(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

          Chapter 30&31

        {LET'S BREAK UP}

The K!SS was getting intense, as their tongue battled for dominance.

Just then her phone rang, making them break the K!SS, unwillingly.

She checked the caller, it was her mom. She looked at Vlad, awkwardly before removing her gaze also immediately.

“I’ll leave now.” She said and ran off before he could say anything.

He smiled, he completely forgot why he wanted to see her immediately he saw her. He didn’t know where the urge came from, but immediately he saw he felt like K!SSing her and he did just that.

He sighed, licking his lips, he touched his racing heart. He couldn’t believe he was falling in love again.


“Daisy.” Her mom’s voice came through the phone immediately she picked the call.

“Good afternoon mom, how are you??” She asked.

“I’m good sweetie, how about you. Are you fine?” Her mom asked and she nodded as if she could see her.

“Yeah mom.” She replied remembering the K!SS. She was still finding it hard to believe that she just got K!SSed by her crush.

She smiled sheepishly, but why did he K!SS her??

“Daisy?!! Are you there??” Her mom’s voice spoke aloud.

“Yes mom, you were saying…”

“Kelvin is attending the same right??” Immediately she heard Kelvin’s name, her mood changed. She felt guilty.

Kelvin was still her boyfriend and she went ahead to K!SS someone else. How would he feel when he finds about it?? She won’t be able to face him.

“Please Daisy, I want you to come back home this weekend.” Her mom said.

“Okay mom.” She replied and quickly hung up the call.

Jaxon was still staring, unknowingly when he heard a cough behind him making him come to earth.

He turned around to see Mira standing there, he rolled his eyes and made to walk away but she stopped him.

“Is that how to act to your girlfriend??” He scoffed. Girlfriend his foot. He has even forgotten that she exist.

“Girlfriend?? I can’t remember you being my girlfriend.” He said to her.

“What are you talking about Jaxon??” She queried.

“I’m your girl…”

“Fckmate… Point of correction, it was fckmate not girlfriend.” He told her.

“Now I’m tired of your wide Pů$$¥, I’m moving to the next person.” He smirked.

“You can’t be serious Jaxon!” She yelled.

“Tsk, you don’t expect me to bore myself with you. Take your Pů$$¥ to someone else, I’m no longer interested.” He smirked.

“I won’t leave you Jaxon.” She said desperately.

“Oh! You want me to do it the proper way right, alright-”

“Mira Taylor, I hereby end this relationship, IT IS OVER MIRA TAYLOR, it’s over… I hope that was good enough.” He winked before walking away, smirking.

“Fůçƙ you @sshole!!!”

“What’s funny??” Ursula breathe in relief before asking.

“You should take a look at yourself right now.” He laughed and she frowned.

“What’s with my face??” She asked, glaring.

“What were you thinking dummy??” He asked as he walked back to seat on the table in the classroom.

She rolled her eyes before releasing the breathe she didn’t realize she was holding.

“I wasn’t thinking anything.” She said and sat down, distance away from him.

“Why did you lock me here?? Is that how much you love being with me??” He smirked at her.

“As if I enjoy breathing the same air as you.” She scoffed.

“Oh really? Hmph!” He made to walk out of the hall, but she stopped him, holding his hand.

“Please don’t go.”


“I thought you didn’t enjoy breathing the same air with me.” She sighed, she couldn’t let him see Daisy.

“Just don’t go!” She warned.

“And you think I’ll listen to you.” He scoffed.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to meet up with someone.” He said and opened the door.

“Kelvin.” She tried to run after him but stopped immediately she heard her name behind her.

She turned to see Hattie. “I was beginning to think that you lost your way back.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m glad you’re back to your real self.” Hattie chuckled.

“But why were you coming out of the same room as Kelvin.” Hattie asked.

“We need to stop him. He’s looking for Daisy and he’ll pass through the garden, if he does that then he’ll see Daisy and Vlad.” Ursula told.

“What’s wrong if he sees Daisy with Vlad??” Hattie asked and Ursula shook her head.

“There’s nothing wrong, but the position he’ll see them is what is wrong.” Ursula said.

“What position??”

Ursula sighed before replying. “Vlad and Daisy are K!SSing right now.”

“What??!! Ohmigawd!! Do you take a video, hurry let’s go see.” She screamed excitedly, dragging Ursula hand.

“C’mon Hattie, Kelvin is also going there. What if he sees them?” She asked worriedly.

“You’re right. Let’s try stopping him.” She suggested.

They both ran to the garden but they couldn’t find Daisy or Vlad, neither could they find Kelvin.

“Hope bad nothing happened.” Ursula said.

“I hope so too.” Hattie muttered.

“Let’s have snacks for now.” Hattie suggested showing her the nylon she was holding and Ursula eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Sure.” They walked over to a chair in the garden and sat on it.

Mira kept pacing about in her room furiously. Anger could clearly be seen on her face. Rosa sighed tiredly.

“Who will say something rather than pacing like a lizard??” She bawled and Mira glared her.

“You had better shut your mouth or I do it for you.” She retorted while Rosa rolled her eyes to her empty threat.

“That fool, the àsshole dare to ditch me.”

“And who ditched you this time.” Rosa asked, staring at the pacing Mira.

“Don’t ask me silly questions.” Mira snapped and she raised her brow, getting who she was referring to.

“Wait! You guys were still a thing?” She asked with widened eyes.

“And here I were, thinking you guys already broke up.” She mumbled and Mira glared at her.

“But you were the one who ditched him, I mean… I thought you’re now on Vlad.”

“Excuse me.”

“Don’t play dumb, I’m aware of your schemes. I may be quiet but not stupid to not know what you’ve been plotting. I just pray you don’t meet your doom on this newest plan of yours.” Rosa warned.

“Get the hell out of my room!” Mira yelled.

“I will. But if you try something funny, trust me when I say that I will burst your bubbles.” Rosa smirked before walking away, slamming the door harshly.

“Fools! You all are fools!” She screamed angrily.

Daisy sighed as she came out of her second class. She haven’t set her eyes on Ursula and Hattie after the yesterday’s incident with Kelvin.

Were they mad at her?? She also hasn’t seen Isla, she didn’t even attend class today.

“Ahem!” She heard behind her and she turned to see Ursula and Hattie standing before her, they were grinning widely.

“Sweethearts!!” She squealed excitedly, hugging the both of them together.

“I’m ch-cho-king.” Ursula stuttered and Daisy pulled out of the hug, laughing.

“I missed you guys, I thought you were angry with me.” She said to Ursula.

“Angry?? Why will I be??” Ursula asked.

“Maybe because your crush is my boyfriend.” She shrugged and they both laughed.

“What’s funny??” She pouted.

“You’re unbelievable. Why would I be angry when I know that I can get Kelvin if I wanted to… We’re not just meant to be.” Ursula said.

“You can??” Daisy asked and she nodded.

“Yeah because… One, you don’t love him anymore. Two, I’m beautiful-” She said and Hattie feigned a cough.

“Seriously Ursula, if you say you’re beautiful, what should I say to a monkey.” Hattie laughed.

“I’ll kîll you someday, mark my words.” Ursula growled.

“Save the energy baby gurl.” Hattie giggled.

“How do you mean that I don’t love Kelvin anymore.” Daisy asked.

“Cut the pretence baby gurl, we saw everything.” Hattie winked.

“You K!SSed Vlad right??” Ursula smirked and her eyes widened.

How do they know??

“Don’t think too much. So tell me how was his lips, what does it taste like, vanilla, strawberry… Tell us.” They grinned and Daisy face flushed.

“Get away.” She ran away, but she bumped into someone.


He wrapped his hand around her waist holding her firmly, he smiled. Daisy felt guilty immediately she saw him.

“We will leave you two now.” Hattie said and they took their leave.

She freed herself from his grip.

“Strawberry.” He called and she feigned a smile.

“Are you okay??” He held her hand. She noticed something, she didn’t feel that warmth she normally feel when Vlad held her hand.

Looking at him, she said what came to her mind. “Let’s break up…”



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