(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

          Chapter 34&35

        {NEW PROBLEM}

Vlad was in the library when he began noticing some strange reactions in his body. He was getting hot and hard all of a sudden.

He squinted his eyes and tried concentrating on his phone. As he left his room, he has come over the library to get himself busy and the library was empty, soothing his taste.

He sighed, touching his forehead, beads of sweats were beginning to form. He exhaled deeply and stood, he could feel the hardness in his Cöçk.

He got off the chair and began walking out the library, it was slowly getting dark. He was so h*rny right now that he could bang any girl he set his eyes on.

“Fůçƙ!!” He cursed underneath his breath as he felt his d!ck which bulged in his P@ŋts.

He held it, trying to make it lie down but it was damn so hard. ‘What was he gonna do?? $h|t!!’

He kept cursing as he found his way to the nearest restroom.

Mira came out from a corner which she was hiding with a victorious smile on her lips.

“Yes!!!” She squeaked. She looked around and saw no one around, she adjusted her shirt and followed him behind.

Immediately Vlad got to the restroom, he dialled Jaxon’s number, this torture was becoming unbearable.

His phone rang and rang but Jaxon didn’t pick up, he called again but still the same thing.

“Darn it!!” He grunted, closing his eyes. He was sweating profusely. He bent his head thinking of what next to do. He can’t possibly go look for some bítch with his d!ck standing like this.

“Fůçƙ!” He cursed, rubbing his little monster.

Just then the door of the restroom squeaked open, Mira came in smiling, she locked the door behind her before she placing her phone on the nearest sink after placing the phone on audio recorder… So their next actions were basically recorded.

Vlad turned swiftly to see who came in, sighing in relief he rushed to her grabbing her by the arm.

“V-Vl-Vlad… What are… Let me go.” She intentionally stuttered. Vlad pushed her to the wall.

“What… What are you doing??” She asked as she watched him bring down his P@ŋts.

“Shhh!! Just give this to me.” He said in a husky voice as he walked to her. He tried pulling up down her skirt and she helped him with it.

“No please… don’t do this, please Vlad… I’m a virgin… Please.” She said and Vlad frowned at her not paying attention to her words.

He smiled as she was stark Ɲ@kēɗ before him, without wasting time. He turned her to face the wall before inserting his Cöçk into her Ɓụťťy hole.

“Please don’t do this… Vlad please I’m begging you… I…”

“Shut up bítch!!” He yelled increased his pace.

“Oh… Please… Fůçƙ!”

“$h|t!! Damn you Vlad!! Ride on me faster!!” She changed her words when she couldn’t contend the pleasure.

He slapped he fat àss as he $©®£wed her with all the manpower in him, the substance he was injected with, taking effect on him.

“Yeah VD!! That spot!”

“Oh my gawd!! Shift my womb!!”

“Fůçƙ!!!!” She screamed in pleasure as she was enjoying the ride. He felt his muscles rising as he digged deeper penetrating into her, hitting her womb.

Her eyes widened. “Oh my gawd!!! VD!!!!!! Yes!!!!” She screamed like a madwoman.

He held her slap her àss, Fůçƙïṅg her harder. He suddenly pulled out of her but his d!ck was still erect.

He made her go on her knees and before she could say a word, he shoved his full size into her mouth and she tried to adjust to his big size before Ṣūçƙing it like a bítch that she was.

He grabbed her a handful of hair pushing her closer making her choke on it.

“Fck! Sck the damn thing!” He yelled at her and she did as instructed, his size seemed to be increasing as she Ṣūçƙed on it.

It was getting pretty hard but she kept Ṣūçƙing until he released the fluid in her and she gulped it down, smiling wryly.

She laid on the tiled floor, completely shirtless and widened her legs. Vlad didn’t waste time before entering into her.

“Fůçƙ!” She screamed as she felt the hotness of his d!ck buried inside her. He banged her just as she wanted, hard, fast, deep and rough.

She was in cloud nine right.

“Oh my… VD!!!!” She Mõ@ɲed in £cst@sy.

VD’s Hostel…

Isla squinted her eyes opened, she looked around and no sign of VD. He still hasn’t arrived.

She sat up hastily and rushed to the window. It was already dark, why wasn’t he back?? She had sat here waiting for him until she slept off.

She took her phone and called him but he wasn’t picking up the call. Don’t be surprised that she has his number, she got it from Daisy without her knowledge. She left the room and went to look for him.

A while later, she walked into her room after aimlessly searching the hostel, she couldn’t find him. She gave him a call again but he didn’t pick up.

She wondered where he could be, she has checked his room while coming but he wasn’t there. She sighed before going to shower.

Coming out she found Renëe back from wherever she went to. She just walked past her and sat on her bed without exchanging any word with each other.


“Ouch!! Oh please VD!!! You’re hurting me!!” She cried, they’re in their sixth round right now and he didn’t seemed tired.

Was that how effective the injection was?? Her whole v-hole were hurting as well as her Ɓụťťy hole yet he wasn’t leaving her.

“Please VD!! You’re killing me! I might d!e!!” She cried but he didn’t listen instead he increased his pace. He didn’t care if she was dying, he just drilled her as the drugs led him.

She shook her head in pain, the sx was no longer pleasurable. He suddenly pulled out when he was about to cm, he released everything on her Pů$$¥ face.

She breathe in relief, hoping he would let her go now but instead he turned her and inserted his Cöçk in Ɓụťťy hole. He raised her and placed on the closed toilet seat as he thrusted into her in a very fast pace.

Her legs shook vigorously that she could barely stand properly.

“Please VD!! You’ll kîll me at this rate.” Tears streamed down her cheeks as her whole entries were on fire. If she eventually survives this, she doubt she would be able to walk on her two legs.

“Please!! Ah… Slowly!!” She whimpered.

“Shut the Fůçƙ bítch!!” He yelled at her.

He kept drilling and knacking her dangerously. After about two more rounds, he finally let her go, it was very late… Few minutes to their light out.

She fell to the ground, breathing faintly. He picked up his P@ŋts and wore it on before leaving the restroom.

He took a cab back to his hostel. He got to his room and simply laid on his bed, his mind blank… He just needed to sleep.

Back in the restroom, Mira opened her eyes after some minutes… She stood up, just as she thought, she could barely walk properly. She was hurting like hell in between. He was indeed a monster.

She tried walking properly to no avail, she had to walk with her legs opened, more like she was leaping. She picked up her phone which was still recording and saved the audio record before walking out of the restroom, tho she didn’t meet a lot of people outside.

She took a cab and got to the hostel, five minutes to the light out. She got to her room and met Renëe on the bed fast asleep while Isla was with her phone while she sat on her bed, she wasn’t yet asleep. She raised her brow to look at her.

Mira rolled her eyes before walking to the restroom, dropping her phone on the bed.

Isla creased her brow when she saw her walking like that, she shrugged minding her business. Dialling Vlad’s number one last time, she laid on the as the light went out.


Vlad woke up to a protruding headache, he was calm now. The intense hardness were all gone.

He tilted his head as he remembered what happened yesterday. “The heck!!” He cursed.

‘What happened? Why was he so hard all of a sudden??’ He questioned inwardly.

He got off his bed and went to have a cool shower.


The door of her room opened and she walked in. She walked to her bed and picked her phone on it.

No missed call from VD…

She was missing him badly but she didn’t wanted to call him. She was waiting for him to call first.

“Daisy! Daisy!! Kelvin is here!” She heard her mom said and she sighed.

She took her phone and left the room. She got to the living room to meet Kelvin sitting on the couch.

“Hey.” She say beside him.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” She replied simply.

“Okay, can we hang out…”

“No!” She replied immediately.

“Why??” She sighed and stood up from the couch.

“I’m not in the mood Kelvin, I want to be left alone.” She said before walking away.

Why was she avoiding him?? They no longer spent time together… Why?? Could it be that she no longer loves him??

Daisy got to her room and sighed. She locked the door and rested her back on the door, she closed her eyes.

Suddenly her phone began ringing, she opened her eyes sharply and looked at the caller.

Her face dimmed when she saw who it was… Ursula.

She picked the call reluctantly. “Hey.” She said.

“Girlfriend!!!” They squeaked excitedly that she was forced to pull the phone away from her ear.

“You guys intend to destroy my eardrum right??”

“Sowy girlfriend, how are you??”

They chatted for sometime before she hung up, why hasn’t VD called?? She thought before giving him a call but he didn’t receive it.


Daisy arrived the school with Kelvin, but they both parted ways as they made to their respective rooms.

She was about to enter her room when she heard their squeals.

“Girlfriend!!!!” They screamed running to her, Daisy widened her hands to receive them into a hug.

She was smiling broadly. “Babies. I missed you guys so very much.” She admitted.

“We missed you more.” They broke the hug, smiling.

“So how was your holiday?” Ursula asked as they walked into her room.

“Good, I guess.” She smiled, they chatted on and on, till Ursula and Hattie remembered that they had a class and they left.

“Bye Daisy. We’ll see you later, we’ve got a class right now.” They said before rushing off.

Daisy checked her timetable, she wasn’t having a class until 9am. But where is VD?? She thought and the door squeaked open.

Think of the devil!

She didn’t know were the sudden urge came from but she ran to hug him immediately she saw.

“I missed you. You didn’t call me during my period of absence or you didn’t perhaps miss my absence??” She said immediately he broke the calls.

If he said he didn’t miss then he was the worst liar, cause he missed her like hell but he couldn’t call her.

He felt guilty seeing her, he cheated on her. Tho they weren’t yet a thing but he took it up to be loyal to her since he realized his feelings.

“I’m sorry about that.” He apologized avoiding her gaze.

“Are you okay??” She asked, concerned.

“Yah.” He replied before walking into the bathroom.

Daisy just stood transfixed.

Vlad was about entering the class when saw one grabbed his hand. He turned to Mira, who pulled him to a corner.

“What the heck! How dare you drag me here?!” He glared at Mira who didn’t care.

“Let’s make it official.” She say instead, smiling broadly. He frowned at her.

“Make what official??” He furrowed his brow in confusion.

“Let me be your girlfriend.” She told him and his once grimaced face turned to that of mockery. He bursted into laughter.

“What’s funny??” She pouted.

“You should start making skits, swears you’re funny… What makes you think that you’ll be my girlfriend?? How did that thought even come to your head??”

“We had S£x so…” He laughed again.

“You’re indeed hilarious. If that’s what it takes to have a girlfriend then I’ll have a lot of girlfriends swarming around me.” He said.

“But I’m not one of them. You forced yourself on me…”

“Point of correction, you gave yourself to me willingly… Besides you made me h*rny… Do you think I don’t know what you had injected me??”

“Even if Vlad, I must be your girlfriend!!” She yelled.

“Will you force me to date you??” He retorted.

“Of course I will.” She smirked, swinging her phone on his face.

“This phone has the audio of night which you r*ped me.” That made him laughed.

She frowned as he laughed. “I’m scared…” He laughed again.

“I wasn’t wrong when I thought you to be stupid. I ain’t scared of a desperate whøre like you, so you can go to hell or better still fck Lucifer with your tasteless p$$y, it’s none of my business, but you see this empty threats you’re throwing at me, doesn’t scare me… Try something else.” He said before walking away.

She growled angrily, “How dare he insult me??!” She roared angrily.

“How dare he??!!!” She yelled and kicked the wall. She breathed heavily.

“Àsshole, you will regret this.” She said before unlocking her phone. She went to the school’s blog and upload the audio.

She smirked. “You’ll surely come back, begging for me.”



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