December 5, 2023

MINE 🧡❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel




“Nathaniel!!” Someone screamed his name out making him turn to the entrance.

“Nathan!!” A guy ran in and not minding the crowd, he went and hugged him tightly.

“What’s wrong with you? You scared me” Nathaniel said, calming his racing heart.

“You can’t believe what I got for us!” Theodore said, smiling widely.

“What?” Nathaniel asked.

“It’s a surprise! I’ll come pick you up by 7pm” Theodore winked and smirked.

He’s Nathaniel’s best friend. They’ve known each since they were kids.

The lady in front of him cleared her throat, obviously looking pissed off.

“Oh sorry miss.. What do you wish to buy” Nathaniel smiled at her.

“Theo leave, the last time you came here I almost got fired.. We’ll talk at home” Nathaniel said.

Theodore shrugged and left..

He stopped at the exit and looked at the long line of girls waiting for their turn and he sighed.

“Being too handsome is a burden” He muttered and whistled his way out..



Dean laid down on the couch with his headset on as he listened to some of the tracks he made.

Well the D•D have a suite in school where they stay when classes aren’t going on. It was provided to them by Dean’s mom who’s the owner of the school..

“Guys I think Arianna has a thing for me” Lance said.

“So?” Cole raised a brow.

“Yeah, you’ve been fantasizing on her for some months now” Dean removed his headset to reply..

“I just wonder how her Pů$$¥ will taste like” Lance said and licked his lips.

“Fůçƙ just thinking about it makes me h*rny” He said, looking down at his bulge..

“Maybe she’s a V” Dean said.

“Yeah.. And her small mouth must be so warm” Lance said.

“Yeah, warm enough for your Ďïčk to feel just at home” Dean smirked.

Cole just looked at them with a frown on his face.

“I’m still thinking of how I got stuck with you guys” He said and stood up. He touched his pocket and frowned when he couldn’t feel his phone..

“Where’s my phone?” He wondered.

“Maybe I left it home” He shrugged and turned to the others.

“Our English class will start in few minutes, let’s go” He said and left.

“Book worm!!” Dean and Lance shouted behind him..

They both stood and left the suite too. They caught up with Cole when he was just about to enter the class and the three of them entered at once.

Well unlike other celebrities, they decided to attend lectures in the same class as the others

As usual, girls began screaming their names loudly.

🗣 DEW•DROPS!!! We love you!!

🗣 Dean marry me!!

🗣 Is it me or Cole looks hotter than last semester

🗣 Lance just one night please..

Lance walked straight to the girl who made the last statement. He placed his hands on her table and smiled then leaned in.

“Meet me at our suite after class for your request” He whispered in her ear and winked at her before leaving.

The other girls screamed more, wishing they were in the girl’s shoe.

The boys settled down on his seat and not long after, a guy came in and another round of shouts began.

🗣 Travis!!!

🗣 If I die today, I have no regrets!!

🗣 Please notice me!!

That’s Travis, a solo artist and he is under the same music industry as the DEW•DROPS. He was supposed to be their fourth member but since he wasn’t trained enough, he had to stay back.

That made him develop some kind of rivalry between him and the boys especially Lance because he (Travis) has a crush on Arianna.

He debuted last year and is slowly gaining popularity..

He smiled and waved at his fans till he sat down on his seat.

The class was still rowdy but when the teacher came in, it immediately became a graveyard. This particular teacher is known to be really strict.

The English teacher fixed her lenses on her nose as she looked at everyone with a frown on her face

“Alright class! Today we’re going to talk about homophones” The teacher said, flipping through her textbook.

“Open to page 472” She said and everyone did so.

“Who can give me some common examples of homophones” She asked and a girl raised her hand.

Her name is Jasmine, she’s the girl Julia humiliated earlier.

“Yes, Jasmine?” The teacher called and she stood.

“Ma’am, some examples of…”

The door opened and Arianna came in with the others.

The teacher looked at her and frowned..

“Brauns, it’s the first day of resumption and you’re already showing your pompous behavior” She said.

“Whatever.. Just continue boring us with your lectures” She said and went to her seat, together with Amber and Julia.

Lance looked at her and smiled. That’s what he likes in her, her sassily rude attitude.

The English teacher glared so much at her that she broke the pen she was holding.

She has to keep on with her rude behavior because even if she report her, she’ll get away with it since she’s the governor’s daughter.



“Finally!! Some rest!!” Gianna exclaimed as she sat down next to Linda.

Madam Miriam, the owner of the store was kind enough to gift them some chocolate cupcakes for their hard work.

Gianna was munching hungrily on hers while Linda was pressing her phone.

“Still watching p*rn?” Gianna asked and she shook her head.

“No! I’m just thinking of selling this phone off… Like it’s an iPhone 14 pro max, I’ll gain a lot of money if I sell it!” Linda said, looking at it.

“What will you do if you meet the person you stole it from” Gianna asked and took a bite of another cupcake.

“I don’t steal! I only borrow things from people which I never give back” Linda shined her teeth.

“That’s technically stealing!” Gianna exclaimed and frowned at her.

“Hey check this out! I think the person I borrowed this phone from really likes DEW•DROPS and I think his bias is Cole” She said, seeing alot of his pics in it.

“Speaking of them.. Who’s your bias? For me it’s Lance, I think he has a long Ďïčk” Linda gushed.

“Well I don’t really know.. I don’t listen that much to music” Gianna shrugged.

“I wish I can afford tickets to their next concert.. It’s tomorrow!!” Linda whined and pouted her lips like she wanted to cry.

Gianna just chuckled..



The electronic bell rung, signalling the end of classes for the day.

The students began packing their bags to leave.

🗣 Can’t wait for the DEW•DROPS concert tomorrow.

🗣 I need to shop for a cute gown

Two students commented as they left..

“Bye Anna!! Let’s meet at 3pm for the shopping spree” Amber winked and left with Julia.

Arianna finished packing her bag and stood to leave when she bumped into someone.

“Watch where you place your skeleton legs” A voice snapped.

Arianna turned and she smirked when she saw who it was.

“Oh.. It’s stupïd Nancy and her puppet Poppy” She scoffed.

“What did you just call me?” Nancy advanced to her.

Well if there’s a girls who isn’t scared of Arianna, then it’s Nancy and her minion Poppy..

They both hàte each so much, both are rivals in school and in the TikTok world.

Yeah, Arianna and Nancy are TikTok influencer and they have millions of subscribers.

“I called you stupïd,, oh! Did I forget to add a $lüt?” Arianna said.

“You!!” Nancy raised her hand to slap Arianna but someone caught it before she could slap her..

She looked at the person and her eyes widened..

“Brother..” Nancy called.

“Stop it Nancy, go home.. The driver is waiting for you, I’ll be coming back home late” Lance said.

Nancy glared at him. She jerked his hand off and glared at Arianna before leaving.

Poppy ran after Nancy while carrying her (Nancy) books in her hand.

Arianna looked at Lance and smiled then bit her lips. Lance looked at her lips and felt the urge to just K!SS her right here.

“Hey” Arianna said.

“What’s up?” Lance smiled.

“Um, I’m good.. Can we film a short video together,,, its for my TikTok account” Arianna said.


Arianna brought out her phone and began filming.

“Hey everyone, classes for the first day is over and I’m about going home. Guess who I saw” Arianna said and winked then turned the camera to Lance.

“What’s up Legendz! It’s Lance on the flow!” He winked at the camera

Legendz is their fandom name..

“Make sure you don’t miss out tomorrow’s concert. It’s gonna be lit” He said and made the ‘peace’ sign with his fingers.

“You’ve heard him guys! Make sure you come in your numbers for tomorrow” Arianna blew a K!SS before ending the video.

She posted it and it gained 500 reactions in a minute.

“So I’ll be going now” Arianna said and carried her bag.

“Here” Lance took her hand and placed three VIP tickets in her hand.

“For you and your friends” He whispered to her ear and brushed his hand on her cheek then winked before leaving.

Arianna looked at her hand and touched her cheek which he touched..

“Ahh!!!” She began jumping happily..



Nathaniel could be seen wearing a pink apron while cooking with a smile on his lips.. He was putting on a pink fluffy slip-ons

Well it’s just his nature, he loves cute things a lot. Some people even mistakes him for a gày.

He finished cooking and began dressing the table.

“Mom will wake up any minute from now..” He said inwardly.

Well he has no father.. Just a mother and lately things have been really hard on them that he had to drop out of highschool.

He works part time at the jewelry store while his mom works night shift as a cleaner in a hotel only to come back at the early hours of the morning.

That’s why she sleeps in the day and leaves at night.

He finished dressing the table when a knock came up on the door.

“Come in Theo” He said and as if he knew who it was, Theodore came in..

“What’s this that you’re wearing?” Theodore began laughing.

“Quiet down.. My mom is sleeping” He said, removing his apron.

“Anyways, I’m used to this. Come let’s go, I have a surprise for you remember?” Theodore said..

“Oh okay.. Gimme a sec” He said.

He wrote a note for his mother in case she wakes up and didn’t see him and placed it beside her meal.

Nathaniel then removed his slip-ons and wore his only pair of shoes before leaving with Theodore.

“Where are we going?” He asked.

“You’ll see” Theodore said and smirked.

They trekked till they stopped in front of a clubhouse.

“A club?” Nathaniel raised his brow.

“I’m not interested” He turned to leave.

“C’mon bro. Let’s have some fun, I heard they have the most S£xiest girls in here” Theodore held him.

“Well I don’t know.. Well alright” He reluctantly agreed.

“That’s what I’m talking about!!” Theodore smiled and they both went in.

The music was blaring really loud that Nathaniel covered his ears. He darted his eyes around and quickly looked away when he saw some couples making out.

“There’s a free seat there” Theodore said and they went to sit.

Theodore kept shaking his head to the sound of the music while Nathaniel sat there like an outcast.

“Hello pretty boys” Two teenage girls dressed in skimpy clothes approached them.

“Mind if we join you” One asked, already sitting beside Theodore.

“Sure we don’t” Theodore held her waist.

She looked at his hand on her waist and smiled, placing her own hands on his chest.

“Let’s drink” Theodore said, ordering some drinks.

“Hey cutie.. Has anyone told you you’re the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen” The other girl said, coming closer.

“Yeah.. My mom always tells me that” Nathaniel said, shifting away from her.

The girl came closer and placed her hand on his thigh, slowly rubbing it.

“Mommy,, why did you make me handsome!! Mommy come and save me!! Mommy!!” Nathan cried inwardly with his eyes closed

“So what’s your name?” The girl pressed her Ɓø0ɓs on his chest while she leaned close to his ear..

“Natha-” He paused when he saw a little thing moving on the floor

His eye’s widened when the thing came to view and it was a..

“Spider!!!” He screamed and jumped on the girl, holding her tightly.

If there’s one thing he’s scared of, it’s of bugs and spiders.

Theodore who was busy K!SSing the other girl, broke the K!SS when he screamed.

“What are you doing?” The girl Nathaniel jumped on asked loudly

The spider moved again and he screamed then jumped off the girl and dashed out of the place.

The force at which he jumped off the girl, pushed her and she fell on the table. The drinks on the table flew up and poured on the girl..

“Ahhh!!!!” She screamed loudly.


“Let’s go clubbing” Linda said, looking at the club they were about to pass.

“No.. My brother wants me home by 7:15” Gianna sighed.

They were about to walk pass the club when Nathaniel ran out while looking back.

He suddenly bumped on Gianna and they both fell with him on top.

“Gigi!!” Linda gasped.

“Ouch..” Gianna winced and opened her eyes, ready to shout at whoever bumped into her.

The moment she saw his face, her throat ran dry and she completely forgot what she wanted to say. She could swear her heart skipped a béat.

“I’m so sorry miss” He muttered but Gianna just kept staring at his face with her lips slightly parted.

Nathaniel stood up and stretched his hand forth.

“Let me help you” He muttered..


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