December 5, 2023

MINE 🧑❀️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel



“Let me help you” He muttered..

“Gigi?” Linda called her back to reality.

Gianna blinked severally and shook her head. She slowly accepted his hand and he helped her up.

“Sorry.. I didn’t see you” Nathan said.

“Oh,, it’s okay” Gianna said, looking at his hand which felt so warm holding hers.

Nathaniel released her.

“I have to go now. Sorry once more” He bowed politely and left..

Gianna stared at him till he was out of sight.

“Earth to Gigi!!” Linda said loudly and she adverted her gaze to Linda.

“What’s up with the stare? I know he’s cute but it’s too much.. Don’t tell me you’re-”

“Let’s go home!! Stop spewing rubbish” Gianna snapped and led the way.

Linda looked back at where Nathaniel left and then at Gianna who was walking away.

“Interesting” She smirked and followed her.



A car drove in the mansion and the driver got down then opened the door for Arianna to get down.

She was putting on a pink crop top and white mini skirt with white sneakers. She was just coming back from her outing with her friends.

“Take all the shopping bags to my room” She ordered the driver who nodded and went to open the boot.

Arianna entered the house and the maids bowed and greeted her which she ignored completely. A maid walked up to her and bowed slightly.

“Miss, your father asks you to meet him in the study room as soon as you get back home.” The maid said.

Arianna’s countenance immediately changed and she frowned more..

She reluctantly went to the study room and knocked on it..

“Come in”

Arianna got in and met Governor Reuben Brauns, sitting on a sofa while reading a book. He looked up at Arianna and closed the book he was reading.

“Good evening dad” She greeted with her head down.

“How was school?” Reuben asked coldly.

“” Arianna said, feeling nervous.

“Hope you haven’t forgotten the four rules I gave you” He asked with a straight look on his face..

“Number 1, always be the best in everything I do.. Number 2, never to mingle with the poor. Number 3, never to show my weaknesses and number 4, love is a distraction..power, fame and money comes first” Arianna stated them with her head down.

“Good, now go to your room and study” He said.

Arianna bit her lips as she played with her finger..

“Dad.. There’s a concert tomorrow and I really want to go there” She mustered the courage and said.

“That’s a no! You’re staying back home to study” Reuben said, touching his watch which was made of gold.

“But dad… Exams are four weeks away. I can still study the other days” Arianna said.

“Are you defying my order” Reuben shot her a glare and she bit her lips.


“Listen to your father Anna, he knows best what’s good for you.” Beatrice, Arianna’s mother said.

Arianna looked at her mother and stormed out of the area.

“Discipline that kid of yours.. She’s starting to grow wings little by little” Reuben said.

“Don’t mind her love. You know how teens of nowadays behave” Beatrice smiled and sat down next to Reuben.


Arianna got into her room and slammed the door loudly. She fell on her bed in anger and frustration..

That’s how it has always been here.

Her dad had always wanted a son but to his dismay, Beatrice bore him a daughter through tough condition and as such, the doctor advise Beatrice not to give birth again for she can loose her life in the process.

Ever since she was little, Reuben had been molding and training her to become the son he never had and she’s honestly fed up of it.

And to make things worse, Beatrice always support her husband in every decision he makes. She has never supported her for once.

Arianna lifted up her head and looked at the ticket on the table..

She remembered about Lance and her heart began beating crΓ zily again and that only made her more angry when she thought she won’t get to see him tomorrow at the concert.


She lifted her head to see a cat with a spotless white fur on the bed beside her.

“Twinkle.. When did you get here” She sat up and placed the cat on her thigh, rubbing it’s fur.


“It’s dad again.. Sometimes I just wish I was born a boy or maybe I was never born at all” Arianna said sadly.

“Meow…” Twinkle began rubbing it’s head on her.

She smiled lightly and continued petting it.



“Like seriously dude! What the FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ did you do yesterday!!” Theodore shouted

Nathan was sitting on the only couch in their living room while watching the old small TV who’s color resolution was so poor that it was now black and white.

Today was Tuesday, one of his free day. He doesn’t go to work on Tuesday and Sunday..

“I couldn’t help it.. You know I hΓ te bugs and spiders” Nathaniel pouted.

“Yes.. But before that! I clearly saw what you were doing.. You were literally scared of her and when she touched you, it was like your soul left your body! For FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ sake Nathan you’re a guy and you’re turning 19 in 6 months from now!!” Theodore said loudly..

He calmed down and sat down next to Nathaniel then took his hand, looking so serious.

“We’ve been friends since we were 5 so I need you to tell me the truth. Nathan, are you perhaps g@y?” Theodore asked.

“What? No!! I don’t swing that way… I just don’t like girls being too touchy with me” Nathan said shyly..

Theodore heaved out a breath of relief.

“Thank goodness! For a minute, I thought you were g@y and that you liked me” Theodore said.

“Disgusting! Who will even like someone like you” Nathaniel frowned.

“Hey! Don’t make me to use my fists on you!” Theodore raised his fists and Nathan laughed, raising up his hand in defeat.

“But for real bro.. Why don’t you try and make female friends or maybe get a girlfriend. I’m sure your neighbors are starting to suspect there’s something going on between us” Theodore said.

“Well for female friends I dunno, I’m always hooked up with my job but for a girlfriend, I haven’t found the one for me yet.. Mom said that when I’ll see the one for me, my heart will beat at an insanely crΓ zy rate and I’ll always think of the person everywhere I go that it’ll feel like I’m going crΓ‘zy..” Nathaniel said dreamily.

Theodore just looked at him and sighed then shook his head.

“Should I tell him that life is different from fairytale or should I let him find out” He said inwardly..



The first class of the day ended and everyone was going to change to their sport wear for the gym class which was in 10 minutes from now.

Amber finished putting on her sportwear in the gym then folded her her uniform and placed it in her locker then locked it.

She was looking really hot and ȘëxΒ₯ as always..

Arianna was sitting on the bench tying her shoe lace. Since the morning that she came, she has been having a sullen look on her face.

“Star Bright Academy will host a scholarship exam next week.. Yuck!” Julia rolled her eyes.

“Another heap of dirt coming in the school.. Wow, I’m so happy” Arianna said sarcastically and glared at Jasmine who was looking at her.

Jasmine noticed it and scurried of the room in fear..

“I just can’t wait for tonight! I’m gonna see my Cole perform!!” Amber said and squealed.

Arianna’s mood got worst. She stood up and left the room, slamming the door behind her.

Julia and Amber looked at the door and then at each other, wondering what’s happening..



“Harder… Harder!!”

“That’s it.. Yeah right there!!”

“Give it to me Lance!! FΕ―Γ§Ζ™!!!”

Lance held the girl’s waist as he rammed her PΕ―$$Β₯ from behind. She was holding onto the table with her @ss pointing towards him.

They were both still in their sports wear..

The boy’s suite has four small bedroom with a living room and a room where they can play games in.

Lance was currently in his room, doing what he loves best..

The door to his room swung open and Dean came in, also in his sportswear. Lance didn’t even bother to stop for once..

“C’mon Lance.. Gym classes will start in 2 minutes” Dean said and smirked.

He pulled out of the girl and inserted three of his fingers into her, turning it in circles.

“Gosh.. Lance!!” The girl whimpered in Β£cst@sy.

“Think I’ll pass today..” He said, pressing the girl’s Ɓø0Ι“s.

“You’ll get a penalty point and that’s gonna reflect in your results” Dean leaned on the door.

He groaned and pulled his fingers out of her PΕ―$$Β₯ then he licked his hand clean before pulling up his shorts.

The girl turned to him while pouting..

“Meet me tomorrow for part 2” He pecked her lips.

She giggled and blushed while leaving.

“Guys have you seen my phone? I’ve been searching for it since yesterday” Cole said, coming in the room.

“Not really.. Let’s go we’ll be late for gym” Dean said and they all left at once.




“Yes baby.. FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ that PΕ―$$Β₯!!”

“I’m Γ‡vḿming… Ahh!!!”

“Linda!!” Gianna snapped when she couldn’t take it anymore.

Linda tore her gaze from the p*rn she was watching to look at Gianna with a “what’s your problem?” look.

“Will you reduce the volume!! People are trying to eat in peace” Gianna said, gesturing at the customers who had their eyes on them..

“What? Why are you all acting like you haven’t done this before? I bet most of them even FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ their cousin so why act innocent? I was born free and I’ll dΓ­e free” Linda said loudly..

Gianna faced slapped herself. Thank goodness their boss just left to meet a friend if not they could have gotten into trouble.

Her mind went to Nathaniel and she didn’t know when she smiled..

His innocent look, small pink lips, bangs, dimples.. Everything about him screams perfection to her.

“I wonder what’s his name?” She said to herself..

“Hope I’ll get to meet him soon” She chuckled

“OMG!! This is a huge Ďïčk!!” Linda exclaimed behind her, breaking her thought.

“Gigi! Come see how fat it is” Linda said.

Gianna sighed and rubbed her temples, having a rethink of how and why they became best friends.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!” Linda screamed loudly.

“What’s wrong again with that girl?” A customer commented.

“Linda!, will you be quiet for once in your life?” Gianna turned to her while frowning.

“OMG Gigi!! Come see!!” Linda said.

Gianna sighed and went to her. She showed her a post she saw online.

Gianna quickly snatched the phone from her as she stared at it with wide eyes.

“Star Bright Academy is offering scholarships!!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah!! That’s the best school around here.. I always envy the students I see wearing their uniform” Linda said.

“We should take the exam!!” Linda said excitedly..

“I don’t really know..” Gianna said.

“C’mon!! You were the best student in our school!! Too bad we dropout…. It’ll be a piece of cake for you to get in the school” Linda said.

“But what about my brother.. If I go to school then I’ll have no time for my job and that’ll only add to his charge” Gianna said.

“But what if we work part-time?” Linda suggested.

Gianna rubbed her chin as she began thinking..



Nathaniel and Theodore were both watching a movie when Mrs Andrews (Jody) came in while beaming with smiles.

“Mom!” Nathaniel stood up to go and hug Jody.

“It’s noon.. You came back late today, you usually come back by 6 am aunt” Theodore turned to them.

Jody broke the hug with Nathaniel and he K!SSed her forehead before holding her hand.

“It’s for a good course.. It’s a good thing you’re here Theo, I have a good news for you two” Jody said and dipped her hands in her pocket.

She brought out a folded paper which she began unfolding. Theodore came to stand beside them..

“Tada!!” She exclaimed.

Theodore and Nathaniel gasped at once..

“Scholarship to Star Bright Academy?!!!”


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