December 2, 2023

MINE 🧡❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(𝓢𝓱𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓑𝓮𝓽𝓻𝓪𝔂𝓪𝓵)✭

“Time for some fun” He muttered and began unzipping his trouser.

He pulled off his belt and got on the bed as he resumed caressing her thigh. He leaned closer to her and K!SSed her shoulder while moving downwards her left arm.

“Mhm..” Arianna mumbled, moving abit on the bed.

Looks like she didn’t inhale a lot of the sedative. The guy touched her br**st and her eyes flew open.

“No! Let me go!” She began struggling till she pushed him off.

“Who are you… Don’t,,, don’t come near!” Arianna stuttered fearfully.

“Just shut up and cooperate” The guy smirked, coming closer to her.

Arianna slowly shifted away from him and made to stand from the bed but the person pulled her back under him and pinned her on the bed.

“No!! Let me go!!” Arianna began struggling with him.

He tried K!SSing her but she looked sideways.

“You’re feisty… I like that” He smiled and licked her neck.

“No!! Help!! Someone help me!!” Arianna teared up.

The guy grabbed her gown and began pulling it off her body.

“Help!! No please stop!! Help!!”

Outside the room, Travis was passing the room while pressing his phone. Earlier, he left the hall to calm down in the restroom and when he came back, almost everyone were gone so he began heading home.

He suddenly stopped when he heard a faint voice of someone screaming.

“Huh? I could swéar I heard Arianna’s voice” He thought, looking around.


His eyes widened and he immediately became alerted. He began searching every room around him till he got to a room which was locked.

“Arianna? Arianna!!” He banged on the door.

He began hitting the door till it broke open. Travis rushed in and anger took over him when he saw a guy forcing himself on Arianna.

He already succeeded in tearing off her gown so she was only in her undies.

“Bàstard!!” He spatted and pulled the guy off her before punching him hard on the face.

The person returned the punch too and Travis staggered back. He threw two punches to person and held his arm then flipped him over.

The dude landed heavily on the table, breaking it in the process.

“Arianna!!” Travis released the person and rushed to Arianna who was hugging herself while crying

She couldn’t believe she almost got ràped if Travis didn’t come on time.

“Are you okay? Did he do something to you?” Travis cupped her cheek.

Arianna shook her head..

“Thank you so much.. If you didn’t come them I’m sure he,, he could have-”

“Shh! Don’t think about that” Travis hugged her.

He broke the hug and removed his jacket before covering her with it. He turned back to the person who was still groaning in pains.

Travis immediately recognized him to be his classmate though he’s in grade 12-B.

“Idíot” Travis stood and went back to the guy.

He punched him twice on the face before grabbing him by the collar.

“I know you can’t possibly decide on yourself to do this act coz no one in his right sense will try to assault the governor’s daughter so tell me who sent you!” Travis asked.

The guy kept quiet. He was already bleeding a lot from the nose and mouth.

Travis gave him another punch on the face

“Still won’t talk huh? Or you prefer to talk before the police” Travis asked.

“I’ll talk!! Please don’t call the cops on me,, I was just following orders. Please?” The guy began pleading immediately.

Arianna was now standing behind them as she gripped tightly to the jacket since it was the only thing covering her properly.

“It’s.. It’s Amber and Julia” He said, looking at Arianna.

Arianna froze completely as she stared at the guy. Did she just hear right? Are her ears malfunctioning?

“Amber and Julia?” Arianna asked with trembling lips.

“Yes.. They asked me to sedate you and have my way with you while filming it so I can make it look like a night stand” He said.

Arianna just kept quiet and just nodded. She began walking to the exit. Travis released the guy and went after Arianna.

“Arianna” He grabbed her arm

“I want to go home” Arianna said simply.

“Okay, I’ll take you home” Travis said.

She just nodded and they both left. From there to Arianna’s house was a 10 minutes drive.

Arianna got down his car when she got home.

“Thanks for the ride, I’ll bring back your jacket tomorrow” She said.

“No you can keep it” Travis said.

She nodded before entering. Travis watched her till she was out of sight.

“Friends… That’s a reason why I have none” He muttered and drove off.



“Good morning mom” Arianna greeted Beatrice as she made her way to the dining room.

“Baby.. I didn’t hear you come back yesterday” Beatrice said.

“You were sleeping. Didn’t want to wake you up” She said and sat down to eat.

“Your dad will be landing by 5.. I missed him so much!! I’ll have the maids cook his favorite meal” Beatrice said happily

“That’s great” Arianna forced a smile.

She took few bite of her bread before standing.

“I’ll be heading to school mom” She said and went to K!SS her cheek.

“Bye baby! Remember your father’s 4 rules” Beatrice said and Arianna just nodded before leaving.

The driver opened the door for her and she got in then the drive to school began. Truly, yesterday came as a shock to her and it is still a shock to her.

If she says she didn’t cry last night then that’ll be an obvious lie. How can her two only friends plan something so wicked on her??


“My head hurts..” Gianna said as they walked in the school.

This morning she received a good scolding from Grayson and Linda is currently doing the part 2 of the scolding.

“How wouldn’t it hurt? When you drank like a fish” Linda rolled her eyes.

“But seriously! What were you thinking coming to the party all dressed like that. Do you think with that Nathaniel will notice you.. Well he sure did noticed you,, in a weird way” Linda rolled her eyes

“Hey! That’s harsh!” Gianna said

“Well since you don’t like when I tell you things in the soft way, let me use the other way then. Nathaniel doesn’t like you!!” Linda said.

“But I can make him like me…” Gianna retorted.

Linda pinched her brow and began walking to class.

“Hey wait for me!!” Gianna followed her.

They stopped when they saw a huge commotion at the hallway leading to their locker.

“What’s happening?” Linda began finding her way into the crowd and she was surprised to see Arianna in tears shouting at Amber and Julia.


Arianna got to school and didn’t even bother to look at anyone or pay attention at the comments she was receiving, she went straight to the building their class was.

As she was still walking, she spotted Amber and Julia standing by the hallways while laughing. She went closer and eavesdrop on them

“I’m sure at any moment from now, the video will be released on the net” Amber said, admiring her manicured fingers.

“Yeah.. I’m sure our “bestfriend” is crying her eyes out right now. The poor girl lost her virginity through that way” Julia said and they both laughed.

“That’s what she gets for yelling at me. Who does she think she is for telling me to think out of the box. Is she saying I’m dumb?” Amber said angrily.

“Amber, why are we still pretending to like her.. I honestly can’t stand her attitude of always trying to control us like she owns the world. Always acting like saint, let’s see which Fůçƙing virginity she’ll be keeping again” Julia rolled her eyes.

“Let’s keep up with the act till we finish highschool. You know she’s richer and more popular, let’s gain our popularity through her.. Once we’re in college we can dump her” Amber said and Julia nodded in agreement.

“How dare you two?” Arianna came out of her hiding in tears.

Amber and Julia gasped when they saw her.

“Arianna” Julia muttered.

“For 2 years! Two Fůçƙing years, you guys have actually been pretending to like me?! I thought I finally found my world of peace” Arianna said in tears

Amber scoffed and rolled her eyes. People were already gathering there, that’s when Linda and Gianna appeared.

“World of peace? Oh please!! Do you think you’re in a fairytale where we’ll be the best friend forever and live happily ever after? C’mon” Amber rolled her eyes.

“From the look of things. It seem like Gael failed in his mission, I knew he was incompetent” Julia rolled her eyes too.

“Now that you know,, then what? You’re gonna bully us?” Amber said and laughed with Julia.

Arianna wanted to stop crying but she just couldn’t. It hurts so bad..

“You two will pay for this.. Mark my words” Arianna said, cleaning her tears which were replaced with new rounds.

“You two will pay for this.. Mark my words” Julia mimicked her and laughed.

“What you gonna do? Huh? C’mon show me!” Amber pushed her chest.

“I hate you!!” Arianna pushed her back and Amber pulled her hair.

She began trying to free herself but Julia joined too and they began pulling her hair.

“You’ve bullied people your whole life.. How does it feels to be bullied back?” Amber laughed.

“Let me go!!” Arianna struggled to free herself while crying.

The students began murmuring among themselves and slowly, the hallways became noisy.

A smile spread on Gianna’s lips as she watched how Arianna was been dealt with by who she consider as friends.

“Good for you” She said inwardly, feeling so happy.

“Hold this for me Gigi” Linda suddenly said, handing her her bag to Gianna.

“Huh?” Gianna muttered confusedly.

“Make sure you stay at a safe distance, I don’t want you to receive a stray punch or kick” Linda said, tying up her hair in a ponytail.

She bent down and began pulling up her stockings well.

“Linda what are you-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Linda joined in the fight and pulled Amber off Arianna. She began dealing with Amber.

Since it was just Julia now, Arianna could fight her.

👥 Wooohh!!!

👥 WWE in live.

👥 Who will win?

The murmurs now turned to screamed as the students began taking sides on who they support.

Linda pinned Amber down on the floor as she kept punching Amber’s face. One will think it’s a guy fighting.

“So you’re not just a dumb slút you’re also a backstabber!! I háte those two traits” Linda said

“Last time you escaped.. Let’s see how you will escape this time.” Linda said.

Arianna slapped Julia which Julia returned immediately. Arianna slapped her again and dragged Julia’s hair, pushing her down.

Gianna frowned at what she saw. She rolled her eyes and left the area..

“What’s happening?” Dean asked when they finally got to school.

They arrived same time as Nathaniel and Theodore.

“Arianna is lashing it out with her ex friends together with Linda” A student gisted them.

“Fůçƙ” Lance and Cole chorused and rushed in the crowd.

Nathaniel, Dean and Theodore followed them..

Lance immediately carried Linda off Amber while Cole went to check out on Amber who was at the verge of loosing consciousness

“It’s okay Ari!! Stop!!” Nathaniel, held her from behind while Theodore held Julia

“Let me go!! Lance put me down!!” Linda kept kicking her feet in the air.

🔊 Arianna Brauns, Linda Jones, Julia Norbert, Amber Owens.. To the principal’s office with immediate effect.

Dean helped Cole to carry Amber to the infirmary before Lance released Linda.

She glared at him and scoffed before walking to the principal’s office. Nathaniel and Theodore released the other girls and they left for the principal’s office too.

“What just happened?” Nathaniel asked.

Theodore and Lance shrugged at the same time..



Gianna threw her backpack angrily on the floor, same as Linda’s. She sat on a bench there and ran her hands through her hair.

“How can Linda take her side? She should have allowed her let them treat her Fůçƙ up!! Is she now trying to steal my best friend from me??!” Gianna ranted angrily.

The image of Arianna in tears and how she was been bullied by her friends flashed in her head and she smiled.

“That’s good for you.. Always thinking no one is above you, that’ll teach you a lesson” Gianna said and smirked.

She stood up, picked the bags and left..



“Seriously!! So it’s no longer bullying, now the three friends are now fighting amongst each other?! And you, aren’t you on scholarship!! You want your scholarship to get removed right?” Principal Melissa shouted, hitting her hand angrily on the table.

The three girls kept quiet with obvious bruises on her faces except on Linda since she was literally beàting Amber and not fighting her.

“Which image do you wanna paint of our school.. I’m seriously fed of this Grade 12-A!” Melissa said and pinched her brows tiredly.

“They started it!!” Arianna finally spoke, glaring at Julia.

“No you guys!!” Julia defended.

Principal Melissa looked at Linda, waiting for her to speak.

Linda blinked severally.

“I was just there to fight” She shrugged.

Melissa fell on her chair. She can’t possibly sanction them because of Julia’s and Amber’s parents.

“You girls will do community service after school for this week” Melissa said.

“And the next time this thing occurs, I’ll have to call your parents” Melissa said and Arianna’s heart skipped a beat.

“Go to class now” She said.

Julia was the first who left, slamming the door hard. Linda and Arianna left next.

They began heading to class with no one speaking to each other. Arianna just looked down with sad eyes..

“You should get your bruise treated” Linda finally spoke, not looking at her.

Arianna looked at her and slowly looked front.

“Thanks for helping me out. Sorry you got into trouble because of me” Arianna said, shocking Linda to the core.

Linda had to stop on her track to stare at Arianna.

“Did you just say sorry and thanks in the same sentence?? Think you need to be betrayed often, it humbles you” Linda said with wide eyes.

“It’s just that, I’ve always looked down on people my whole life, always bullied my whole life but today I got to feel how it felt like to be bullied and it wasn’t good.. I always did whatever I wanted to do, mock at others, bully them with the thought that even if the world is against me… At least Amber and Julia will still be by my side little did I know that-” Arianna sniffed and cleaned her tears.

“Don’t tell me betrayal turned you to a crybaby too” Linda face slapped herself.

She sighed and looked at Arianna.

“Well it’s never too late to change. You can still change everything, it’s not too late to change” Linda said

Arianna just nodded

“You’re welcome to my crew.. So long as you’re honest that you’ll change your ways for the better” Linda said and stretched her hand forth.

“Are you ready to take a new turn of your life.”

Arianna looked at her hand and slowly accepted her handshake.

“Good! You’ll have to talk to someone and settle things out” Linda said, referring to Gianna.

“Okay.. But I can’t guarantee you total change, I’m still working on my temper and vengeful side” Arianna said.

“Okay.. But if you dare hurt one of my friends, I’m gonna give you a swollen cheek or a black eye” Linda said and Arianna nodded

“No qualms.. let’s go to class. We’ll get your bruises treated later” Linda said and they continued their way.

“Like I always say, a fight always solves everything” Linda said and Arianna couldn’t help but chuckle.

They got to class and the teacher wasn’t yet there but the class was a bit noisy.

👥 Guys the results are out.. Can’t believe I failed.

👥 I passed!!

👥 Who took the first position? Arianna as usual??

“Yay!! I took first position!!” Gianna jumped happily

“Congrats bestie!!” Linda left Arianna’s side and went to congratulate Gianna.

Gianna smirked more. Finally, she could béat Arianna in this

Arianna’s heart fell when she heard that. She rushed out of the class and ran all the way to the notice board where the results were pasted.

She checked for her name and her heart fell more when she saw she took second position.

“No…” Tears fell from her eyes as she covered her mouth.



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