December 5, 2023

MINE 🧑❀️
(Hooked On Your Love…)


By, Ariel Mirabel


✭(π•·π–”π–›π–Š 𝕬𝖙 π•±π–Žπ–—π–˜π–™ π•Ύπ–Žπ–Œπ–π–™)✭


“Are you deaf?” Arianna raised a brow when Nathaniel wasn’t replying to her.

Nathaniel blinked back to reality and cleared his throat. He slowly retracted his hand which was still on her shoulder.

“Um,, I.. I.. I was looking for my way out and I saw you crying here so I thought of stopping to know what’s wrong” Nathaniel said nervously, scratching his head.

Arianna frowned and looked at him from head to toe. He wasn’t putting on the school uniform so he surely came for scholarship.

“And what makes you think I’ll tell what’s happening in my life to a stranger like you” She snapped and stood up.

Nathaniel stood up too and couldn’t help but stare at her..

“You should learn how to mind your business!!” Arianna said and began leaving.

“I’m sorry!!” He said loudly.

Arianna stopped and turned back to him. She rolled her eyes and left..

Nathanael stared at her till she was out of sight. He suddenly smiled.

“She’s really pretty” He said and touched his chest.

His smile fell when he remembered he was still lost. And he completely forgot to ask her for directives.

He thought for a while and decided to take the road he saw her go..


Linda was still running like never before while looking back and her eyes widened when she saw Cole was catching up with her.

“Linda stop!!” Gianna shouted behind them as she was running side by side with Theodore.

Linda kept looking back and when she looked front, she gasped when she saw a dead end.

She abruptly stopped and Cole finally caught up with her. They were both breathing heavily.

Linda gulped down nothing down her throat as she turned back to Cole who glaring at her as if to kΓ­ll her.

His face was sweating so much due to the marathons they ran. He swept his hair to the back as he took slow steps towards her

Linda fearfully backed out. The look he was giving her was so scary..

“My phone” He stretched his hand and she placed the phone on his palm.

“I’m calling the cops” He said and began dialing a number.

“No! Please, I’m sorry.. Please? I didn’t know you were the one I stole it from,, please” Linda clamped her hands together as she begged.

Cole ignored her and dialed the number then placed it on his ear.

“Please forgive my friend! I promise I’ll make sure she doesn’t steal from anyone ever again” Gianna joined in begging.

“I can kneel if you want but please don’t call the cops on me.. My parents will be greatly affected.” Linda said and was about to kneel.

“Stop” Cole muttered and she did so.

He closed his eyes and brought the phone down before hanging up and pocketing his phone. He looked at Linda and then at Gianna then at Theodore..

“I know this is not the right place nor time but.. Can I have an autograph? You’re my bias” Theodore said.

Cole looked at him and just left with his hands in his pocket..

“That was close” Linda heaved out in relief.

She looked up and saw Theodore and Gianna glaring at her.

“What? I didn’t even know it was him” Linda shrugged.

“You almost got arrested!?” Gianna shouted at her.

“How did you even steal from him?” Theodore asked.

“Well I was strolling at the mall, looking for what to steal when I saw this guy. He was pressing his phone while waiting for something or someone. He was putting on a face cap and a mask. I really liked the phone so I pretended to bump into him when he was putting the phone in his pocket and that’s how the phone was gone.. I never knew it was him” Linda explained.

“Still, what you did was wrong!” Gianna frowned

“I finally found you guys” Nathaniel said, coming to them.

Gianna immediately smiled when she saw him.

“Theo, we need to get going.. I have to go to work remember?” Nathaniel said.

“Oh yeah!” Theodore said and faced Linda.

“Bye hottie” He said to Linda.

He looked at Gianna and frowned.

“Bye” He muttered.

“Bye girls. Hope we all pass” Nathaniel smiled and waved at them before leaving with Theodore.

“Bye cuties!!” Linda exclaimed.

Gianna stared at Nathaniel till they were out of sight. She finally faced Linda and began glaring at her.

“C’mon bestie! I’m sorry”


“So I heard the results will be out tomorrow and if we passed then we’ll resume with the others on Wednesday.. Cool right? I just hope I pass because what I wrote..” Theodore shook his head at the end.

They were both trekking to their destination.

He looked at Nathaniel and he wasn’t even paying attention to him. He was busy smiling widely..

“Hey! What’s up? Did the exam affect your mental stability?” Theodore asked.

“No.. Theodore can I ask you a question? Since you know a lot in girl’s stuff” Nathaniel said.

“Ouuu,, it’s getting interesting. Go on” Theodore smiled

“So back in that school, there’s this girl I saw by the hallways and she was crying.. I walked up to her and then tapped her and when she lifted up her head.. My heart began bΓ©ating crΓ zily and I felt all funny and all..” Nathaniel said honestly.

Theodore smirked.

“Wow.. My baby bro is growing! We aren’t yet enrolled in the school and you’re crushing already on a girl” Theodore hit his shoulder playfully.

“You really think it’s a crush?” Nathaniel asked.

“I don’t think so,, I know it is” Theodore replied and hung his arm round his neck

“So tell me,, how’s she?” He asked.

“Well she’s really pretty like the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and also she’s quite short and she has a baby face and…”

“Wow! Calm down dude” Theodore chuckled.

“But you asked me to describe her!”


“Here you go” The man said and paid Grayson who smiled.

“Thank you, have a nice day sir” He replied with a smile.

The man nodded and got in his car before driving off.

Well Grayson works at a garage. He repairs cars and also cleans cars, depending on what the customers wants.

He is the one who created the garage and he works alone there. He has been gaining customers due to his politeness, efficiency and sometimes his looks..

He picked a towel and cleaned the sweat on his face and also on his bare chest before hanging the towel on his right shoulder.

Another car drove in and the person came out of the car.

“Welcome to Gray’s garage.. What may I do for you?” He said politely and smiled.

“OMG!!” Camilla screamed out.

“It’s you! The hot cute handsome guy,, I can recognize those abs even in my dream” Camilla gushed.

Grayson raised a brow, wondering who she is.

“It’s me! The girl who fainted last week.” Camilla quickly said excitedly.


“I can’t believe you work here” Camilla smiled widely.

“It’s nice to see you’re okay ma’am. I was worried when you fainted the other time” Grayson said.

“Should I tell him I fainted coz of him?” Camilla asked herself and quickly shook her head.

“Yeah, so it’s again about my car.. It’s faulty” Camilla said.

“I see..” Grayson walked to the front booth and opened it then began checking it out.

“It’s the engine..” He said when he detected the problem.

“It’ll take a while for it to be repaired.. I’d advise you come and collect it in the next hour” Grayson said.

Camilla bit her lips. She was planning on leaving it here to go see her friends but now that the worker is non other than Grayson, she’s starting to have a rethink

Well Camilla is a very popular model in California and that makes her to travel a lot. Last week, she was just returning from one of her photoshoot in Paris.

“I’ll just stay here while you repair my car” She said and sat down on a seat she saw

Grayson just nodded and went in then brought out his tools and he began fixing her car

She began staring at him as he work. He wasn’t putting on a shirt so the view was even more interesting.

His well sculpted back, killer abs and his hairstyle which suited perfectly his handsome face.

“Are you single?” Camilla blurted out when she couldn’t hold it in.

Grayson glance at her with the corner of his eyes then smirked and faced his work

“Why ask? Wanna date me?” He said, lubricating the engine.

“Who wouldn’t want to” Camilla said and supported her jaw with her hand on her thigh.

“I don’t really read magazine that much but my sister do so I think I saw your face in one of her magazine. You’re a model right?” Grayson asked, closing the booth.


Grayson walked to her and bent down to her level. She bit her lips as she stared at his face. Grayson smirked and took on of the tools hanging beside her before standing upright.

“Was he just teasing me?” Camilla thought.

“Don’t you think I’m way out of your league?” He said, going back to the car.

“I don’t mind” Camilla said.

Grayson laid on his back and went beneath the car to repair it

“You fall too easily.. That’s bad for a lady you know that?” Grayson said.

Camilla sighed and looked down.

He’s kinda right. She couldn’t even count the number of guys she has dated in her life. She always do her best to shower him with love and attention and when she’ll think she has found the one for her, it always ends the same way.

When they’re tired of FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ing her, they’ll dump her and leave.

Grayson finished fixing her car and he got out from under her car. He stood up and cleaned his hand with the towel while walking towards her.

“How old are you miss? If I may ask.” Grayson said.

“I’m 21” Camilla said.

“See? You’re still young.. Don’t rush and end up in a toxic relationship. Take your time and find the one who’s for you” He said and smiled.

“Your car is fixed by the way” Grayson said.

Camilla stood up and smiled. She brought out some cash from her handbag and paid him.

“Thanks.. For the job well done and also for the advise” She said and Grayson nodded.

She opened her car door and made to get in but stopped and looked back.

“Can I know your name?” She asked.


“I’m Camilla” She smiled and got in then drove off.



Nathaniel was still sleeping peacefully in his small room when he heard a door knock. He sat up and yawned then got down the bed to go and see who it was.

He opened the door to see a box on the floor. He looked around and saw a van driving off.

“Delivery?” He asked himself then picked the box and went in.

“Mom must be sleeping by now” He thought.

She got back home just an hour ago..

Nathaniel placed the box on the table and saw a letter attached to it. He took it and opened it and couldn’t help but gasp.

“I passed? I passed!! I passed!!” He screamed out, jumping happily.

He placed the letter and then opened the box. His mouth dropped when he brought out the school uniform and also the sport wear with books he’ll need.

“Wow..” He smiled widely.

He took the letter and read it back again then smiled.

“I’ll get to see her again”



“I see you’ve found your phone” Dean said to Cole as the three of them entered the school.

The students as usual were screaming out their lungs while taking pictures of them..

Lance was busy flirting with the girls while walking behind them.

“It’s a long story” Cole said and frowned when he remembered the marathon of yesterday.

Dean sighed tiredly.

“I barely had some sleep yesterday. Literally spent the night at the company producing the tracks of our next song.. I really need another lyricist in this group” Dean said.

“Well you’re the leader.. You can choose another person to join our band” Cole said, pressing his phone

“You’re right,, it’s not a bad idea” Dean said and ran his hands through his hair then smiled and winked at some girls who kept staring at him.

“What the FΕ―Γ§Ζ™ was that girl watching in my phone” He wondered as he scrolled down multitude of p*rn videos.

He began deleting them one after the other..

Arianna got down her car, same time with Julia. They smiled at each other before entering the school..

Lance saw them enter and he smirked as he walked towards them. Arianna saw him coming closer and she frowned, going closer to him too.

“Babe, how are you? You didn’t come to our meeting yesterday as-”

Before he could finish his statement, a solid and loud slap landed on his cheek making his face to move to the side.

πŸ‘₯ OMG!!

Lance held his cheek and looked at Arianna who was glaring at him.


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