied, avoiding her gaze.

“C’mon son-” she said as she stood up from her seat and went to seat beside him.

“- I know something is wrong. I’m your mother and I can tell when you are not alright. Tell me what is it?” She asked in a concerned tone.

“I already told you mom, it’s nothing. I can fix it myself.” He assured.

“If you say so, I won’t pester you. But if the issue ever gets out of hand, do not fail to let me know, okay”

“Sure mom.”

“Okay mom. I’ll go to my room now, if there’s anything you need, do not fail to let me know.” He told her as well.

“But you didn’t finish your food…”

“I’m full mom.”He said and went to his room.

Immediately he got to his room, he dialled Daisy’s number. He hoped for a positive outcome but it was still the same thing.

Her line was unreachable. He sighed as he slumped on the bed.


She had her gaze on her textbook, reading it as she waited for the teacher to step in.

Ursula wasn’t a commercial student neither was she offering the subject she was having now so she didn’t come with her.

She was still reading the book when she felt a figure beside her. She raised her head, to see who it was.

Her eyes met with a dark brown eyes which peered at her through a pair of glasses.

Her hair was as usual packed in a ponytail, but this time she left some strands of hair at the front, as a style.

“Hi.” Isla muttered after much hesitation within her.

“Hey.” Daisy replied softly.

“I’m Isla.” She said smiling sweetly making her look cute.


“Daisy…” She mummered.

“Nice name… can I seat next to you?” She asked after a brief silence.

“Sure.” Daisy replied and she sat next to her.

“Thank you.”

“No big deal.”

As if the teacher had been waiting for them to round up their discussion, he walked in with Vlad and Bonnie behind him.

Screams filled the air immediately Vlad walked in.

👥 Oh my world! VD! my crush!

👥 I consider myself lucky to be in the same department as two celebrities! Woah!

👥 Gosh! K!SS me with that your orange lips VD!

👥 Eww! How can he K!SS that stinky hole you call a mouth?!

Someone said amongst the students and the two girls started exchanging words at each other.

“Quiet!” Mr Robinson commanded in a strict voice and the class became dead silent.

Vlad just walked to sit behind Daisy whereas Bonnie had already gotten herself a seat.

Daisy smiled sheepishly as Vlad sat behind her. She turned to see him staring at the board.

‘He looked extremely handsome’ she thought as she stared dreamily at him.

She imagined K!SSing him in the rain. Gosh! That will be so romantic, she was very sure of that.

They will be both drenched in the rain, but they’ll seem to care less. He will then cup her cheeks, removing strands of her hair from her face.

Then slowly he will…

“Ahh!!” She screamed as Isla marched her feet pretty hard, attracting the attention of the students.

“Hey you! Stand up!” Mr. Robinson commanded in his usual strict voice.

She slowly stood up, she looked at Isla who was looking so innocent as if she hadn’t done anything.

“You are playing in my class, isn’t it.” He asked in an icy tone.

“No, no sir. I was just…”

“Is that so? Okay what was the last word I said?” He asked and she itched her head.

‘Last word?’ she thought looking puzzled.

‘Simple, the last word he said was Said’ she thought.

“Said, sir.” She said confidently.

“Excuse me.”

“Right now the last word you said is, ‘me’.” She said and the students laughed.

‘What’s funny?’ She thought.

“Are you okay? I said the last word, okay the last sentence I said is?” He asked instead.

“I said the last word, okay the last sentence I said is?” She repeated and class roared into another round of laughter, Vlad wasn’t excluded.



“Okay, just seat down.” Mr. Robinson said and she nodded.

“Thank you sir.” She said and took her seat.

After the lecture, Vlad left the class with Bonnie. He had gotten halfway, when he heard his name.


They turned around to see Jaxon, he had his usual smirk on as he pocketed his left hand in white P@ŋts pocket. He stood as if he was posing for a photographer.

His right hand held onto his black denim jacket which he placed on his shoulder. He wore a white body hug shirt, showing off his perfect and sexy abs.

His blonde hair looked roughen, as a result of running his hands through it every then and now.

“Jaxon!” Bonnie called and he winked.

“Surprised?” He grinned as he got to them.

“What are you doing here?” Vlad asked casually.

“Chillax dude. What am I supposed to do here?” He asked instead, still smiling.

“Wait! You’re here to school. Why?!” Bonnie sassed.

“Because I wanna learn Purple trouble.” He smirked.

“I’ve told you countless times, not to call me Purple trouble my name-”

“- is Bonnie, you can call me Purple Bonnie if you want but not Purple trouble, got it?” He mimicked rolling his pretty brown eyeballs.

“I know kitten, I’m already used to your frequent naggings.” He replied, winking.


“Not today Bonnie,,, this dude here is already freaking out.” Jaxon said.

“Well Vlad, my dad seemed to be in cohort with your dad… so that’s how I’m here. Yours is better that you were informed. I wasn’t,,, I just woke up this morning to see myself here.” He grinned.

” I’m not very upset, cause there are a lot pretty girls in this school.” He added winking at a girl he caught glancing at him and the girl giggled.

“Pervert!” Bonnie muttered.

“I heard that.”

“I wanted you to, dummy.” Bonnie sassed.

“Rude b!tch.” He retorted and Vlad began walking away.

Those two are incredible, always fighting with every opportunity they get.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a girl bumped into him.

“Blind people everywhere.” He muttered underneath his breath.

Jasmine walked out of her class with her best friend, Renëe. They chattered as they found their way to the cafeteria.

“Look over there Renëe, it’s Chase.” Jasmine nudged at her smiling, she pointed towards her left.

A blonde guy, who had his hair dyed white stood there. He wore black t-shirt and a white shorts.

“So? What if it’s Chase? Please spare that Jas.” She begged rolling her pretty eyes.

“I think he’s coming towards us.” Jasmine said smiling widely.

“Whatever, let’s get going. I don’t want to talk to talk to him.” Renëe said and began walking away.

“Renëe!” He called, hastening his steps towards her but Renëe began running away.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

“It’s alright.” Jasmine assured from behind.

“Why does she hates me so much?” He asked tiredly.

“Renëe doesn’t hate, she’s…”

“She’s what Jas… Renëe has always hated me right from our high school days. Whenever I try to come close to know why, it only makes her hatred for me worst. Is it my fault that I fell for her?” He asked upset.

“No Chase, it’s not your fault neither is it Renëe’s fault. She’s just scared of being friends with you knowing fully well that you’re in love with her, yunno how much Renëe hates love, you should understand.” She explained to him.

Renëe and Jasmine have been friends since highschool, they knew Chase since he attended the same with them. He was their head boy.

Chase have always loved Renëe right from their highschool days but she blurtly rejected his love countless times, yet Chase wasn’t giving up.

He followed her down to this college, hoping that one day, she will reciprocate his love.

“But I love her, I really do.” He soliloquizes.

“I know, that’s why I suggest you give her time, she’ll reciprocate your love, that I’m sure of.” She assured and he nodded.

“I’ll go now. Take care.” She walked away.

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