(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

Genre: College romance

Tags: Love, infatuation, betrayal, jealousy & envy, passion, s£x, love triangle, desire…

          Chapter 22&23


The substance she had asked the bartender to put in his drink was supposed to make him horny if he had drank it. But no! He didn’t.

She had planned to seduce him and make a S£X tape, making it look like Vlad forced himself on her. She was gonna threaten him with it and get him to do what she wants.

And that is to be his girlfriend. She wanted to enjoy the fame of being his girlfriend, the feeling of being around the high class socialites.

She was from a poor home but she has always aimed high and dreamt big. She had always wished to be among the high class socialites.

Nevertheless, her plan was what flopped not her brain, she was gonna get Vlad come what may.

She thought with a smirk. “Mira.” She heard Rosa’s voice.

“Why aren’t you enjoying the party?” Rosa asked.

“I was about to… Let’s go.” She said.


‘Where is she?’ Kelvin roamed his eyes in hall. He went for his part time job so he wasn’t able to attend the party on time.

He has about three part time jobs which he does so as to earn money for his school fees and other personal upkeeps.

“I thought you won’t come for the party.” He heard someone said behind him.

“Chase.” He squinted.

“Are you perhaps looking for someone?” Chase asked noticing his searching eyes.

“Yeah… My girlfriend…” Chase choked on his drink immediately he heard that.

“What’s up?”

“Your what?… I didn’t know you had a girlfriend like… Are you serious?” Chase asked and he scoffed.

“What sort of question is that? What makes you think that I’m not fit to have a girlfriend?” He


“Why don’t you call her? If she’s in the party then call her.” Chase suggested but he shook his head.

“She’s not picking up. I’ve tried calling her.

“Maybe she isn’t with her phone, since she’s in this party, you should check around. I’m sure you will find her.” Chase said and he nodded.


“Please Isla… My stomach…”

“Oh my Daisy!” She ran up to her, pretending to be sympathetic.

“My stomach.” She yelped in pain.

“How… Can I help you? Vlad has gone to get help.”

Just then, Vlad got there with Renëe.

“Please help her! She’s in pains.” Isla said immediately they got there.

“Daisy.” Renëe called rushing to her, she squatted beside her. The stain on her dress has spread.

Renëe tried to sit her up.

“Re-enëe,,, I’m dy-ying.”

“Shush. Nothing will happen to you.” Renëe assured.

“VD, we need to get her some drugs.” Renëe told him.

“But there’s no pharmacy shop around.” Isla said.

“VD I think you should take her back to the hostel, then you get drugs for her.” Renëe suggested and he nodded.

“Okay.” He replied.

“Here that,,, you’ll be fine.” Renëe said.

He carried her outside with Renëe trailing along. She helped them flag down a taxi which he boarded to the hostel.

“Take care of her.” She said and he nodded. She sighed and went back to the hall.


Renëe was on her way back to the hall when she met Jaxon coming out of the restroom.

“Hey beauty.” Jaxon winked and began following her, she rolled her eyes.

“When will you quit snubbing me??” She stopped walking and turned to him.

“When you decide to stop flirting with me.” She replied coldly.

“But I like you.” She scoffed.

“Who cares??” She snapped and walked away.

“Just who the heck does she think she is??” He asked himself.

He doesn’t like her, not at all. Like and love wasn’t his thing. He was just a playboy, who derives pleasure in having s£x no strings attached.

He was only after her because of her big @ss. Nothing else, but she was playing hard to get.

He must get her no matter what. He continued walking.


“Ree.” She heard someone called her immediately she sat down. She needed no one to tell her who it was cause she already knew the one and only person who calls her Ree…


“Where have you been?? I’ve been looking everywhere for you…”

“As my what?? My brother, my father, my mother… Who are you to look for me??” She snapped.

“I… ”

“Stop it Chase, I’ve told you countless times that I don’t love and I never will, why can’t you get it?!” She shouted at him.


“Don’t… Stop burdening me with your useless… Please!!!” She clasped her hands together.

“Re…” She walked away to look for Jasmine. She needed to leave this party right away.

Love! Love!! Love!! Why doesn’t he get it that she hates that word. She doesn’t want to experience it, was it by force.



Kelvin sighed for the umpteenth time that evening. Where on earth was she?? And why wasn’t she picking up his calls??

He thought as he kept walking until he bumped into someone. He inwardly prayed it was Daisy.


“Yes me.” Ursula smirked.

“Happy to see me.” She asked.

“Happy my foot.” He scoffed and she shook her head.

“I thought of apologizing but I don’t think a jerk like you deserve my apology.” She said.

“I don’t need your Fůçƙing apology, you can keep it to your bítchy self!” He retorted earning a slap from her.

“How dare you!” She yelled.

She hated been called a Ɓîtçh and he was doing just that.

His ear stopped functioning for sometime as he could only hear a whistling sound.

“The next time you call me a bítch, you won’t like my reaction.” She threaten before walking away.

What the Fůçƙ just happened? He glare deadly at her disappearing figure.


He got down the taxi immediately he they arrived at the hostel and tipped off the driver. He carried her to their room.

He placed her gently on the bed. “Please help me, get me drugs.” She muttered tearily.

“Okay. I’ll be right back.” He rushed out of the room to the school’s pharmacist.

He got the drugs that will help relieve the pains and rushed back to hostel.

“Here Daisy… Here’s your medicine, have it.” He squatted beside her and placed the medicine on the the bed.

“Water… I’m coming let me get you water.” He rushed and went in, he came back with a bottled water.

“Here.” He ripped the tablet off it’s pack and offered her, she shook her head.


“I hate medicines.” She sputtered.

“Really? How do you expect the pains to go away if you don’t take it?” He asked hastily. She shook her head still in tears.

“No.” She pouted.

‘Seriously, how can she still be acting childish in pains. This girl…’ He twitched his lips.

“Listen, you want the pains to go away right?” He asked and she nodded her head and wiped the tears on her face.

“Then take this, I know what your scared of but trust me, this medicine isn’t bitter, trust me.” He assured but she wasn’t ready to listen.

She clutched her stomach crying in pains. He tried his best to make her drink the medicine but it doesn’t seem to be working.

He stare at her for some time before putting the tablets in his mouth, he also put some water in his mouth but didn’t swallow it. He turned Daisy to face him and then he placed his lips on her.

Her eyes widened. “What??…”

Immediately she opened her mouth to speak, Vlad poured the content in her mouth and she swallowed it.

She pulled away instantly sputtering. “What did you do??!” She screamed feeling the bitterness in her tongue.

“I’m… I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“That’s the only way I could think.” He said.

“But it didn’t work, my stomach is still hurting.” She cried.

“You don’t expect it to go just now, go to sleep for sometime. I bet when you wake up the pains would have gone and then you will clean up.” He told her and she twitched her lips.

“I… I don’t… have any… sanitary pads.” She said stuttered and he stared widely at her.

Why was she telling him? Was she expecting him to get it??

“Do you mind getting it for me?” She asked with expectant eyes.

No! No! No! She gat to be kidding right now. How was he gonna go get her a sanitary pad?? The stuff was embarrassing. He closed his eyes tightly imagining it.

“Please…” She begged making a puppy face which he couldn’t resist.

“Pretty please.”

“Go to sleep.” He said instead.

“I take that as a yes then.” She said and laid on the bed, touching her stomach.

“You should lay on your stomach instead, it would soothe the pains.” He suggested and she turned, lying on her stomach. She had his jacket tied around her waist.

He sat beside her, patting her head. She smiled, she had never in her wildest dream thought that she would one day have her crush seated beside her, patting her to sleep.

He took care of her lovingly. He was her knight in a shining armor. She chuckled at that thought.

“What??” He asked.

“Nothing.” She replied, closing her eyes tightly and slowly she drifted to sleep.

He sighed deeply when he noticed she was asleep. He hopes the pains subsides quickly. He couldn’t believe that sharp mouth queen cried today.

He chuckled. He glanced at the beauty beside him who was sleeping peacefully. He removed the the strands of hair that were covering her face and he smiled sheepishly.

She was indeed beautiful, even in her sleep. He chuckled at his behavior. He couldn’t believe that he was getting cozy with a girl.

After his last experience, he had distanced himself from girls. They were plagues, but now he was slowly getting attracted to a girl… Again!

He sighed before standing up and leaving the room to get the sanitary pad she asked for. He can’t believe he was doing this.

“Hey.” He called to the pharmacist attention.

“Hey VD, you’re here again.” The lady smiled.

“Woah VD. I’m your fan!” Another lady in there screamed. He just flashed her a smile.

“I want…” He itched his back head.

“Sanitary pad.” He said in a second and the lady smiled sheepishly. The lady with her gasped.

“I thought as much, first you came to buy medicines for her. You must really love your girlfriend alot.” The lady smiled.

“Woah! VD has a girlfriend?! Why didn’t you tell us VD.” The girl gasped.

“I guess.” The pharmacist said.

“Which did you want??” She asked VD.


“Yeah. Sanitary pad have different brands.” She told him. He touched his brow tiredly. He doesn’t know the one she uses.

“Yunno what, give me one from each brand.” He said.

“Whoa!” Both the pharmacist and the exclaimed.

The pharmacist quickly packed it for him. He glanced at the girl and noticed she was stylishly videoing them.

“Stop that right now! Stop videoing!” He was already happy that not much people were around the school to make a fuss now she is.

$h|t! Fans can be crazy. The girl stuck out her tongue at him and saved the video.

“Nah… I’m gonna show the world such an affectionate boyfriend you are.” The girl said and walked away. The pharmacist laughed.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you should be proud of yourself. You have given other boyfriends out there the courage to do this. Most of them finding this embarrassing yunno, so don’t be abashed.” She assured patting his shoulders.

“Okay.” He said and took the big bag from her after paying her.

“Proud my foot.” He scoffed immediately he got out. He was never doing this $h|t! There was no second time.

He was totally embarrassed, talk more of when that video goes viral. He got to his room and met Daisy still asleep. He dropped the nylon beside her bed and walked into the bathroom after getting his pajamas from his to shower closet.

He came out completely dressed, he walked up to Daisy and tucked her well in the duvet. He went to his own bed, he picked up his phone immediately he laid on the bed.

Immediately he turned on his mobile data, the notification popped in. He checked it and he groaned. The girl already posted the video with the caption “POPULAR ACTOR VD SPOTTED IN A CHEMIST BUYING A SANITARY PAD FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND.”

“ISN’T HE SUCH AN ADORABLE BOYFRIEND??” She came down and wrote.

“Adorable my foot.” He groaned when he saw the video was getting a lot of views. He rushed to the comment section.

💬 VD is always the best!!

💬 The girl is so lucky.

💬 What?! VD has a girlfriend??

💬 I wish I’m the girl.

💬 So VD has a girlfriend and we don’t know.

💬 Maybe they just got into a relationship.

💬 I wish my boyfriend can learn from him.

“Whoa!” He could only muttered, he was speechless. He looked at Daisy who was sleeping peacefully.

“She will repay this favor.” He smirked.

Late in the night…

Daisy woke up feeling better, the stomach pain was gonna. She breathe in relief. She tried to find her phone in the dark. The hostel lights were out now. She switched on the flashlight immediately she saw it.

She stood up to freshen up, her dress, the jacket and bedsheets were soak. Immediately she got down the bed, she saw the nylon beside her bed.

She opened it to see the different types of sanitary pads he bought. She remembered she didn’t tell him so he went and bought all the pads there…

She smiled at him before going into the bathroom, carrying the bedsheets and picking one of the pads.

She cleaned up herself before changing into her pajamas. She washed all her things and left the bathroom.

She walked up to Vlad who was fast asleep. “Thank you VD.” She muttered smiling.

She patted his head and laid beside him, he hugged his hand and slept.


Vlad was the first to wake up. He was surprised to see Daisy sleeping beside him.

He smiled before standing up from the bed, he went to do his morning business.

By the time he came out of the bathroom all dressed up, Daisy was already awake.

“Good morning.” She greeted with a smile on.

“Good morning.” He smiled back.

“Hope you slept well.” He asked, coming to seat beside her. She nodded.

“Pains gone?” She nodded.

“Yes.” She smiled.

“You still have to take the drugs this morning.” He told her and she squeezed her face.

“Yes, you must take the drugs or else, I will be forced to adopt the same method.” He smirked and she blushed.

“Thank you VD.” She said suddenly.

“What for??” He asked, feigning ignorance.

“For helping me yesterday, at some point I thought I’d die…” Vlad placed his index finger on her lips to prevent her from speaking further.

“Don’t say that. You won’t die.” He said and she chuckled.

“But that was what I thought, the pains was excruciating that I feared I would…”

“I told you not to say that.” He warned and she chuckled.

“Okay. I won’t say it again.” She smiled, her smile was charming that he fell for it.

Slowly his head was coming closer. What was he trying to do? Was he gonna K!SS her? She hasn’t brushed her teeth.

She thought as he…



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