(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

Genre: College romance

Tags: Love, infatuation, betrayal, jealousy & envy, passion, s£x, love triangle, desire…

               Chapter 2&3


A week later…

“What’s the time again, mum?” Daisy half yelled, with food stucked in her mouth.

“You’ve asked that for the umpteenth time, Daisy. Seems like your excitement is out of the world!” Her mom yelled from the kitchen.

“You’re right mom, I’m super excited today! So tell me what’s the time?” She asked loudly.

“The wall clock is right before you, you know! Seems your happiness didn’t let you remember that.” Her mom said smiling.

“I know mom, but it will sound cool hearing it from your mouth. ” She grinned.

Immediately, her mom came out of the kitchen, wiping her hand with a kitchen napkin.

“Seriously Daisy! Are you excited that you’re leaving us?” Her mom asked with hands at akimbo.

“No… not at all mom. Was just kidding. Actually…” She stood up from her seat and walked towards her mom.

She placed her hands on her mom shoulder, interlocking it behind her neck.

“Mom…” she dragged.

“You know I love you right?” She asked and her mom nodded.

“I would never forget you mom, trust me. I’m just gonna go to college and make you and dad proud.” She said smiling sweetly.

Her mom smiled back pulling her to a hug.

“I guess no one cares about me.” They broke from the hug, immediately they heard that familiar voice.

“Dad!” Daisy squeaked excitedly, running towards him.

“Of course we do dad. Don’t be right now, not today.” Her dad widened his eyes at her, breaking from the hug.

“Ooh, so I’ve always been dramatic.” He asked and she nodded.

“Seriously Maggie, won’t you say something. Your daughter just said I’m dramatic.” He pouted.

“Old man! Pouting doesn’t suit you one bit, you look like a basked monkey in that.” Her mom remarked instead making Daisy laugh hard.

“My! You just called me basked monkey, really! Seems like no one told you that you’re hungry looking kitten.”

“Ooh… I’m a kitten, do you know what you are…”

She kept laughing as she watched her parents banter words at each other.

They’re always behaving like high school lovers. Always fighting for little things.

Immediately, she heard a doorbell ring. “Phew! This person is surely godsent” she mumbled as her parents stopped arguing to see who the visitor is.

She opened the door to see her boyfriend.

Finally! She thought.

He was putting on a red shirt and a black P@ŋts.

His brown hair was nicely combed and styled. ‘ He is indeed handsome, but poor thing he isn’t as handsome as my VD.” Her subconscious mind said to her.

She sighed. Her infatuation for VD was surely gonna be the end of her relationship with Kelvin.


“Oops sorry… come in Kelvin.” She said sharply.

“Got carried away by my charms?” He asked with a wry smile on.

She hit him playfully and pulled him by the arm, taking him inside.


Vlad walked down the stairs with Sophie holding his hand. He wore a blue denim jacket and a white shirt in it. A blue jeans P@ŋt and white sneakers to match.

He had his silky brown hair styled in a way that it almost covered his left eye.

He had his hands pocketed in his P@ŋts as he walked down the stairs with his sister holding up to him.

“Son.” His mom called immediately he got down. She walked up to him with a sad smile.

Sophie let go of his arm, her mom pulled him to a tight and passionate hug.

He took his hands off his pocket and reciprocated the hug.

“I’m gonna miss you son.” His mom said pulling from the hug.

” Me too.” Sophie cooed and Vlad chuckled.

“C’mon, it’s not like I’m gonna be gone forever.” He mused.

“Whatever son, going far away from us seems like forever.” His mom said, they both squinted.

“Enough now! Y’all should at least acknowledge my presence.” His dad said and they rolled their eyes.

“As if I care.” Vlad mumbled.

“Clark!!” Vlad called, his voice sounding cold.

Almost immediately, a chubby looking man walked in.

“Young sir, you called.” Clark said.

“My luggages… hope they’ve been kept in the car.” He asked.

” Yes sir.” Clark replied.

“Okay.” He said and started walking out of the house with his mom and sis following him.

“Won’t you at least bid your dad a goodbye.” His dad asked but he didn’t answer him.

“Vlad actua…”

“Old man please! You’ve wanted me to go to college and that I’m doing. Whatelse do you want? My life or what? I’m already upset right now… do not upset me further.” He pleaded immediately he turned to face him, trying to maintain his cool.

“Okay it’s goodbye you want. Alright, goodbye dad,,, Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! Dad!” He yelled furiously.

“Happy now?” He asked, rolling his eyes. He turned around and started walking out the house. His mom and sis followed suite.

His dad sighed as he watched them walked towards the door.

Immediately Vlad opened the large door of the sitting room which led out of the house, a young classic lady came into view.


He called, his eyeball dilated in surprise.

The lady in front of him has a purple hair packed in a messy ponytail, with a style at the front.

She wore a white crop top and a purple short pleated skirt with a purple trainers.

She seemed to be a lover of purple as almost everything she was putting on was purple.

Her rolling bag which she held firmly was also purple.

“Vlad!” She screamed excitedly, hugging him.

“What are you doing here, with your luggages?” He asked her immediately they disengaged from the hug.

His eyes dancing around her luggages in confusion.

“Bye mom! Bye dad!” She yelled excitedly as she made to get into the cab parked outside their house, with Kelvin.

She was leaving for the university. She has changed up her dress, as she was now putting on a yellow polo and a blue trouser.

She wore a black sandals and hung a black bag.

“Bye Daisy!!” They chorused, waving at her.

She smiled and blew K!SSes at them before getting into the cab.

Kelvin got in as well and the cab driver began driving.

“Hey.” Daisy said and Kelvin nodded.

“You haven’t said anything since you came, are you still angry at me cause of what I said yesterday.” She asked and he hummed.

” C’mon stop it Kelvin. I already told you that it’s just a joke,,, I was only kidding.” She said.

” A joke? Really! Daisy you do this each and everytime we’re together. What’s with this your infatuation…”

” Exactly Kelvin! It’s an infatuation! Mere infatuation! I don’t get why you getting angry when you know that the future between VD and I is nearly impossible.” She yelled getting upset.

“Nearly impossible you say?”

“C’mon Kelvin, you know VD has always been my crush and role model since I was a teen. He has been my crush even before I met you. He has been my crush just like every girls’ crush-”

“But being with VD is nearly impossible… I mean we’re worlds apart. He’s rich and I’m poor. He’s famous and I’m not. What even make you think I’ll leave you for him when it’s impossible.”

“I didn’t say that Daisy…”

“Ooh you did… that’s what you clearly implied.” She said, frustrated.

Kelvin sighed and looked at her. She wore that her usual puppy face which was hard for him to resist.


“Please…” She pouted.

“You claim it’s impossible right?” He asked and she nodded.

“Well what if you meet VD one day?” He asked.

“Tsk Kelvin, I can’t believe that you believe in fairytale.” She said


“Yea Kelvin, meeting with celebrities coincidentally only happen in stories and movies. It hasn’t happened in reality, if it has I haven’t seen neither have I heard of it.” She said plainly.

“Swears,,, you’re unbelievable. But that didn’t answer my question.”

“I have dummy, rethink.” She smirked.

He laughed.
“So problem solved.” She asked.
“Nope.” He smirked.

“Seriously,,, how else do you want me to apologize? ” She asked tiredly.

“With a K!SS. That’s what I consider a proper apology.” He smirked.

” Pervert! I should have thought as much.” She said.

“Now do it.” He said.

She smiled cunningly as idea popped in.

She gave him a quick peck on his lips and smirk.

“What was that?” He asked.

“The K!SS which you demanded.” She smirked.

“You…” she winked at him.

He pulled her closer and captured her lips in his.

“Kelv…” she muttered giving him entrance, she reciprocated tho. The K!SS was a slow and passionate one.

As they K!SSed, they forgot the cab driver.

“Ahem!” He coughed and they broke the K!SS.


“Actually, Bonnie is coming with you.” His dad answered instead.


“Dad, you know Bonnie never likes college. Why are you making her do you this?” Vlad asked.

“I ain’t-”

“Dad isn’t forcing me to do this Vlad. I made this decision on my own with a cool mind.” Bonnie interrupted.

“Bonnie,,, I thought you never fashioned college…”

“Yeah I know Vlad, I have never fashioned college. I have always loved being a model, but come to think of it,,, being a model isn’t all that is. I also have to be highly educated, that’s why I chose to go back to college with you. I had spoke to your dad about it and with the influence he has, he was able to secure an admission, that’s it.” She explained.

He sighed deeply.
“And why am I just finding out?” He asked, boringly.

” I wanted to surprise you.” She smiled but he huffed.

‘Come to think of it, it was a good thing that Bonnie is coming with him, he wouldn’t be alone there. Poor thing Jaxon won’t be coming along.’ He thought inwardly.

Bonnie, Jaxon and Vlad are childhood friends, Bonnie and Jaxon are more like his siblings. Bonnie is a model while Jaxon is also an actor.

Bonnie joined the model industry at age of sixteen while Jaxon and Vlad joined the acting industry at the age of 12.

“Vlad.” She called.

“Let’s go now.” Vlad said instead and started walking away with his mom and sis beside him.

“Bye dad.” Bonnie said and followed them outside.

They got outside.
Vlad and Bonnie and hugged the mom and sis. They got into a white BMW and the driver drove off.

Students could be seen walking to and fro in their casual outfit. Some where either going for a lecture or coming back from it while some hung around chitchatting.

In an office in the school, a middle aged man sat there. He had has his gaze fixated on the laptop right before him, tho he had a pair of spectacles on which laid firmly on his nose. He had his left hand holding onto the mouse beside him.

Then, a knock came in.

“Come in.” He replied, not taking his eyes off the system.

The door squeaked open and Daisy walked in.

“Good afternoon sir.” She greeted.

“Good afternoon young lady… Do have a seat.” The man replied, offering her a seat.

She smiled, taking slow steps towards it. She drew out the chair and sat on it.

“What is your name?” He asked taking his eyes off the system.

“Daisy… Daisy Schleiden.” She replied, timidly.

“Daisy Schleiden.” He muttered taking his gaze back to the system. He typed some words on the keyboard.

“Ooh… You are among the five that got the scholarship, aren’t you?” He asked.

“Yes, I am Sir.” She replied, nodding her head affirmatively.

“Woah that is good… so you are to start today.” He asked.

“Yes sir.”

Daisy was given all she required and was told her room number. She smiled as she walked through the hallway, giving a short smile to those she came across even though they didn’t care.

She was finally in college, she was still finding it to be a dream. She never knew she would go the college. Thanks to whoever made this scholarship happen.

Just then, she bumped into someone.

“Oh my!” She raised her head to see who she bumped into.

It was…

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