December 5, 2023

MINE 🧑❀️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(π•Ώπ–Šπ–’π–•π–‘π–Š π•½π–šπ–“ π•¬π–ˆπ–™π–Žπ–›π–†π–™π–Šπ–‰)✭


“I’m not reading anymore!” Nathaniel closed the book and placed his head on it..

“I’ve never read like this before.. Why must we write an exam? Can’t they just give us a Bible and ask us to swear on it that we understand everything and then boom! We’ve passed..” Theodore said.

“I’ll sue the person who created school” Nathaniel whined, rubbing his aching temples.

Tomorrow is Monday, the day they’ll take their exams..

“It’s 6PM, let’s get going..” Nathaniel stood up to pack the books in it’s respective stacks.

“Let’s go have fun.. I have a sweet surprise for us” Theodore smiled.

Nathaniel turned and looked at him with a raised brow.

“What? This time is the holy surprise…” Theodore grabbed his hand and left the library with him.



That’s Gianna’s place. She and Linda could be seen in her room with books around them on the floor.

“So is that understood?” Gianna asked.

“Yeah, I copied that.. Thank Gigi” Linda winked and sprawled on the floor, looking at the ceiling..

“I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ll finally get to see my dream school..” Linda gushed.

“Heard they’re a lot of bullies there” Gianna laid beside her too, staring at the ceiling.

“Well who ever will come on my way I’ll treat them FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ up” Linda said.

“Me too!!” Gianna said and they chuckled.

Grayson suddenly peeped in the room.

“What’s popping in here” He spoke.

“Big brother Gray!!” Linda stood up and went to hug him.

“How are you two revising for tomorrow?” Grayson said, patting her hair.

“Well… Good, we’re even done” Gianna replied, sitting up.

“Oh okay.. Well, I’m done cooking some fish stew, care for some?” Grayson asked.

“Yes please!! Your cooking are the best!” Linda said, leaving the room with Grayson.

“I love you” Grayson smiled.

“Love you more big bro” Linda pecked his cheek.

“Hey I’m I suddenly invisible?” Gianna frowned while following them.

“Kinda” Grayson shrugged and Linda chuckled.



Arianna finished brushing her hair before hooking her hair pin on it. She stood up from the vanity table and picked her bag before leaving the room.

“Good morning miss” A maid greeted and she ignored as usual.

She got to the living room and met Reuben and Beatrice discussing with some people.

She stopped on her tracks and looked down. Well after the incident, she was grounded for 3 days and her phone was seized. They gave it back to her this morning.

“Good morning dad…mom” She said.

“Good morning baby” Beatrice smiled while Reuben kept a poker face.

“Wow, Reuben your daughter is really a beauty.. So pretty!” One of the men who came commented.

“Of course! She took after me” Beatrice said proudly and they laughed.

“Ill get going mom.. Have a nice day father” Arianna said and bowed.

The maid came and collected her bag pack from her then left for the car. She looked one last time at Reuben who wasn’t even looking her then sighed before leaving

“He’s still angry at me” She took in her lower lips.

“Miss,, anything wrong?” The maid carrying her bag pack asked.

Arianna quickly hid her sad expression and glared at the maid.

“Mind your business before I fire you” She said and the maid quickly looked down.

“Wow! Your daughter is getting ripe, I still remember when she was still a kid” The man commented again.

“I have a son of the same age, he might be interested” The other man finally spoke.

“She’s still 17 years. Let’s wait till when she’s 18 before we’ll think about it” Beatrice replied and the man smiled.



“Woooooooooooo!!!!!!” Linda screamed when they stepped foot in the school.

She stared at everywhere with wide eyes. The magnificent buildings, glassy walls, the students walking around in their chic uniforms, the beautiful garden and there was even a fountain not far from the car park.

“Linda in the building!!!!!” She screamed loudly.

πŸ‘₯ Who’s she?

πŸ‘₯ Probably those poor church rats who came to write the scholarship exam.

πŸ‘₯ She really lacks mannerism

πŸ‘₯ That’s disgusting!!

“Linda,, you’re disgracing me..” Gianna said when she noticed the stares on them but Linda wasn’t having any of it.

πŸ”Š Attention! To those who came for the scholarship exams, please gather up at hall 05 in the first building at your right

The electronic bells blared.

“Let’s go Linda!!” Gianna said.

“Gimme a minute” She said, taking some selfies beside the fountain.

A car dropped at the entrance and murmurs immediately began filling the air.

The door opened at Arianna stepped out then the murmurs increased.

πŸ‘₯ It’s Arianna.

πŸ‘₯ I love her shoes.. They’re so expensive

πŸ‘₯ Her bag!! I want those.

πŸ‘₯ She’s so pretty as usual..

πŸ‘₯ I wish she could just give me a chance to date her even for a week.

Linda and Gianna turned to the entrance to see Arianna walking in with that usual arrogant look on her face.

She handed her bag to one of those crushing on her and he carried it, following behind her like a dog. Some students followed her as she left.

“Who’s she?” Linda raised her brows.

“I don’t like her. She looks too arrogant for my liking” Gianna frowned.

“But she’s pretty though. I hope she isn’t a bully if not she’ll enter in my bad book” Linda said.

“Whatever.. Let’s get going! We’re late!!” Gianna dragged her and they left.

They got to the hall they were asked to go and some people were seen standing there, looks like they came for scholarships too.

“I hope I pass..” Linda bit her lips nervously.

She peeped inside the hall and gulped down when she saw security cameras.

“No way to cheat” She said inwardly.

“I hope they’re no security cameras..” Theodore said, coming closer to the hall with Nathaniel.

“Let me check my registration number” Linda said and went to the notice board with Gianna.

“Oh no! I’m 5 seats away from you!” Linda whine.

Gianna shrugged as she looked at the notice board. Someone came and stood behind her to check the notice board too.

“Theo.. You’re directly behind me” Nathaniel spoke and Gianna’s eyes widened.

She slowly turned back and it was him! It was him!

Nathaniel wasn’t looking at her though..

“What? No!! I wanted to sit beside a nerd!! You have an IQ of 2!” Theodore whined.

“Hey! If I have an IQ of 2 then yours is 0.5” Nathaniel frowned.


“Uhh hey there” Gianna finally spoke.

Nathaniel and Theodore turned to look at her, wondering who she is.

“Uh hi?” Theodore finally spoke.

“Um, do you know me? I’m the girl you bumped on last week in front of a club” Gianna ignored Theodore and faced Nathaniel.

Theodore frowned.

“Huh?” Nathaniel raised a brow.

His mouth formed a shape of “O” when he recalled..

“Oh yeah! I remember!” Nathaniel said and smiled.

“Never knew, we would meet again. This world is really small right?” Gianna laughed.

“Gigi!! Isn’t he that the cute guy who bumped in you?” Linda chirped in.

“Hello” Nathaniel waved.

“Hey cutie! Oh who’s that other guy with you” Linda referred to Theodore.

“Finally! I’m recognized” Theodore smiled.

“I’m Gianna and this is my friend Linda” Gianna spoke.

“I’m Nathaniel and this is Theodore” Nathaniel said.

A lady putting on lenses came to stand in front of the crowd.

“Okay everyone! Listen up! If I call your name, you get in.. Make sure you have no pre prepared materials with you before entering because if caught you’ll automatically be sent back home” The lady said.

“Linda Stewart”

“Well good luck everyone! Hope we all pass!” Linda said and waved at them before going in.

“You too pretty!!” Theodore screamed back.

“I prefer that Linda than Gianna” Theodore whispered to Nathaniel.

“We just met them” Nathaniel shrugged.

“Nathaniel Andrews” The lady called his name.

“Well here goes nothing” He muttered and went in.

It went on till everyone was in and then the exam began.



“Make sure you do your home work okay class?” The teacher smiled.

“Yes prof!!” The class chorused.

He smiled and left with his things. Arianna crossed her leg and supported her jaw with the left hand as she wrote on her book with the other.

“Anna” A voice called.

She looked up to see Travis smiling at her.

“Hey” She said and looked back down in her book.

πŸ‘₯ Travis is at it again.

πŸ‘₯ I wonder when he’ll finally admit to himself that Arianna likes Lance and not him.

πŸ‘₯ I wish he could just look at me instead.

πŸ‘₯ Arianna is so lucky..

“In two days, I’m holding a concert.. I wanted to know if you’ll be chanced to come” He said.

Arianna thought of the last time she sneaked out and how it ended. She shook her head.

“No, I’m sorry.. I need to read for the upcoming test.” Arianna said and Travis’s face fell.

“Exams are three weeks away..” He said.

“I’m sorry, I can’t come” Arianna said and stood them began packing her things in her hand.

She made to leave but Travis held her hand.


“Let me go!!” She slapped his hand off and left.

Travis ran his hands through his hair frustratingly. He saw when Lance invited her for their concert and she didn’t think twice before accepting, now it’s his turn and as usual it’s a no.

He abruptly turned to leave and suddenly bumped on someone’s. Luckily, he caught her before she could fall..

Jasmine gasped when Travis caught her. Her heart began racing insanely fast as she stared at his face closely.

She always admire him from afar but this time, she’s in his arms and it’s like a dream come true to her.

Travis released her and left without uttering a word. Jasmine stared at him till he was out of sight.

She blushed really hard as he remembered how he held her. She could still smell his cologne.

Her eyes landed on Nancy and she gulped hard when she saw her glaring daggers at her. She looked down and quickly left.



“Girls, look at your right..” Amber said

Arianna and Julia did and they saw a cute guy, staring their way.

“What?” Julia asked.

“He’s cute right?” Amber smiled and they nodded.

“We’re FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing tonight, I can’t wait! I hope his Ďïčk is huge and sweet” Amber chuckled.

“Bad girl..” Julia laughed lightly.

“Thought you were into Cole” Arianna spoke, picking her food.

“Well yeah but he keeps ignoring me! This PΕ―$$Β₯ is h*rny and I gotta do what I gotta do” Amber said.

“What about you Arianna… Have you done the deal?” Julia asked.

Arianna just kept quiet.

“C’mon Ari! Next year we’ll be in college.. Legs enjoy our last highschool year to the fullest” Amber said.

“Yes.. I have a lot of cute guys who wants to chat with you”

Arianna sighed.

“Guys, I’m not-”

“Hey girls” Lance came to their seat.

Arianna looked at him and smiled instantly..

“Hey Lance” Julia replied..

“Mind if I borrow Arianna for a minute or two” He asked.

“Sure we don’t!” Amber said.

He nodded and took Arianna’s hand then left the cafeteria with her as all eyes stared at them till they were out of sight.

They got to an empty room and Lance turned to Arianna who’s heart was racing crΓ zily.

“What.. Are we doing here?” She asked.

“Well-” He paused and place his hand on the wall behind her, caging her against the wall.

“I wanted to tell you something really important..” Lance said, bringing his face closer.

“” Arianna asked slowly.

He bit his lips as he stared at her..

“I like you..” He said and her eyes widened.


“I said I like you.. I really like you” Lance said.

Arianna blushed as she stared at him. She smiled and looked away.

“I like you too” Arianna said shyly.

Lance smiled and left her head up with his thumb.

“No need to be shy.. It’s just me” He said softly..

“I have a surprise for you.. Meet me after class at Dβ€’D suite” He said..

“Okay” She said.

“I have to get going now” Arianna said and turned to open the door but Lance turned her back to him.

He slowly leaned towards her and Arianna grabbed the hem of her skirt nervously. She closed her eyes and her heartbeat doubled when Lance pressed his lips on hers

He K!SSed her slowly for a minute before breaking the K!SS.

“See you later” He smiled.

Arianna just nodded while blushing before opening the door and leaving. Lance smirked and touched his lips..

Arianna touched her lips as she walked back to the cafeteria, smiling like never before.

He likes her. Lance likes her! This is officially the best day of her life. She suddenly remembered her dad’s rule and her expression dulled down

Speaking of dad, she completely forgot she was going to have a family outing immediately after school.

“Oh no.. That means I can’t meet him” She pouted.

She sighed and turned then began going back to the room to tell him, she won’t be chanced to meet him.

Her brows furrowed when she saw the door slightly opened.

“I’m sure I closed the door” She thought.

She opened to door to check if Lance already left and her eyes widened when she saw him talking with another girl.

The girl was sitting on a table while he was standing in between her thigh..

“Thought you said you like Arianna” The girl said, unƁα»₯Ε₯Ε₯oning his shirt.

“You over heard out discussion didn’t you” Lance smirked and she just nodded.

“Well she’s simply my next prey. Yunno, I like girls who always play hard to get. Thankfully, she fell into my trap just like the fΓ³ol that she is.. I’m FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing her after classes” Lance said.

“That’s better… I can’t loose this good baby here over some silly relationship with that brat” She said, rubbing his Ďïčk.

“Missed it didn’t you” He said, his hand crawling under her skirt.

“Give it to me baby” She said and crashed her lips on his..

Lance squeezed her @ss as he K!SSed her back. Arianna slowly closed back the door, feeling so devastated.

She began walking back to the cafeteria, fighting back her tears.

“Dad is right.. Love is a distraction” She said fighting back her tears..

A drop fell from her eyes and she quickly wiped it off.

“Don’t cry… Tears are for the weak” She kept repeating that to herself as she walked but the tears slipped out of her eyes.

“At home, I can’t find happiness and just when I thought I’ve found one.. I find out it’s all just my illusion.. Does happiness exist?” She asked herself.

Arianna walked to a silent hall way then she sat down there and bent her head down, crying silently..


πŸ‘₯ Cole… We love you!!

πŸ‘₯ You’re so ȘëxΒ₯!!

πŸ‘₯ Marry me please??

The students commented as Cole walked out of the building to the school garden. Looks like he was searching for someone.

“Where’s that Ďïčk brain? Thought he asked me to meet him at the cafeteria, where did he go?” Cole said, referring to Lance.

Dean didn’t come to school today. As the songwriter of the group, he was at the company they work helping out in the producing and beat making for their next song.

“This school is so beautiful!!” Linda said, looking around.

They just finished the exams and luckily it was cheap to her and Gianna. They had confidence they’ll pass.

“This exam is the toughest I’ve had in my life!!” Theodore exclaimed.

“Where’s Nathaniel?” Gianna asked, looking for him.

“Calm down Gigi, your crush went to the restroom.. He’ll be back” Linda said.

“Crush? Oh so you’re crushing on my dude” Theodore said and began laughing.

Gianna glared at him and he glared back too. Linda ignored them and tapped a student from the back.

“Please, can you take a picture of me and my friends?” She asked, bringing out her phone.

The person turned back and Gianna and Theodore together with Linda gasped.

It’s Cole!! The Cole!!

“OMG!! I think I’m dreaming” Theodore said with his eyes wide open like two oranges

Cole furrowed his brows as he stared at the three of them. He looked at the phone the girl in front of him was holding and he couldn’t hide his shock.

“That’s my phone!” Cole said, recognizing his phone case.

Linda eyes widened more as she watched as Cole’s countenance change to an angry one.

She began thinking of what to say and when she couldn’t find one, she did what came to her mind.

Linda immediately took her heels and began running away.

“Hey!! Thief!!” Cole shouted and began running after her

“Oh no Linda what did you do?” Gianna ran after them.

“Wait for me!!” Theodore ran after them too.

The students outside brought out their phones and began making videos of Cole chasing after Linda.



Nathaniel stopped at the middle of the hallway as he stared everywhere, contemplating on which road to take

Well he finished using the restroom and now, he lost his way back. They were so many hallways that he didn’t know which one to take.

“Left is always the right way” He said and took the left one.

He kept walking, admiring the design and the doors he came across. He suddenly stopped when he heard sounds of someone crying.

He followed the sound and stopped on his tracks when he saw a girl with his head down. Her shoulder shook as she cried.

Nathaniel started contemplating on whether to go to her or to leave but he later choose the first option.

He slowly to her and knelt on one knee as he stared at her.

“What should I do? I don’t know how to start a conversation” He bit his lips.

“Um hey” He tapped her shoulder.

Arianna lifted her head up to see who it was and their gaze locked

Nathaniel’s eyes widened as he began staring at her. It was as if time froze for him and he could swear that his heart raced.

Despite her red swollen eyes and puffy face, she is the prettiest girl he has ever seen.

“Who are you?” Arianna asked.


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