(Love and Infatuation…)

By: Diaynë ✍️

Genre: College romance

Tags: Love, infatuation, betrayal, jealousy & envy, passion, s£x, love triangle, desire…

          Chapter 16&17


Next morning…

“Where are you off to, early this morning?” Kelvin’s mom asked as he made to the door.

“I’ll be right back mom.” He answered immediately, walking out of the house abruptly.

He got out and hopped on his speed bike, he wore his helmet and kicked off in an intense speed.

He got to a bungalow along the road and parked his bike. He got down the bike, took off his helmet which he placed carefully on the bike and went towards the house.

He gave a light knock on the door and pressed the doorbell almost immediately. The door opened, revealing a middle aged man, he had a pair of glasses resting on his nose.

“You’re here boy.” From the way he asked, he seemed to know Kelvin.

“Yeah. Good morning sir.” He greeted and the man nodded.

“I brought the bike.” He added pointing at his speed bike which was parked few inches away.

“Oh. Let me take a look at it.” The man said and started walking towards the bike, Kelvin followed behind.

He looked at him after scrutinizing it

“It looks quite new.” He said, taking his eyes back to the speed bike.

“Yeah it is, because my dad didn’t use it for long before he passed away and since then, I have always been careful with it.” He replied wearing a sad smile as he stared at the bike.

His dad really love this bike when he was alive, tho it hadn’t been long he bought it before he passed on.

After he died, Kelvin took possession of it, since then it has been his until now.

He was transferring ownership of the bike, he sighed sadly at the thought of selling it.

‘It’s for the best.’ He said inwardly, heaving a deep breath.

“So how much are you selling it for me?” The man asked.

“$300.” He curled his lips in his mouth immediately he said that, waiting for his reaction.

“$300??” The man asked with widened eyes and Kelvin simply nodded.

“How can you sell this for $300? This model is outdated and has depreciated in value so why will you sell it at such price?” The man questioned and Kelvin pursed his lips before replying.

“Yes it’s outdated but the engine isn’t, sir please don’t underestimate the power of this bike. It’s engine is stronger than these new models. Please just ignore the price and buy it.” He tried to brainwash the man who was slowly falling for it.

“Woah! But the price is very expensive, can you reduce it for me child.” He asked and Kelvin sighed.

“Okay. $250.” He bargained.

“No, that’s still much…” They bargained for sometime before they agreed at the price of $150.

What could he do? He needed money now more than ever. He was gonna add his savings to it and wait till he collects his salary. Then the money would have amounted to something.

He thought. The man paid him and he gave him the possession of the bike. He thanked before walking away, he flagged down a cab which took him away.

Few days later…

As always students could be seen buzzing around, they had various activities in mind.

Vlad, Jaxon and Teddy could be seen walking together towards their classes, though, they were in different classes.

The three had become friends and Bonnie had left their team, she now move along with Renëe and Jasmine.

“I think this is where we’ll have to path ways.” Teddy said.

“Bye boring fellows.” Jaxon winked and began walking away.

“Foolish guy.” Teddy muttered.

“See you later Vlad.” Teddy patted his shoulder and began walking away.

“Okay.” He had mumbled, he began walking away as well.



Jaxon walked into the class with a proud smile. Immediately his presence was noticed the female student in there went wild.

👥 Jaxon is here!

👥 I love you pûssy lord!

👥 He look damn cute today!

👥 Yeah. He has changed his hair color!

👥 I love your pink hair!

He used his hand to remove the hair on his face and then he winked at them.

The girls felt their heart fluttered at that.

👥 He just winked at me!

👥 In your dreams darling, cause that wink was for me, I was able to satisfy him yesterday!

“Gross!” Someone mumbled amongst them rolling her eyes.

Jaxon squinted his eyes through the classroom, searching for her.

He smirked immediately his gaze landed on her, she was looking out through the window.

He walked towards her and sat beside her while Jasmine sat at the other end, making her be the one in the middle.

“Hi Jas, hey Renëe.” He greeted like a gentleman.

“Hello Jaxon.” Jas replied while Renëe just rolled her eyes.

“It won’t hurt if you replied a simple greeting yunno.” Jaxon smirked.

“Find yourself some other seat.” She said instead, her voice coming out cold as she said that without looking at him.

“Why should I? Not like you own this seat.” He replied and she quietly stood up.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Not your business.” She replied and passed the other way Jas sat. Jasmine having no choice quietly followed.

Jaxon groaned, he had been trying to get her attention for days now but she just keeps proving stubborn.

“I know your type Renëe, trying to prove stubborn,,, but I promise to get between your legs, that’s the only thing I want from you. I’m the pûssy lord and whenever I set my mind to achieve something I get it.” He said lowly, with a sly smile.

He was still smirking at Renëe who sat some distant away from him went he felt a hand wrapped around his neck.

He rolled his eyes as he stared at his so called girlfriend.

“Hey baby.” Mira said and he scoffed.

He already got what he wanted from her so their business is over, it’s high time he ended this so called relationship.

“I missed you baby.” She said and pecked his cheek, holding onto him possessively. He just squeezed his face in disgust.

He made to say something but just then the lecturer walked in.

After this class, he was gonna end things with her.


Vlad, Daisy, Bonnie and Isla sat together, having lunch while they gisted. Ursula and Hattie couldn’t tag along with them cause they weren’t done with their as well as Renëe and Jasmine who were Bonnie’s friends.

“Swears that man is so scary. Geez! The last time he made a fuss.” Daisy laughed along with Bonnie. The two seemed to be the ones dominating the conversation.

Talking with Bonnie was indeed fun, she’s a very lively and energetic person. She loved her vibes as well Bonnie loves hers.

Vlad only chuckled. They’ve been getting quite along for a few days now and he has come to realize that she was a very lovely person.

“I remembered that day, that was first time I got to see your badass side.” Bonnie said and drank her juice.

“I’m not really a badass,,, I tend to be when you push me.” Daisy smirked while Bonnie nodded her head.

“What’s with you two? You ain’t flowing in the conversation?” Bonnie asked as she took a bite of her pizza.

Isla didn’t answer as she unconsciously stabbed her spaghetti sauce countless times, she had been staring at Vlad for long but he didn’t seemed to notice her gaze, he had his eyes on her all through the lunch.

“VD!” Daisy called making him jolt a little bit and she laughed.

“What’s with the laugh, huh??” VD rolled his eyes.

“Nothing.” She replied as she faced her lunch still chatting with Bonnie.

Vlad smiled sheepishly at her which only infuriated Isla the more, she kept sending deadly glare at him which he didn’t notice.

He noticed a piece of cheesecake stuck at the corner of her lips, she didn’t seemed to know.

“Daisy.” He called and she hummed a reply as she listened attentively to whatever Bonnie. She suddenly laughed and took another bite of the cheesecake. Vlad smiled, at least she would be able to clean it now.

But Daisy didn’t do as expected, instead she was adding to it. He watched them finish up their lunch.

“We should leave now, we’re having a class in the next ten minutes.” Bonnie told them and Daisy nodded. She made to stand up but Vlad held her down making them furrowed their brows.

“What is it VD.” She asked softly staring at him.

He only pointed at the edge of his lips and back to her.

“Huh?” She squinted her eyes. Bonnie chuckled, understanding the whole situation and decided to leave the two to themselves.

“I’ll see you guys in class,,, let’s go Isla.” She smirked and began walking away.

Isla mumbled some words which no one could hear before following Bonnie. She was surely gonna have to introduce herself to Vlad before it is too late.

She thought as she walked away.

“What’s with the hand gestures, can’t you speak?” She asked, looking confused.

“I mean to say that… You have cheese stuck on your lips.” Vlad replied nervously, hoping he didn’t sound foolish.

Daisy chuckled, so this was what he was finding hard to say. How about she plays a little game. She smirked.

“Cheese?? Where??” She asked touching her face.

“No, not your face but your lips. ” He told her and she pursed her lips.

“My lips??” She asked touching her lips.

“Tsk… I can’t clean it, can you help me with it?” She requested, pouting her lips and she looked cute in it.

Vlad just sighed as he couldn’t resist the puppy face she was making.

He slowly took his right thumb towards her lips, she shuddered as she felt the warmth of his finger brush her lips. She stared directly into his deep blue eyes which was also staring at her without blinking.

He looked absolutely adorable, his perfectly carved brows and his small nose suit him. His orange lips was enticing.

She had always thought that celebrities looked cuter in magazines and pictures than in reality but he was different. He looked much more handsome in reality than in pictures.

“Ahem!” The clearing of throat behind them made them jolted. She stood up briskly cleaning her lips with her palm.

She turned to see who it was. ‘She-devils! Always ruining sweet moments. I wonder why there class had to end so early.’ Daisy said inwardly, glaring at them.

“See you in class.” Vlad stood up and left, leaving her with them.

“Ahem! So did we miss anything?” Hattie asked, grinning widely as they walked towards her.

“You wouldn’t have missed anything if you hadn’t interrupted yunno.” Daisy said, rolling her eyes.

“Wait! Where you guys about to K!SS?” Ursula asked happily but Daisy just stared not saying a word.

“Look what you’ve done, I told you not to disturb their moment but you wouldn’t listen now I missed a very wonderful show.” Ursula complained.


“Yeah you.”

“Now it’s me who interrupted them?” Hattie bantered.

Daisy already knowing what was gonna happen next, simply left.

“I wonder the day they are gonna K!SS.” Ursula muttered.

“They aren’t even in a relationship yet.” Hattie countered.

“It doesn’t matter.” Ursula retorted.

“Whatever! Let’s get our snacks, I’m very hungry.” Hattie said and Ursula nodded.

“Sure glutton.”

As Daisy walked through the hallway, finding her to way to the class, she could feel someone stalking her.

She stopped and looked behind her through her shoulders, but didn’t find anyone suspicious as the students behind were also making their way to their class, minding their business.

She shook her head and continue walking.

“Why do I feel that someone is trailing after me?” She said underneath her breath.

Just then she felt a strong hand pulled her to a corner.

“Arghhh!” She shrieked in fright. Her eyes widened immediately she saw who it was.




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