(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

Genre: College romance

Tags: Love, infatuation, betrayal, jealousy & envy, passion, s£x, love triangle, desire…

          Chapter 20&21

              {THE PARTY}


Daisy arrived the party with Ursula, Hattie and Isla. The hall was beautifully decorated with colourful balloons. The chandeliers made it awesome.

They found their way to the bartender, to get drinks. They were looking elegantly beautiful.

Daisy was putting on a white armless gown which stopped right above her knees on a black two inches heel. She wore a light makeup on her face. She poured her straight brunette hair unlike Ursula and Hattie.

They wore the same outfit as if they were twins. A black shimmering sleeveless long gown which had a parting from their thigh downwards. They wore a silver high heels on it and held onto to a silver purse.

They had their hair curled up, making it look short and they applied a light makeup on. If you don’t know them, you would mistake them for a twins.

It seems Isla wasn’t left as she was dressed to kill, she was looking absolutely amazing. She wore a pink crop top and a short flay skirt which exposed her thighs. She wore a pair of white heels on it. Unlike other days, she wasn’t wearing her glasses today and she was beautiful without it.

She applied an appropriate makeup on. Her long brown hair which was always on ponytails was laid down, and it stopped on her waist.

The four of them looked… Awesome! They met Bonnie at the bar with her friends.

Bonnie gasped immediately she saw them.

“OMG Daisy! You guys look stunning. Waw!” Bonnie complimented.

“Absolutely gorgeous.” Jasmine affirmed, making an ‘amazing’ sign with her fingers and they smiled.

“You guys aren’t looking bad either.” Daisy smiled sweetly at them.

As always, Bonnie was dressed in a purple crop top and a short purple pleated skirt. She wore a purple trainers and had her purple hair parked in a two side buns and a few strands were left at the front as a style. She held onto to a purple purse on one hand while the other held a glass of wine. She applied a normal makeup, not too much, not too less, just moderate.

Jasmine wasn’t looking bad either, she was wearing a yellow one-side sleeved gown which stopped on her thighs. She wore a silver heels on it. Her black hair rested on her back, her makeup was moderate.

While Renëe was dressed in an all black; black gown, black heels, black purse and her black hair braided in two cornrows. She wore a light makeup on and she looked gorgeous.

They all looked beautiful.

“Are you both twins?” Renëe asked confusedly, staring at Ursula and Hattie, this was the first time she was meeting with them.

They exchanged look before responding her question. “Yes.” They chorused and they all laughed while Renëe arched her brow in confusion.

“What’s funny?” She asked, not finding anything funny.

“Do not believe these two. They ain’t twins, they just tend to act like twins and swears they really look like one.” Daisy explained and she hummed.

“What’s your name by the way?” Daisy asked and they all introduced themselves.

After the introduction, they demanded for a wine and found themselves a nearest table which they will occupy. After getting seated, the bartender brought their drinks.

They took it and started drinking. Daisy closed her eyes tightly trying to suppress the pains in her stomach, it started earlier this morning and it has been coming and going.

“Are you alright??” Isla asked immediately she noticed her distressed look.

She smiled when she couldn’t feel the pain again.

“Yeah.” She replied and took a sip from her drink.

She haven’t set her eyes on Vlad since she came here neither has she seen Kelvin.

‘I thought they said they were gonna come.’ She thought, searching for their shadows with her eyes.

Just then the door of the hall opened and the three boys appeared. The students went wild, screams and clicking of cameras filled the hall.

👥 Ahhh!!!

👥 Oh my gawd!!! My VD is smoking hot!!

👥 His smile is breathtaking, I’m slowly losing consciousness!

👥 My crush!!! Please notice me!

👥 Jaxon the pûssy lord!! I love you!!!

👥 I love your pink hair, Jaxon!!

👥 Who’s the new guy with them?!

👥 He’s cute!!

👥 Whatever, VD remains my one and only crush!!

The students kept screaming as they found their way in. They looked cute, especially VD. They were putting on the latest designer shirt but different colors, they wore a black P@ŋts on it. They wore expensive gold chains and earrings.

“Woah! This party is dope!” Jaxon smirked, he kept casting flirtatious glance on the females in there.

Vlad searched the hall with his eyes as if looking for someone, his eyes caught with Bonnie, who was waving at them.

“I haven’t seen Bonnie around.” Teddy uttered.

“Are you interested in her?” Jaxon asked, staring suspiciously at him.

“No… I mean… I…”

“Tsk! I advice you don’t cause you will never be able to impress.” Jaxon told and he smirked.

“Look who knows how to impress someone.” Teddy laughed.

“Whatever, I still need to look for her.” He added, looking around.

“Look over there.” Vlad said pointing towards Bonnie, Jaxon smiled when he saw Renëe with her.

They made to walk towards them when the celebrant, Cherry blocked them.

“Hey guys!”

“Hi.” They chorused.

“Thank you guys for honouring my invitation. I’m delighted.” She said happily.

“The pleasures is ours, you’ve got a wonderful party. So many pretty girls with big àss…” Teddy nudged at him while Cherry chuckled.

He will never change.

“Enjoy the party.” She said while they nodded.

“I sure will.” Jaxon said.

They began walking towards them, their mouth went agape immediately they saw them. They were drooling.

“Hey.” Bonnie said but they didn’t jolt.

“We know that we’re beautiful but could you please stop staring, it’s boring holes in me.” Hattie said.

“Woah! You all are…”

“Beautiful, we know that. Please keep it in.” Ursula rolled her eyes.

“I love your spirit girl.” Renëe said suddenly.

“Birds of a feather.” Jaxon scoffed.

“Vlad you haven’t said a word.” Bonnie said and they all traced his gaze to Daisy.

“Ahem!” Ursula cleared her throat.

“Mr. VD, you’re gonna pay a fine if you try to steal our friend away from us.” Hattie told him and he itched his back head bashfully and they chuckled.

“Hmmm.” Bonnie grinned widely.

‘What’s in her that he’s always attracted to? He has never for once given me that attention.’ She thought through gritted teeth as she glared at Daisy who was smiling nervously.

“Dude has gone far away.” Teddy said and tapped him.

“What’s up?” He asked and Vlad itched his back head.

“Learn to drool with mouth closed.” Ursula teased and he walked away completely embarrassed.

They laughed. The MC came on stage and said some speech, then the celebrant was called out and the cake was brought in, in a trolley. The student sang the ‘happy birthday’ song for her and she cut the cake after the spelling of her name ‘Cherry’.

After the cutting of the cake, music was turned on and whole hall was blazing fire.

Everyone found themselves a partner to dance with.

“Let’s rock this place!” Hattie screamed amidst the loud music.

They nodded affirmatively and went up to the dancing floor, expect for Renëe, Daisy and Isla.

“Won’t you dance??” Isla asked loudly so that Daisy could hear her.

“Nah.” She shook her head. The stomach pain was lingering again.

Meanwhile, Mira walked up to bartender. She murmured a few words to him and dropped a sachet and some cash on the counter before walking away. She wasn’t hovering around Jaxon today, today wasn’t for Jaxon but for Vlad.

Vlad walked up to the bartender. “A glass of red wine please.” He ordered the bartender and he nodded. His eyes went over to Daisy who was seated few inches away from where he was that he didn’t notice the little act which the bartender did.

“Here.” He handed the glass to him, he took it and left.

She(Mira) smirked as she watched him take the drink to a table. She kept on watching him closely.

“Hey girls!” He said immediately he got to them. He took a the available seat there. He sipped from his drink.

“Hey Vlad!” Isla squealed.

“Hey.” He replied softly.

“Are you alright?” He asked Daisy in a concerned tone, her face wasn’t looking bright.

“Yes I am.” She lied, her stomach pain was becoming worst. Renëe looked at her, she didn’t seem fine.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked looking concerned.

“My stomach… I’ll be right back.” She said and got down the chair, she began walking away holding onto to her stomach. The pains has multiplied.

“Isn’t that-” He stood up from his chair and walked hastily towards. He swept her off her feet immediately he got to her, carrying her in a bridal style.

“Huh? Why-”


‘She’s on her period. Why then did she wear a white gown?’ Renëe wondered as she saw the stain on her dress.

Isla gritted her teeth in anger as she watched him carry her in a bridal style.

“Go away! I said I don’t wanna dance with you, is a must!” Mira yelled furiously. She took her gaze back to Vlad but he was gone.

Where the hell did he went to? She thought.


“Get away rascal!” She yelled. She looked at the drink which he left unfinished on the table.

“He didn’t even drink anything.” She muttered.


Vlad carried her in a bridal style as he found his way to the nearest restroom. He kicked the first one he saw but scoffed at what he saw.

Jaxon was in there Fůçƙïṅg a bítch.

“Holy molly! Who the hell just barged in like that?!” Jaxon yelled.

“Get a room dude!” Vlad yelled as he walked out not closing the door.

“Fool!” He yelled running to close the door. He locked it as well and went back to business.


He took her into the female restroom and placed her gently in the floor, she winced in pains.

“Why do you wear a white outfit when you know that it’s today?” He asked.

“What’s today?” She asked hoping it’s not what she was thinking.

“Your dress… It’s stained.” He stuttered and her face flush in embarrassment.

She had suspected it when her stomach pain hit her this morning but she shoved the thought since it wasn’t yet time for her menses to show up. It’s supposed to be three days from now.

“I… I… didn’t know.” She stuttered and stared at her in disbelief.

How wouldn’t she know.

“Why don’t you-”

“Ouch!” She groaned, clutching her stomach tightly, in pains.

“Are you okay?” He asked as tears slid down her cheeks. He squatted beside her, placing his hands on her shoulder.

“My… Ouch!… My stomach is slicing… It’s cutting into two… Ouch! Please help me.” She pleaded in tears.

He ran in hands through his head in confusion. How could he help her?

“How can I help you??” He asked while she shook her head in pains.

“Please help me… My stomach is hurting,,, I might die.” She winced, crying.

What should he do? Maybe he should call her friend. He thought and offered her his jacket before leaving.

He walked out of the restroom hurriedly. Isla arched her brows as she saw him rushed out.

“Where the hell did he rush off to and why did he leave her there?” She mumbled and went into the restroom.

She saw Daisy laying on the floor, crying in pains. Cramps?!

“Is-Isla please… help me.” Daisy said immediately she saw her.

She scoffed, she deserves it. She deserves it for trying to steal her Vlad away from her. So what if she hasn’t introduce herself, no one can steal Vlad from her. She’s a very jealous girlfriend.

Vlad rushed up to Renëe immediately he got to the hall.

“Hey, I need your help, no Daisy needs your help!” He said loudly so that she could hear him cause the hall was still buzzing with the loud music.

“My help??”

“Yes, come with me.” He held her hands dragging her away.

“VD wait!” Mira yelled behind him.

He didn’t drink the juice cause the effect weren’t showing on him. Damn that bartender! She frowned.

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