December 5, 2023

MINE 🧡❤️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓑𝓪𝓼𝓴𝓮𝓽𝓫𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓖𝓪𝓶𝓮)✭


Arianna got down her car with a huge smile on her face. A whole weekend without her father’s tantrums was definitely something to be happy about.

She walked in the school and as usual the students began complimenting her.

👥 Wow! She’s glowing

👥 I love her hairpin

👥 But who else noticed that Arianna has been quite calm this academic year?

👥 I thought as much.

Arianna brought out her phone and began pressing it as she walked. Two girls who were discussing suddenly bumped into her and her bag fell in the process.

“My Gucci bag!” Arianna gasped and looked up at the girls with an angry glare.

“We’re sorry Arianna! We were watching something on our phone and as a result-”

A slap landed on the girl’s cheek before she could finish her statement.

“Pick my bag” She said to the other one she didn’t slap.

She quickly bent to pick it but abruptly stopped when Arianna said.

“With your mouth” She added.

The girl looked up and met her smirking at her. The girl swallowed hard and bent down then picked the bag with her mouth in front of the whole school.

👥 Now this is what I’m talking about!!

👥 Arianna is back!!

Arianna took her bag from her mouth and rubbed the girl’s head as if she was a puppy.

“Good dog” She muttered and walked away.

👥 Roasted!!!

Those who took the video of what happened began posting it

👥 This is second hand embarrassment…gosh!!

Arianna walked in their block while pressing her phone as the students made way for her. She stopped in front of her locker and brought out her textbook before closing it and her eyes caught Nathaniel who was also bringing out his textbook from his locker.

“Let the game begin” She smirked and walked to him

Nathaniel finished taking what he wanted to take before closing his locker. He was surprised to see Arianna standing in front of him.

“Hey” Arianna smiled.

Nathaniel looked back and around him but no one was standing beside him.

“You’re talking to me?” Nathaniel asked.

Arianna rolled her eyes inwardly and nodded with a smile.

“Oh Hi!!” Nathaniel smiled.

“I feel like we started on bad notes… So let’s start on good terms now, I’m Arianna Brauns and you?” Arianna said and stretched her hand forth for a handshake

“I’m I safe?” Nathaniel raised his brows.

Arianna frowned and he chuckled.

“I’m Nathaniel Andrews” He accepted her handshake.

“Nice.. Hope we can be friends” Arianna said.

“You wanna be my friend? I’ve heard people say you’re a bully and you hate mingling with the poor so..” Nathaniel trailed.

“So he knows I’m one? That’s bad, I need to make him believe I’ve changed..” She thought and bit her lips.

“Oh no! That’s in the past..” Arianna said.

“I hope so” Nathaniel said and they began walking to class.

“About the K!SS” Nathaniel said.

“Oh.. It’s just a dare right?” Arianna looked at him.

“Yeah..right” Nathaniel looked away and they both walked in the class.

Murmurs immediately began..

👥 Wait, I think I need lenses coz my eyes are faulty

👥 Nathaniel and Arianna together?!!

👥 Wait.. The other day was Gianna right?!

👥 I’m confused

Nancy smirked from where she was sitting.. She already knew what was going on.

Gianna looked at them and the K!SS began replaying in her head. She folded her fists as she stared at them

Linda who was sitting beside her, tapped her shoulder..

“Gigi… We need to talk after class, it’s about Nat” Linda said and Gianna slowly nodded

Nathaniel went to his seat. The D•D members were already there.

“Was I dreaming or did I just saw you talking to Arianna?” Dean asked.

“Yeah… She said she wanted to he my friend” Nathaniel shrugged and sat down.

Dean raised a brow and looked at Arianna before looking back at Nathaniel. He just shrugged and brought out a book.

“Hey check this out! I wrote a new song,, how’s it?” Dean said, handing him the notebook.

“Well the lyrics are really good” Nathaniel said, reading them.

“I’ll sing the lyrics after school to you so you can review it.. You can come at our suite” Dean said.

“You guys have a suite in school?!” Nathaniel exclaimed

“Well yeah… My mom is the owner of the school so,,,” Dean said.

“Gawd! I feel so insignificant right now” Nathaniel said.

“C’mon!!” Dean chuckled.

Soon the strict English teacher came in and the classes kicked off.

Linda was busy jotting down some important point on her notebook when a paper flew from behind, hitting her head.


The whole class turned to her..

“Sorry” She said and the teacher gave her a mean look before resuming her class.

Linda frowned and turned back too see Lance smirking at her. He winked and pouted his lips like he was K!SSing the air.

“Fůçƙ you” Linda mouthed and faced back the class.

Cole looked at them and shrugged then faced back his book. Lance shot another paper towards her and she turned back, glaring at him

Lance threw a heart in the air and blew it towards her. Linda made a disgusted look as she stared at him.

She shook her head and faced back the class. Another paper flew to her head again..

“Fůçƙ you Lance!! Fůçƙ you!!” She screamed while standing.

“Linda Jones!! Out of my class!!” The English teacher said.

“But it’s Lance he’s-”


Linda glared at Lance before leaving the class. Lance chuckled on his seat while Cole just stared at him.

The English teacher turned and her eyes caught Theodore. He was sleeping while sitting, one who will see him will think he was just meditating.

Jasmine looked at him and tapped him. He jolted and opened his eyes..

“My class isn’t a place to sleep. Close those eyes again and followed Linda out” The English teacher said.

Theodore sighed and yawned. He turned to Jasmine who was paying her utmost attention in class.

“Hey! You are a nerd right?” Theodore whispered to her.

“Well you can say so” Jasmine replied.

“Please can you teach me all these after class? Exams are in two days and my head is more empty that the desert” Theodore said.

“Well okay” Jasmine shrugged.

“Thanks! In exchange, I’ll give you tips on how to make Travis notice you” Theodore winked.

Jasmine looked at Travis who was writing. His side view was so gorgeous. She didn’t know when she smiled.



The English class was over and the next thing in line was gym class.

“I love your ȘëxÂ¥ navel Linda” A girl complimented her when she was about putting on her top

“Thanks baby” Linda blew a K!SS to her..

She gasped dramatically while looking at Gianna.

“Gosh Gigi!! You Ɓø0ɓs became bigger… My baby is growing, come let me feel it” Linda said, going closer.

“Don’t come near me psycho!!” Gianna laughed and wore her top too.

She looked at her right and saw Jasmine. Her sportswear was so huge on her, she was literally swimming inside it.

She was also putting on a long sleeve top inside which covered her arms.

“Hey!” Gianna waved

“Hi” Jasmine said softly and fixed her huge lenses on her face.

“Aww.. I love your cute tiny voice.. I’m Linda and this is my bestie Gianna” Linda said

“I’m Jasmine”

“Cute.. Mind being our friend?” Gianna asked.

“Really?… You wanna be my friends? On the norms no one like speaking to me” Jasmine looked down

“C’mon! Those people are definitely fools.. Let’s go! I heard that we’re playing basketball” Linda said.

“That’s nice.. Girls get to play basketball for a change” Gianna said as they left.


The D•D were already in place, looking hot as usual. Cole tied his long hair into a bun giving him this dangerously hot look.

👥 Where shall we meet for a private discussion Lance!

A girl commented. Lance smirked and made to reply

“Remember your dare.. No flirting or Fůçƙing for two months” Cole said beside him and he frowned.


A shoe flew out on nowhere and hit Lance’s jaw.

“Fůçƙ!” He hissed, holding his cheek..

He looked front to see Linda marching towards him while glaring at him.

“That’s for what you did to me in class” Linda picked her sneakers and wore it back then scoffed and looked at Cole.

“You look hot” She winked and left to go back to her friends

Nathaniel came in with Theodore and walked to the boys.

“So the girls! Move to the field and get ready!! While the boys should move to the bench, you’re free to cheer the team you support” The coach said and blew the whistle.

The girls were paired into two. On one team was Linda, Arianna, Gianna, Jasmine and other girls while on the other was Nancy, Amber, Julia, Poppy and other girls..

Arianna was the captain of one team while Nancy was the captain of the other.

The coach blew the whistle and threw the ball up and the game kicked off.

“Yeah!! Go girls!!” Dean cheered..

Gianna was the one having the ball. She dribbled it and passed it to Linda.

Julia came to her and tried taking the ball from her but she skillfully dodged it and passed the ball to Jasmine who immediately jumped and threw the ball in the net, scoring them their first three points.

Those who were supporting her team began cheering for her as the game continued.

Cole wasn’t even concentrated in seeing who was winning or loosing. His gaze was focused on one person and that’s Linda

The way she passed the opponent and scored, the way her hair which was tied in a pony tail kept dancing behind her as she scored and when she jumped how her her top will slightly lift, exposing her Șëx¥ navel and tummy.

He shook his eyes and looked to his side to meet Lance was staring at her too while smiling.

“Go Linda!!” Nathaniel cheered, clapping for them while Theodore’s shirt was off his body as he waved it up, cheering for them.

Linda got the ball and began going to score again but Amber was coming to block her. She smirked and threw the ball at Amber’s face really hard.

The ball took Amber’s face and she fell down flat, her face was so red as she became momentarily blind

“Oops.. What an accident.” Linda smiled

“Fůçƙ” Lance and Theodore burst out in laughter.

The coach blew the whistle.

“Penalty… A free shoot for Nancy’s team” She said and the ball was handed to Poppy.

Amber was taken away and another replaced her.

Poppy threw the ball to the net but missed it..

“No!!” She stomped her foot on the ground like kid

The game continued again for some minutes.. Remaining few minutes for it to end.

“Yes Gianna!!” Nathaniel cheered when Gianna got the ball..

She was dribbling towards the opponent’s net to score but Nancy blocked her way and tried taking the ball from her.

On her right was Arianna.

“Pass me the ball!!” Arianna screamed, waving her hands up in the air.

She looked at Nathaniel who was chanting for her and shot Arianna a glare and tried to score from where she was standing but Nancy took the ball from her.

Nancy immediately scored and the game ended..

The score was 93-90, in favor of Arianna’s team..

“What’s wrong? If you passed me the ball, we could have scored another goal.. And what’s up with the look you gave me earlier” Arianna said, coming towards her.

“Oh please “captain”. We still won don’t make that a big deal… You just wanted to show off, always begging for his attention as usual” Gianna rolled her eyes.

Arianna wasted no time in slapping her and Gianna immediately returned the slap. In no time, they began fighting.

Arianna got on top Gianna, slapping her while pulling her hair. Gianna pushed her and got on top of her, béating her too.

“This is not good..” Theodore muttered and stood.

Nathaniel ran to the field, together with Theodore while Linda and Julia were trying to separate the fight.

They got there and Nathaniel pulled Arianna off while Theodore held Gianna.

“Stop this thing you two!!” Theodore said loudly.

“Are you okay?” Nathaniel cupped Arianna’s cheek.

She quickly slapped his hands off in anger.

“Warn this your friend here that I don’t take $h|ts from anyone and she’ll definitely regret it.. Mark my words” Arianna glared at Gianna before leaving

Nathaniel stood there, looking at Gianna before looking at Arianna retreating figure.


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