December 2, 2023

MINE 🧑❀️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(π•±π–Žπ–—π–˜π–™ π•―π–†π–ž)✭


“Yes!! I’m in grade 12-A!!” Theodore rejoiced as they walked in the class.

Him and Nathaniel met Gianna and Linda on their way to the principal’s office so they asked for directions together.

The four of them got in the class and all eyes turned to them..

“Oh it must be the new students.. Please come in and introduce yourself” The history teacher said..

They got in and went to the front of the class.

“Hey everyone! I’m Nathaniel Andrews” Nathaniel said simply and smiled out his dimples.

πŸ‘₯ Awwwn!!!!!

The girls all gushed at the same time..

πŸ‘₯ He’s so cute and adorable..

πŸ‘₯ Gosh I envy his dimples. Look at those K!SSable lips.

πŸ‘₯ He’s tall, just my type of guy..

πŸ‘₯ I hope he notices me.. He’s so handsome.

The class kept murmuring..

“Calm down everyone” The history teacher said and they obeyed.

He’s their favorite teacher so they always obey him..

Theodore came up first and winked with his hands in his pocket.

“What’s up ladies.. I’m Theodore Collins,, you can just call me Theo” He said and flashed a handsome smile.

“I know I’m handsome but don’t worry.. I can handle you all” He said and the class began laughing..

πŸ‘₯ He’s funny..

πŸ‘₯ He’s saying the truth though… Really handsome!

πŸ‘₯ This year’s scholarship badge seem to be interesting more than last year.

Gianna waved at everyone with a cute smile on her face.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Gianna Howards… Nice being here” She said and bowed slightly.

πŸ‘₯ She’s cute

πŸ‘₯ Yeah you’re right!!

Linda came forth and waved at everyone..

“So I’m Linda Jones and I have to tell everyone here that I’m mentally deranged so nobody should look for my trouble… Yunno, I’m used to putting dogs down and if you wanna be that dog then its on” She said while smirking.

πŸ‘₯ A badass!

πŸ‘₯ A ȘëxΒ₯ badass at that..

πŸ‘₯ I like that…

“So this is fresh way of introducing oneself” The history said, looking surprised.

“Please have your seats.” The teacher said and they left for their seats

Gianna and Linda sat together while Theodore sat with a girl who had her head down.

Nathaniel walked pass Arianna and he couldn’t help but stare at her. She was busy writing in her book, not sparing him a glance.

He went and sat down on an empty seat, not far from Arianna’s seat.

“So, shall we continue with today’s class?” The history teacher asked.

πŸ‘₯ Yes sir!!

He nodded and faced back the board..

“So today we’ll be learning about the origin of man.” He said and began teaching.

Theodore tried paying attention for once in his lifetime but it hasn’t been up to 5 minutes, he began feeling sleepy.

“Upon all the subject I had to begin my academic year, it had to be history” He thought as he yawned, trying as much as possible not to sleep..

He looked at his seat mate and saw her head was still down.

“Hey” He said lowly and tapped her.

She lifted her up and it was none other than Jasmine.

“Hey classes are going on.. You may not wanna miss out” Theodore said.

Jasmine lifted her big round lenses and rubbed her eyes before wearing it back. She didn’t sleep a wink last night.

She sat back upright and began listening to the lesson. Theodore looked back at the teacher and the sleep came back again.

All he was seeing was the teacher’s lips moving but the words he was hearing in his ear was “blah blah blah”

“School isn’t meant for me” He thought.

Nathaniel on the other hand was trying at much as possible to grasp something, while jotting down some important points in his notebook though he knew he’ll forget everything the moment the teacher leaves the class

He was still writing when a folded paper flew to him and landed on his book. He furrowed his brows and began unfolding it.


He looked up from the paper and turned to the direction it came only to see a girl smiling while winking at him.

He just shook his head and continued writing what he was writing.

10 minutes later, the door opened and three people came in. The class became noisy with screams..

πŸ‘₯ It’s the Dβ€’D!!

πŸ‘₯ I thought they wouldn’t come..

“Sorry for coming late sir.. We had a surprise meeting with our manager” Dean said politely.

“Its okay. Being a student and a celebrity is quite stressful.. It’s surprising how you manage to be among the top 10 of the class” The teacher said and Dean smiled before walking to his seat with the others

“Why don’t you just request to your mother to give us a private class. She’s the owner of the school anyway” Lance asked as they walked to their seat

“I just love interacting with my fans” Dean smiled and went to his seat.

Nathaniel was surprised when Dean sat down next to him. His eyes was wide as he stared at Dean who brought out his books.

Dean looked at him..

“Hey” Dean smiled and faced his book as the teacher continued his class.

“I never knew they attended this school” Nathaniel thought as he looked front.

Linda on the other hand bit her lips as she stared at Cole and Lance who sat down behind the class..

“They’re in my class?? FΕ―Γ§Ζ™!!” Her mind screamed..

Cole looked her way and she quickly adverted her gaze, praying silently he wouldn’t recognize her.

The class went on till an hour later where it ended.

“Read on the history of dinosaurs.. We’ll discuss on that next week” The history teacher said and left.

Almost immediately, the principal came in the class..

“Good morning class” She said.

“Good morning ma’am!!” Some greeted while others ignored.

“As you all know, the welcome party which was supposed to be held last week was canceled due to the scholarship exams. I’m glad to announce to you all that it have been rescheduled to this Friday at 7pm.” She said.

πŸ‘₯ Finally!!

πŸ‘₯ I love parties

πŸ‘₯ The welcome party is always interesting I hope it’ll be for this year too

“With parties come hotties… I’m definitely in” Theodore said to himself.

The principal left the class and students began leaving too while murmuring about the party.

“Will you girls come?” Julia asked.

“Definitely!” Amber replied.

“I’m not sure I’ll be there” Arianna said and looked away.

“Why?? I wanted us to rock matching outfits!!” Julia pouted.

“We’ll see about that..” Arianna just shrugged as they left the class.

Nancy fixed her skirt, making it shorter and she arranged her hair before going to where Travis was sitting.

“Travis” She called and smiled.

Travis looked up and sighed. For some reason, he doesn’t like this Nancy.. Probably because she is Lance’s twin sister.

“Can you be my date for the party.. Please? Don’t say no…please??” She begged.

Travis sighed. It’s useless to ask Arianna since she’ll turn him down so..

“Yes” He said.

“Really? Ahh!! Thanks so much!!” Nancy jumped happily.

πŸ‘₯ Travis accepted to be her date?

πŸ‘₯ Gosh.. She’s so lucky

πŸ‘₯ I wanted to ask him too.. Too bad

Well some girls are crushing on Travis too but they can’t make advances on him. They all know what Nancy is capable of doing.

Jasmine stared at them from her seat and she bit her lips.

“So you like that Travis guy… The solo singer” Theodore said

“Uhh no!” She quickly denied and looked away from Travis.

“I know you are.. It shows on your face! Well I can give you tips on how he can notice you” Theodore said.

“Really? You’ll do that for me?” Jasmine asked with her tiny voice.

“Sure.. I’m a guy so I know some tips. I’m Theodore by the way..” Theodore said.

“Jasmine” She replied.

“Cool, see ya later! Need to go chat with those girls” Theodore stood up and left to another seat.

Jasmine looked back at Travis but someone blocked her vision. She looked up and jolted when she saw it was Nancy.

“If you look one more time at my Travis.. I’ll gorge out your eyes and feed it to your poverty reeking uncle” Nancy said and Jasmine immediately looked down.

“Scholarship rats” Poppy chirped in beside Nancy.

Nancy rolled her eyes and walked away with Poppy following behind her as usual.



“Shooting will begin in five minutes”

Camilla sat down on the stool as they did her makeup. Today she was going to be modeling for a popular perfume brand.

She kept smiling as she thought about Grayson. That’s what she has been doing since they last met

His advice really helped because right now, she’s less agitated.. Even her mother is surprised.

“I wonder how he’s doing?” She thought.

“Should i just pay him a visit at his workplace?” She thought.

“No… He’ll start think I’m there to flirt with him like last time. I want to prove to him that I’ve changed” She mumbled.

“But I really want to see him” She whined.

The makeup artist eyed her, wondering if she has gone mΓ d.

Her phone suddenly began ringing and she smiled when she saw the name Ingrid flash through the screen.

“Bestie!!!” Camilla exclaimed when she picked.

“Bestie! How have you been? Guess what? I’m back in town!!” Ingrid exclaimed.

“Ahh!!! I missed you so much” Camilla pouted.

“Me too.. You wouldn’t believe who I saw” Ingrid said.

“Your childhood crush?” Camilla asked.

“Correct!! The last time we met saw each was when I was 14… Gosh you should see him now. He’s so handsome” Ingrid gushed.

“I also saw this guy too… He’s so handsome!! I just fell for him” Camilla said.

“You fall for every guy!!”

“This time is different.. I’m sure of it” Camilla said, smiling sheepishly as she thought of Grayson.

“I’m driving currently.. Let’s meet at your house after work. Bye bestie. Love you!!” Ingrid said and hung up.

Camilla brought down the phone and smiled widely as her thought were completely on one person..



Arianna finished using the restroom before going out. Her countenance changed when she came face to face with Lance.

“I was waiting for you” Lance said, coming closer.

Arianna glared at him and made to leave but he grabbed her by the wrist. She turned back, glaring more at him.

“Why did you slap me?” Lance asked..

“Let me go” Arianna spoke.

Lance smirked and released her.

“Guess you found out my motives” Lance said

“Don’t you feel guilty? FΓ³oling girls, making them fall for you just to break them at the end?” Arianna asked.

“I thought you changed.. That you quitted that playboy life because of me, little did I know you almost used me.” Arianna said, holding a cold face when deep down her she’s crying.

“Well… What should I do? When you girls throw yourself to me, what do you expect me to do” Lance shrugged.

“I hope you fall for someone only to see the person choosing someone else over you.. There you’ll know how I felt” Arianna said, folding her fists.

“It’s never gonna happen” Lance smirked..

He dipped his hands in his pocket and left.

Arianna’s folded fists slowly loosened and she bent her head down as tears fell from her eyes. She quickly wiped it but new rounds replaced the other.

She was still crying when she saw a hand holding a tissue in front on him. She looked up to see it was him again.

“You again?” She muttered.

“I guess he was the reason why you were crying last time” Nathaniel said.

Arianna looked at the tissue he was still holding. She cleaned her tears with her hand and glared at him before turning and she began leaving.

Nathaniel followed her as she walked..

“Why is he following me?” Arianna asked to herself.

She looked sideways and he was still following her.

“Stop following me” Arianna said meanly.


Arianna abruptly stopped and turned to him, looking surprised.

Did he just refused to follow her orders??

“I know the moment I leave you, you’ll go and start crying somewhere else..” Nathaniel said.

Arianna glared at him while Nathaniel was just looking at her innocently and that’s what even annoys her more right now..

“Don’t follow me… I’m warning you, you don’t know who I am” Arianna said and left.

Nathaniel stood there as he watched her leave.

“At least she spoke more than 10 words to me today” He muttered and went the other way.

On his way back to the cafeteria where he left his friends, he met Gianna who was coming to look for him.

“What took you so long? Thought you got lost or something” Gianna said, coming closer.

“Sorry..” Nathaniel muttered.

“Um.” Gianna bit her lips.

“Will you mind if we go to the party together… As a date” Gianna said shyly.

“Date? I’ve never had one.. Bet it’s gonna be interesting so I’m in” Nathaniel smiled and she started staring.

“Come let’s go back to the cafeteria. I’m hungry” Nathaniel said and led the way.

Gianna followed and suddenly held his hand. Nathaniel looked at her hand and then at her.

“She’s my friend so it’s normal” He thought and smiled before facing front as they went back to the cafeteria.

They got there and girls began staring at them..

πŸ‘₯ See! Its that handsome guy I told you about

πŸ‘₯ You’re lucky he’s in your class!! Why does Grade 12-A has the cutest guys. Why can’t he be in Grade 12-B?!

πŸ‘₯ Are they a couple?

πŸ‘₯ I hope not…

“Finally! What took you so long” Theodore asked when Nathaniel sat down beside him.

“You saw her right?” Theodore guessed immediately

Nathaniel just nodded.

“Saw who?” Gianna asked immediately.


“Wait.. I need to get a drink, I’ll be back” Linda stood up and went to the lady serving.

Thankfully, the food here are all free so they can eat how they want.

“Can I have a can of soda please?” She said.

“Sure” The lady replied and went to get what she asked.

She brought it to her and placed it on the counter.

Linda made to grab it but someone suddenly pushed her out of the way.

“Out of my way!” Amber pushed her.

“Ahh!” Linda shrieked as she began falling.

She stumbled on someone and they both fell on the floor with her on top. Her lips crashed on his..

πŸ‘₯ OMFG!!

πŸ‘₯ She K!SSed him!!

Linda slowly opened her eyes and her eyes bulged out like two oranges as she stared at him.

Cole slowly opened his eyes and he couldn’t hide his shock when he saw it was her..


“No!!” Amber staggered. Luckily Julia caught her before she could fall

“There’s never a boring day in this school” One students commented, already making videos.

It soon began trending in the school blog..



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