December 5, 2023

MINE 🧡❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(𝓕**𝓴 𝓖𝓸𝓷𝓮 𝓦𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓰)✭


“Finally!! That Fůçƙing exams are over!!” Theodore exclaimed and hugged Linda who hugged him back.

“It was kinda tough but not too tough for my bestie right?” Linda turned to Gianna who smiled slightly.

“Sure” Gianna muttered.

Theodore looked at Gianna and rolled his eyes.

“C’mon! Are you two still gonna continue this fight? It’s been four days already!” Linda said and sighed.

“Where’s Nathan?” Gianna asked, changing the subject.

“You know he’s been hanging out a lot with the D•D.. Maybe he’ll go back with them” Linda said.

“Or maybe he’s with Arianna” Theodore smirked

Gianna shot him a glare..

Julia could be seen leaving the school with Arianna and Amber while some students were carrying their bags, following them like slaves and Gianna calmed down when she didn’t see Nathaniel with her.

Julia looked at Theodore’s side and he winked at her. She smiled and mouthed “6PM” before entering the car which drove off.

“What was that?” Linda asked

“I once told you I’ll make sure I Fůçƙ her Pů$$¥ right? Well…”


Theodore was busy trying to revise what Jasmine taught him in an empty class when the door opened and Julia came in.

She looked at his way and rolled her eyes before going to sit at the extreme end of the class. She brought out her books and began reading.

One thing she doesn’t joke around with is her books and study though she’s the average type.

Theodore looked at her and smirked as he stared at her. She looked up from her book to see him staring.

“Will you stop looking at me with those annoying eyes of yours before I pluck them out” Julia spatted.

“You just look too Șëx¥ to resist” Theodore said and stood up, coming closer to her.

He stopped in front of her seat and leaned closer. Julia raised her hand to slap him but he grabbed her hand and placed it on his bulge.

Julia bit her lips as she felt him, she could already touch how huge it was.. Just the way she likes it

Julia looked at him and quickly retracted his hands then looked away.

“Like what you touched?” Theodore said and sat beside her.

He leaned closed to her ears and licked it then bit her earlobe, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Julia gulped.. She was about to push him away and slap him but when he dipped two of his fingers inside her core, her sense evaporated


Theodore immediately K!SSed her so that she wouldn’t Mõ@ɲ, with his hands moving cràzily fast inside her. He curved his fingers inside her and began moving it in circles.

“Gosh… Yes, right there!!” Julia Mõ@ɲed out.

“Keep it quiet pretty. The walls here aren’t sound proof” Theodore whispered.

Julia nodded her head vigorously and a gasp escaped her lips as her eyes bulged out when Theodore added another finger making it three.

He unƁụťťoned her shirt with his free hand and brought out her Ɓø0ɓs before taking one into his mouth, Ṣūçƙing on it while nibbling on it.

Julia bit her lips, trying to suppress her Mõ@ɲs but it still came out though not loudly.

Her legs began trembling as she felt herself inching closer and closer. Theodore immediately pulled out his fingers from her.

“Why?” Julia said breathlessly.

He brought out an handkerchief and wiped his fingers on it. He wrote down an address behind her book

“Meet me at this hotel for part 2” He winked at her stood up then went and carried his books before leaving


“Oh geez!! Don’t forget to gist me okay?” Linda squealed happily.

“I’m going to a hotel to meet her by 6” He muttered.

“I’m a bad boy” Theodore smirked.

“A bad poor boy” Linda smirked.

“Hey!!” Theodore exclaimed and Linda laughed.

She laughed and turned to Gianna who wasn’t even looking their way, talk less of laughing along. Her laugh slowly díed down.


“I can’t wait for us to ruin Nancy’s birthday” Julia said excitedly

Nancy’s birthday party was tomorrow and she made the mistake of inviting everyone

“What was that look you gave to that poor guy” Amber suddenly asked.

“What? Oh him!! Well,, we’re Fůçƙing tonight” Julia said, playing with her hair.

“What!! He’s poor and definitely out of our league!! You can’t stoop so low!!” Amber exclaimed.

“If you were the one he did what he did to me, you’ll forget about him being poor or rich.. Besides, it’s just Fůçƙ I never said he was going to be my boyfriend or something” Julia rolled her eyes.

Arianna was busy pressing her phone. Just the thought that her father will be coming back in two days was enough to ruin her days and the upcoming days.

“Speaking of poor. Anna, what’s up with you and that dude I think his name is Nathaniel, you’ve been hanging out a lot with him, don’t tell it is what I think” Amber said

“It’s definitely not what you think… I’m just doing what I have to do so I can see someone leave my life for good” Arianna replied.

“What is it?” Amber asked.

“It’s personal” Arianna said simply.

“Personal!! Don’t tell me you fell for him!! Or did he Fůçƙ you!!” Amber snapped

“I said it’s personal, why can’t you just let it be like that huh!! Not everything revolves around S£x.. Think out of the box for once!!” Arianna shouted.

“Girls calm down” Julia said, trying to calm the tensed atmosphere.

Amber began glaring at Arianna..



“Wow!!” Nathaniel exclaimed when they got to the company.

“You’re going to be the future artist of this company if you work hard” Dean hung his hand round him.

They were all wearing nose masks and caps so that the people walking around won’t recognize them.

“This is were my mom works. As a cleaner though” Nathaniel said.

“You must really love her” Cole muttered.

“More than my life..” Nathaniel smiled.

Cole just nodded and Lance came to rub Cole’s shoulder already knowing where he was heading to.

“Let’s go in.. This will be the place we’ll train you, don’t worry we spoke to our superior and they gladly accepted so you’re more like a trainee now” Nathaniel said as they walked in.

“We’ve never seen the CEO. The workers here says that he lives abroad but.. Luckily, he’ll be coming back to the country soon” Lance added

They pulled off their masks when they got in..

A middle aged woman walked to them wearing a black skirt with a suit jacket.

“Nat, meet our manager.. Mrs Molly” Dean said.

“Hello Mrs Molly, I’m Nathaniel Andrews” Nathaniel said politely.

“Aww, I like him already. He’s cute!” Mrs Molly smiled and dragged Nathaniel’s cheek. Nathaniel simply smiled.

“Hey! It’s not fair, it took us two months before you smiled or even complimented us but him you just like him already!” Lance pouted.

Dean chuckled.

“Don’t mind this big baby.. We’ll be heading to the practice room” Dean said and left with the others.

They got into the elevator which took them to the third floor

They got out and entered the fourth door to the left

“Wow!!” Nathaniel exclaimed when he saw an empty room where three large mirrors occupied three walls.

“So this is where we do rehearsals for our dance.. You’ll start your tutorial with Cole” Dean said.

“Come, let’s go change. We can’t dance with our uniforms on..” Cole said and led the way out to the changing room.

Dean and Lance went to grab a bite at the cafeteria.



Gianna stood in front of a mirror as she stared at her reflection.

“I’m pretty, way more prettier than her.. Then why not me?” Gianna muttered to herself.

She turned sideways and stared at her back view before turning front

“Thought I’m not that Șëx¥ like Linda but I have a good body shape, way better than her… Then why not me!!!!” She screamed and pushed the mirror down.

It shattered into pieces.

She ran her hands through her hair and walked to the window of her house and she stared out of it.

Grayson was still at his job site so it’s only her..

Tomorrow is Nancy’s birthday party and she wasn’t planning on attending it but now, she changed her mind..

She walked to her wardrobe and brought out a pair of dresses then placed it on the bed and smirked

“I wasn’t planning on ever wearing this but I got no choice.” She thought.

A knock suddenly came on the door and she went to see who it was

She opened it and was abit startled to see two hefty men standing in front of her with an elderly woman behind.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the landlady of this house.. And your brother hasn’t yet paid my house rent for three months. Today was supposed to be the latest day for him to pay me and he failed.” The lady said, looking angry.

“Huh? My brother isn’t like that.. I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding” Gianna said.

“You can tell that to his face, not mine. Get out! I’m locking my house.” The lady said.

“Wait.. I-”

The lady dragged her out and locked the door.

“Pay my rent before you enter” She said and left with the men.

Gianna, stood there looking confused. Her confusion cleared when she saw a car in front of her house and a familiar figure was in it..

The window of the car rolled up and the car was about to drive away.

“Arianna!! Wait!!” Gianna shouted and ran towards the car.

The car stopped and the window rolled down, revealing Arianna.

“You were the one who did this right!!” Gianna shouted.

“I told you, I don’t tale $h|ts from anyone right? Deal with what you started” Arianna smirked.

“How.. What should I do for you to tell them to open back my house.” Gianna asked, trying to suppress her anger.

Arianna smirked more.

“Beg me” Arianna said and the car instantly drove off

Gianna watched as the car drove off. She folded her fists tightly and gritted her teeth.



Nathaniel sat down tiredly on the floor while breathing heavily. He was sweating so much that his hair was sticking to his face making him look,, hot.

“Stand up.. We’re just 30% done for today” Cole squatted in front of him.

Cole was putting a black sleeveless shirt with grey joggers making him look hot as always

“I’ll díe if I continue” Nathaniel said..

“Just because you were not bad for a beginner.. I give you 10 minutes to rest” Cole stood and went to turn off the music which was still booming.

“Hey! I brought us some snacks!!” Dean came in with Lance who was munching on his.

“I love you Dean!!” Nathaniel ran to him and grabbed one then began munching on it hungrily.

Cole grabbed a bottle from Dean and began drinking.

“Let me take a selfie for our fan page” Lance said and brought out his phone.

He took three pics of them.

“Nice… I’m jealous,, looks like Nathaniel will steal my place as the most handsome in this group” Lance said, checking the pictures out.

“You were never the most handsome in this group” Cole muttered.

“Said by Mr frowny face” Lance scored

“My frowny face still beats your face by far” Cole said, picking a burger to eat

“Hey!!” They began bickering, picking on each other.

Dean chuckled..

“They’re pretty close” Nathaniel said, watching Lance and Cole.

“Yeah.. I’m like a father figure, always settling down the fight” Dean said.

“Before posting the pic on our fan page, don’t forget to blur Nat’s face.. I want his first appearance to be a surprise.” Dean said and they stopped fighting to listen to him

“Yeah.. That’s a great idea, that means you training with us needs to be a top secret got it?” Lance said and Nathaniel nodded.

“10 minutes is up! Let’s go back to business Nat” Cole stood up and walked to MP3 player

“Nooo” Nathaniel twisted his face like he wanted to cry.



Theodore got down the cab and he looked at the hotel. He went in and went straight to the room he booked.

He got in and met Julia already Ɲ@kēɗ on the bed. He walked to her with a smile playing on his lips.

“You really came” She smiled and stood up on the bed.

Theodore got to her and slammed his lips hungrily on hers while his hands squeezed her @ss. She broke the K!SS and knelt down on the bed then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trouser, bringing out his Ďïčk.

As she expected, it was long and fat.

Without wasting time, she shoved it into her mouth and began Ṣūçƙing it like a pro while squeezing his balls.

“Dàmn..” Theodore groaned pleasurably and shoved his length more deep into her mouth, hitting her throat.

Julia coughed and gagged but didn’t stop till he shot his cüm into her mouth which she swallowed without wasting time.

Julia licked his d!ck clean before resting her back on the bed, spreading her legs wide

Theodore joined her on bed too. He spit on his hands before rubbing her pink ćƖĩť.

Julia bit her lips as she pressed her Ɓø0ɓs. Without warning Theodore slammed deep inside her, knocking breath out of her lungs.

He didn’t even go slow with her. From the beginning it was rough and fast, just the way she loves it

“Gosh!! Yes,, you’re the main deal!”

“Faster baby!! Faster!!”

“Right there!! Right there!! Yes!!”

Theodore leaned closer to her and took in one of her Ɲīpplës, Ṣūçƙing it like a hungry baby while his hand did same justice to the other.

Julia’s eyes rolled to the back as he kept hitting her G-spot.

After some minutes, he pulled out her.

“Turn around.”

Julia immediately obeyed and Theodore spanked her @ss before plunging himself inside her from behind.

He began banging her hard, knocking sense out of her..

“Just like that baby!!”

“Fůçƙ!! Fůçƙ!!! Fůçƙ!!”

They continued like that till the door swung open and a couple staggered in while K!SSing and caressing each other.

Theodore pulled out of her and looked back. His heart fell when he recognize the person.

Its non other than COLONEL MARIUS, Julia’s..

“Dad?” Julia muttered, looking shocked too

Colonel Marius was staring at them with shocked eyes too, his hands still on the lady’s @ss.

Julia’s eyes trailed towards the left to see a lady and the person wasn’t her mother.

“Dad is cheating on mom!!” Her mind screamed.


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