(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

          Chapter 36&37



“No, no. This is impossible! Vlad can’t do this.” Bonnie said after listening to the audio note, Mira had already edited the audio to a way that it would look like a Ř@pê incident. She was with Renëe and Jasmine in a classroom.

“Right?? Who could have posted this?? It’s already getting a lotta views.” Jasmine said.

“I think it’s one desperate fellow. If not why didn’t she show her face… This audio is fake.” Renëe told them.

“Yeah it is, but no one will believe them coz it’s his voice.” Bonnie shook her head.

“The person might have copied his voice or it was a mere fun-filled sx which she turned into a rpe incident.” Renëe said what she thought about it.

“Gosh!! I wonder if he has seen it.” Bonnie muttered.

“He’s your best friend, call him.” Jasmine suggested, she nodded before dialling his number.

“He ain’t picking up.” Bonnie said and they sighed.

Vlad dashed his phone against the wall in intense anger. The heck!! That girl was surely a witch sent to ruin his life.

“Dude calm down.” Jaxon said behind him. They were in his room with Teddy as well.

“How dare she??” He growled.

“You know the person behind this?” Teddy asked.

“Your ex.” He replied, pointing at Jaxon.

“Whoa!! That bítch… Wait! Was she the one that said she was a virgin?” He asked because he heard that in the audio.

“The $lüt injected me with syringe that made me horny and she used that to her advantage.” He told them.

“Since you know she’s the one why worry yourself… Just tell everyone and they’ll know that she’s lying cause it’s clearly to everyone that she is a $lüt.” Teddy suggested while Vlad collapsed on the bed, ruffling his hair.

“It’s not as easy as you think.” Jaxon said and just then stood up from his bed and began walking out of the room.

“Man! Where are you going?!” They inquired, since didn’t seem like he was gonna tell them they followed him behind.

As he made his way out of the hostel, her could hear the students remark. Most were bad just as he expected.

👥 I can’t believe my crush is a r*pist.

👥 He looks so innocent, we really shouldn’t judge a book by a cover.

👥 Mtcheeew… I hate him now.

👥 I still can’t believe that audio.

He was still walking through the hostel when he sighted Mira coming out of her room.

He immediately got to her and pushed her into the room which she came out from.

“Let go of me! Someone help me he wants to r*pe me!!” She yelled as he pushed her in. He locked the door and turned to her.

👥 He has indeed show that he’s truly a r*pist.

👥 He’s gonna r*pe her!

👥 What should we do??

Just immediately, Jaxon and Teddy got there. They had seen Vlad enter Mira’s room.

👥 I also don’t trust this his friends.

👥 Yah… They’re birds of a feather.

“Open the door dude!!”

“Don’t worsen your situation more than it has.”

Inside the room…

“Bítch!! What’s this charade you’re playing??” Vlad queried and she laughed.

“I thought you weren’t scared… What changed?” She smirked.

“I ain’t scared but I just feel sorry for you coz by the time I’m done with you… You will regret messing with me!” She laughed maniacally.

“I’m scared.” she mimicked his words laughing again that he felt like slapping some sense into her.

“You should be begging me right now, not this empty threats coz it won’t help you. Let me be your girlfriend and I promise to delete the audio and change my words.” She smirked cunningly.

“Never!! I rather have a mentally deranged person as my girlfriend than you!!” She laughed again.

“Then watch what I do next.” She smiled mischievously making furrow his brows in confusion.

Right before him, she held her crop top and dragged it apart till it tore. She kept disturbing the top on her neck, disfiguring it that the ьѓä she wore inside was showing.

She dragged her skirt a little bit up that her tight was showing. She scattered her well arranged.

Vlad’s eyes widened as he understood what she was doing. He made to walk out of the room but she hugged him from behind.

“Help me!! Anyone out there!!! Help me, he’s about to r*pe me!! Please!!” She kept screaming as she held his back.

Vlad just kept quiet, for his own reason. Mira suddenly left and ran towards the door, she unlocked it and ran out in her torn clothes.

Jaxon and Teddy rushed in.

“Vlad?!!” They called questioningly.


“Why don’t you believe me when I say that I didn’t r*pe this girl, she’s framing me!!” He yelled at the chairman who was adamant.

He rolled his eyes, tiredly. “Won’t you say the truth??!” He yelled at Mira who was shedding crocodile tears.

“Sir he’s lying… He tried to r*ped me just like he did to the strange girl.” She whimpered and Vlad clenched his fist, glaring holes at her.

“Please punish him sir… He’s posing danger to the female student… He’s a monster, he shouldn’t he spared… I won’t be happy if he is not dealt with…” Her words was cut short as Vlad wrapped his palm around her neck strangling her.

“Vlad!! Stop this madness!! Let go of her!!!” Mr Jones yelled as he tried freeing her from his grip but he was damn strong.

“Vlad!! What you doing?!! You’ll kîll her!!”

“She deserves to die, this bloody liar deserves death… Will you speak or not?!!” She roared, tightening his grip around her.

“S.t.o.p… y.o.u… V.l.a.d.d…” She was slowly losing breath but he didn’t care, he was zealous about kílling her.

“Vladislav Dixon!!!” A resounding slap landed on his cheeks making his grip around her neck loosen. He staggered back in shock.

Mira slumped down, touching her neck. She was breathing heavily, she couldn’t believe that he almost kílled her.

“Have you gone mad??” Mr Jones scolded him harshly. He was still trying to recover from the slap. His left ear was making a whistling sound that he was temporary deaf on that ear.

“I was finding it hard to believe this but your actions right now prove me wrong. Henceforth you are hereby expelled from this school!!” That was when he finally heard him.

“Get your things and leave this school in the next hour.” He ordered coldly.

Vlad just hissed as if he wasn’t affected by it before walking out of his office but he regretted his actions almost immediately.

As soon as he got out of he stepped his foot out of the administration block, he felt a tacky liquid poured from his head down. He closed his eyes as he was covered in black paint stinky old paint.

👥 Whoa!! The r*pist is out!!

👥 His looked good in the black paint! Hahaha!!

👥 R*pist!!!!

They kept chattering awful words, throwing moulds at him. The chairman came out of his office with Mira who was still shedding crocodile tears.

“What’s going on here??!!” He yelled but the students had already gone berserk. When he tried to stop them, they attacked him.

👥 You’re an unjust chairman of this school!!

👥 You’re taking sides with a r*pist!!!

👥 I don’t blame him, he can’t afford to lose a big celebrity who’s helping this school become!!

👥 We won’t stand for injustice like you are!!

👥 You don’t care about the safety of your female students because of your own selfish interest!

They kept throwing harsh at both him and Mr Jones before Daisy arrived the scene.

After she listened to the audio, she has been looking for him. She was told by Jaxon that he was in administration block as he received a message from the chairman and so she had rushed here, she was surprised to see Hattie and Ursula already there.

“Thank goodness you’re here, Daisy. Please do something, save him… You know he’s innocent right??” Daisy didn’t answer Hattie she just rushed to the front crowd.

👥 R*pist!! I wonder what he’s still doing in this school!!

👥 He should be cooling his àss in the damn cell!!

“And who said he is a rapist!! Daisy asked loudly immediately she got to Vlad who was soaked in the black paint.

He opened his eyes slowly, immediately he heard her voice. He was utterly embarrassed that he couldn’t move an inch from where he stood. He had felt the ground should open and swallow him.

This was one thing about fans, they stick to you when you’re good but immediately something bad happens to you, they turn their back against you. Tho 70% of the crowd were not his fans but he couldn’t deny the fact that the rest were his. He knew that with time some will leave him completely in a matter of a day or two.

👥 He is of course!

👥 He’s a r*pist

“To say I’m ashamed of you guys is an understatement. How can you all believe a fake voiceprint from an anonymous? You all can’t tell that you’re this dumb. Even a blind man understands could see that this is clearly a conspiracy-” She told them.

“I can tell that 50% percent of you claim to be his fan but I don’t see that. Today when he very much needs you all, you all turned your back on him… Why do you all like to see someone in their worst time??” She asked making them speechless.

“Chairman Jones, I know you are the head in this school but how could you see this issue and do nothing about it??”

“Vlad has already been expelled.” He said and Daisy’s eyes widened.


“No sir, I don’t agree with your judgement. You should let the accuse prove himself innocent, even in court an accused is still innocent until proven guilty. If you just expel him like this, you will be ruining your school’s good image.” She tried to reason with him.

He thought for a while before saying. “Okay. I give you guys 24hrs to prove him innocent, until then… We will decide what’s next?”

“No way… This is injustice.”

“You’re not in any position to determine that.” Daisy said.

“Who the heck are you?? Why are defending him.” Daisy smirked.

“My boyfriend, have an issue with that.” She smirked before walking, holding Vlad’s hand. Vlad just followed he was utterly shocked and amazed by her action.

Isla was amongst the crowd who watched the scene, she glared as she saw Daisy walk away with Vlad.


She staggered back as she felt the brain chilling slap on her cheek. Her eyes widened in shock.

How dare this weird nerd slap her!!

“Fool! How dare you…” Before Mira could complete her words, Isla dragged her by the hair pulling her to the bathroom. They were in their room and Isla had been in the room waiting for her so immediately she got in, she was greeted with a slap.

“Bítch!! Let go of my hair.” She winced as Isla dragged her into the restroom. Her gripped was surprisingly tight that she couldn’t break free.

She was no longer the old powerless Jolie, she was now strong and mighty Isla…

Isla dug her face into the bathtub filled with water, Mira kept splashing the water finding it difficult to breath.

“Drink up water, everything!! Finish the whole water!! Empty this bathtub!!” Isla shouted in a commanding tone.

Mira couldn’t do anything, she kept gulping down the fear finding it hard to breath.

Was she planning to kîll her??

Her heartbeat was beginning to drop but Isla wasn’t ready to let go. Anger was clearly written on her face.

They got to the room and he went to the bathroom to clean up. She sighed remembering what happened.

How did he get into this mess??

Meanwhile as Vlad stood under the shower, his mind waver to the recent incident.

Did she really mean her words?? But why will she want to help him. Was she concerned about her own self??

Few minutes later he came out of the restroom. “I…”

Daisy’s word got stuck in her her mouth as she stared at him. He hand a towel tied around his waist and his sexy chest was visible.

The water which was dripping from his hair made him smoking hot. He walked closer to her, she was lost drooling until he closed her mouth.

He smirked.

“I…” She couldn’t complete her words as he crashed his lips on hers and her eyes widened.



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