December 2, 2023

MINE 🧡❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(𝓗𝓪𝓹𝓹𝔂 𝓑𝓲𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓭𝓪𝔂 𝓝𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂)✭


Linda and Nathaniel could be seen rolling on the floor in laughter while holding their tummy.

“My tummy hurts” Nathaniel said, still laughing so loudly..

The students who were walking pass them stared at them, wondering what’s happening but when they saw Theodore’s swollen jaw, they quickly understood it was him they were laughing.

Theodore frowned and looked away.


The four of them kept staring at each other in shock and confusion. Colonel Marius was the first who recovered from the shock and immediately launched to Theodore.

“Bàstard!!! How dare you try shíts with my daughter!!” He said and landed a punch on Theodore’s face.

Theodore immediately immediately fell on the bed as he saw stars twinkling in front of him.

Marius got on top of Theodore and made to punch him again.

“Dad no!!” Julia came in between them holding the sheets to her body.

“Julia… How,,, how,, could you!!” Marius shouted.

“Move! I’m gonna kíll this idíot!!” Marius said and made to bring out his gun.

“No dad!! If you do it, I’m gonna tell mom you’re cheating on her!!” Julia said and he immediately halted.

Julia smirked.

“You don’t touch a single hair on him and I won’t tell anything to mom.. How about that dad?”

Marius slowly released his gun.


“Men!! I’ve never laughed like this before!!” Linda said, holding her tummy.

“This is not funny guys!!” Theodore snapped but they only laughed more.

“So how was her Pů$$Â¥, was it sweet, sour or bitter?” Linda smirked.

“I’m going to class” Theodore said and left while Nathaniel and Linda followed behind him while laughing.



Arianna turned and smirked when she saw Gianna

“Go on without me girls, I’ll meet you in class” Arianna said and Amber and Julia left.

Yesterday, her and Grayson slept at the neighbor’s house. Grayson couldn’t understand what was happening and she couldn’t tell him too.

“Came to beg me?” Arianna asked.

Gianna kept quiet as she gritted her teeth, glaring at Arianna. If looks could kíll..

Arianna frowned when she saw Nathaniel and the rest coming behind her.

“Why is he even here? I can’t let him see me bullying” Arianna thought and looked back at Gianna.

She brought out the key of Gianna’s house and gave it back to her.

“You sleeping outside like a monger is enough for me” She winked and left.

“I hàte you!! You’ll pay for this!!” Gianna shouted and Arianna just laughed as she entered the class.

“Gigi” Linda smiled when she got to her.

“You’ve been acting strange, anything wrong?” Nathaniel asked.

“Oh no!” Gianna smiled.

Theodore rolled his eyes from behind..

“Cool! Let’s go in!” Nathaniel said and held her hand as they went in.

Gianna looked at his hand holding hers before smiling.

Linda and Theodore walked behind them while shaking their heads.



A guy could be seen sitting in a pool with two ladies at his sides as they caressed his bare chest.

His smiles handsomely and the earring he was wearing on the left ear shun brightly as his hair stuck S£xily on his face

He turned to the one at his right and K!SSed her right there with the music blaring loudly.

“Can’t believe you’re going to be leaving us soon” The girl at his left said, drawing circles on his chest.

“Blame my dad for that.. I don’t really wanna leave too” He said and smiled handsomely.

“I’m gonna miss this bad baby here” The other one said, caressing his Ďïčk.

“Let’s not talk about it. We still have months to spend here before I leave” He said.

“Yay!” The girls chorused

He smiled and K!SSed one while the other caressed his body.

“Michael!! Who’s G-string am I seeing in the living room… Don’t tell me you brought again your slütty classmate here again… Michael!!” A female voice ranted inside the huge mansion.

Michael broke the K!SS and sighed..

“Mom” He sighed tiredly.



The class was in a complete disarray, noise everywhere. Some girls could be seen snapping pictures, Nancy was busy filming her TikTok videos while Travis was chatting with his friends.

Gianna and Arianna were both in their seats, trying to read their books despite the noise.

Why won’t the class be noisy when the economics teacher didn’t come?

👥 Go Linda!!

👥 Go Linda!!

👥 Shake what ya mama gave you!!

The girls and some guys kept chanting when Linda was busy twerking to the music “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg.

“Is this how this class is usually is?” Nathaniel asked, watching the girls who were dancing..

“Well yeah, it’s kind of a normality here.. Even the staff is tired of our class” Dean said, pressing his phone.

Cole who went to use the restroom came in and was shocked to see Linda twerking right in front of him.

👥 Like what you see?

One student commented. Cole shook his head and made to walk to his seat but Linda turned to him.

“Hey Cole why don’t you show us what ya made off. You’re the dancer of your band so show it to us right here,,, right now!!” Linda said

“Not interested” He muttered and made to go to his seat but Linda grabbed his hand.

“C’mon hottie! Please..” Linda made her puppy eyes.

👥 Yes Cole!!

👥 Dance!! Dance!! Dance!!

The people began chanting..

Cole sighed and pinched his brows. He walked to the student who was playing the music earlier and then he switched the music playing to “New horns” by DJ Fleg.

He soon began breakdancing like a professional and the girl’s scream doubled.

“That’s what I’m talking about!!” Linda clapped happily.

Amber couldn’t get her eyes off Cole and strangely, she could feel him happy. She turned and then glared at Linda

“I’ve bee trying to talk to him for months now, but he won’t spare me a glance. This girl came and he’s already doing everything she asks of her!!” She said inwardly.

Linda felt eyes on her so she turned to see Amber glaring at her. She smirked and turned to Cole.

“Go baby!!” She screamed loudly.

After 2 minutes, Cole stopped and people clapped for them. Who wouldn’t be happy having a celebrity as classmate.

He swept his hair to the back and turned to Linda.

“You owe me one for making me dance” Cole muttered to her hearing.

“I owe you a cone of ice cream but the bills are on you” Linda shined her teeth.

Cole narrowed his gaze and shook his head before going to his seat as a smile escaped his lips.

“Was I blind or did I see you dancing for Linda?” Lance asked when he sat next to him.

“It wasn’t for her..” He denied and brought out his textbook.

“The principal is coming!!” A student who was looking out for any teacher who will pass their class announced.

Everyone began running to their seats. The principal opened the door with an angry look on her face.

She was surprised to see everyone was reading their books with serious looks on her face.

“Where was the noise coming from” She wondered and closed the door before leaving.

👥 Ouff!!

Nathaniel couldn’t hold his laughter anymore..

“This class won’t seize to amaze me” He laughed and Dean chuckled.

“Theodore? What’s wrong, you’ve been quiet since morning” Jasmine tapped him.

He lifted his head up and Jasmine gasped.

“Your cheek is so swollen.. What happened” Jasmine touched it.

“It’s a long story” He muttered and looked at Julia who was staring at him.

She quickly looked away.

“Today’s Nancy’s birthday right?” Theodore asked and Jasmine nodded.

“Alright.. Here’s what I want you to do. You’re gonna come for that party” Theodore said.

“What!! Nancy hàtes me.. She’s gonna kíll me if she sees me at her party” Jasmine said fearfully.

“But she invited everyone right so you owe her no explanation for coming. Besides I’ll protect you if she tries $h|t on you” Theodore said.


“Of course! I can’t let you get hurt, you’re my tutor… My grade depends on you” Theodore said and Jasmine couldn’t help but chuckle.

“So here’s what will happen.. You’ll come to that party but you’ll have to dress cutely,, no baggy wears, no messy buns okay?” Theodore said, checking her out.

Even her school uniform was huge and long enough for two people to fit in it.

“I don’t know..” Jasmine said, unsure if she can do it.

“Do you love Travis or not?” Theodore asked and she nodded immediately.

“I’ll do it” She muttered.

“That’s what I’m talking about” Theodore smiled.

Jasmine looked unsure but she slowly smiled too.

“I can’t wait for the party” Someone in class commented.



The whole mansion was booming with music here and there as the students came in.

Some were dressed cutely and handsomely while some were dressed Ɓîtçhily with excess makeup on their face.

Inside the hall, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY was pasted in bold on the wall.

“Happy birthday Nancy” A gir walked to her with a gift in her hand.

Nancy rolled her eyes as she chewed her bubblegum noisily while staring at her manicured nails.

“Thanks” The butler was the one who replied and took the gift from the girl..

Nancy was putting on yellow short gown which barely covered her àss and Ɓø0ɓs and her hair was curled up, falling freely on her shoulder with excessive makeup on her face.

“Bestie!!” Poppy screamed coming to her.

Nancy finally smiled and hugged Poppy tightly.

“How does it feels to finally be 18” Poppy asked.

“Feels good… I guess?” Nancy said and they chuckled.

She began looking around, hoping to see Travis.

👥 They came??

👥 Fůçƙ they’re so handsome!!

👥 D•D never dissapoints.

👥 Dean marry me!!

Lance sighed. Just the thought that we won’t be able to Fůçƙ for two months was kílling him.

“How does it feel to be at you lil sister’s party” Dean asked.

“You guys forced me to come. I didn’t even want to come in the first place” Lance rolled his eyes.

“Let’s go and sit there” Dean said and they went to an empty table with fans taking pictures of them.

Travis was the next who arrived

👥 Travis!!

👥 I’m Fůçƙing hyperventilating!!

👥 I love your eyes Travis.. Please look at me!!

Travis kept a straight look as he walked to another seat. He glared at the D•D as he passed their table.

Dean ignored him, Lance smirked, while Cole returned back his glare with a thicker glare.

“I still wonder why he’s still màd at us.. I mean, were we the one who removed him from the band.. It was our superiors” Dean shrugged.

“I didn’t even like him when it was announced he was to debut with us. He always wanted to be in the spotlight, you should see his face when they told us Dean was going to be our leader” Cole said frankly

“I still wonder why he hàtes me more.. Its obvious Arianna is over me..” Lance said.

“Well only him knows his problem.. Let’s enjoy, we came here to party” Dean said.

Nathaniel and Theodore finally arrived and they joined them.

“Wassup baby face” Lance winked.

“Don’t start.. I had a hard time convincing Arianna we’re straight” Nathaniel said and Lance laughed

The swell on Theodore’s face reduced a bit but it was still reddish.

They ordered drink and they began drinking while chatting..

“So Nat! Have you ever licked a Pů$$Â¥” Lance asked Nathaniel.

“Hey! Don’t corrupt my son!!” Theodore said and they laughed.

Lance laughed and looked at the entrance. His mouth dropped to the floor when his eyes landed on Linda and Gianna who were entering.

His eyes wasn’t even on Gianna but on Linda.

“Fůçƙ” He breathed out.

Cole traced his line of sight and his jaw dropped to the floor too.

Linda was busy discussing with Gianna as they walked in. She was putting on a sleeveless crop top with a red mini skirt that ended at the middle of her thigh, showcasing her curves.

Nathaniel looked back too like the other and shock took him. He wasn’t even shocked to see Linda since they all know Linda for wearing ȘëxÂ¥ things but Gianna..

“What is she wearing!!” His mind screamed.

She was putting on a low neckline top with a short skirt exposing part of her br**sts and her slim long legs and she was putting on makeup. Totally different from her dressing code

“Hey guys!!” Linda said when she got to them.

“You look Fůçƙing ȘëxÂ¥!!” Lance exclaimed.

“Thanks cutie” She blew a K!SS to him and sat down next to him.

“Just to make sure, you didn’t steal this dress right,” Cole asked.

“Hey!! I repented” She said and the rest laughed..

“Gianna. What are you wearing?” Nathaniel finally spoke out his mind.

“That’s the same expression I had when I saw her” Linda said

“Does it look good on me?” Gianna smiled.

“Well… I’m not used to seeing you like this so, it’s a bit weird” Nathaniel said honestly..

“She’s ȘëxÂ¥” Lance said.

“Yeah, really hot.. But not hotter than my babe” Dean said, pressing his phone

“It will all end in tears and heartbreak” Cole muttered and Dean shot him a glare.

“So Dean has a girlfriend?” Theodore finally spoke.

“Okay lemme tell you a short story.. Last two years, we had twins who were in our school. Their names were Cassie and Dassie. They’re the most annoying and arrogant set of twins I’ve ever seen.. So Dean fell in love with Cassie and they started dating. Unfortunately their parent had to move out of the country for business so right now Dean and Cassie are in a long distance relationship for almost two years” Lance explained

“First of all Cassie isn’t annoying and arrogant” Dean said

“Love can sometimes be blind” Cole said, sipping his drink.

“I agree” Linda said, looking at Nathaniel..

“Hey” A voice said and they all looked up.

“OMG! Jasmine!, what happened today you look really cute!!” Linda gushed and Jasmine looked down shyly.

She’s putting on a white gown with long sleeves and it ended above her knees. She finally let her red hair down but her huge lenses were still on.

“Can I.. Can I talk to Theodore for a sec?” She muttered.

“Theodore?” Linda raised her brows.

Theodore just stood up and left with her.

Almost immediately, Arianna and her crew came in and the murmurs began again..

Nathaniel began staring at her. She was putting on a pink gown which looked cute on her, compared to Julia and Amber who were dressed like total slúts.

Arianna looked his way and smiled then waved at him. Nathaniel smiled and waved back. Gianna kept glaring at Arianna who ignored her existence.

“Wow! Did Arianna just smile at you?” Linda commented.

“My lessons are working!!” Lance winked.

“Don’t worry.. Few lessons more and you’ll be a pro, Arianna will surely-”

“Can you all stop talking about her!!” Gianna snapped and they turned to her.

“Sorry” She mumbled and looked away.

Linda shook her head.

“Gianna has only one fault in her behavior… Stubbornness” Linda thought

Arianna and her friends clicked their cups and drank from it. Her father will be coming back tomorrow so she asked permission from her mother and she accepted.

“Let the party begin” Amber said

“Yeah..” Julia giggled.

“You ruined my 17th birthday party Nancy.. Hope you’ll like my own surprise” Arianna smirked, staring at Nancy who was all over Travis but he wasn’t paying attention to her.


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