December 2, 2023

MINE 🧑❀️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭ (π•Ύπ–“π–Šπ–†π– π•Ίπ–šπ–™ π•²π–”π–“π–Š π–‚π–—π–”π–“π–Œ)✭


“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” Theodore took the flyer from Jody to read it well.

“Yes! With this you can finish your highschool and look for a better job son” Jody smiled..

“It says the entrance exam will take place next week” Theodore said excitedly.

“I’m definitely in!! I heard that the school has the hottest girls in town” Theodore licked his lips.

“Theo!” Jody hit his head.

That’s when he realized there was an adult in the room

“Ouch… Sorry aunt” He chuckled..

“Well I don’t know. You know we’re both dullards right?” Nathaniel said.

“Oh I forgot that one” Theodore muttered.

“No wonder you two are best friends” Jody mocked them.

She suddenly yawned and stretched her arms..

“I’m so exhausted.. Let me sleep for few more hours before leaving for work. You two behave okay?” Jody said as she walked to her room.

“Sleep tight mom!” Nathaniel smiled and faced back Theodore.

“So, how are we gonna do about it” He asked Theodore.

“Well let’s go to the town’s library and study every day after your part-time job, I’m sure something will definitely stick in this coconut head of ours” Theodore shrugged..

“Let’s start now!” Nathaniel smiled.

“Sure! Let’s go!” Theodore said and they both left.

On their way to the town’s library, they saw people going to a particular direction while holding light sticks in their hands..

“Looks like the Dβ€’D concert will soon start” Theodore said, recognizing their light sticks.

“Too bad we can’t afford for the concert ticket” Nathaniel pouted.

“Well when we’ll be rich in the future, we’ll attend all of their concerts but for now..let’s pass that FΕ―Γ§Ζ™Γ―αΉ…g test!” Theodore hung his hand round his shoulder.

“Well said!” Nathaniel chuckled..



Arianna could be seen in her study room, doing her home work. She finished doing it and dropped the pen then sighed and picked her phone.

It was 6pm, the concert will start in 10 minutes. Her phone beeped and it was a text message from her friends in their group chat.

Julia: Where are you babe? The concert will start in few minutes from now.

Amber: I and Julia are already in place, aren’t you coming??

She bit her lips as she began typing..

Arianna: Sorry girls, my dad said I shouldn’t_

She stopped typing and took in her lower lips then frowned and deleted what she was typing.

Arianna: Gimme 7 minutes, I’ll be there

She typed and sent before standing up, leaving her study room. She opened the door of her room then looked around and no one was coming before closing back the door.

Arianna quickly changed into a pair of black jeans and a black crop top with a red leather jacket on top. She allowed her hair to fall freely and then applied only a lip gloss before wearing her black boots.

She looked really hot in it.

She then quickly placed the pillows on her bed and covered it with the duvet to make it look like she was sleeping.

Arianna opened the door of her room and sneaked out without anyone noticing..


A black shinny car could be seen driving in the road of the city. Inside the limousine, a lady could be seen sitting in the car, speaking on the phone while the driver was driving to their destination.

She was putting on a black backless gown which hugged her body tightly, showcasing her crΓ zy curves. The gown ended just at the middle of her thigh exposing her long ȘëxΒ₯ legs to view with a pair of black heels on.

Her black hair was curled up and it fell freely on her back with some falling on her huge round Ɓø0Ι“s.

“Yes mom.. I just landed in California, I’ll be arriving soon there” She said on the phone, admiring her manicured fingers.

“Okay baby! I really miss you,,, don’t delay!! You and crushing on random guys are best friends”

“C’mon mom.. I’m 21 now, adulthood changed me” She chuckled.

Suddenly the car abruptly stopped. She furrowed her brows.

“I’ll call you back mom” She said and hung up.

“Hey.. What’s happening” She asked the driver.

“I don’t know ma’am” The driver said and got down the car.

She wore her dark shades and stepped down the car too. Places were getting dark so no one could recognize her..

The driver began checking the car and sighed when he saw what’s wrong..

“Ma’am, it’s the tyre.. It deflated” The driver.

“Well change it” She said.

“Ma’am… I don’t know how to fix it” The driver shrugged..

“FΕ―Γ§Ζ™!! Where I’m I going to get a car repairer at this time of the night” She said, looking around.

No cars could be seen only people walking around..

She brought out her phone and tried the car repairer line but it wasn’t going. She tried another and it still wasn’t going.

“DΓ mn it!!” She ran her hands through her hair.

“Miss,, can I help?” She heard a voice behind her which made her turn.

A gasp escaped her lips as she did.

“Oh my,,, he’s so cute!!” She thought and shook her head.

“Oh hi cutie. My car tyre flattened and my driver doesn’t know how to change it.. Can you help? I’ll pay you after” She clamped her hands together.

Grayson smiled and nodded.

“Sure… Where’s the tools?” He asked.

“Oh at the booth” She said and the driver pressed a Ɓα»₯Ε₯Ε₯on on the car key and the back booth opened.

Grayson walked to the booth and then brought out the spare tyre and tools in there.

He dropped it down and suddenly removed his shirt so that he won’t dirty it while working.

The lady gasped loudly when he did so. She slowly removed her shades

His abs, his biceps, his chest…

“Oh My God… It’s too much” She said and fainted.

The driver and Grayson looked at her in shock


“Miss Camilla!!”



Arianna ran in the crowdy hall. Since she was at the VIP sector, she easily spotted her friends so she went to them.

“Finally!! You’re here!!” Amber said

“What took you so long?” Julia asked.

“Um I was busy” She said.

Nancy who was standing not far from them with Poppy glared at them.

“I hΓ te so much her guts.. How can my brother take her side” She glared at Arianna who was discussing with her friends.

“If not for Lance who literally dragged me to his concert, I wouldn’t have been here… I prefer Travis concert than this concert” Nancy said and smiled slightly when she thought of Travis..

“Yeah that’s true” Poppy agreed as usual.

“Don’t forget to do my homework, if not we’re no more friends” Nancy threatened

“Consider it done Nancy” Poppy smiled

Nancy scoffed and looked front.

Almost immediately the concert began..

“Are you ready to witness the concert of the year??” The emcee said.

“Yeah!!!!!” The crowd screamed back.

“Three demigods,, three aces, three all rounders.. Give it all for the DEWβ€’DROPS!!!” The emcee shouted on the microphone.

If the hall could collapse due to shouts and screams then it would have right now.

The lights suddenly went off and everywhere was dark.

🎀When I’m searching for my way, you come and lead me home” The light shun on Cole as he sang while coming front.

His fans began screaming for him..

🎀Your eyes light up the sky and take me somewhere I’ve never known” Lance sang too as the light shun on him.

🎀Like a star in the night, you bring me back to the light” Cole sang.

🎀Your love is like a flame that never goes out.
It’s the safety of your arms that brings me solace and a way out.
Your embrace war

Dean sang the chorus with his angelic voice while smiling.

The beat began playing and they began dancing while the crowd cheered loudly for them. Cole was leading the dance, his wet hair sticking dangerously on his face making him look so handsome.

“Go Cole!!! I love you!!” Amber screamed out her lungs.

“Dean!!!!” Julia waved her light stick.

“That’s it Lance!! Woooh!!!” Arianna screamed while jumping.

🎀Oh, your love, it’s like a melody; a sweet harmony
It uplifts me and carries me, with your love, I’m truly free
Through thick and thin, stay at my side and we’ll win

Cole sang as he waved his arms, hyping the crowd up..

🎀 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Baby come on I gat a K!SS waiting for you
From my lips to my heart all belongs to you
Let’s make this night a magical one for us
Skin to skin, lips to lips, you know how it’s done

Lance rapped while dancing SΒ£xily as he bit his lips. He was putting on a big shirt which exposed his ȘëxΒ₯ chest when he bent down to dance.

🎀When I’m at my worst, you love me still and make me new
When I’m feeling helpless, my love for you will always give me strength

Dean sang the bridge with his melodious voice..

🎀Your love is like a flame that never goes out.
It’s the safety of your arms that brings me solace and a way out.
Your embrace war

They sang the chorus together while dancing till the music ended..

The crowd began cheering loud for them..

“Thanks for coming in your number Legendz!! We love you!!” Dean said on his mic as he waved at the crowd with that usual cute smile on his face.

“Thanks for your support Legendz” Cole was seen squatting at the edge of the stage in front of the crowd who kept taking his picture as he spoke on the mic.

He was just too dreamy.

Lance winked at his fans as he licked his lips then smiled..

They bade goodbye to their fans before leaving the stage..

“Their concerts are always fantastic!” Amber exclaimed as they exited the hall.

“Yeah.. Dean was beaming with his voice” Julia gushed.

“Have you seen Cole’s look? DΓ mn!” Amber bit her lips.

“I need to go girls!! Bye!!.” She waved at them and ran off before they could stop her.

Arianna got into a taxi which took her back home. She sneaked into the house and went to her room, she grabbed the door knob and was about to turn it.

“How was the concert?” A voice spoke behind her.

Arianna froze and slowly turn to meet the angry gaze of her father..

“Dad…” She muttered fearfully.

“To my room” He said and left her.

Arianna sighed and dragged her feet to his room, thinking of what to say so as not to anger him more.

She got into his room and met Beatrice sitting on the sofa beside Reuben.

Arianna stood there with her head down..

“You see what I was telling you earlier Beatrice? Your daughter has started to grown wings!! She’s now defying my orders!!” Reuben said angrily..

“Ari, why did you disobey your father..” Beatrice asked.

“Because… Because-”

“It’s obvious!! You want to disgrace me!!” Reuben shouted angrily.

“No dad.. It’s not it, I just wanted to have some fun with my friends..” Arianna said slowly.

“Fun?? Fun!! Do I look like I care??”

Arianna looked down as tears fell from her eyes…

“Wipe those tears.. Tears are for the weak!!” Reuben said, coming closer.

Arianna quickly wiped her tears but it was replaced by new round.

“I said wipe those tears!!” Reuben grabbed her arm harshly.

“Ahh…” Arianna whimpered painfully as she cried even more.

“My grandfather was a respected colonel… My father was among the richest CEO and I’ve been the governor of this state for 5 years and I won’t let our wealthy and respected linage be broken by you.. Got it!!” He shouted at her face.

Arianna nodded in tears..

“Reuben, you’re hurting her” Beatrice said worriedly.

Reuben glared at Arianna before releasing her. He went to his study room and slammed the door loudly.

“Ari…” Beatrice made to touch her but she ran out of the room.

Arianna ran into her room and locked the door then leaned on it as she cried more.

She rubbed her arm which was hurting due the pressure he applied on it.

“I hΓ te my life” She sat on the floor and hugged her knees as she cried.

“Meow..” Twinkle rubbed it’s fur on her legs, trying to sooth her.

She carried it in her arms and snuggled with it as she cried..



Camilla slowly opened her eyes and yawned as she sat up.

“Where I’m I?” She wondered, looking around.

Her eyes widened when she saw she was in her room. She got down the bed and wore her slip-ons.

“When did I get here?” She wondered as she went in her luxurious bathroom to brush.

She began brushing her teeth and suddenly gasped when she remembered.

“That hot cute handsome guy!!” She said and began picturing his body in her head.

“Gosh!! God took 6 days to create everything and then He took His time on the 7th day to create him… He’s drop dΓ©ad gorgeous!!!” She began screaming in her bathroom while jumping.

“Cami!! Cami!!” She heard her mother’s voice out side.

Camilla quickly rinsed her mouth and left the bathroom to meet her mom in the room.

“Cami baby!! How are you feeling? You passed out yesterday so the driver brought you back home” Mrs McKenzie began checking her out.

“I’m fine mom!!” She smiled.

“Thank goodness.. Were you that tired?”

“No!! Beauty blinded me” She said and chuckled.


“You won’t believe it mom!! The guy is so gorgeous!! His beauty made me faint” Camilla twirled around then fell on her bed like a teenager in love.

“Wait… So you fainted coz of a guy??” Mrs McKenzie exclaimed.

“He was just too handsome mom!!”

Mrs McKenzie face slapped herself..

“You’ve not yet spend a week here you’re already crushing on a random guy”

“It’s love mom…” Camilla said.

“You’ve said that 30 times this year already!!”


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